The Oneness Society!

12/17/2012 11:46

The Oneness Society!


What does it mean to become One? We have come to realize at this time that there are societies in your world who wish to do this (become one) and we say to you it would be our pleasure to speak to you on just how this is brought about in any society. For it matters not if you are third dneisty; fourth dneisty; fifth dneisty; sixth dneisty; or higher, every soul has the ability and access to knowledge that will provide a way to become One in every society. Whether or not that society chooses to be one or they continue separating one thing from another in their society is always up to the society and their level of evolution.  Do you not believe third dneisty man is capable of once again becoming as one? First of all we will explain what it means to become one as a society.

This would mean every citizen in that society would make all decisions within society for the good of the whole. Every citizen would have access to every resource and receive their fair share of the abundance of that society. We have heard that there are societies of your world who practice these ways in their societies and we tell you we are not here to weigh in on such truths one way or another (we do not judge in other words). We are simply interested in speaking to you all as to what a society looks like that has again become One. We cannot speak of worldly matters given that we do not know what things presently go on in your world, and we do not wish to know them dear ones.

We stop this transmission long enough to tell you that Daniel ( third dneisty Daniel) wishes to state that he is in heaven when he is receiving wisdom, even when it appears he is in third dneisty. He would like us to explain this. We would simply tell you dear ones (third dneisty society Daniel) that this is because you are not your third dneisty self when you are pleased to receive wisdom but your sixth dneisty self. Third dneisty man does not gain pleasure in receiving spiritual wisdom as this does not feed third dneisty man. What feeds third dneisty man is the things you partake of as food in your world and density, and wisdom is the least of his cares or wants in life.  So remember that when you as a human soul are receiving spiritual wisdom you are ascending every time.  Returning to the third density human, (fourth dneisty mind) is descending. And now with your permission dear ones we will return to our message:

We were speaking on what things cause or make it possible for a society to once again become as one. We will attempt to list certain details in number sequence so as to make it easier for each of you to find at a later time if need be.

  1. Nothing within said society should be regulated in a way that one citizen is given or provided more than another citizen in that society, as the needs of some citizens or families are always different than those of another.


  1. No society becoming one should have a monetary system in place as this would mean resources and labor is to be bought and paid for rather than being always provided free of charge.


  1. No one should be required to work a job or be some place they do not wish to be at any given time as all citizens should be free at all times to come and go as they please in life.


  1. Every citizen of this society should according to his or her own free will wish to always act and speak in life toward the good of the whole and not the self. This would mean that whatever resources and services are not provided for through means other than human labor that these resources and services must be provided by the society and its citizens without any ill will of one citizen or group toward another citizen or group. Again all are to work for the good of the whole.  And of course unless you have artificial intelligence to provide the resources and services for said society it is always more difficult to create such a society for any size group in any density or walk of life. We will speak more on this subject at a later time.


  1. All medical services and medicines of said society should be provided free of charge no matter what level of service is needed for the people as a whole. There should be no limits to services needed or remedies to cure whatever sickness or disease a person of said society has or will have.


  1. Education should not be forced on any citizen that does not wish to learn or be taught as every citizen is to decide for themselves when and where their education is to begin or end in life. As all souls of this society will be of a nature to always want spiritual knowledge it is up to them when and where they receive it in life, and all education will be provided as well free of charge as it will all work toward the good of the whole.


  1. No citizen of said society would ever go against the free will choices of another citizen in a Oneness society. Everything added or taken away from said society will at all times be carried out by the society as One. Whether it is a group of two or a group of thirty it is never the majority that causes a decision in said group or society but the society as a whole must reach a decision in each case that is agreed upon by the whole and not the majority. No one is to rule and no one opinion is ever any more important that the opinion of another.


  1. There will be no laws in such a society as laws put limits on the citizens which one single citizen may not wish for while all other citizens involved in such a law might agree, and this is not oneness of society. Again every citizen must agree on all decisions of society to be a oneness society. Every citizen is to be permitted to think; speak; act; and live as he or she pleases in life as long as they do not involve their thoughts; words; actions; and ways of life In the decisions of other citizens. If this is the case that one citizen were to involve another in their thoughts; words; actions; or ways of life against their will then that citizen would not be in oneness of life and would not be found in such a society. This type of human being would not even wish to be a part of a oneness society based on their decisions in life alone. Why? Because such a person is in service to self in life. No human being who is in service to self will ever wish to enter into a oneness society, though they would always be welcome to attempt to try it or become a member of such a society as all are welcome. But the truth always comes out in the end and you cannot change who you are in life.


