The New World Society!

02/10/2013 14:14

The New World Society!!!



We come to you again dear ones with a message from your higher planes of existence. As the hour is growing nearer and nearer with each passing hour and day, according to your time dear ones, we feel the need to provide you with a layout of one world system that is in the works at this time, based on the thoughts and affections found in our spiritual society and soul group. It is not the only choice for a new world and society by far, but it is one that will certainly be filled with all the wishes and expectations of the masses who are awakening in your world today.

It is a society within which cannot ever again be found punishment; one person ruling over another; prejudice; greed; murder; the death penalty; or families putting their careers and lifelong dreams ahead of those of their children. In this world and society we are about to speak to you about dear ones you will find constant peace; happiness; and security in life, for all of its citizens. You will notice that there will be the upper and the lower of societies and all will live among one another in equality of life. For just as it will be above in the upper societies of this world and system so too will it be lived and provided for in the lower societies as well. And so we begin with our plan and layout of the New World Society. It is a world that is about to be seen by all of you in the coming hours and days even.


In this society of ours, this new society of ours, there will be government but the government will never be run by those who see themselves above other people or citizens of the societies within the entire world. The government will be the people alone, and there will be no terms of office as there will be no office to speak of. There will be elders within the different societies of people in our world, and these elders will be there to offer guidance and advice to the people and never to rule; punish or judge another citizen in society. Will we of the society of Emmanuel be among the Elders? Yes – in some cases! Why? Because it is we who make up this (spiritual) society we speak of, and this society has its members in the higher levels of wisdom and maturity (fifth dneisty) and it has its lower energy citizens (third dneisty) who do not wish to be bothered with the details of the society just yet, and would rather be guided and receive their advice and needs in life from those they love and trust in the mean while. There will however be those humans who do not trust at first- and they will have to be provided for equally until they too have awakened to a higher level of energy and consciousness.

Again we say dear ones that no one in our society will force their advice and guidance on the citizens but the masses will form together in assemblies from time to time ( based on the suggested frequency of the citizens) and recognize the elders by their past wisdom in earlier meetings. There will be no set elders in society however, as the list and those recognized for their wisdom can change from one day to the next based on the wishes and opinions of those in society. There is no limit to the number of societies that will be found throughout the world- as each society will be known for the people that make up that society and their affections and ruling loves in life (beliefs). For it is a truth that all citizens of the New World Society (fifth dneisty earth) will have come to seek a new way of life in unconditional love to their neighbors; service to others first instead of service to self; as well as the recognition of free will to all citizens of society, no matter what society they live in. Therefore all citizens will possess a certain level of wisdom already that will often be acceptable to all in society at one point of another.

So you see dear ones society will be run by the people, but those people who run society will do so in a way that does not infringe on the free will of all or any in society. There will be no laws that pertain to the masses but only guidance and suggestions for all to live by in society.  If a single person or soul is different than all others (pertains to our third dneisty societies) then that one person will not be singled out as bad or wrong. That person can either be provided rehabilitation if he or she believes they need it (according to their free will choosing), or they can choose to live life among those who are most similar to themselves, if they so choose to do so. If a person or soul cannot cope in any one society and must be separated, a proper and agreeable place will be provided them separate from society for as long as they so choose to live in this manner and they will be provided all things in life to give them happiness of life. Why? Because all citizens of the New World Society (higher and lower energies) will have the free will in life to live exactly as they please, even if a new city needs to be built for them.

Everything you find in our present world today may or may not be found in the New World Society, depending on how low you travel down in societies of our new world Society., but the lower will be provided for by the upper societies ( when they want their help) but cannot be protected by the upper societies because of the laws of attraction, and the upper societies will need no help or protection, as the higher you travel up in societies within the New World Society the more unconditional love is felt and lived, and there is therefore no fear with any and all citizens in the upper societies there.  It is also a truth that the New world Society will span the globe, or world, or planet, just as is the case with every human being in your present world at this day making up a society. Still, again, there will be things not found in the New World Society that are in fact present in your present world at this day. This is because we will represent the new system (fifth dneisty) while some will still remain in the old system (free will) for a time.

