The Oneness Society - post 12/21/2012

12/22/2012 12:05

We are the Oneness Society – Post 12- 21- 2012


We are the Society of One and we come to you once again dear ones to provide you other truths as we see many of you are now more perceptive than in days gone by.  We see now that many humans this day are now prepared to accept more down to earth explanations on what is to become of your world and its people in the days ahead. And so we continue our explanation on the Cabal and Illuminati of your world.

You do not war against flesh and blood dear ones but against those in the aethers and beyond. The people you think are causing you harm and loss in life at this day are simply the other souls who make up your other selves in your life and world, and they have no power over any of you. You have those souls in lower places that live their lives in fear of the unknown and you have those souls in the higher places who feed from that fear. You have those human beings who appear to rule your world and make up the rules; laws; give orders; and keep the population in fear of being punished if they break those orders and laws, whether through fault or by mistake in life.

There are sixth density service to self higher beings who sit back and watch your world live their lives like ignorant children, and they feed off of your fears while at the same time third dneisty humans are providing worship to them by worshiping the gods they see as higher Gods, who are instead lower gods who only think of themselves and their wants and needs in life. Are they wrong for being such as they are? Is there any such thing as right and wrong in the higher densities of life and existence? No, there is not. Every human soul in sixth dneisty and higher can choose either good or evil affections; thoughts; words; or actions in life all based on how they feel from one now moment to the next.

Sixth density beings are androgynous beings and they are male and female all wrapped up in a single body and form (God), while at the same time they are souls who are in Service to self and conditional love as well as being in Service to others and in unconditional love.  They can choose to be good and loving or they can choose to be evil and hateful in life as they are truly Gods (as far as what is understood by third dneisty humans to be a God). A sixth dneisty human (or higher) is the God Man that was once a third dneisty human, but has now awakened and raised their consciousness; vibration; and density to a higher level of sixth dneisty or higher, if they so choose. You dear ones live in a world and reality where opposites do not attract and you simply attract in life those souls who are similar to your own ruling loves and affections in life. You reap that which you sow. Therefore the higher souls or higher selves that represent each of you in sixth dneisty and higher are both in service to self and service to others, and it is each of you that cause the one or the other to help create your world and reality at this day, and every other day gone by.

Higher beings do not necessarily live in the heavens as sixth dneisty is not heaven as some may have once thought dear ones. Higher beings (those in sixth dneisty consciousness and above) are either in conditional love and service to self or unconditional love and in service to others, but they are not ever both at the same time, nor one or the other all the time. And so to blame the Cabal and Illuminati for the corruption and offenses long having been carried out against the people of your world is something you have been taught for ages to believe, and each of you will soon awaken to the truth that they are to be forgiven their sins and transgressions against each of you as they know not what things they do either.

You have all been taught through the teachings and traditions of your parents and leaders of your world and society to think that it is proper to hate your enemies in life; to seek vengeance against those who you do not like and those who do not like you in life; you have been taught to be racial and hold hatred toward those who are not like yourself; you have been taught to create laws that will hold up the beliefs of the majority in society instead of everyone simply guiding all toward the good of the whole, and no one ruling over anyone in society. There should be no majority rules as a single human soul should never rule over another human or make laws that limit another single human soul in life. There is to be no rule with the new human that is to come. There are to be no laws; no governments; and no punishment within the societies of the new human. The will of the one will now become the will of the whole. When each of you awakens to some of these understanding in life then you are already within your own awakening.


So you all have at the top of your world order, in the higher echelons of consciousness, those Gods who love to rule as well as those Gods who wish to have no part in ruling or going against the free will choosing of other souls or a third dneisty human’s life. Many of you would call these Gods the Cabal or Illuminati given the fact that you do not truly know who they are or what they represent in your lives. In truth however they are not Gods separate from yourselves, nor are they the Illuminati or Cabal of your world. They are separate from your world, but connected in consciousness to those Cabal and Illuminati of your world. When they ( your higher self or God Man))are their lower selves ( god man) – drawing from their natural and lower thoughts; words; consciousness; affections; and actions in life, they are connected to your Cabal and Illuminati, though they do not seek the things in life that your Cabal and Illuminati do. Your Cabal and Illuminati seek power and financial abundance beyond the imagination of any human being, while those higher thoughts or ruling loves who provide the higher consciousness and thoughts of the Cabal and Illuminati seek only third dneisty mans thoughts and affections of fear as well as their worship as Gods.