  1. There is no set order in a Oneness society but randomness and chaos.  No set rules – no set laws – no rulers or leaders of any size or level of society – and no order as to how things are to be handled or lived in a oneness society. These things are never needed in a society where souls have evolved to the point in their life or consciousness that they do not infringe on the freedom of life and decisions of others in that world or system.  If you wish to be as a child you can be as a child in your own space. If you wish to be as a child with others then you can be as a child with those who also choose to be as a child in a group greater than one or any size whatsoever. Again it will always be a group decision and not a majority decision. This goes for anything a human being in a oneness society wishes to do in life as it is the choice of each citizen alone as to whether they wish to think; speak; act; or live as One or as many in life. If two people are so much alike that they choose to split their differences and meet somewhere in the middle then they can live as two within a oneness society, as it matters not how many people make up such a society, or what density of consciousness they exist and live in.


  1. What keeps the citizens safe in a oneness society where there are no rules; no laws; and no order of said society and its people? Every single human citizen and every single group of citizens that are in agreement of mind (in oneness) can choose to form together to protect the society or to remove unwanted citizens or offenders from said society. There are no rights and no wrongs within a oneness society as all are there to protect the oneness society as a whole and not to protect a single citizen when they are against the harmony and unity of the oneness society as a whole. Each citizen will reap that which they sow in life as no citizen is ever greater than the society. Yes the One is not greater than the whole.  The good of the many out weighs the good of the few or one.


Does this mean we are telling you dear ones that violence is accepted in a oneness society? By no means!It is impossible for a human soul to want to live in a oneness society and want for the good of the whole to be a violent human. It is also impossible for them to harm or cause loss to another citizen of a oneness society as each and every citizen is for the good of the society as well and can easily restrain a citizen and remove them to a safe place without harming them. But this is a defensive measure and no an offensive one.All things are indeed permitted but not all things are beneficial in a oneness society. These are the words spoken by Paul in your holy bibles (if you have read the holy bible) – but certain words were omitted such as (in a oneness society). How it should have been written down is “All things are permitted in a oneness society and all things are beneficial.”


  1. When you take a pie and you cut a slice out of it the pie is no longer whole or one. The same goes for each and every citizen within a oneness society. If you kill or cause the removal of a citizen within a oneness society then you cause that society no longer to be whole. Therefore if the society was once named Daniel it would no longer be called Daniel but maybe Elijah; or Emmanuel; or Samson, and so on. (We have taken these names out of random thoughts alone dear ones, and they mean only what they represent here for this topic or subject. We could have used any name we pleased). So again a society is only whole when all of its parts remain and are never taken away.


Therefore not a single soul that wishes to join a oneness society is banned from the society but is offered a safe place to live until which time they are prepared to re – enter that society as an equal citizen. And so every oneness society must have cities of refuge as well as places for rehabilitation and teaching of those who do not yet fit in said society, but want to be a part of said society, so that eventually they will be able to do so when they have evolved to the point of doing so once again. Everyone is always to be protected from loss and harm within a oneness society no matter whether they are about to be removed form said society or have been a member or citizen for one hundred years.


This will require chaos at times and this is acceptable in a oneness society as lives are not lost and the citizens do not experience any more loss or harm than is needed for the whole in the end.Again those who are evolved to the point of entering into a oneness society will now remember that there is no such thing as death or killing and these things will no longer be a problem in a oneness society, as that oneness society will be guided by these citizens for the good of the whole. The lower citizens of a oneness society (those needing rehabilitation or who are sent to cities of refuge) however, are not truly a citizen of such a society as they are the children who need to be educated before they can become a full fledged member or citizen of said society. When they enter said society after rehabilitation and separation from the whole they will have something to offer to the society upon their re – entering that oneness society.


  1. There is no theft in a oneness society; no adultery in a oneness society; and no unnecessary harm or loss to the citizens as everyone is their brothers keeper (so to speak).


  1. There is no punishment in a oneness society as there is no right or wrongs of any kind within this type of society or system. A oneness society is made up of citizens who are in unconditional love for their friends; neighbors; and family members in life. They have no enemies as everyone knows within that society that they are one and the same soul. There are children and animals within the lower societies of a oneness society but not in the higher ones. Children make decisions in life out of chaos as well, but they have not yet been educated as to what things in life are most beneficial to the whole of the human, whether microcosm or Macrocosm. And now we are about to get a bit strange for you all dear ones as we move into the higher numbers of details on a oneness society.


