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Topic: The New World Society through universal ascension!

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  • March 29, 2011 4:54:01 PM EDT - share
  • The New World Society through universal ascension!



    What is about to take place in the world is about to take place in the universe as well. We have a large family and they are all about to come home for a great homecoming so to speak. No one will be left out as no one soul is any more important or special than another. Things having to do with this "Universal Ascension," have been happening only gradually but at this day they will begin to manefest in the world at a much more accelerated pace.

    I am no prophet nor can i tell the future - i only tell you what i am given and you may do with it as you wish. People all over the world are getting dizzy and they are having migraines of all levels or strengths as the energy level in the world today is unlike any we have witnessed from the begiinning of our world. People are laying in bed at night and some who have never had trouble sleeping are all of a sudden so very uncomfortable, as they do not know why they are going to bed in the first place. People who have never meditated in their life find themselves doing so for the first time.

    We don't like noise as we are becoming passive and looking for a quiet place to think as our thoughts as to what is going on in the world today are getting so confusing. Nothing we do anymore seems to satisfy that itch ( the one that is telling you something is not right in the world.) This is because something is truly about to change and it will be so big that no one will be able to doubt its arrival or being manefested in the world.

    We are ascending and have been for the past eleven years. When i say eleven years i mean as far as our universal ascension is concerned as mankind experiences personal ascension every moment of every day in reality. And so i say to you all be ready for what is about to come and stay alert; for other posts will be made to this discussion whenever it is the will of my higher self to have me do so. You must all understand that this is not my post or disscussion but that of souls in a much higher dimension of existence.

    I seek no upliftment from this discussion as it kind of makes me nervous since i don't often trust my flesh to do the right thing by my friends and lovedones ( that being all of you). Therefore i put all my trust in my higher self to lead us all into this change of life we have come to know of as ascension.


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  • The New World Society through universal ascension!


    Until i learn where to post new additions to this subject i will post as if i am replying to my own post i guess. My next post to follow:

    Yes we are all about to experience a universal ascension in the world as we are moving closer and closer to a world of peace and unconditional love and light. It may not appear this way at the moment as we do not see what has been going on behind the scenes but the truth is what it is. We are not human beingsa as we would be lead by some to believe and neither are we actually made up of myriads of souls which make up what i call a spiritual society and soul group but we are God and are all therefore creators and co - creators. As hard as it might be for some to swallow this it is the absolute truth. We are not souls therefore as we are not really separate from all that is (which we call God). Because we are not souls nor are we human beings all of this stuff is nothing more than an illusion we each created for ourselves long ago. And still we did not each do it either as we are all the same person, being, or essence. So from this point on i wish all of you to keep this in mind for when i make future postings on this discussion. Ascension is not real and the world is only teaching all of us an illusion or a continuance of the illusion. How can \we get oput of this illusion? By you listening to what i have to tel you and all those who speak words similar to my own. And still we all retain the free will to not listen to a word i am saying here and go our way and listen to the words of another in life. The choice is yours. So as i was saying we are all God and we are not separate from one another and we are not getting ready to ascend we are simply moving to a higher realm in the illusion and will live life there calling that place our home instead of continuing life in third density. That will now be our home for a time though we can and will continue to visit third density within our physical bodies and forms so as to enjoy the things of third density whenever we please in our future. The world we are about to enter in fifth density i like to call the New World Society. I will speak more on ascension and our entering this society in the posts that will follow. Thank you all for hearing what the spirit has to say.

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  • The New World Society through universal ascension!


    In continueing on the Ascension process when i left off i said ascension is an illusion just as all things in creation are illusion. We think we are humans and we think we are separate souls in life and therefore think we each take a different path in life. This is not so as we all go down the same path and agree to experience different parts of the illusion and each provide a different lesson for all who take part in the experience or illusion. The truth once again is that we all take part in every illusion to eternity. One apparent soul moves on up the ladder while another newly created soul(illusion) takes the place of the soul who vacated the last position in the world of illusion. So again we are not many as some would think but we are all one and the same soul; being; and esence. Because we think we descend when we come into the third and fourth dimensional world of human beings we take on fantasy and illusion or ignorance and sleep. We must do this if we are to descend into the realms of our lower self and existence as knowledge based on unconditional love and light is then lost. The ways of the higher realms and dimensions are not the ways of the lower realms or dimensaions. And so because we take on ignorance and illsuion in these lower dimensions eventually we have to remember who and what we are and take on wisdom once again. We spend a very long time in a life of ignorance and illusion in human flesh but we cannot do this to eternity as we never relive lessons which have been learned by each of us. Even though i say each of us still it is an illusion that we are separated from the whole and this illusion is to allow us to move on up the ladder back to the home we left long ago so as to make room for the newly created souls which will do the same. Once again we do not repeat a lesson once it is learned in which case others must take our place so as to continue this "Circle of Life." I will explain the Circle of Life in my next post.

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  • The New World Society through universal ascension!


    interesting posts Daniel :) thank you! Ah yes we do live in a fascinating time period. Hurray! Why would we feel the need to visit the nearest theater and see anything Hollywood? There is enough going on as it his right at our doorstep. Can you see the Matrix? ps: I'm one of those every day meditation practitioners and my it is wonderful.

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  • The New World Society through universal ascension!


    Hello all! In my last post i spoke about the "Circle of Life." What the Circle of Life is is an atmosphere created within God (you) that is a complete system in and of itself. It has galaxies; universes; solarsystems; planets; people; on down to a single grain of sand on the beach. This sphere is created as i said within the mind of God (each and every one of us on a singular basis, and based on the illusions of each of us.

    You see you arte God and you are not really the center of the universe as you consume all universes as well as all things. Nothing exists and has any type of reality that does not exist within you. You are the oOne true body and form that is all and everything. Of the size and shape of that body and form it has none as it has no limits whatsoever.

    So as i was saying this Circle of Life is only one of the many myriads of "Circles of Life" that exist within your essence and being. Because you are all potentials and possibilities of all things that exist you must give all things which you place in every one of your Circles of Life a body and form no matter how small or insignificant it may be or appear to be to another subjects who comes to reflect on it at one time or another.

    So you give everything in this one specific Circle of Life a body and form and those nodies and forms known as humans come to see what is around them as life. They do not usually know much of their past as they have been reincarnated time and time again. Still they go on living life as though the ones who force their rule over them are trustworthy and they therfore permit them to rule over them for the duration of their lives; their childrens lives; and even their grand children and great grandchildrens lives. One day we come to forget most everything that made up our past and we come to believe every lie we are told by the world leaders or the leaders of our society.

    By the way this is how it is only in a third and fourth dimensional reality planet and solar system as we become more and more awakened as we move up in dimensions and freqwuencies of life. At the same time we are taught that everything is outside of us; including those who live on other planets and solarsystems and galaxies and on; and on; and on.

    This whole system i am speaking of here is therefore what is known as a single Circle of Life. You never get out of this Circle of Life as you only move higher and higher into its awakening state where the illusion is peeled off of you more and more. When we each begin the illusion we do so as if we are separate souls on a separate planet; with a separate country; a separate state; a separate city and a separate house and family. This is all the lie or the illusion and it is peeled off of us little by little as we each begin to awaken. But even the awakening and peeling part are all a part of the illusion as well.

    You are so deep down in the rabbit hole that it will take a while for you to even have some understanding of just how deep you are. I am here my friends to tell you of these things and to help you pull yourself up out of this rabbit hole we know of as the "Circle of Life." I look forward to our next posting!

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  • The New World Society through universal ascension!


    In my last post i spoke of the "Circle of Life," and now i believe the reader has some understanding ( if they did not already) of why and how we create systems in darkness and illusion. Yes we are here as third and fourth density beings but are actually God beings who are every bit as much a creator as is the God we all probably know from the religeous teachings all over the world today.

