The Oneness Society - If we don't continue to share we will simply go crazy!

01/07/2013 12:08

The Oneness Society –If we don’t continue to share we go crazy - right?


Okay I might as well tell you guys that these titles are all mine when I provide you all with my blogs and channels from higher as well as lower densities or realms. The higher societies of consciousness such as “Emmanuel “ – “Elijah” – and the  “The Oneness Society”  never give me titles as everything in their world or reality is all one big thought or reality with no separation on subjects or topics. They do not see things as what happened yesterday or what will happen tomorrow for themselves, as they always live in the now – and therefore every message they give me has to be filtered down to its own personal correspondence so as to fit into our third dneisty world and reality. In other words the whole has to be separated into parts In order for third dneisty humans to understand its meaning. When this is done I always seem to tack on a title with each message as this appears to make human beings in third dneisty a bit more resonated wit the message. But none the less I would ask you all to keep in mind from this point forward that they in the higher realms of consciousness never give a title. Whatever you get out of each message I provide therefore from here on – add your own title if you wish - and remove mine.


So here we go --------------------

Hello dear ones it is we of the Oneness Society that are coming to you with a message form the higher densities of consciousness. What level of consciousness or density does not matter however as each of you will receive our message form whatever level of consciousness you each reside in presently. Everything we say to you dear ones will be understood by each of you all according to your own level of evolution or understanding at this time. And so we speak-------------

An awakened fifth dneisty human being (sixth dneisty consciousness) knows he or she is awakened after it has happened and certainly not before. At first they will begin to believe they are awakened but there will be many things they still do not understand and will therefore remain in third dneisty based on the level of understanding that would otherwise keep them connected to fifth dneisty. In other words when your vibrational frequency is high enough to maintain fifth dneisty vibrations you will be the fifth dneisty human – even though you will not know this at first when you first begin visiting fifth dneisty on a more regular basis. So when you are not in fifth dneisty because your vibrations are too low you will be living as the third dneisty human that you have always been. Keep in mind that each of you truly does exist on every level of consciousness and density of life that there is in existence. You are however - not always conscious of third dneisty self -you are not always conscious of fifth dneisty self- and you are not always conscious of when you raise your vibrations so high in fact that you might often visit levels of consciousness far beyond sixth dneisty – but you are always conscious of “you.”

In other words you are a human being that is presently walking around in third density; fifth dneisty; sixth density; seventh; eighth; and on and on and on throughout your day. As a matter of fact every person – place- or thing that you are not presently thinking of within your present consciousness and thinking is responsible for what level of consciousness you are in every now moment of every day in your life and world. At the same time every person; place, or thing in your world and consciousness is also responsible for what density or timeline you are presently in at any given point in your everyday lives. But for the most part you are back and forth between third and fifth dneisties all day long every day as the densities are so much more compact than are the dimensions. Again densities are understood as being vertical while the dimensions are more understood to be horizontal.  In other words timelines (or dimensions) appear to run in a horizontal direction while densities of consciousness run vertical as up is understood to bring each of you closer to God Source or the One Infinite Creator. So you see dear ones you are in many different places every now moment of every day in your world of illusion and sleep- when in fact you have never left that one spot you each represent within the essence and being that is God Source or the collective consciousness.

But for those who are still of the illusion or understanding that you are always in one place or the other in life we would tell you that you are also at or in every place all the time in your life. However we will bring it back down a notch and therefore explain a few things to you about what is going on in your life at this present day – a day and time that appears after the date set by the people of your third dneisty world around you dear ones. It is like this -----------

Those of you who have awakened and therefore remember - those of you who are in the process of awakening and therefore in the process of remembering- and those of you who are so very much stuck in between your love for both worlds or realities (not dimensions or timelines) have indeed noticed that something is different now. This is not based on the date in your world (December 21, 2012) given that would either be a positive change or a negative change for your world when it came about. It is because each of you has created your future realities or what appears to be your future reality – as you are all instead moving closer to no time or living in the now. Dates mean nothing when it comes to what one human being will experience over that which another human being is to experience at the same apparent moment in time. Again each of you is now creating your new lives and worlds based on your new conscious levels you have moved into because of the greater levels of energy being sent to your world from you in higher levels of consciousness.

You all created before as well but you did so unconsciously as everything was being created from your higher self. Still when the higher self creates a thing it is created according to what things the higher self wishes in the higher levels of consciousness, and all creations must therefore be filtered as they descend down into the lower densities of the third, where they will always be created according to their corresponding creation within third dneisty life and existence. So now that many of you have raised your consciousness levels based on the process of the evolution of the soul (or the shift in consciousness) you are now creating consciously all the time. Still you can create nothing without “knowing,” it can be created. Every time you hesitate of you doubt yourself at this day and time your creations will not be manifested when and where you wish them to be manifested. They will however be manifested in one dimension or timeline or the other, but they will not come to your dimension or timeline until all doubt is gone from your mind, as this is the universal law of creation.

