The Oneness Society - Rulers of the World!

12/19/2012 11:39

The Oneness Society on the Rulers of the World!



Hello dear ones we are the Oneness society residing within sixth density consciousness and we come to you again to speak of the rulers of your world. For those of you not familiar with our works we have been known by those of lower vibrations as the society Daniel. However we recognize a higher vibration coming from your world at this day and that is the consciousness we speak to presently. In our latest message to you we spoke of the rulers known as the Cabal as well as the Illuminati of your world and we wish to continue with that subject so as to be as clear as possible about their intentions for mankind and ruling loves in life at this day. When we have completed our set of messages about these two organizations in your world we have hope for many of you that you are prepared to make your final decisions as to what road you will take when deciding your timeline that will create your new and improved life that each of you has earned through the many hard lessons each of you have experienced throughout your many lives in third dneisty.

And so we begin---------------------------


Your rulers throughout your world have been found to be so very corrupt in the past as well as the present, and those of you awakening are prepared to forgive them and move on to your new lives, and whatever it has in store for you. But those who are not awakened (and there are many) know very little about what things the Cabal and Illuminati have done to the people of your world, and they all therefore sit back and live their lives as if they need to be taken care of and that the Cabal and Illuminati are the groups to do just that. Of course the sleepers (those not yet awakened) do not realize these groups are their leaders, as they know very little about what is truly going on above king or president in your world.

What is going on is that the Cabal and Illuminati have factions or groups within the lower societies of your world and they have groups within the upper societies of your world. One of those groups truly rules your world in service to self while the other does not rule but is there for each of you in life simply to guide you toward the true light of ascension. The higher levels (thought the term high is a made up term and no one level of the Illuminati or Cabal is any higher than the other, as they are all at or on the same level of consciousness, and one group simply has a different ruling love in life than the other. The ruling love of those Illuminati and Cabal groups who are termed lower are of a service to self ruling love in life while those groups who represent the higher levels of life; existence; or consciousness have as their ruling love in life service to others. Still again we must remind each of you dear ones that no one human soul or group of souls is seen as higher or lower in the eyes of Infinite Source.

There is simply a group of souls who represent each of you in your world as a whole or as a single human being, and these souls are there to feed on you all through their practices of ruler ship; creation of laws; forcing a type of order on your world; and keeping it there through the altering of human minds to keep them constantly in fear. Are they wrong for doing these things if you as a free human soul continue to permit them to continue in their practices? Is it their fault you each chose long ago to come here in third dneisty and learn the lessons that are presently being provided all of you? Yes each of you chose this path, and each of you chose to eventually work your way out of this third dneisty illusion that the lower levels of the Cabal and Illuminati provide you all on a daily basis.

You each knew from the very start that if you moved to a world and reality where the majority rules that anything was possible. You knew they would eventually become corrupt and that a human vote towards order within a system and society would eventually turn out to be another set of lessons never yet experienced by any of you. For what good is it for the citizens to vote on a thing if their votes are not really going to be counted? And again what good is a vote on a thing if the majority rules and there will always be a certain number of citizens who will not get their way? When do those citizens get a vote in life that would ever count? And who is it at this day that controls all the votes within your societies? It is the ones who created the laws; the rules in society; and that group that continues to maintain their level of order within these societies.

You who are not awakened dear ones are right these caught up in all of it with those who are awakened. Those of you who are awakened are the only possible hope for the sleeping human souls at this day as they know not what things they do. Every one of you human beings upon your world at this day dear ones is possessed by those souls who are awakened and those souls who are not awakened. You do not have to go out in your world and pick and choose different human beings in order to find a certain number of human souls who are either awakened or not awakened as they all exist within your being. In other words every human being out side of your own body and form who populates your present third dneisty world and planet is representative of every soul that lives within you, and their lives are being acted out in your world just like all the lives being acted out within your human life and body and form. For it is a truth that many souls are asleep and are permitted to experience and live very little of your everyday life if they do not represent the ruling loves and affections of the human you possess and represent in third dneisty.