    Just because we choose to create a world or system and cause ourselves to become a part of this system does not mean we cannot be a part of every other world and system (Circle of Life) that we create in to eternity. So we will awaken and appear to ascend to those who will remain in the present world and system, who will remain a part of third and fourth density, and we will go to a new world simply by creating it gradually right in front of our eyes. When we are gone what we will see among us are all fifth density beings. Still we can go back and forth between third nad fourth density and fifth density life whenever we please.

    However whenever we wish to experience third and fourth density ways of life we must indeed be in third and fourth density, separated ( in illusion only) from fifth density beings at all times. The two worlds must be kept separsate as good and evil cannot share the same space. Fifth density beings are the inner man of third and fourth density beings as the inner parts of a human being only appear to be what they are, and are in fact another world. As i have said before everything exists within us all and nothing actually exists outside of our bodies.

    When i say the inner man i do not mean blood and guts but the spirit of a man. So the spirit (or inner man) of a third and fourth density being is the fifth density or higher being and is living life in a whole other atmosphere or dimension. When they wish to experience the life of their third and fourth density counterpart (whom they live inside of) they simply lower their vibration and frequency according to their thoughts and come to experience the experiences and life of their third and fourth density counterpart.

    I will see you at my next post. Love and light!

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  • The New World Society through universal ascension!


    5 years ago, anyone seeing posts like these would see an ego-based illusion... I remember, I used to post a lot of stuff like this. Nobody really understood it and they would say I was just making stuff up, and then I would go back and read it, and it was like, where did this come from?!? Nowadays, it seems the norm for people to channel the underlying consciousness like this, and I can't believe how common it is for truth to just pour out like this.

    Looking back, it seems like things have changed so fast. Looking forward... Well, it's gonna be a great ride!!!

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  • The New World Society through universal ascension!


    Hello again brothers and sisters it is time to make another post. When i left off i was speaking of our inner man or spiritual being. We are all spirit and we are only in appearance flesh. If we do not all eventually wake up to this fact then we continue the sleep until it is our time to awaken. Still everyone eventually awakens as to whom they are -- which is God.

    How can we not eventually come to know we are all God is He is in fact all and everything. If He created us then the us He created must be an illusion as it is created. So where is the reality? Do we really think we are all nothing more than an illusion? Do we really believe that we are created and that we will all one day die and God will simply create other beings to take our place.

    Well any God can do that! He wants to keep the creation going on in to etenrity and not allow anything to actually ever be destroyed. And so nothing that appears to you to have evert been destroyed or to have died has really done so. It is all an illusion and everything that you see; hear; taste; touch; smell; or feel is an illusion that you created and you just might not know yet that you are the creator God you have always been looking for and praying to.

    You are a spiritual being ( just as the Holy Bible says God is spirit) and you have created many fleshly bodies and forms for yourself to serve as a house and home from eternity and to etenrity. As you remember in each life you go on to a more wise and advanced society in another apparent world. With a world that does not grow so easily or rapidly it remains stagnet for some time and the souls on it do not mature so fast. Still, because of what is known of as a universal ascension all eventually come to ascend.

    In reality when it appears a world is stagnet the souls who possess the human bodies and forms do indeed advance and mature and therefore ascend, even if it is in the slightest degree. And so we all ascend in our wisdom and knowledge and remembering to eternity. And every twenty six thousand years or so there is always a universl ascension ( better known to some as the Consummation of the Age or the Last Judgment.) For in fact there are many Last Judgments for all of mankind to etenrity.

    So what we have here my deasr brothers and sisters is a God who has caused an illusion of separation in life because He possesses no body and form of His own essence as He cannot actually be limited by a body and form. So He creates them and He does so to no limits, as His creations are so vast words could not do them justice. So He creates bodies and forms in many different worlds; universes; solar systems; and galaxies. He Even creates many different "Circles of Life" so as to allow for the continuatioin of each anfd every one of His creations.

    I have already however explained "Circles of Life" earlier and will not bother to do so again. And so God has created these myriads upon myriads of humans from etenrity and they are not only possessed by spirits and angels but the spirits and angels could not have life to etenrity without there being human beings as well. So the one depends on the other for the creation of illusion to continue to etenrity. If we did not have the human bodies and forms neither would God have a body and form as the lower realms of illusion are what have always provided His bodies and forms.

    God is pure thought (Spirit) and He cannot have a body and form within pure thought without it still remaining to be spirit. As it is of the same essence as His own. It is also a truth that spirit( which is also love and light) is always passive and not active unless it is first acted upon. Therefore God had to create forms that would not only act upon others but would still possess His image of having the characteristics of not acting unless they are first acted upon as well. This wya they could all eventually become as He is when that time came for each created soul (as these are in fact created souls or illusions of souls.)

    So what we have is a being that can act toward and upon others and can also one day come to wish to remain passive like God ( as they are in fact God as He created separations within Himself that are in factHim). They would have the free will to relearn everything from their own perspective in life and their own understanding while being permitted to each grow and mature in wisdonm at their own pace in life.

    These beings came to be known as Human beings and they are God robed in flesh. I look forward to our next posting fellow brothers and sisters. Love and light to all!

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  • The New World Society through universal ascension!


    Yes the more and more I wake up, the more I 'coincidentally' stumble upon this information, which I am learning is the Truth. It makes complete sense to me, and the more I talk about it or hear it from others, I get the feeling that I am simply remembering that which has always been here with me!

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  • The New World Society through universal ascension!


    Yeah, like I said it's awesome. Now Carla channels a group called the Principle of Q'uo, which is made up of 3 group souls from 4th, 5th, and 6th density, including Ra. That material is sometimes more long winded, but equally as informative as the Ra Material.

    Also, if you've never come across it before, YouTube has a great selection of videos of the channeled entity Bashar that are FANTASTIC. Feel free to message me if you'd like some links.

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  • The New World Society through universal ascension!


    I do not recall the Ra and Bashar material by memory but i am sure i have read them both as i have read much, and i would simply say that if it resonates with you to keep it for your own truth but do not get stuck beileving the material of only one soul or channel. Follow what resonates with your heart.

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  • The New World Society through universal ascension!


    Hello again dear brothers and sisters who are one with me. It is time for a new post as i have had plenty of off time to get my new message to present to you all. It is indeed wonderful how i have received so many new revelations lately. When we left off on our last post we were speaking of how God is spirit yet He is robed in flesh that is created by each of us from the essence that He in fact is.

    Spirit is love and light in its natural state and we are all therefore in the beginning stages of our created existence created from love and light. When we are created we are created so that our human forms provide everything we need in life to sustain us. We need no houses and we need no buildings in our world whatsoever. All we need is nature as everything in nature was alive at one point in our created existence and still is in fact, and we simply do not know it yet.

    When we were created in what we know of as the "Garden of Eden," it was spring time all year round with no storms or bad weather that was detrimental to our health or bodies. As time went on we (out of our greed for more) created more and more things out of ignorance and therefore created the world we see in front of us today.

    Houses and buildings my friends are limits we created for ourselves over time and these limits take us farther and farther away from nature, which is the home intended for us all. Even the Church is meant to be within each of you as your bodies are to serve as your Church. Whatever we read in our Holy books about how we went to a building called a Church we read someone elses illusion they created long ago, and we continued creating their illusion by believing what they said to be truth.

    And so as i do not wish to become longwinded about buildings in our world i will move on to more interesting things. Because my friends that we do not need buildings to live in ( not that we cannot experience our three dimensional lives later on again and again ) we can now begin learning about our fifth dimensional life in more detail. But of course we must grasp on to the matter of where buildings came from and why we have them first.

    If you do not need a building to live in, or to work in, or to meet others in for whatever reason in life, then you have removed a few more limits in your life and are that much closer to fifth density life. Now you find that you don't need electricity so much as you no longer own a house that has to be fed with electricity. Neither do you need satalite or cable as you don't even own a television any longer ( or do you?). Then you need no refrigerator, or stove, or microwave oven. In short you no longer require the things in life that are found in a house. I know, you are thinking about clothes and where to wash them and store them. This too can easily be resolved when the time comes as i will tell you how very soon.