All of you are walking around in your world at this day and some of you are awakened and some of you are not. Still every human being walking around in your world has spirits or souls who make up their being that are awakened and others that are not. It is not that one human is awakened and one is not- or that many humans are awakened and many are not – but that every human being who makes up your present life and world around you is in the process of seeking their equilibrium in life once again- as this is what is known as the Consummation of the Ages.

At the time of the consummation of the Ages the Ages and seasons come to an end for the evolved human being who has completed his or her four seasons of life in third dneisty consciousness (or the animal consciousness) and is now in the process of becoming the God Man once again. You have never really stopped being the God Man to be perfectly honest, but you simply took on forgetfulness and illusion for a time – fro the good of the whole or One. Therefore dear ones the rules have changed and now there are no rules other than the One Universal rule that is built into each of you through the evolution of the soul. Rules did not exist for you when you began your plunge down into third dneisty consciousness because you were all in equilibrium as the God Man and needed no rules or laws to guide you in life. However – when you decided to allow both sides of the opposite natures of Separation; duality; and finite existence to come together and live as one within a body and form known as the human, you had to be given laws. Now that you have complete your evolution of the soul – now that you have lived out so many different lives and lessons of the one living among the other (basically what appears to be good and evil – light and dark – positive and negative) you are each prepared or in the process of being prepared to return to the God Man or finite Source (not Infinite Source).

These are all the things that are taking place in your spiritual world dear ones and not in the material and physical – as the material and physical will always (into eternity) appear to only change according to a timeline and through the illusions of time and space – when man always lives the illusion that he or she must wait on all things to take place according to his or her actions in life. This is not true reality but the illusion. In fact all things are created from heart and through the mind, and not through the mind alone without drawing form heart first. All things are created form chaos (without the process of thinking) and not from order or laws or rules or mathematics – or through the rational thinking of the human being. If you have to think about it then you are changing it in the process from what was your original thought or wish of the thing to be created. Just as a child creates from heart and then through thought ( no rational thinking involved) so too must each of you return to this dear ones.

As long as you continue to think and crate through fear and rationality you will be creating from third dneisty thoughts and will not really be creating those things you want in life. Stop playing by the rules and do those things you want to do in life. But if you continue to ply by the rules then know that you will always be bound by their rules- order- and laws.

There is therefore a group of souls in your world today dear ones that is awakened- is in the process of awakening- or is right in between in equilibrium already – and they know something has changed. Many of them can feel it but they do not yet know what to do about it. We are here today dear ones to show you what to do about it – but you must know that what we tell you is truth and no longer doubt what you have now come to know as truth. There are these awakened souls within the body – form- consciousness- and therefore mind, or every human being in and on your world at this hour. This is the final hour dear ones and it is ready to take hold in your lives. There is a human being in every office- every government position – every nook and cranny – every house- city- state- and country of your world that is now ready to do his or her part in the changing of your material and physical world. Why? Because it has already been done in the spiritual realms of your world and we therefore know it is at hand in the lower realms of creation as well.

There are no more laws- no more rules- no more set order to your society, as your society has now moved back to zero degree or back to the point or simple of creation. You are each now free to create from chaos and all you need do is no longer be afraid of those who cannot harm or touch you any longer. They cannot touch you because you are no longer living according to their rules now are you? If you say yes you are then you are not the souls we are speaking to as the souls we are speaking to are found within the confines of every mind and consciousness of every human being on your planet and world. All the pieces are set in place and everything is being done even as we speak. If the change you are looking for is not happening for you already it is because you still doubt to an extent and you feel this doubt within your being. You must now each live your lives as though this doubt no longer exists so as to remove it form your thoughts dear ones.

Live your lives as a child this day and know that all the things you want are in the process of being created, and they are simply waiting on you to release them. Again lose the fear and lose the doubt – and just know that all those spirits or souls (whatever term you wish to call them by) are now being provided for the consciousness of each of you to ‘Know’ all things you are now wanting in your new life already exist in one timeline or another – one dimension or another- and is simply waiting on you to bring it all to your “NOW.” Do not doubt that all has already taken place as we already see everything in place and operating smoothly as we speak – so that what is above is truly understood to already be below. We love you all unconditionally and we cannot sit back and be happy in life knowing that people are suffering because of their fear and doubt – and those people are us. They are not only a part of us but they make up the whole or One that is us. We are where we are presently dear ones because we came back to your time and we guided each of you into your “knowing” just as others did before us who represented us as well.

We could not do these things before because your time had not yet come and your evolution had not yet been completed, but that day has now come and we are here right on schedule. We are here to tell you all that what each of you is thinking in his or her mind is not only possible and probable- but it has all already happened and is waiting on you each to “know” it has already happened and is ready to move to your present dimension and timeline. Yes dear ones the ones who once appeared to rule your world are gone. They have vacated to a new third dneisty reality where they can seek ruler ship over the human beings of that world- and they do so by feeding off of the fears and doubts of the citizens, and by giving them at first all the things they seek in life for their happiness and comfort. They have already gone and they have already taken with them all the souls they will use to form their world and reality of third dneisty.