So if there are so many other souls possessing your human form that are not permitted to express themselves in your illusion of life and death, where do they go to express themselves and live their lives?

Note: Your human body and form represents and provides a home for all those souls, but they don’t like staying home during the day and like to go out and wander about within the mind and consciousness of other human bodies and forms that also make up your present world. But just because they love you does not mean they have to like your right? So just like a human family in many situations, the children do not like staying home during the day when they are out of school, but like to go out and explore the neighborhood. We think you get the idea.

And so they (all the souls who are not needed during your daily life) exist within every other human being in your world that attracts their thoughts and affections in life. Every other human being that is another you (all of them) uses the souls you do not use in life, so that every soul gets to play their part in this third dneisty lesson and experience.  And so the spirit world most certainly can overlap and souls or spirits can be in two; three; four; five, or more places at one time. We tell you these things dear ones to show you that just because other human souls are not yet awake this does not mean they are not still a part of your life and existence, and they will go with you when you move on from third dneisty and you will continue teaching and guiding them whenever they are in your presence, or in your daily life.

Every soul out there in your world today is inside of you making up the consciousness and world that is going on inside of you as well. The world outside of you is simply the material and physical manifestation of the world living within. So when you become the new human or God Man (at the shift in consciousness) every human living upon your planet today will be there again with you, and within you, as the God Man. Therefore no one is left behind and everything you are given as spiritual wisdom at this day is given for the whole human; God; or spiritual society that is you. And again you exist from within that human body and form and you exist as third dneisty man outside of that human body and form. Third dneisty man is not within you however but always without. As we said you see him wherever you go when you see another you (all other humans in third dneisty).

The Cabal and Illuminati are no different dear ones as they are you and you are them, and you will each come to remember why it is you have to forgive them every negative or evil deed they ever committed against you or your present world; family; and friends in life. You cannot become the sixth density human (God) until you realize this once again and carry it out in your life. For the higher self will give you nothing until you are prepared to live it in your own illusion and life. Do you not know that they (Cabal and Illuminati) sit in their positions of power and realize that they will lose their battle of duality and oneness just as soon as they lose you? But do you not also know that where one soul moves out of third dneisty another must take its place?

They know these things because they too possess spiritual wisdom and knowledge at the level of consciousness they presently hold. They also know that they cannot bind or hold a single human soul that is ready to awaken and ascend as it is a natural course and every human being will experience it in his or her own time. The Cabal and Illuminati do not care that they cannot hold or keep you in their clutches of slavery; ruler ship; order; and laws, just as long as others are provided before you each leave third dneisty. And so they are out there today rounding up the souls who are not awakened as they know these are the souls that will take your places in third dneisty and continue your third dneisty lives for a time, so as to now learn their lesson of third dneisty life before they too one day move on in their evolution and ascension.

The rulers of your world (Illuminati and Cabal) dear ones have provided so many false and deceptive messages at this day, representing a false light, as they know those who hold the true light will not accept their messages and will move on, while those who do accept their messages were meant to do so in the first place. If you are dark; evil; negative; dishonest; disruptive; like things in order; love to rule over others; love the laws of the land, and love taking care of self first in life this does not mean you are wrong or not prepared for ascension. What this means is that these traits in your life and consciousness are those things that will decide what levels and types of societies each of you will call home when you each become the new human or God Man in ascension.

There is a false message out there in your world today dear ones and that message is one of love. Many religions are presently teaching that without love in your heart for all human beings that you will not be a part of the universal ascension of your present world at this day. This is not a good message to latch on to at this time, but whoever you will be is who you will be, and we are simply here telling you why each of you is following one message over another at this day before the shift in consciousness comes upon the worldly scene. We are not telling you that love is wrong dear ones as we are always speaking of having unconditional love for all human or conscious souls, but there is a false message out there today that provides the misconception that love is all there is and that all other things are to be shunned or destroyed in life. This is third dneisty and lower thinking, and does indeed have a place upon your present world, but only for those who are to return to third dneisty. And those messages of love over hate and good over evil, or any way of life over another way of life is totally third dneisty thinking and created through the foundations of fear; sin; and punishment.