    So you see my friends the one huge problem we have all been faced with for so long - the problem of how we will leave our homes and family are all about to be solved for us, if we wish to know these things and are patient enough to wait for the time when our answer will come to each of us ( in our own time). I realise just like all of you that leaving our family is a hard thing and that whatever way we are shown to do this, it must resonate as truth with each of us or there is no way we would even attempt it.

    This will be done and you will come to believe and understand all of it when i give it to you. I am simply waiting on my higher self to show me how to present this answer to all of you as my bed side manner is no where as loving and caring as that of my higher self. Bear with me dear frinnds as it is not time yet.

    So you see we will each leave our homes in the third dimensional world because we will soon come to understand that we need not own anything in third dimensional reality as it is a fantasy and created illusion that will one day pass. What i am about to say has already been said in your Holy Bibles as a story was told that is familiar to this subject. But in continueing i would tell you that if you have the friends in this world you will always have a place to go to rest your head and protect it from bad weather and other things the human body is used to in this life. But only on a temporary basis as you will be going in and out of fifth dimensional existence and life very soon - if you are not already doing so.

    So love those around you unconditionally so that when you need a place to take your three dimensional body and form you will have a placce to go. No longer seek to own anything as possessions only allow you anger when someone damages or takes them from you. Possessions in this three dimensional world are no longer beneficial to any of us. Get rid of them if you can find it in your heart to no longer need or require them. For instance i have a riding lawnmower stored at my daughters house and my grandson put water in its gas tank the other day. I was so angry that i said and did things i no longer consider a part of who i am. I felt bad and had to forgive myself and my grandson, while at the same time letting go of the idea of that lawnmower. I no longer wish to mow grass with my own lawnmower and never agqain for myself.

    We must let go of worldly things and later on when we call fifth density our new home we can return and enjoy these things from time to time ( whenever we please in life). We do not have to own in order to enjoy and we must learn to do all things in moderation and nothing in excess any longer. There is nothing in this third dimensional world we need to own or possess as all things are truly ours already, but there are so many more things in life to enjoy and we simply need to expand our horizons. Remember you are me and i am you and once we learn to live as one we will truly possess all things in life. So don't seek a home ( house or apartment) that you go to everyday of your life but move around. As your five - d abilities get better and better you will be able to do this so you don't have to rush it, and it will come when it is (your) time to come.

    If you want elevtricity in your name so as to help another in some way then do it. If you don't feel this is the right thing to do then don't do it. There are no wrong conclusions in your new life you are NOW living.If you want to buy a home and let family live there then do so and this way you will always have a place to go in life. Still! Don't stay there and live with them. Keep moving when and if you can as we don't want the enemy to put us in jail for some silly manmade law we broke according to their beliefs. Still do as your heart tells you and don't allow my words to cause you harm or loss in life.

    I have told many that i own a plumbing business and i plan on closing it down completely as soon as i am given the word from my higher self. You too should come to trust your higher self once you come to know who that is in your life. And so my friends as you can see we will soon have all the knowledge we need in order to know when and why we are to let go of all of our material things in life. Your time will be different from my time as we are all at different points or levels of life within this grand 'Circle of Life."

    As far as when we are to let go of our families i would simply say to you not to depend on any family members in life any longer. Do not believe you need to see your children; grandchildren; mother; father; grandparents; nieces; nephews; or anyone else in your family every day; every week; month; or year any longer. There is no set frequency we should see others in our lives. If you are use to seeing someone every day or week it will be harder of course on you when you might have to leave them for a week or month at a time. When you visit someone later, far away, you will indeeed need to be strong and know that we must separate ourselves from old worldly traditions.

    I do not say to anyone that he or she is to leave his or her family for good. All i am saying is that when you move over into fifth density life and call this place your new home you will not wish to enter third density life as often now as you might think. Living life in a material and physical world really takes its toll on each of us and once we come to find a life in fifth dimensional realty we will not wish to return here as often as we would think. And so it will be best now to prepare them and ourselves for this to happen very soon. I will of course speak more on just what fifth dimensional life is like in one of my later posts.

    And so, if you wish to return to a life in paradise there are things in this life you will have to first put off. We are suffering so in this present world because of our illusions we have not yet been able to put off, which have provided our needs for such a long time now. Still the things we now think we need from this present world we no longer need and we simply have to learn or remember why we don't need them any longer, and how to get rid of our dependancy on them. And so i look forward to our next post.

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  • The New World Society through universal ascension!


    Your words really resonate with me Daniel! I look forward to hearing about your description about fifth dimensional life because I have been looking forward to this for quite some time now! At the moment I don't quite have a good image of what fifth dimensional life would be like, but I have heard channellings from the Pleiadians that especially resonate with me and they reportedly exist currently on the fifth dimension...

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  • The New World Society through universal ascension!


    Okay - as i promised i will speak on what life in fifth dimension is like.

    Within the realms of fifth dimensional life it is similar to this life in third dimension but many things have been added. In fifth dimensional reality we are not a world filled with many bilions of people all around us. Of course we do not see all of these people in our present world but only believe what we have been told. Every person in your present three dimensional world and life are in fact you and you have created them all from those within your own soul group in the spiritual world.

    Why did you create them and not someone else? Because you are all there is - just as my wife is all there is; my child is all there is; and my friend is all there is. Where we have long believed there are many people or souls in our world today there is only you.Every other person you see with your eyes is you and you draw these different souls (who are your different thoughts and affections in life) out of your inner being and give them life as another human being so as to provide all the company you have wished for from eternity.

    Every person or soul in this world is you from another lifetime and they have all shown up here in this timeline as you have drawn them here of your own doing. You are a Great Spiritual Being who possesses Infinite thoughts and affections which make up your existence. You cannot create a world of people or souls different from yourself if you do not create a world of duality and separation from yourself. For it is a truth that there is nothing but you in the end.

    So you see we appear to be many different human beings living in a realm of material and physical life and existence in a world where all possess the free will to do as he or she pleases. The fact however is that we do not only possess good and loving thoughts and affections in life as we take on our opposite thoughts and affections when we each choose to descend into our lower existence which is thrid and fourth dimensional life in this present world and universe. Our opposite thoughts and affections being dark and evil thoughts and affections. Because of this we are banned to a world of those who have the free will to think; speak; and act out those dark and evil thoughts and affections. When we mature enough in our lives as to wish to love all unconditionally and live in Light, we are then permitted to awaken and remember who and what we are so as to move on to a universal ascension.

    We cannot continue to live life in service to self and move up to a higher dimension of life among those in the heavens who base their lives on unconditional love and light. This is a place for our higher beings, and higher selves only. This does not mean we cannot ascend and descend in life from now to etenrity as we will all eventually come to remember that we are spiritual beings who will again soon become fully conscious beings. What this means is we will return to being the Gods we have always been and will therefore remember the abilities we each possess and will now use those abilities to create instantly in life and at will.

    But just because we will now be living in a dimension and place where we are creator Gods (actually One Creator God) does not mean we cannot return to our lower life in third and fourth density whenever we please from the time we become fifth density beings to etenrity. It is like this - our fifth dimensional ( and higher) body and form is our higher self or being while our third and fourth dimensional body and form is our lower self. We will always possess our higher self and our lower self to etenrity.

    The higher self will always dwell within the lower self as the turtle lives within its shell so to speak. What i mean is that the inner man is protected and housed by its lower self in a way. So in fifth dimensional life you will be the spiritual man or soul who experiences life as a single Entity and creator God.You can go wherever you please in life and see other beings whenever you please but you have to do so within the third and fourth dimensional representation of yourself as this is where duality is found.

