The Oneness Society- Teachings for the new human!

01/08/2013 10:28

The Oneness Society - Teachings for the new human!


Conditional love {Turn them away if they don’t agree} – Unconditional love {Mind your business but accept and welcome all to your space}


Hello dear ones we are the Oneness Society and we come to you with further words of spiritual wisdom. We will attempt to keep the subject limited to our society but in the end it will be up to our channel or host of your density and vibration.

Many have offered words of truth and wisdom within your societies of your world based on love. They have also taught the people of your world and vibration to love and to ignore or push away those who do not agree with their messages at the present day. We hear of many souls on your world who announce that they are indeed awakened but they do not offer the correct proof in the way they reflect their thoughts and affections of love in your world. Who is the God of their love and what God do they truly seek in life today. Well we are here to tell you dear ones that there are two Gods based on your levels of understanding at this point in time, in your world and level of consciousness and reality. There is the God of conditional love and service to self and there is the God of unconditional love and service to others. Which God do you believe yourself to be in contact with?

Do you believe you can shout out words of love to the people of your world and then ignore and push them away when their messages or conversation no longer agree with your own in life? Or if their personal beliefs or lifestyles are different than your own do you steer clear of them and speak that they are wrong and you are right- all the time behind their back – or maybe just a little? Do you state or pretend that you are of love and light and that they (whomever you do not share affections with in life) are of darkness and negativity? Well maybe you should reflect on your lives dear ones and come to remember just who it is that taught you all of these strange beliefs in life. Why do we say they are strange? Well does it not sound strange that you have the belief that the One God in all of existence created you and made you better than another soul or group of souls in life? Do you think that One God created you to be right and them to be wrong – or maybe He created you all to believe in this manner when you are children and not quite complete in your evolution; and then later He had created you all to awaken from your childish beliefs to realize and remember that He could create you any way He chose – so why not make you all different instead of the same – and then teach you all to get along like we teach our children to do?

Do you not now realize we are all different dear ones and that if we are all different how will we learn to live among one another with our differences if we do not learn to accept one another as each of us is in life? Who is it in your world – among you all – that is exactly like you dear ones? No one right? So is it proper to find people that agree with you on one subject and go with it – accepting them as your equals and pushing all others away because they don’t agree with that one subject? What happens when you no longer agree with that one subject because you have grown up – changed lifestyles- or simply got tired of the same old same old? Will you then push those away who do not agree with your new ways in life? Yes you will dear ones- and you will do so because you have been taught in your world to love all beings conditionally- according to your own rules in life- and in service to self. But it is not your fault and we can show you how it is possible to change your thoughts and habits so that you can now live in a world of much higher vibrations and where you will then be permitted to be much happier in life because of your new thoughts and habits in life.

You have to block out everything around you every moment of every day and only allow into your thoughts and being those affections- words- actions- and levels of consciousness that fit your level of vibration and density. This way you can always choose to be in one density or level of consciousness while the person standing next to you is in another, but they are not offending you and you are not offending them. Yes it is that simple as we have for the past few years in your world taught our host or channel to do just that. In other words he can be in a room with a person or a crowd of people and even if he has nothing in common with that person or those people he can share the same room and the same space as those people because he is in another level of consciousness and density of life – based on his level of consciousness at that time.

The human mind and consciousness is much more trained and controllable than many of you realize dear ones. But this training does not come to you over night – even though you could be in the process of this training for years before you actually realize you were being taught to do this with your mind and consciousness for quite some time now. And so many of you could wake up out of your beds tomorrow and find that you possess this ability we speak of simply because you have already been in the process of taking on this ability in life, and time is now speeding up in your world- where many things are happening so much quicker than before.  Therefore whereas it took the human being years to awaken before many of you will now do so at this present day in months- weeks- or even days without notice – and will therefore often not notice the change or rising in consciousness and therefore spiritual wisdom until it is already done.

There was a time when most of you in your present world could not even be in the same room as any other simply because you were raised to steer clear of those who are different than you. But then as you grew up in your world you started creating other human beings {other selves} that you would create to have similarities with you that you chose for each separate human – and you had no idea it was you creating these human beings or souls in your life and world. Yes dear ones the law of attraction is a real law and it works because each of you makes it work in life. If you want someone around you that has something in common with you all you do is think of it- want it- will it- and it eventually appears before your very eyes. The fact that it does not happen immediately in your third dneisty world and reality is because you do not believe or “know’ it can happen in this manner – but you think everything happens in your world according to time and the speed of light – based on the laws of physics in your world. You do not yet believe in instantaneous creation or creation at your will.