The higher sixth dneisty souls we speak of are not always in service to self, but some of the time ( any time) they are in service to others ( all depending on whether they wish to be the one or the other, and no longer do they have to be good half of the time and evil the other half, but can be one or the other as much as they like in life), and are not these evil and dark entities or Gods that provide spiritual knowledge to your dark and evil rulers known as the Cabal or Illuminati all the time.

Again we will reiterate that a God Man ( God) does not have to be good all or part of the time, nor does He have to be evil all or part of the time, but can now choose whenever and wherever He is in life to be either good or evil, as much as that God likes.  All of you represents that One single God, but you can choose to be the one (once you awaken and remember who you are), or you can choose to be separate as a God, creating all on your own, and acting and living all on your own. Again, if you choose to be the lower God (god) who is presently in service to self and in conditional love then you can have no contact with physical beings other than yourself in life.  So once awakened each and every human soul will be a God sometimes and a god at other times, but the times you choose to be the lower god, you can no longer have contact with third dneisty humans so as to cause them harm or loss any longer in life. Only lower third dneisty human souls can cause harm or loss to another third dneisty human soul and no higher soul can interfere with this as the laws of attraction are always at work in third dneisty. They are not at work in sixth dneisty and higher.

So you see dear ones your Cabal and Illuminati draw their affections in life from these lower gods who are in service to self and in conditional love because this is the society they draw their affections from in life when they draw from lower vibrations within third density life and existence.

Sixth dneisty souls (gods) in service to self and in conditional love are truly guiding this present world of yours but they are doing so from other realms and can have no connections or interactions with third dneisty human beings. They only control your world through the worship you provide them as your god (you worship the god that wishes for and requires worship – that is Satan) and the fear you all have for them which feeds their energies in life. Keep in mind that each of you is the lower god (Satan) as well as the higher God (the Lord) on every level of consciousness. So as long as your present world is under some sort of ruler ship; order; laws; and fear then the sixth dneisty lower gods are happy and satisfied. At the same time this world of yours will always remain under quarantine, and this quarantine is not to be lifted as some teach and speak of. It is you who must each move on to a higher consciousness and world, and you will in fact do so. And so they must continue to keep the people in fear; under ruler ship; laws; order, and so on - so as to continue their existence; happiness; and hold over your world dear ones. So when each of you leaves your present third dneisty world and life in the shift in consciousness (ascension) other souls will have already come to your world to take your places, so as to continue your third dneisty world on in to eternity. When those souls one day awaken and ascend other souls will come to their world as well and take their places, and this will indeed continue on in to eternity.

Those of you in your present world who are gradually losing the fear for the rulers of your world and are gradually separating yourselves from your present system and its rules; order; laws; and fear based society will soon be gone from your present world, but the Cabal and Illuminati will always be there under one name or another; one form or another; one term or another. You will hear many new groups of your world coming out in public saying that they have information that will soon prove the Cabal and Illuminati are soon to be taken out of power, and many new and wonderful things will then be brought to your world system and stage. As we are a positive group of souls in the spiritual realms we must tell you all that indeed positive things are on the horizon for you all, but they will not come in the manner in which you think they will come, or according to how it appears to be unfolding in your present world today.

You must leave your present world to see these new positive changes, and those who remain will continue to live under the rules; laws; orders; and slavery of the Cabal and Illuminati for as long as they with to remain third dneisty humans. There will be times the laws; rulers; order; and slavery will appear so much more peaceful and enjoyable for the citizens of your world, and times when they will not be, for all things will continue to move in cycles in your world and system to eternity. You will forever continue to see good days and bad days; good laws and bad laws; good rulers and not so good rulers; and each of you will be happy in slavery at times while each of you will be unhappy at other times – so long as you continue to remain In third dneisty. When it is over for each of you, you will awaken, and wonderful things will begin to come your way. But you must each first leave that place of your own free will, and that will come with the evolution of every human soul ever to be created.