    In Oneness reality, which is your higher self and all realities within fifth density and above, there is only one being and that being is you. To take on illusion you must enter that part of you that receives illusions as their realities in life, and that is third and fourth dimensional life and existence. You have a mind and you have a body and form, and the two cannot share the same space. Just like good and evil cannot chare the same space. They can however appear to share the same space when we each take on our illusions in life in our bodies and forms. So as it goes when you move to fifth dimensional life you will know you are a Creator God but that there are still higher expressions of yourself within the higher dimensions of life, which you cannot presently see or interact with in life at that time. You will always possess a higher self and cannot therefore ever say "I am the Lord Thy God and there is no other God above me."

    So in fifth dimensional life, again, you are One and there are no others around you as you have no division or separation. If you ever wish to interact with third and fourth dimensional human beings you need only descend into one expression of your lower self ( which can be any human you choose as they are all you) and experience life though their eyes; ears; nose; mouth; and hands. Because however you have already done the "Circle of Life" thing i speak of you need not live out a life of any certain period of time again, before you again ascend back into your higher present self. As i do not wish to give you readers too much to think on at this time i will stop here and continue this subject at a later posting. Love and light to all.

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  • The New World Society through universal ascension!


    Quick question Daniel.. After ascension into the fifth dimension, if one chooses to descend back and experience third/fourth dimensional life for a moment, will he/she retain memory of the True Self and nature of the higher dimensions? Or will he/she go again through the process of forgetting and have to therefore ascend all over again?

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    Chris asked about descending back into lower densities. Let me offer my perspective on it.

    I'll use the analogy of school. When you graduate one from the 3rd grade to the 4th (or 3rd to 4th density) you're presented with a new set of lessons to learn so that you can keep progressing. Now if you were in the 8th grade and you decided you wanted to go back to 2nd, would you suddenly become a 2nd grader with 2nd grade knowledge and awareness? Of course not, you can enter the classroom, observe, interact, but you do it from your level of awareness.

    When Ra was among the Egyptians in a non-incarnate form, he/they didn't suddenly lose their connection to infinity, or their knowledge of the inner workings of creation. If they had, do you think the pyramids would have been built at all, not to mention built perfectly?

    Choosing to incarnate into a density may be a slightly different matter, but especially into 3rd density (like the earth we know). The Veil of Forgetfulness does not exist in ALL 3rd densities, but in this system, if not throughout this galactic logos, it's used to present beings the opportunity to choose polarity. But again that's when a soul chooses to incarnate into 3rd, not if they choose to vibrate on the 3rd density frequency.

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    Thanks Ben that sounds right. I've been listening to Bashar pretty much nonstop and much of it parallels with everything I've been learning from the materials that I have been attracted to (for instance Ra) so thank you very much for sharing that with me!

    Another question I have is what are the best things we can do to prepare ourselves for Ascension? I understand that there are a multitude of amazing, healthy spiritual practices and that every life is unique, so I guess I am just asking what are you all doing in your own individual lives to prepare yourself for spiritual awakening and Ascension?

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    Personally I've been letting go of the defenses and masks that I've worn for a long time, just letting the world see who I really am without being afraid of rejection. We all know how most people react when you bring up subjects like conspiracies, ufos, Law of One, etc., but reacting to their reactions in a different way has really allowed me to open up and just BE. More meditating, less worrying, more time outdoors in the sun and moonlight; more of what makes me happy and less and less of those things that try to constrict me and who I am.

    I would say to not worry about "preparing" for the Ascension, because it will come whether you're prepared or not. Live in the moment and seek your inner joy, be yourself. That's what I would offer.

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    I love your last statement. Its true what you say " someone aris laying on bed unable to sleep 4 hours"  whatever this World Order intals I am sure Sleeping is non relavent. We more like i have found myself Always as a child questioning " what happens in Death?? My infatuation with " Death" was painful to live in all those years. Questioing constantly "where or what will happen the day I "die" " My family & friends Never understood my topic of convo as there taking place for these days. The dsay I learned "heaven" it aighnt Real. Hell, this Earth is the hell of our creation. in our minds eye. We created it & Live our lives ticking away while killing it softly.

    Do I agree all are coming with those who are awakened. Negative! Not all will wake from the slimber they prefer to wallow in.

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    We must keep in mind friends that good and evil cannot share the same space. The statement that we can enter this third and fourth dimensional reality while remaining in fifth dimensdional form, existence, or consciousness is wrong where i stand. Those of you who wish to resonate however with these teachings are more than welcome to do so. My higher self tells me something completely different and it certainly resonates with what i have come to understand. Still -- you be your own judge.

    So again, you cannot return to this third and fourth dimensional reality and retain your fifth dimensional wisdom or consciousness at all. When you descend, no matter how you have come to ascend, you still become completely a partaker of this reality and must live according to the understanding of your third density lower self and consciousness. This is why we do not often wish to return to the lower realities once we come to call fifth density ( or the fifth dimension) our home.

    When we descend from a higher plane of existence, from now to etenrity, we must leave our wisdom at the door so to speak. If a fifth dimensional ( or higher) being were ever permitted to descend into the lower realms and retain his or her wisdom, imagine what damage he or she could do to this world and system. When however you have come to know you are one and have always been one, you cannot descend back into a world where you are made up of billions of different human beings with all of them thinking they are separate beings from you.

    If you retained all wisdom would you not wish to tell all of them they are you, as well as the many other truths you have now remembered that you possess in life? Would you not wish to end world hunger; create world peace; give everyone their own home; remove all sickness from the world; remove jails; prisons; hospitals; courthouses; and all the other things that do not fit in a fifth dimensional world?

    Would you not wish to fix this world now that you are a fully conscious creator God? In other words would you not wish to interfere with the ways and systems of this present world, while it is our true purpose to not interfere, but to allow for the free will of all. But then you say you would not interfere because you do possess all knowledge, but would only interact with the other three dimensional beings around you. And then i say to you again that this is not possible as a fifth dimensional being is One - He is God and there is nothing separate from Him - period! God cannot live or exist in a world of duality. And so i say to you all once again, when we descend into our lower realms of existence called third and fourth dimensional existence, we are again our lower selves as this will happen whenever we wish it to happen from now to eternity.

    You are a third and fourth dimensional being when you are in your flesh, and you will be your lower self when you are in fact living within your flesh or lower self, while your higher fifth dimensional self( or higher) is always up there waiting on you to return to your soul group when you are ready or have scheduled your return. This is always worked out before you leave or descend as you are one in your higher dimensions of life and know all things past; present; and future ( not that there actually is a past; present; or future for you any longer).

    In conclusion i would simply say this, Fifth dimensional beings cannot be seen by your eyes ever, as they exist within you. Because they are within you they represent your higher life and come to you when you think of higher things such as unconditional love and light, or service to others. They are your higher thoughts and affections in life, just as spirits from hell are your lower thoughts and affections in life. And so when you reflect on the things of the body and form or the things of the world you are living in your lower self and have no connection whatsoever with your higher self or fifth dimensional beings and higher. When thinking of things having to do with unconditional love; light; wisdom; and knowledge, you are in your higher thoughts and affections and are therefore in your higher self, or your spiritual body and form.

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    So then would you say the closest way for a higher dimensional being to enter the lower densities while retaining the knowledge and wisdom of the higher realms is by channeling through his/her lower self? Is the information you gain from your higher self the result of channeling or some sort of energetic download?

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    I want to bring Ra back into the picture for a moment to again offer the view that higher density beings can vibrate on a 3rd density level without loss of their knowledge, or "powers of the Force."

    So some 10,000+ years ago, Ra and others from 6th density came to Earth in attempt to aid mankind. They were responsible for the various pyramid structures found around the world, most well known to us the Great Pyramid in Egypt. These pyramids were constructed of thought, the rock literally THOUGHT into existence, levitated into place, aligned perfectly with constellations, perfect mathematical alignment within it's own architecture. So perfect that we today cannot even come close to matching that degree of sophistication with our current understanding of architecture and geometry.