And so if a human does not live up to your standards in life they can still be your friend as long as they do not ever offend you or have something you want so badly that you would even offend or covet it no matter how good of a friend they may be. How many of you dear ones would easily trust your friend to spend the night alone with your companion in the same house? For that matter how many of you would even trust your brother or sister alone for one night in the same house? Now we realize there are always acceptions to the rule but we speak of third dneisty humans as a whole – and we do so for good reason. That reason being that as each human is within so too is their world without. It matters not what human being you were speaking of either. Just because you do not act out your thoughts and wishes in life does not mean you would not do so if you lived in a world with no rules- no order- and no laws. Well guess what dear ones you live in one now if you are reading these words we share with your present world. The grand shift in consciousness has already happened and even those who do not yet know these things will come to know them very soon, as you are all going to represent a part of the new fifth dneisty world- system- and reality. That world- system- and reality is here- and each and all of you are even now being guided toward your awakening if you have not yet awakened.

Yes that is correct – each of you will be a member of the new world whether you want to presently or not. For you have all been given a choice to create the future world and reality you want to live in at the consummation of the third dneisty world you once resided in.  So you made that choice and you are there where you were meant to be at this point {outside of time}.You no longer exist in time and you never did. As soon as this is completely understood by each of you then it will be your complete and new reality. So yes presently many of you still think you live within time and space – and that is perfectly okay based on your present levels of consciousness- but it will all soon change along with your new found levels of consciousness.

Each and all of you will now live in a world and reality where every human soul is respected and accepted exactly the way he or she appears in your world – and this will be the case because very soon each and all of you will “know” that every human soul is another reflection or representation of you. Every human soul is another self so to speak. No longer do you need to size up the person standing next to you in life and no longer do you have to be in the presence of other human beings that are not like you – who do not share similar affections and beliefs in life. But you will not leave the room and you will not leave your apparent space your body and form appear to be filling – as you must remember time and space will be no more – but only the illusions of time and space with your new found understanding that they are indeed illusions of life. So now you can use these illusions and all other illusion to your advantage. As it goes in your world presently you do not take the time to leave the room often – when you are in the presence of undesirable human beings – as you may think to yourself  ‘ Why should I leave and not them?’ Or you just don’t feel like getting up and leaving the room. Whatever the case may be some of you are still living the illusion that you can love someone and not like them. This is conditional love dear ones and this is a false love you have been trained to believe in wholeheartedly while living life in your present world and system.

The truth of the matter is that you can love everyone and like them as well, and still not share many different thoughts- beliefs- or affections in life. Once each of you has remembered how to control your minds through the higher levels of energy- vibration- and consciousness- you will truly know you are now in fifth dneisty life and consciousness. It is here already indeed but some of you just need a little longer to settle in and get comfortable with the new energies and vibrations that go with the new reality.

You no longer have to hate anyone dear ones as you will each soon come to know that to hate one is to hate all- or to hate one is to not know yourself truly. Have you heard the saying ‘ If you do not love your neighbor how can you say you love God – for if you do not love your neighbor neither do you know God.’ The reason this statement is so true dear ones is because you are God – and you cannot know you are God if you do not love your neighbor (unconditionally). You first have to know they are each another self before you can love them unconditionally – and once you know they are another self you will very soon after come to know you and they are all God as One being or soul.

They problem presently however with the message many of you are still receiving from your world citizens (who are not yet awakened) is that they are teaching you that to be awakened is to love- and many of them are not even bothering to use the term ‘ unconditionally’ when speaking of this love. The reason for this is because they are speaking form the false light and they therefore do not know the love they are or have been seeking for so long, as they are still connected to the love the present world and system has taught them. So as long as they teach and believe in conditional love they will live their lives according to this type of love- in which case they will not learn or remember how to love their neighbor- forgive their neighbors of all offenses- and forgive themselves in life. Neither will they know that you can love someone and like them all at the same time- and still have nothing in common with them in life.