As we have stated, and will state once again, there will be no punishment of any kind. There will be no violence and no murder – no war but perfect peace in our new world and system. There will be no theft. There will be nothing a person or soul in society wants or needs that he or she will not be provided with in life – based on his or her energy levels or vibration. Each of you will also be limited in life to receiving and creating those things you know to be a possibility- based once again on your levels of energy or vibration. It is true however that some souls or people cannot be trusted with certain responsibilities in life, in which case they cannot hold certain offices in society that citizens may wish to hold from time to time. These offices we speak of are not of any type of leadership or ruling over the people but offices of service to the people. It is also true that certain citizens cannot be provided the things in life sometimes that they feel they need, or may even want, as society will always be lived and based on what is always for the good of all citizens of society.

There will be those in society still, which are and will be similar to those in your societies today in your present world. There will be those of lower maturity levels and less wisdom than others found within our New World Society. Still they will remain in third dneisty vibrations and reality until each person is ready personally to awaken and raise their consciousness levels so as to join the rest of society within and upon fifth dneisty earth. No two souls are completely alike in all of creation. Did you think that once all souls ascended that all would be of the same intelligence, being at the same levels of wisdom in life? Did you think dear ones that it is intelligence that causes you to awaken and ascend? Of course you didn’t! And we are here to tell you dear ones that there will be all kinds of souls at every different level of wisdom; knowledge; and understanding in life throughout the New World Society.

And so we would wish you all to understand that the Elders of this New World Society will of course be chosen at all times from those in the higher societies as this is where those who wish to protect and provide for the good of the whole will be found. We will not be electing offices of government but instead Elders to guide and offer advice to all citizens of society who seek the guidance of the Elders. Again there will be citizens in most all cases, who will not wish to guide or provide advice to the citizens simply because they do not want to, and that mindset is in line with those who do not yet live their lives in service to others, but in many cases are still living lives in service to self. And we see nothing wrong with this as all will do as they wish in life within our New World Society.

Again the lower societies will have their way of life and their levels of wisdom; knowledge; and understanding, and the upper societies will each have theirs. Those who wish to guide and protect wish to do so because of the level of life they have come to accept in life at this day in time. So when the Universal Ascension happens in your world dear ones do not think that only the souls, who have come to live life in unconditional love and light, and in service to others, will be the only ones to come to enter the New World Society.  There will be a makeup of all different types of souls entering Our New World Society, as we are all family and have always been family.

So who will remain behind dear ones? No one! All will not ascend into fifth density life here on fifth dneisty earth, and they should not in the first place if this is not the life they wish to live ----- yet! Should they be punished for not wanting to move on in ascension to fifth dimensional life? Should they be punished because they - as Gods Children - have been misguided and deceived for thousands of years, by those who have taught them to live life in service to self all the time? No dear ones! Every soul in life is right where they are supposed to be and have lived out their life’s plan just as we in the higher realms of existence planned it out for them. They don’t know what we have done in their place, as we are their higher representations of themselves, and it is we who know what truth is in their life, not them.

We of course dear ones are speaking of those in life who are still living life in service to self because they are not aware that any other options exist for them to take or choose in life at this day. So again dear ones when two are out standing in the field one will indeed be taken and the other left, but the field still exists within the same “Circle of Life,” the same world and planet called earth. We will all still remain different representations of the same human; world; universe; solar system; and Galaxy. It is just that everyone will move up a notch in consciousness and will all become members of a new society that has been created by the Elders of society who love all souls within all of our Macrocosm that is our human being and our world and universe.