    Now had they been limited to purely 3rd density methods, this would not have taken place. Modern mainstream Egyptologists support the idea that trees were use to roll stones hundreds of miles, that bronze tools were used to carve these stones so perfectly that you cannot insert a sheet of paper between them, and then slave works hauled these 20 ton stones up and placed them perfectly.

    Logic has debunked this idea over and over, yet they still cling madly to it. They say the pyramid was built in 20 years. Some have done calculations to show this was impossible, you would need to lay a stone every 2 minutes NON-STOP for 20 years, again keeping in mind that some stones weighed multiple tons.

    The pyramids were built as energy healing centers and initiation centers.

    Ra and the others came sharing their knowledge of Infinity and Oneness in what has become known as The Law of One. Unfortunately after they departed, their message quickly became distorted and the powers of the pyramids were hoarded for the elite. Ra became worshiped as a God, the sun god, due to their golden light bodies.

    Because of the distortions caused by their attempts to aid, they remain active participants in matters concerning our planet, albeit from a much more subtle place of acting.

    So it demonstrates that while it is completely possible for these beings to "descend" or vibrate at a frequency that we can perceive and interact with, it is not always a wise choice to do so. Even beings with the purest intent can still make big waves.

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    I do not like the word channeling as it suggests we could be receiving our information from just about anyone in the spiritual realms. I do not channel and i do not put my faith in channeling but in the message alone, and how it resonates with my own truth in life. When we receive information from our higher selves it is entrusted to us to give this information to those who it will best serve or help in life. Because of this our higher self chooses its subject to give the information to which it believes would be the best one to provide said information, as it would reach the right subjects and the number of souls wished to be reached in the world by our soul group.

    My higher self does not only provide me with information to give to the world as we are all one and your higher self is mine, and visa - versa. My higher self could just as easily use one of you out there to give their messages to the world, and they do so according to ttheir wishes based on the information they possess.

    Still, i must repeat that our higher self can never enter the lower realms for any reason as we could not ever see them because of their accelerated vibration and frequency. When they are with uys we are them and we are in fifth density or higher. Fifth density and higher is our thought state of being, or our mind. Still they possess a body and form in that they are our spiritual body and form from within. Just as our bodies and forms are nothing more than the illusions of our thoughts, so too is a spiritual body and form an illusion of our fifth diemnsional ( and higher) selves.

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    I respect and enjoy your enthusiasm Ben and i am trying to show you that this is not possible - -the things you speak that is. I agree there were great minds at work in creating the pyramids. I also agree that these higher dimensional beings came to mankind and showed him how to build these pyramids and even commensed to building these Great Structures for mankind. The problem here is one similar to that of Sheldan Nidles teachings to us about "First Contact." He teaches that there will be a worldly physical and material contact with all of mankind in the world today when the truth is it will be a spiritual one within our minds. Greater beings will come to the earth ( within our thoughts and affections) as fifth dimensional beings (and higher) are beings who dwell within our material and physical, as well as spiritual minds, and when it is said they come down to us they descend within our minds and thoughts only. They provide us human beings with the wisdom and knowledge to do things, and fix things, and build things in the world. But again these are exceptions and it is a coordinated task taken on by our own soul group in the spiritual realms.

    It is just like us receiving different technologies from other ET races who are not third and fourth dimensional beings either. When we advance in technology and abilities in life we automatically take the credit as we are not yet aware that it is our higher selves in spiritual realms who are only providing us the thoughts to allow us to fix things; change things; or build things in life. We say in our old texts that they came from above because our thoughts are from above - period. When you get a thought liker Benjamine Franklin did and you come to create the light bulb, where do you think that knowledge comes from?

    And because there are also lower thoughts in our minds we are given knowledge from the hells to create things of war and destruction. Still we do not see demons in our room providing us with the words and building materials to build these things. All is done through thoughts from good and evil intentions alone.

    Now you say they used their minds to move and levitate the large stones in order to build the pyramids - and a third and fourth dimensional mind could not indeed do or accomplish this - however - Do you not believe these things can be created in fifth density and lowered or allowed to descend into our realms of exsitence. Just as our higher selves can descend and become third and fourth dimensional so too can things from the higher diemnsions be caused to descend into these lower dimensions. Things are created in our higher dimensions of life and existence and brought to exist in the lower diemnsions of existence. When they descend they become of lower density and no longer possess the essence and being; or body and form of fifth density or higher. You lower the vibration and it becomes a body and form of a lower vibration and world.

    You lower the vibration of a soul or consciousness and it becomes the representation of its lower self. The body and form is our lower self or outer man while the soul and consciousness is of a lower density and vibration and frequency as well. It cannot remain in the higher dimensions where our soul group and higher self exists as its vibration is too low and can no longer be seen by our higher self.

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    I don't normally like to use others words or thoughts as a stand-in for my own, but I think it might be appropriate in this instance:

    Ra: I am Ra. The next attempt was prolonged. It occurred over a period of time. The nexus, or center, of our efforts was a decision upon our parts that there was a sufficient calling to attempt to walk among your peoples as brothers.

    We laid this plan before the Council of Saturn, offering ourselves as service-oriented Wanderers of the type which land directly upon the inner planes without incarnative processes. Thus we emerged, or materialized, in physical-chemical complexes representing as closely as possible our natures, this effort being to appear as brothers and spend a limited amount of time as teachers of the Law of One, for there was an ever-stronger interest in the sun body, and this vibrates in concordance with our particular distortions.

    We discovered that for each word we could utter, there were thirty impressions we gave by our very being, which confused those entities we had come to serve. After a short period we removed ourselves from these entities and spent much time attempting to understand how best to serve those to whom we had offered ourselves in love/light.


    Still, I think you and I are again going to have to agree to disagree for now, as neither is convinced by the other. Not that it matters at all that we convince each other or anyone else! Namaste brother!


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    In this debate I have to side with Ben. I now remember at least several sources talking about higher beings being able to descend to the lower dimensions. Basically, the only way for us to come in to contact is either through us increasing our vibrations to match theirs, or them lowering their vibrations to match ours. Due to the lesson learned from Ra and the other celestial beings that visited us in the past, there has been a quarantine set on Earth preventing these beings from visiting and intervening. That quarantine will be released at the end of 2012 and we will be open for full contact if we are ready for that.

    As for the technology used to levitate the stones, as far as I'm concerned they used some sort of a sacred geometry/sacred acoustics sound vibrational technology to form, shape, and place the stones. This technology was common during the Atlantean period humanity, just before the constructions of the pyramids. Correct me if I'm wrong?

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    Ok , Danile let me get this right .. So when which is not often.. When Im there, I see them Isee them as orbs. They see me too & we sit and mediate 2gthr. I have yet been one with them 4 they are so many.. I think 2 in pticular.. I have found that in this dimenbsion or whatever Im seeing I try not to question & be.. I enjoy the experience for it shows me more happiness & love that already exsists in me.. I wonder is this what your talking about.. Ohh & in respomce to me call you David.. I have called two ppl. here more typted it out David.. I know hes trying to come through but I dont havent assosicated the name to a face like I can with the indian lady, black lady, axe man etc etc. ..
    In refrences to when on the 5th again.. I just question is it a dimension or a planet?? I feel both!!!

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    We're not trying to create sides here, that only leads to illusory separation and antagonism. Only understanding is sought, but we should remember, myself especially, that we're looking at the same thing here, only from different perspectives. Different facets of the same diamond.

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    I have walked away everyday since I got on here I feel just that We are seeing & experiencing the same thing just in different way.. Its awsome to witness the light workers on this sight!! Many in which I speak too are very High in the Cosmos!! I hope I can match or be just as vibrant as they are..