So the message is not love dear ones as many would still have you all believe at this day. The message is forgiveness- acceptance- and unconditional love.  The message is that all human beings or souls have free will- freedom- and sovereignty of life no matter what someone else erringly tells you at this day. Life and death are both illusions with death being the denser of the two illusions, but nonetheless they are both illusions. So if this is the case they are illusions each of you creates in life based on your freedom – your free will- and your sovereignty to do so. Your illusions or creations should be of chaos and of your chaos and heart alone – and should have nothing to do with the illusions and creations of another human being or soul unless it is an equal agreement to co – create together at any given time. When enough human being choose to co – create together and therefore create a world and reality together -they have chosen to create a whole new set of rules- order- and laws –that all who are involved will have to abide by if they wish to continue to co – create this world and reality together.

And so because all who make up your present world and reality no longer wish to be a part of the past third dneisty world and reality – the rules- order- and laws have been thrown out the window so to speak- and a new set of laws will be created by each of you according to your own free will and knowing in life. The old laws were universal laws of duality and the finite world and system – and they have always been there – but not recognized by those who have chose to live a certain number of seasons within the third dneisty realms of existence. And we all do this at some point in time for the good of the whole. Now you are all moving on to higher consciousness and you now remember what got you there in the first place( or you will all soon remember) and you will therefore return to zero point and creation from chaos instead of order.

Now do you understand dear ones how it is better to love all unconditionally and to accept them all the way they are in life- while being capable to separate yourself from all other selves in life nay time you please- and still not even have to leave the room to do so? Do you see now that we do not all have to be the same any longer- we do not have to all like the same foods- the same drinks- the same cars- the same houses or neighborhoods the same roads – the same cities- the same smells- sceneries and so on. We do not have to live in a fancy town where not a piece of trash is ever found on the road while those who like trashy neighborhoods have no access to our town because they are not the same. You can either lower your vibration to third dneisty and pick up the trash someone else leaves( for the good of the whole) or you can enter into your fifth dneisty consciousness and have no interactions with the experience or reality whatsoever if you like.

Do you dislike or push away that person who comes into your neighborhood and throws trash on the ground? No! You ( in our new reality of fifth dneisty) accept them for who they are and you show them unconditional love by allowing them to learn their lesson from other third dneisty souls who do not like a dirty neighborhood and are in fact not yet forgiving.  Again you mind your own business and let third dneisty reality take over and provide the lesson that will indeed be taught to the third dneisty human. But keep in mind that the lesson may not be for the one who threw trash on the ground but for the one who acts out against them possibly. So you see dear ones because you are now living in a fifth dneisty world and reality you will no longer allow third dneisty things to affect you as they did when you were a third dneisty human being. Why?

Because as each of you awakens more and more- deeper and deeper into fifth dneisty reality-  you abilities to create your own persons- places- things- and realities will get easier and easier as you move more toward fifth dneisty Service to others and zero point. What do you care if you live in a beautiful neighborhood in fifth dneisty and someone comes into third dneisty and throws trash on the ground? Create another neighborhood for you to live in and relax in at the end of the day where the trash is no longer a part of that reality and scene in your life. Remember that your abilities and those of your third dneisty counterpart can no longer be compared.  They have to deal with their realities and lessons whereas you have no more lessons to learn and you can change your reality any time you please. You can also assist in guiding your third dneisty human counterpart (the host you possess as the third dneisty human) so that they can learn their lessons in life just as easily and comfortably as possible- so that they too can one day move on and join you in fifth dneisty.

In your new world and life dear ones there will be human beings who are so very loving and there will be human beings who are evil and hateful, and you will love them all the same and will judge no one ever again as to what their beliefs or lifestyles are –as you will now know every human being; every living soul, is you based on one ruling love or another in life. No one can ever harm you just because they may be evil or hateful or destructive in life or society any longer. Why? Because the laws of attraction will not allow them to do so, as they will be the ones who will feel excruciating pain while in your presence if they are not similar in affections or ruling loves in life. Evil and negativity cannot hold a fifth dneisty vibration as these are third dneisty affections- and so no one could harm you whop possesses third dneisty affections or beliefs in life as they would not be able to maintain your vibration or world or reality. And so to put it in plain terms atmospheric bubbles (created from different levels of consciousness) keep all the densities and levels of coconsciousness separate when there is ever the possibility of harm or loss to another within one density or level of consciousness or another.