You cannot just move up and down, in and out within the realms of the Grand Man or Macrocosm as this would cause chaos and confusion within the masses of the lower societies of this Grand Man and Macrocosm, which is why it is done in a type of order, by causing all to sleep who live in the lower realms of our New World Society at the time of the change. Those in the higher realms do not sleep but simply change while remaining here to guide the others home to their new life in the New World Society. So you can now understand when it was said in your bibles, “I tell you a secret, we will not all sleep but we will all be changed in a moment in the twinkling of an eye.” So we will all indeed change, but we no longer have to sleep if we are within the higher realms as we have already slept and are awake and aware in the New World Society.

We will speak more on the New World Society as others awaken and become curious dear ones, as this is our new home we are “all” about to move into at this day in time. Where is this New World Society? It is within you and within the inner earth which is you. Within this human body and form you see as you at this day in time you will come to know in the days ahead as the New World Society. You will come to understand that every human life or soul you have ever seen and created from the moment of your being created as a soul is in fact you, and they will always be a part of you to eternity. When you appear to leave this world dear ones you go no where but simply take on another level of consciousness( fifth dneisty) and your lower third dneisty consciousness becomes your outer human and self that is more dense and of lower energies and vibrations now. 

You may or may not be headed to fifth dimensional life tomorrow or the next day dear ones - depending on whether you chose that life or not at this day, but all other souls in this present world of yours will still go with you to your new life, and will take their place in the loving Grand Man (or woman) that you will become. You will retain your heavens in every detail and affection and you will retain your hells in every detail and affection, which is why all souls must leave here very soon and go with you to your new life in the place we have come to call the New World Society. If you go to fifth dneisty earth they all go with you- but if you do not go yet- because you do not choose to yet- then they all stay in third dneisty with you- as your other selves. So until you come to understand fifth dneisty reality and consciousness everyone around you will still ”appear” to be third dneisty.

In ending we tell you that you all actually live on fifth dneisty planet earth now- but many of you are not aware of this yet- and will not be aware of it until it if your own personal time to become aware through your awakening to the higher levels of consciousness. When you do awaken ( and everyone is soon to awaken simply because their evolution at third dneisty levels of consciousness is complete) you will know it because you will not wish for there to be a monetary system in your world anymore (and there will not be) – you will not wish ( nor create any longer) war or the presence of weapons of war, but perfect peace- you will not need technologies at any level because you will understand that technologies are a lower dneisty expression of instantaneous creation, which we will all soon possess upon our new fifth dneisty planet earth. You will no longer want or have governments anywhere in your new world; reality; and system because set order to society- rules- regulations- and laws will no longer be a part of our new fifth dneisty system and planet.

You will no longer know of fear- negativity- or doubt as all things will be possible – and                             can be created -within our new world and system. There will be no more punishment and therefore no jails; no police- no judges- no lawyers- no prisons and so on. Every human being will be responsible for themselves now (and I mean now as we are already living on fifth dneisty earth). Our consciousness is changing dear ones and we are changing therefore mentally and physically as our consciousness is what creates our world; reality; and system always.

Those who have already awakened are even now living this reality in its beginning stages and already know what is to come and are simply living in the now knowing that everything is being manifested as we speak. Then you have those who believe the reality we speak of can one day come but don’t know how yet- and then you have those who are still in doubt completely that such a reality is even possible - but that will all soon change.

Those who are still in doubt will remain this way until they have gotten to the point (by watching us live that life we speak of in fifth dneisty) of actually believing such a world; reality; and system is possible- and then they will begin creating that reality for themselves as the energy levels are already here on earth to provide the necessary creating abilities everyone needs now to manifest that new fifth dneisty earth they will all eventually come to create. Until then those of us who have awakened are manifesting that reality which all will come to agree on very soon simply because we will all be One once again within fifth dneisty consciousness on planet earth.

The wheels are rolling friends- can you see them turning?  



We send out unconditional love and light to you all dear ones, and we ask that you reflect this love and light throughout your present world as well, as they need it as much as we all do in the Grand scheme of things dear ones.


We are?  And we love you as you are we and we are you!