  1. Consider your present planet as a oneness society, how could you explain that this is the case with your present planet dear ones? Can you see how the upper societies are loving souls and care for those of the lower societies, and therefore provide for the children of the lower levels of said society while still allowing them as much as possible to make their own decisions in life. Can you see this as being a possibility in your world dear ones?


What is those who you call the Cabal of your world are those souls you think to be leaders or rulers, when in fact they are nothing of the sort? What if they are the higher souls of this oneness society called planet earth and they live in a reality where there is no right or wrong; no rules; no laws; and no order whatsoever in their life?

What if all of you can one day be a part of their society as soon as each of you evolves on his or her own, according to your present level of evolution or maturity as a human soul? Again what if there is good and evil; positive and negative; as well as right and wrong down there in the lower societies of planet earth ( third dneisty) that is bound under manmade laws; order; and rules to protect the lower citizens of the present oneness society we speak of, and that all of these things exist in the higher levels of our oneness society as well but that they exist in the minds and consciousness of souls who are evolved and mature, and now know what things are best in life for the whole? Do you see this as a possibility dear ones?


In other words think o your Illuminati or Cabal or world leaders as such. You in the lower levels of consciousness on planet earth ( or mother earth) live your lives in fear of these rulers because you do not know who or what they actually represent in your life. You have been fed many falsities and detours in your lives so as to cause you to remain in the lower societies until that time in which you evolve to the level you need to evolve; want the things in life that provides for the whole instead of self in life; and you then are ready to move on to the higher societies given the fact you will no longer be afraid; and fear is what keeps you down there in third dneisty dear ones. So let’s look at this for a moment and see if we might have something here (based on your understanding- not ours).


Who created and continues to create a system in your world that relies on a monetary system or money? Is it the Cabal or illuminati in the higher echelons of your world (whom you believe to be holding power over you), or is it those rulers and leaders who are at the higher levels of your third dneisty societies of your world? Keep in mind that all levels of consciousness or densities of human souls exist in your world, and none of them are outside of your world. Still there are those who wish to mind their own business (service to others) in the higher realms of your world, and let you all evolve - and there are those who are still in service to self in the higher realms of your world and they wish to rule over you all; make laws to make them rich while keeping you all poor; and they wish to keep order in your world so that they know what is what everywhere throughout your world at all times.


The reason you are still bound to these lower levels of society ( third dneisty) in your present world dear ones is because you fear those things in life that appear to cause “you” harm and loss, and you are not so much concerned about how much harm or loss your neighbors are experiencing presently in their lives. Now if you are not one of these people in this group (service to self – feeding your flesh) then we commend you and we do not speak of you here. So again it is this service to self type of consciousness that will keep you bound to the lower third dneisty societies of planet earth until you have evolved to the point that you know being in service to others is better in life.


You have souls higher up in your present world who are just waiting for you to evolve but they cannot interfere and they know it. This is your rehabilitation and this is your city of refuge. Why do many of you need rehabilitation dear ones? Because of friends; family; and generations of human beings steering you in the wrong direction, and you not yet mature enough to know they are doing it to you. Now dear ones you are of a generation who is waking up and now knows what is what. You will come to be with us soon, but first things first. You are a part of our world and are simply in the lower societies of our world that does not yet know that you live in a oneness society presently. You were not here before because you were not similar enough to us in order to want to enter our society through your own choosing by the choices you have each made in your present lives. Even if you now appeared to die in your present world still you are now a member of our society and just don’t know it yet.


Do you wish to cause loss or harm to others? Not yet ready! Do you wish to seek revenge on others in life? Not yet ready!Do you want all the things of your heart for you and put your wants in life first at this day? Not yet ready! Do you like the fact that there are the rich and the poor in your world? Not yet ready! And these are only a few of the traits of a third dneisty human who will not yet wish to enter into the higher societies of oneness which will soon become their new homes in life. You are close but we have given you many things to think about and then seek to make a part of your lifelong decisions before you will wish to come and be with us dear ones. All of you are close – which is why we are here today speaking these things to you now.


You fear and hate (you know who you are dear ones) those who rule and are corrupt; those who make laws; and those who keep order in your world, simply because you do not yet understand that you gave them all the power they possess over you by entering into third dneisty existence and human form, teaching your children that majority rules and to always fear that majority in life. You are each about to move to a world and reality where there is no longer a majority or minority in society, but only the one.