You bubble ( always either protective or passive) always protects each of you no matter what density or level of consciousness you reside in during your life, while at the same time it can allow in those things which can harm or cause loss to you in life based on your thoughts; words; actions; or affections in life at any given time.  This does not change simply because you move from third dneisty to  fifth dneisty – as each of you will always move back and forth- up and down- between densities ( third and fifth-  third and sixth- third and seventh- and so on during your daily lives to eternity. You do not move to fifth dneisty and stay ( live) there forever- as you will always possess a higher ( fifth dneisty or higher) self according to your levels of consciousness at any given time in life as well as your lower third dneisty consciousness off and on at any given time during your day and life to eternity.

Your fifth dneisty world is being created all around each of you at this day –all depending on who is more awakened and who is not – and at the same time third dneisty life moves on and is taking place for each of you all at the same time. When you live your life as a child you will be treated as a child and your vibration will be lowered according to universal laws of attraction. When you act as a grown up in life and you are now drawing form your new found vibrations ; consciousness; and wisdom- you will be treated as a grown up and your life will become so much easier; happier- and free to do as you please just as often as you are living as the adult or grown up. It is that simple dear ones, and it will always be this way no matter how spiritually wise each of you becomes, and no matter how low of a level of consciousness( the child) you wish to draw from at any given point in your lives. But keep in mind that there is nothing wrong with acting as a child just as long as you use your new found spiritual wisdom (from the heart0 when acting as a child in life- and not as a child in third dneisty is understood to act.

Keep in mind dear ones that we see nothing wrong with how a third dneisty child acts and carries on in life- but the third dneisty parent sees it all in a different light than do we. What we are saying here is that a child always wants that which another has when they are small and uneducated in your world, because they watch many of you carry on in the same manner- and we say it will not be like this when you are a fifth dneisty town up- but only when you again return to being the third dneisty lower child in nature in your future or what may appear to some to be your future). There will be thoughts; words; actions; and affections in your new lives dear ones that will be lower vibrational things and then there will be those of a higher level of vibration and density- and we tell you that when you seek the lower ones in life you will be bound to third dneisty self – and when you seek the higher ones (no matter how high) you will be the fifth dneisty self or higher.  And all densities are indeed protected through their atmospheric bubbles based on their levels of consciousness.

The third dneisty atmospheric bubble is denser or thicker than that of the fifth dneisty- in which case your bubble will not allow you to enter into fifth dneisty unless your vibrations are high enough to penetrate that bubble and move into the less dense fifth dneisty atmosphere. The fifth dneisty atmospheric bubble is less dense than that of third dneisty because a fifth dneisty being is permitted to lower their vibration at will and descend into their third dneisty reality any time they please- as they are never a threat to third dneisty humans. The same goes for all the higher densities as well. At the same time a sixth or seventh dneisty human soul cannot force their way into an eighth dneisty society or realm of existence as they are the lower of the two societies or dneisties and must first raise their vibrations in order to enter into the higher society. And so it is the same for the sixth and seventh dneisties as it is for the third- when it comes to the lower forcing or violating the universal laws of attraction and moving into higher densities or vibrations un announced or through force of any kind.

Of course any lower human souls who come to visit higher levels of life and consciousness will always be welcome as their vibrations would not allow them in a higher society if it were not safe- and of a high enough vibration. Still once a lower third dneisty human soul were to raise their vibration and enter into a higher society they could lower their vibration immediately and possibly cause loss or harm to the higher societies if they were permitted for any length of time to remain in those higher societies. Therefore excruciating pain would immediately enter into their abdomen as soon as their vibration lowered again and they did not return to their own society immediately. All we will speak of on the pain in the abdomen at this time dear ones is to tell you it comes form the lower densities of the atmosphere- and is a physical thing at that time.

We will stop here for the time being dear ones as we have given you ample information to ponder on. We would remind you all at this time that you are indeed each in fifth dneisty at this day – and it is up to each of you individually what things you create in your world in the days ahead. If you are fully planted into the fifth dneisty vibration creation will come to you much more easily than it will for those who are not as awakened into the fifth dneisty vibrations as of yet. At the same time the lower will not understand the higher as much presently as it will in the days ahead- for your world and reality will awaken more and more- at a faster pace than days before- and you will all eventually learn to better create and co – create the reality you so choose to live in. It is all now coming together quite rapidly so we say enjoy your new life and have fun manifesting all those things that to you were once just a dream.


We are the Oneness Society and we love you all with much unconditional love.