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    Okay, Daniel (or whoever posted it), so now you've got me hooked on reading the Law of One by Ra. Very interesting stuff. In the middle of book one. Two things that strike me. One is the communications between Ra and the questioner. Ra is exercising some extreme patience with the questioner. I would have lost patience a long time ago and gave up answering the seemingly repeated questions. It's a good exercise though to read the questions asked - I think it shows very well the linear thinking humans seem to be stuck in. The questioner continuously wants to know the sequence of things - which Ra has repeatedly stated that time/space is an illusion. The questioner is also constantly asking for the correct practice or exercises one can perform to move to the next dimension. Like he wants an instruction manual to follow and then use to teach to others. And Ra keeps repeating that it's light/love and love/light, and everything is one. How one gets to that realization is individual. I know there's a lot of people who seem to need a regimen to follow. The best analogy I can think of is some of my friends who do certain regimens to stay healthy and in shape. They empathically follow different diets and go to the local L.A. Fittness to follow the instructions of some trainer in an exercise program. These same friends will ask me how I stay healthy and in good shape. Well, I live life and I give my body what it needs when it needs it. I don't go to the gym or follow a certain diet. I just know what I need to do for me. Why is it that people need instructions, in a kneel at the alter and say 53 Hail Mary's and your sins will be forgiven, kind of way?


    Two, the questioner is obviously into UFOology and wants answers to a bunch of those questions, like who's visiting us and why? So Ra's discussion about the Orion Group and the Sirians was interesting. From what I am gathering these inter-galactic groups are mixed among the different densities in the same way that humans are, but still the goal for everyone is to have experiences in order for them to learn the Law of One. I'm a little confused about the two approaches - service to others and service to self. The questioner seems to be asking leading questions about that because it's he who begins to referring to one as positive and the other negative. When early on Ra says they are both approaches to learning the Law of One, and we are all one - the self is not separate from the one - so in my mind there is manufactured duality brewing in this exchange. Maybe someone here can explain the dichotomy between service to others and service to self and why we tend to draw a distinction between the two and call one way negative and the other way positive. Maybe it's not so black and white - there are times when we need to serve others and times when we need to also serve ourselves.

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    Hello everyone it is good to meet with you all once again on this forum. It is time for another post, as we must move on in order to very soon come to actually speak on life within the New World Society, which is truly why i have created this forum or discussion in the first place.

    When we left off in our latest discussion i believe i was speaking of how we are One when living life in our fifth dimensional plane of existence. The reason we are one is because we are now fully conscious beings who have awakened as to who and what we are in life. we have come to know once again that I AM God. There is no longer we or us as these phrases only exist in duality and third and fourth dimensional existence and life. So in our fifth dimensional existence we now have the ability to create instantly and at will. We can go any place we like and do any thing we wish to do, though we are still subject to certain universal laws for the fifth dimensional plane of exsitence.

    You see there are others who represent each of us in even higher dimensions than the fifth anf their limits in lifew are even less than those of fifth density. And the limits are peeled away more and more as we rise in dimensions of life and existence. As far as fifth density however you are still one, just as you are in the higher dimensions.Because you are one at this time you cannot therefore ever see lower dimensional beings as this would cause you to become a being of duality once again. This would cause you to believe you are no longer one but that you are many as everyone in your third dimensional world is you. You would know you are one if the three dimensional human knows these things, but you would not at this time see or experience yourself as one like you do when you are in fifth density.

    Again if you now know you are God but do not yet see or experience yourself as God or as One then you are still in third density life with fifth density understanding and beliefs. In other words you knmow you are God and that you are One but you are not at the present experiencing this as you are in third density. When you move to fifth density you will therefore know you are in fifth density if you have this understanding, as your mind will show you these things are happening to you. In other words if you are alone and no one is around you at all then you are in fifth density and if you have the abilities of God then you may be in an even higher dimension or relam of existence - depending on your creation abilities.

    If you do realise you are in a higher plane of existence, based on your creation abilities and wish to share certain things with third and fourth dimensional beings you must first descend in your thoughts and therefore descend in your existence in order to again enter third dimensional life and exsitence. When you again enter third dimensional life and existence you will forget everything you knew previously when you were in a higher dimensional plane of existence as this wisdom cannot be retained when residing in a lower realm of existence. It is much like when you are dreaming and when you awaken after a wonderful dream you forget everything about that dream, as your dreams came from a higher plane of existence.

    So how can a being from a higher plane of existence, such as those who help us create or invent certain wonderful and helpful things in life, for the advancement of human beings (and not to harm or hinder them) help third dimensional human being to do these things if the wisdom of higher realms cannot be braught down here and given directly to us by them? Simple! "Whatever is bound on earth is bound in heaven,"( heaven being our higher realms of existence). In other words when an angel or higher dimensional being creates something in their realms of existence there is always a corresponding creation at the third and fourth dimensional plane of existence as well. This is proven in your Holy bibles( for those familiar with the bible) for those who hear what the spirit has to say.

    So if a certain form of light or energy or object is created in lets say the fifth dimension, the same thing is created through a third dimensional mind in third density, only it is a correspondense or lower creation of the same thing. We have certain technologies in our plane of existence that are far greater representations or creations of the same thing in every higher realm or dimensional plane of existence. What exists or is created at this third and fourth dimensional level of existence will also exist and be created in every other level or plane of existence only it will exist there according to its correspondence and will be based on the essence and lives of those who exist at that level or plane of existence.

    So if i wish to create a pyramid in third and fourth density, or life, the object or thought that is an exact correspondence to this in all higher planes or levels of existence will be created as well. Where it may be an object here it can be a thought, color, sound, smell action, affection, feeling, taste or any other thought or affection ever to exist in life. These are what are called correspondences, and these things exist at every level and plane of existence as correspondences.

    So be careful ( once you come to know and understand these revelations) as to what you think; speak; or ask for in life, as these things are actually being created every time you think; speak or act in life. What you create below is also created above in every other heavenly realm even though it is a correspondence and not actually identical each time. As we move higher into other dimensionas of life we will come to understand correspondences more and more, and will eventually come to know every one in life. Another thing i will add is that where we think we are doing the creating down here in the lower realms each time this is not the case. Creation exists as well at every level of existence. So if a higher dimensional being wishes to share one of their creations wityh a lower dimensional being or world that soul can do so by creating what they understand to be the corresponding object ; thought; or affection of the thing they wish to give maybe as a gift to a lower world or being. And again this works still, in many different ways as well because of all the timelines that exist in life for each of us. Where a gift from a being of a higher dimension of existence may be intended for our world it is used for good in some timelines, and evil or bad purposes in others. Still, in the end it is truly possible for higher dimensional beings to give us gifts in life and provide us certain wisdom , but the timelines still in the end keep a certain universal order based on the ruling loves of each and every soul in each and every timeline in life or each "Circle of Life."

    And so ends the post for today. I send out much unconditional love and light to all who read these words. Namaste!

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    Hello again to all who read these words today. It is time for a new post as i am getting closer and closer to our main subject of the New World Society. In our last few posts we spoke of the fifth dimensional reality we are all moving toward - though we are all experiencing this reality during our day from time to time even now. I would therefore at this time speak a bit on how we are moving form third and fourth density and into fifth density as this will become our homes for a time. Iwill not say it will remain our permanent home to eternity as our home is where we spend most of our time on average.

    The New World Society i speak of here in this forum is a place we call home in fifth density alone. It is not third or fourth density as these densities are lower realms of our existence. In the New World Society we are only one and there are no others around us as we now know that our society and world exists within us; or me; or I ( the me being each one of us as a single personm or soul). You are now one and you can do and live now as you please in life without intruding on the free will of anyone ever again, as everyone is now you. Because you live in the higher densities now (as you can move to sixth density and higher anytime as well based on your thoughts and understanding at any given time) you now know that your lower self is in third and fourth density and you can return there any time you please. However there is this matter about why ? Why would you ever wish to return to third and fourth density life, given the fact that you are now a single soul and you can create anything you wish as a moments notice?.

    The reason now is because you can now return to your oneness whenever and as often as you please. The reason is because you can experience material and physicasl things from a human perspective once again as a soul likes to see once in a great while how the human race is getting along. While in the higher dimensions a soul has no clue as to what is takinbg place in the lwoer densities or dimensions as this is never permitted on average.