Again we tell you dear ones that living life under the Cabal and Illuminati will not always be bad or negative, but for those who wish to no longer be a part of the present system they must move on – and so you each shall.

It is not that the World rulers (Cabal and Illuminati) are getting weaker or losing their stronghold on your world and its citizens. It is not that they are all of a sudden becoming the good guys and are about to give up and turn themselves over to the other good guys of your world so that the system of your world will change over to one that is for the people or the whole of society. What is evil; dark; and of a negative and service to self nature will always be evil; dark; negative; and of a service to self nature. These are the traits of a society and system in third dneisty and third dneisty will always remain this way, and it is each of you that must and will change or evolve.

Now we realize dear ones that many of you at this point are saying to yourselves that we are for the Cabal and Illuminati, given the fact that we are not speaking against them. We must remind you dear ones that we love all unconditionally and are not against any one soul or group of souls in life. We have in the past( your past) separated ourselves form the lower thinking of third dneisty and therefore now know how things are in the created universe, and we now therefore know there is no longer nay right or wring in life. This includes the life and actions of the Cabal and Illuminati. Still we cannot make a single one of you understand this before your time, and can only provide you the details that lead you to this understanding at this day.


We of the society of one are just that at this day -- ONE!

When we come to you therefore in our messages we can come to you as our higher (service to self) personality and affections – as our higher (service to others) personality and affections – or we can come to you as our lower third dneisty self that is only in service to self in your world. For as long as we are connected to third dneisty consciousness we are no longer in the understanding that we are a group of souls, but we return to the belief that we are a single human soul. And so at this day because we are one and we know we are one, we can ascend and descend at will, using whatever levels of consciousness we choose in life to provide our messages to third dneisty man at this day.

Therefore in getting back to the Cabal and Illuminati (your present world rulers) they are there to rule those who still need ruling as they are still of the belief that they are not free or sovereign, and therefore spend their lives seeking their freedom instead of seeking truth through their evolution. They continue to cling to the present system of your world and continue to believe the falsities and backwards way being fed to them from a wide variety of sources in your world at this day. What this day now brings each of you is the levels of energy to find the truths you are seeking, and you will do so if it is your time simply by the fact that souls will be brought to you in your world with the truths you each now seek. It will happen fast now as the energies are very high and the hour grows short.

We have never given you dates or times dear ones, and we do not intend to do so at this day, as the times will always depend on each of you. You will not all go together in the universal ascension within the material and physical world, but within the spiritual realms of your consciousness. So once each of you connects once again with your inner and spiritual self you will begin to see the changes in your life.

Some of you are already there and some of you are close. Those who are not even close will now begin their awakening and your world will gradually now shift over to your sixth dneisty world, with all other lower densities (third dneisty physical and fourth dneisty consciousness) coming along for the ride so to speak. No one will be left behind as we are all of one world and soul and we have always been. As far as the changes about to take place in your present third dneisty world we tell you that we know good things are happening even now but we cannot give you details we do not have. We simply know that the Cabal and Illuminati began to lose their hold on the people of your world around this time and that is why things began to turn really – really positive for your world around this time.

Again however we tell you all to stop looking on the outside for changes as it all begins from within. Have you not heard long ago “ It is not what you put into your body that makes you unclean but that which comes from the heart from within and spews out of your mouth. Those are the things which make a man unclean. Rather than worry whether another man washes his hands would it not be better to concern yourself with why you have placed your expectations of others in life? Remove the thorn in your flesh first and then you will be better equipped to concentrate on more important things in life


We are the Society of One and we bring you this message today from the many friends in our past. As we no longer experience the past we have joined with other societies in providing this message for you this day. We hope we have been of service dear ones. And now we leave you all in unconditional love.