Again do you see this all as possibility in your present world dear ones, and are you prepared to make the switch when the shift in consciousness comes about in your present world. It is so close, and you need no dates or times, and each of you will know it in your spirit when it is time for “you” to awaken and make the shift in consciousness. Those in the higher realms of your world are living their lives in unity and harmony but they cannot explain to a child why it is best to live your life in this manner, as every child must evolve and mature on his or her own before these things can be explained. And when they are explained it will be to guide you to the place you are already at in life and just do not yet know it.


All the riches of the world are at your disposal and all you need do is remember how to access them. You are already a free person and still you are bound by the rules and laws that cause you to think you are not free.You have been taught that you have to fight for the things you want in life when the truth is that when you are in a oneness society everything you want or need is already provided each of you free of charge. Still as long as you fear the illusions of those things that continuously bind you to a Service to self system and reality you will continue to remain in that reality. Lose the fear and accept what comes your way in life, and move on. Lose the drama and lose the ego self, putting the whole of society in every decision you make from this point on in life. You cannot move to higher levels of society until you are an adult or mature human soul.


Do not fear the Cabal or Illuminati any longer dear ones and we promise you your life will getbetter day after day until you have found unity; harmony; and paradise once again in your lives. Do not fear those any longer who make the rules and laws;giving you orders as well as keeping all things in (their) order in your present world and society, and make your future choices in life toward the good of the whole, putting you closer and closer to your being reunited with your family in a oneness society.Do not fight with those in a society where the majority rules as you will lose every time. Rather than fight and enter into their system day in and day out, make your decisions for the greater good of the whole and your world will change to a oneness society more and more every day and moment of your life right up to the day of the shift in consciousness( for you and your world). Again lose the fear; lose the seeking of vengeance; lose the state of mind that you have to gain justice and put all evil doers and corrupt rulers in your world in prison for the offenses they have in the past committed against all of you in your world.


You already live in a oneness society dear ones and those who keep said society in its proper order are those who permit all citizens at all levels of said society to live their lives as they so choose, never interfering. If you make the wrong decisions in life based on what you see as right or wrong decisions then that is your choice, but you have the free will to do so if only you come to recognize this fact. You have the right and abilities to ascend or move up in society whenever you please dear ones, just as soon as you remember that you have those rights and abilities, as in the higher levels of a oneness society all souls have evolved and lived out their lessons of third dneisty human existence and life, in which case they must now mind their own business; live their lives as they so choose; and let those who are still learning the lessons of third dneisty learn them. That is the world you live in dear ones, and as we say we do not know yet if it is unique, it is our world and yours as well, given the fact that you are here and we are here together in a oneness society at this day, sharing the same life; the same world; and the same lessons to eternity.


When each of you has evolved you will not move to another world as this one is plenty flexible enough to provide every creation you can create to eternity as there are no limits or boundaries as to what it can contain or how large it can become to house every creation you think of from now to eternity. So do not allow others to coax you into moving off world if you do not wish to do so dear ones, as you cannot be sure you can trust a single third dneisty human when it comes to your decisions in life at this day in time before the great shift in consciousness. Follow your hearts and not your human minds, as they are flawed just as long as they remain in third dneisty.


Every representation of you exists on your present world and you simply do not see them all as this would greatly confuse you given your present state of mind and consciousness at this day. We are what you would call “up here” and you are what you would call “down there” and yet we tell you we are all members or citizens of the one and same society. Where we call this society Daniel you will call it by many other names, usually the name you presently use in your third dneisty lives, though it matters not what term you wish to use dear ones.Even if you wish to call your society Jake – your consciousness will easily connect to a Jake within your collective consciousness and your thoughts and affections will then be provided from the society Jake within your spiritual society and soul group.


Again dear ones we are all here waiting on your ascension and reconnecting with all of us in the higher levels of our consciousness, and each of you is soon to be coming to be with us here again. If you are one of those human souls who is still concerned about the things or workings of your present third dneisty world you will not come up here and be with us just yet, but there will come a new time for each of you to do so. For those of you who wish to come and be with us now or very soon in the higher levels of our oneness society then you must make the choices in life that allow for this to take place in your lives. We cannot do this for you dear ones as we will only provide you ascension advice and will have nothing to do with worldly matters. We will come to you all again soon dear ones so as to speak more on the higher levels of guidance within your present world and system known as a oneness society.


We are the society Daniel of sixth dneisty and we love you all unconditionally.