    And so a higher soul likes to visit the human race or the lower realms of existence from time to time in order to experience lower life, based on how it has evolved to that point. And this soul who resides in fifth density and higher can return to its home in the higher realms any time it wishes in life. As i have said before however when a higher density being descends into lower density it loses all wisdom it possessed in the higher realms as that wisdom is still up there in the higher realms with that soul group. Now because that higher density beings "ruling love in life," is actually of the higher realms ( meaning it loves a life based on unconditional love and free will to all), it will wish after a long or short while to return to its home in the higher diemnsions as it will very much feel out of place and not like what it sees in the lower realms, even though they may have evolved much farther than in the past in the lower realms. For some souls it takes a long time to realise this and return home while with others it may take only hours.

    But a soul is not a humqan being and souls go in and out of all human beings all the time. Some for hours; some for days; some for weeks and months; and some for hundreds of years. You could return to fifth density and higher right now if your thoughts; affections; and ruling love in life were of those vibrations. We have not known this for the most part because like attracts like in life, and many of us on this planet are very similar. Still there are very many different souls in our world and life today as we draw so many different souls in our lives based on our service to self in this world and those who are in service to others as well. We have heavenly societies in the world and we have dark and evil societies from the hells. Still these societies are not human beings as they simply possess human beings.

    And so a soul or many souls can leave your human body or mind at any given point in time and return to fifth density and higher and would not for the most part be missed as we are living in an evil and dark world that is more bent toward service to self than service to others - as i have just stated. However it is not often a soul from hell will leave the human as souls from the lower realms are happy here in this world and society.

    Right now the world society we live in and according to is about to end as it cannot be sustained much longer, and a New World Society will take it's place. Still the human being will remain in third and fourth dimensional reality, while the mind and thoughts will be in fifth density and higher. Because the mind is the inner man or spiritual man it will no longer think in life based on principles of duality but as all souls being one and therefore each soul will now see himself or herself as one and will therefore be an androgenous being of male and female nature in life.

    And so the more our vibrations rise in this world or life the more we come to take on as much wisdom as we each seek in life, which causes each of us to become truly who we are and have always been. If you are an evil soul from hell, your abundance of energy will cause you to become as evil as you wish in life , in which case you will all be seen for who you truly are and can no longer hide your affections or actions in life. And if you are a good soul ( or i could also in most cases say "an old soul") you will also be seen for who you are in life and you will be the souls who will create the New World Society in the world, we are even now living in.

    Still i must state that there are actually no truly evil souls in life but only newly born souls who are ignorant of right and wrong; good and evil; service to self and sefvice to others; and Oneness or the "Law of One." All souls are actually good and loving and are innocent, as they are all from heaven. How else could it be said " No one can go into heaven lest he first came from heaven - even the Son of Man." Are we not all Sons of Man? How else could we all eventually go to heaven if we were not, according to the statement in your bibles ( if you follow the bible of course).

    And so in our new world society we are even now in the process of creating we are all the same soul. You are me and i am you, or, I AM that I AM. You will depend on no one else in life and no one else will ever again depend on you. They will all live their lives in lower density or existence and you will live yours in the higher planes of existence where your new home is now to be found. For "they," are those who think they live in duality in life and that they are not One. "They," are all of those souls who are still not quite ready for higher existence and therefore do not know what the
    'Law of One' even is. And so you have the you that knows it is one and you have all the you's that do not and are of lower dimensions. You have your New World Society and they have their world of duality where there are many, many souls in the world around them.

    I will leave off here for now, but i wish to continue where i left off here when i return as we are now getting into the good stuff.

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  • The New World Society through universal ascension!



    This is what I was looking for, just started reading your posts, wow, cool,Im getting it together, Thank You.

    March 10th, 2011: Divine Timing, Divine Impulses, Gained Divine Knowledge, The Same as Others are Sharing, And Some Stuff, It Seems Is Not Common Knowledge. Touch of The Archangel Gabriel! I call it “Angel Vision” , My eyes see the TRUTH everywhere. A few Weeks Later I Came To Understand That This Is As Natural As Breathing, Every Human Being Has This Programmed In There DNA(? My guess). Just Need To Meet The Right Conditions. Received Visions For 10 Days. (Desired Possible Futures and Paths To Achieve Them; From The Intellect Of An Archangel (very exciting stuff). And Finally, After I Discovered That Archangel Gabriel, Discovered After Days Of Matching Visions With Ancient History And Mythology, I Just Stumble Upon Things I Need Now. One Vision I Saw How The Archangel Recruited Humans As For Her Army, She Would Ask A Person If They Will Serve In Her (Army? Or the Like) Of There Own Free Will, And Of Your Free Will, Die In My Service If Necessary, Your Soul Will

    Be Safe. Then She Gives The Person Her Blessing (Like “Angle Vision”) but I Think It Was Something Stronger, I Think Mental Communication So Every One Can Act At The Right Time And “Switch Paths” If Necessary. Her Tactics Were To Cause Bad Things To Happen To Her Enemies. Very Few Of Her Followers Died. She Loves Human Beings Sooooooo Much. She And Several Other Archangels Intend To Manifest Here For The Sole Purpose Of Removing (The Fallen Angels, I Was Not Shown The Nature Of Her Enemies) Something Evil That Has Been Corrupting Human Souls Many Centuries. She Likes To Burn Things, And Is Going To Begin With Evil In Mexico And South America, She Will Destroy all soulless and corrupted minions In Her Path Until The Objective Is Completed. Oh I With Out Hesitation , Of My Own Free Will , Volunteered To Serve Her. That’s My Honor! I Was About To Die Of Misery of Hopelessness Anyway.


    This is what I was looking for, just started reading your posts, wow, cool,Im getting it together, Thank You.

    March 10th, 2011: Divine Timeing, Divine Impulses, Gained Divine Knowledge, The Same as Others are Shareing, An Some Stuff It Seems Is Not Common Knowledge. Tout

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  • The New World Society through universal ascension!


    Hmm , Half Way Through, Dude , What are you? I think I would like to meet you, maby hang out, and hear things in the 3rd dimension. Do you like Jethro Tull, it seema right as I think about your, teachings, It seems logical that your intent is to teach. Any way, I have Been able to see the truth in every thing and this reality you are revealing is no different from what I try to share with my mom and sister and friends about ascension, and all the 2012 stuff. There minds can not conceive what I’m telling them could be Truth. They think something is wrong with me, But I have been spiritually sound since I was a boy and learned that the peace of the woods and visitation of animals, that is my church. So your response to my Awakening, and expanded thought and , God, Jesus, Angels and Aliens, I created all that , yet is it still not true, My mom thinks I’m a scitso, except all my experiences appeared in my audio or visual halusations, Did you know if ya stay awake long enough , you can “trip out”. I have heard about a 5th dimension from my African American Buddhist Thi Kwan Do instructor, Concepts like that pass in and out of my mind with no further thought because I cant use it,.

    But Now…. I actually conceived the existence of this 5th dimension as a truth.
    Are there any rules among the One Gods about sharing this kind of thinking?

    This knowledge you share rings of truth to me , but would still remain as unusable, and get tucked away for future examination. But now duo dimensional existence would be attractive to me, The Question is How is it attained.

    Ill post some questions now for my use, they may be answered by me, if not I want you to answer them.
    Who are You?
    How did you learn this?
    Are you sure of all the details you speak of are correct?
    Have you experienced Dimensional shifts?
    Can you train someone to and/or create favorable conditions for “ascension” and …dissension?
    Did you know an eagle moved into a tree on my land?
    Is this education a riddle?
    Can you explain this knowledge in a story form?
    What is the true purpose of the Koran?
    I’m starting to look At the Koran because I think Ill be able to see the truth. tThat idea just popped into my head.

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  • The New World Society through universal ascension!