The Cabal and Illuminati are not there to hold you in third dneisty dear ones; they are there to provide a third dneisty reality for all of those human souls who will continue feeding your third dneisty world on in to eternity. For when a thing is created it is never uncreated or destroyed, but is there forever creating the circle of life for every newly created soul to experience the illusion of life and death to eternity. If you were to remove evil; darkness; or the illusion of death then you would also have to remove the illusion of life; the illusion of good; and the illusion of light. One cannot ever exist to eternity without the continued presences of its opposite.

Again all of you are about to awaken and ascend to an extent, and those who do not yet awaken at a fifth or sixth dneisty level - who will possibly not awaken for another ten years -have everything to look forward to that an awakened human soul soon has to look forward to. As we said all the human outside of you will remain – and you will remain as your third dneisty self for their benefit, but you will go in the ascension to sixth dneisty (those representing your higher consciousness), and every soul possessing every human on your world that carries that same level of frequency or vibration (higher consciousness) will go with you as well. For, it is their home, and every soul must return home at the end of the day.  So they can all go out and play with third dneisty humans during the day if they please, but at the end of the day they will all return home to sixth dneisty. Where is that home? That home is right inside the head (so to speak) of every human being on your planet. For sixth dneisty man is the higher consciousness and thoughts of third dneisty man.

Again we mention the Cabal and Illuminati in saying that yes their life is made up of dark and evil practices, but their life serves just as an important purpose as does the life of those Cabal and Illuminati souls who exist in the higher societies of the human consciousness or your world. Where dear ones did you think the Cabal and Illuminati existed in the first place? Some where up high in your world on some giant chair of power? Are they hiding out in the back offices of some majorly important government building in your world? Or maybe you thought they all just lived in mansions spread out over your world, and simply got together in one of those fancy buildings every so often to discuss how the sleeping children are doing? No dear ones they exist only in your consciousness.

 They also exist within the consciousness and minds of all the world leaders presently controlling things on your world (or thinking they control things on your world). We must remind you dear ones that those who think they are in power think this simply because those service to self soul in higher places need a third dneisty representative to carry out each and every one of their rules; laws; orders; and actions in your present world. Without the hands and physical minds of third dneisty man they would have no control over the people of your world. And so the Cabal and Illuminati are physical manifestations of spiritual entities that exist in your world and reality as good and evil; darkness and light; love and hate, and so on. Again they are the third dneisty representation of service to self as well as service to others in life.

Still those souls who make us the service to other groups of the Cabal and Illuminati cannot interact with third dneisty humans until they awaken as their higher selves within the minds and consciousness of every third dneisty human on your planet. So when you as an awakened soul “know” you are more awakened than asleep then you can rest assured that the humans populating your present planet are equal in numbers. When you are half awakened the planet is half awakened. When you feel the shift in consciousness is at hand then your world will shift in consciousness, while the rest of your third dneisty planet has felt no change. And the same goes for every other human being on your planet, as some humans will have experienced the shift in consciousness (ascension) before you and some will do so after you.

So how do you beat and separate yourself from the Illuminati and Cabal dear ones? How do you go from being one of their apparent slaves to knowing you are truly free? This will not happen until each of you individually awakens; or the shift in consciousness comes to your world. When the shift in consciousness comes you will know it and it will no longer be an issue as to who is awakened, as all will share in the oneness; unity; harmony; and happiness connected to the newly evolved human being (God or Macrocosm). Until then we can only tell you that the Illuminati and Cabal are there for you to finish out all your lessons of third dneisty before you move on and separate from your present consciousness and reality.

Is it wrong to love or enjoy the things of your present world if all are going to leave in the shift no matter what? No it does not matter and nothing is wrong when seen through a higher light; energy; and vibration. Many of you may still see certain things as right or wrong but that is because you are still connected to third dneisty through third dneisty energies. That is soon to change. So the best advice we can give to you dear ones at this time is to eat; drink; and be merry, for tomorrow you take on a new life.

We are the Oneness Society and we love you all unconditionally.