Where they have gone does not really matter at this point but we will speak of this if the human host we speak through presently would one day wish for us to explain it.

So you see dear ones the planet and world you now reside in and on is cleared of all the negativity; fear; and doubt - as well as third dneisty souls needed to be removed from your world in order to have maintained once again equilibrium of the God Man (your present world that has joined the masculine once again with the feminine- with the feminine now guiding – not ruling – the One or the whole). Those human beings or souls who do not yet know these things are those third dneisty souls left here in your world that will make up your new world and reality as the God Man or fifth dneisty human. Every fifth dneisty human (as well as all humans on every density of life and consciousness) must possess lower as well as higher spirits or souls in order to make up the required equilibrium of life required to create the consciousness of fifth dneisty man.

So again we say that every third dneisty human in your present world (there are third dneisty human souls in the mind and consciousness of every human on your world) will either from this day forward awaken and complete the equilibrium of “you” or they will remain third dneisty souls for a while longer – until the evolution of their souls as well has been completed. But be assured that every third dneisty human soul will awaken – will ascend- and will return to the consciousness that is known by most as the collective consciousness. The world you each see in front of you now- at this day dear ones – is the world you will now be living in for a long – long time. You are therefore all in the process of forming and manifesting the things of your present world so as to represent the world you have all bee waiting for, and will all now share based on the universal laws of attraction. Yes –each of you attracted your soul to your present world because each of you (all humans on your present world) wanted the same world.

Do not think that nothing has happened dear ones as everything has happened and is simply waiting on each of you to “know” that it has happened. As each one of you comes to know- and for each of you that already knows – it is all unfolding right before your eyes right now, and you see it. Of course if you were to tell others who do not see it that it is right in front of their eyes you would be incorrect – as it will not be seen by them until they “know” it to be possible – probable- and a reality they can create right now in their life. Some are hours away from this – some are days always from this – some are weeks, months, and even years away; but all within this generation will awaken and will witness the new world they seek for themselves as well as all their generations of loved ones to come – within this generation.

As we have said more than once dear ones- your world has now found its equilibrium and is therefore now being formed at such a rapid rate that some cannot even believe their eyes – while others do not see these things yet. When they turn off their television sets and stop believing the souls left behind to offer them a way to return to timeline number two then they too will see all of these things. Again they will all move into your new life and would along side each of you dear ones, but your third dneisty world will appear much more wonderful and beautiful; and free to them than will be the one the others today are still steering them toward. But in the end they must each decide who they will listen to and follow as far as their truths are concerned.

It matters not if many of you are still seeking or attached to money in your lives at this day. It matters not if you are seeking your freedom when in fact you are all already free and sovereign. It matters not if you are presently living your life in service to self because you still do not understand anything different. It matters not if you are still living life according to rational human thinking and therefore do not believe those things that do not make sense in a world of rules- order- or laws, where laws of society or laws of science and physical and mathematics. It matters not if you still believe the machines and are still trapped within the Matrix dear one. Everything will change for you if you want it to change – and if you do not that is fine as well; given that from this day forward there are no more rules.

We say to you all again however dear ones – do not believe that you will go to a world or place of peace; tranquility; and happiness  while others will move to a world or reality where they will have less peace;  tranquility; and happiness. What is now offered to one is offered to all, and there are no more judgments or separations in society against the free will choosing of every human soul in your new world and society. If they wish to be loving – caring – peaceful- respectful- and equal citizens of society then they will always be welcome- and all of you who will be a part of this new world already know these things- even if some of you are not yet conscious of it and your understanding is still there waiting on you in another timeline or dimension. It will all come to you eventually, and only your illusion of time is keeping it form becoming your reality.

Great abundance is on its way dear ones – followed by complete happiness and piece of mind. No one is to be left out and no one will be treated any less based on unconditional love as another. You are there – all of you are there- and it is up to each of you now as to whether you remain there based on what things are now to come. If you do not like the looks of one society we will help you move to another. If you do not like the looks of that society again we will help you until you find that life and society that pleases each of you in this new world of ours. But no one left dear ones is here against their own free will and choosing – as this present world of yours was crated by each and all of you.  Everything you have been waiting for need not be waited on any longer – as you need only know that the sky is now the limit. All things are possible and probable, and all of you will soon come to know this. Do not be surprised now at the things that take place in the days ahead that will simply take your breath away.

Be happy- be respectful – be One with society- be in unconditional love- be free- and “know’ that you can now be all that you want to be just as soon as you know it.


We are the oneness Society and we bring you this message dear ones in our complete unconditional love for all of you.






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