    Hello everyone it is good to be with you again. It is time for a new Post today. When we left offf we were speaking of the New World Society and how there will be those who now realise they are one and there will be those who still believe they are many, or more than one. In this New Word Society we will all actually be One being and will have a whole world and universe to interact with. Still if you choose to interact with others you must first enter your lower realms of duality. This will always be permitted as you will now realise you are God. You are the One God and you need only answer to your higher self from now on, as we will all still have a higher self no matter what dimensional plane we live in or on to eternity.

    You are now a free spirit so to speak and can go and do as you please in life. Because you now know you are the only One being or soul that truly exists you are no longer weighed down with the worries that came with your three dimensional life of before. You know all of the worlds and universes you have crestaed in your apparent past still exist and are being played out as life for all the created souls within your being or spiritual societies. As long as you are in your Oneness you know you have pleasure in your created heavens and you have sadness and loss in your hells. But because both must continue to exist to eternity there must be suffering based on your creations in the apparent past. You do not reallly possess a past as all time is in the now or present for you, but all of your created beings or humans believe in the past and future and are even living the past and future as we speak.

    As i was saying however while you are living as One you need not concern yourself with the suffering as there is nothing you can do to change the worlds and universes you created because they must be permitted the free will in life to do and learn at their own pace or their own choosing in life. You cannot live the life for your creations once you have already lived those lives and have now moved on. They have been given life by you creating their world and they must now continue that life through their continueing the "Cirlce of Life" you created for them. They do not suffer because you created them but they suffer because of their own choices from this point of your ascension on. For everyone in life reaps what they sow, and no single soul will ever come to suffer for your past choices in their world or universe. They may see it as suffering in their eyes but what it all really is will be their lessons in life they must all learn before they can one day come to join you in Oneness once again.

    So you see while you have ascended ( which is gradually happening for all of us even as we speak) you are gradually coming to live a life in Oneness, and are putting away the concerns of the material and physical world. I realise you still have your attachments to this present world but they are fading away gradually. In your new life within the New World Society you will not be weighed down by your material and physical body and form but will now possess a spiritual body and form, which dwells within the material and physical body and form. You will no longer be weighed down by fleah and will no longer be limited by time and space. You will be able to go where your human body or material and physical body cannot go.

    You have created many worlds and many universes and you have access to them all within the spiritual realms of all of these creations of yours. You cannot however go beyond these creations of yours within the spiritual realms, because no others exist to you yet, as you are still creating and will continue to do so to eternity. It is true you are God but you are the finite God that has separated yourself from the Infinite God when you chose to move into fantasy and sleep and illusion. Sill, just because you are finite does not mean you do not have access to all that the Infinite being or God possesses, as you truly do. You simply need to create everything you wish in life from what you remember since your separation from the Infinite God and being.

    In your New World Society you can now create worlds and universes while at the same time you can remain separate from these worlds and universes and watch from above ( so to speak). Why? Because you are constantly creating newly born souls within your spiritual society and they go doen into the lower realms of existence and live life for you now while you remain above and watch. It is true that they may see certain things in life as bad or loss but you now know better and do not have to suffer because of your creations. In other words because you are now fully conscious you therefore know that "All things work together for the good to those who love the Lord thy God, and are called to His purpose." You also know that everyone in fact loves the Lord thy God and everyone is also called to His purpose in one dimension or another. Therefore all things work together for the good to all souls, and not just some.

    And so you are living life as One being now, and know that you are in control and everything you design in your newly created worlds and universes will be for the good of all, just as your higher self created all the past worlds and universes for the good of all as well, but you didn't know it yet. Now that you are about to move to your higher realms of existence you too will know these things. And again, all worlds and universes continue to exist to eternity past; present; and future. Every world and universe you ever created will continue to grow in wisdom and maturity to etenrity with new human beings possesses by newly created souls. All the past worlds and universes, which are still going on in time will continue to be repeated in time to eternity as well. Every life you ever lived no matter how ignorant or unlearned you were is being played out over and over again so that every newly created soul can begin their existence in that realm of life and move on to many other lives to eternity and one day come to awaken and be aware just as we are all doing even at this day.

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  • The New World Society through universal ascension!


    Sorry for the quick cutting off of my post - i will pick it up again very shortly. Love and Light to all.

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  • The New World Society through universal ascension!


    Hello again everyone - I have come to you again with even more good news about the New World Society. Okat - now that i have explained much about how we will each come to be in the New World Society, i will say more on what exactly the New World Society is. The New World Society is a new world and system of doing things in life for everyone who now exists on this planet we call earth, and includes all others from different worlds and star systems everywhere. In facy the New World Society includes everyone within this present "Circle of Life."

    In this new Society you will have cities and states very similar to the ones we find on the present world we live in today. There will be library's and schools for teaching the children as well as the grownups. There will be technology as well but it will far surpass that of this present world and system in that there will no longer be a need for the combustion engine. There will be no need for cars; buses; trains; airplanes; jets of any kind,and any other form of transportation as we will now know that space is an illusion and can therefore be traveled over very long distances by our thoughts alone. And so all forms of transportation of the past will be nothing more than collectables for show.

    In this new world society there will no longer be any form of crime as no one will ever have the want or need to steal in society. There will be no violence as this too will be a thing of the past. Unconditional love and free will to all will be taught in all the schools in society and will be practiced everywhere in the public place as well as within our homes. There will be no forms of punishment in society as this serves no purpose in our New World Society. There will only be rehabilitation for those who have mental disabilities in life and society. This however will be a rare occasion at first, and will gradually no longer be seen or heard of in our cities and states.

    There will be no death as everyone will now know that death was always an illusion in our past lives. Sickness will all but have been done away with and what ones are left to be found will soon be banished from our New World Society. People will still wear clothes as everyone will still enjoy dressing up, and it hurts no one in life whatso ever for people to wear clothes. It is true that nakedness is for the innocent in life, but we must remember that this world will still possess its own hells. This too however will be kept under control as in fifth density we have an even higher self to watch over us and keep order in society. We will indeed still possess our own hells in life but they will be much wiser simply because our heavens are much wiser. And yes, we are still guided in life by our thoughts and our thoughts come from the spirits and angels who live within each of us in life.

    And so there will be no crime and no punishment in societies. There will be no nakedness as some might imagine to find in this new world of ours. Of course the children may sometimes be seen running naked as in times past, simply because we will no longer have those in society who believe this is a bad or improper thing for the children. There will be no child molesters or perverts in society and this is nothing more than a mental shortfall, and these shortfalls will no longer be found in all of society.

    As i am sure many of you have heard that in fifth density we will not need to eat, this too is not the case. We will have a fifth density material and physical body and form and a spiritual body and form - It is our spiritual body and form that will not require eating in life. We as fifth dimensional material and physical beings will most certainly enjoy eating still, and we will have many myriads of other tastes to choose from in life; and that goes for drink as well as food. Still however we will no longer take anything from the planet as all plants and trees and minerals will be alive and will interact with us now. Colors will be so plentiful that we will see all things in life in a much more colorful manner and in a greater variety of colors. Music will be angelic like we have never heard it before and it will reflect peace and joy and calmness in life and not what some may see as craziness or nerve wracking tunes. Remember this is a world that will be one more step closer to becoming passive and calm in nature, not brutal and violent and loud.

    Still we will all have the free will to go and do as we each please in life and this may allow sometimes for those who are borderline third dimensional and fifth dimensional beings in society. For all are welcome but not all can live life within fifth dimensional society. Some will raise their vibrations to this level and will reside there for a short time, but they will be recognised very quickly and will be escorted to safety, as all cities and states will have a city of refuge for those who fit in this category. They will remain there until they are either rehabilitated or until they each choose to re - enter their third dimensional society. I will speak on this subject at a later date.

    In our new home within the New World Society it will be a spring like temperature all year long, as the temperatures will not fluctuate as they do in our present world , and this happens because our control of things in our world is ramped. In our New World Society we will possess much better control of our creations, and will be aware of all of our creations in society. I must end for now, but i will return before too long to continue on this present subject. Love and Light to all who read these words.


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