The New World - part 2

02/16/2013 12:34

The New World – part 2



The Sub CVAC will be the main message in this post----


In my last post I basically laid out the new world I have created and now proceed to manifest in my present fifth dneisty world- here on fifth dneisty planet earth today- as we are in transition toward this new world; society; and system even as we speak. I spoke of how I understand the CVAC’s to work for our new digital system of fifth dneisty but I believe a bit more explaining is in order for those who do not quite get it yet. As there are many human souls out there today who have not begun their awakening quite yet- but are soon to do so – this message is more for your ears friends.

Now once the CVAC’s are drawn from for each “fifth dneisty human being,” as only the energy levels of the fifth dneisty human will be capable of drawing form these CVAC’s as this is how they are hoarded within the higher levels of vibration and consciousness so as not to offend- harm- or cause loss to other human being’s who do not yet understand their purpose in our world. And their purpose is to provide to those who seek the good of the one or whole- and have no personal interest in benefitting themselves n life over and above any other human being. In other words their goal will be toward the good of the one or whole every now moment of their being connected with these CVAC’s. But the CVACS cannot be offered or provided to third dneisty human beings whose energy and vibrations are not of a level acceptable or equal to that of the CVAC’s.

Therefore it will be those who within every now moment are in fifth dneisty levels of energy; vibration; and frequencies that will in fact draw from these CVAC’s, and will then proceed to create what is known presently as a Sub - CVAC. At the same time no one that does not maintain fifth dneisty levels of vibration and energies can continue to use the CVAC’s toward their goals in life as this is a universal law and it cannot be broken by those who wish to break them for their own personal reasons in life. This universal law is to protect everyone in our world today (the new earth) from harm or loss of any kind from a person who has been given access to the CVAC’s. At the same time no one who is of third dneisty ( many are at this time however transitioning to fifth dneisty) can have access  and continue to have access to the Sub - CVAC’s if it is found that they are abusing the new system that has been put there to provide them the necessities of life today as well as a fair amount of lead way so as to provide for certain of their wants in life as well  - so as to again provide much happiness for third dneisty humans while they are transitioning from third density to fifth dneisty at this day.

Basically the only difference between CVAC’s and Sub CVAC’s is that energy levels are what separate the human from the CVACS while it is fifth dneisty humans who are responsible for the accounting and keeping track of- as well as the disbursement of the Sub – CVAC’s.

So in the process of transition and our guiding other third dneisty humans into fifth dneisty earth energies we are in fact our neighbors guides and our brothers keeper. Your neighbors are other representatives of you- and if you do not carry out what uses in life you agreed to long ago then your energy levels will not be maintained and you too will remain in third dneisty levels of energy and vibration. In other words you agreed to come here and be a guide for all those human beings who were not yet awake at the time of your awakening- so as to help, and do your part in guiding as many of them as possible into their new life and fifth dneisty planet earth. And there is a certain number of awakened human at this day here on fifth dneisty earth that are in fact acting as guides- and more and more are awakening every moment of every day so as to act as guides as well. Therefore fifth dneisty earth is being manifested in the eyes of more and more humans as each now moment passes by.

So the purpose of the Sub CVAC (and this is my creation at the moment until others come on board with me- or they move off in another direction- in which case I would have to deviate my creation and plan accordingly so as to be in unity and harmony with the One or the whole when all is said and done, and our new fifth dneisty earth is set in stone (so to speak) is to provide for each and every human being today who comes on board with our new world plan- and wishes or asks for our help in providing their wants and needs in life until they have completely made the transition from third density to fifth dneisty earth and energies. For it is a truth and known reality for every fifth dneisty human- that we cannot force our beliefs or traditions in life on other human being’s as we are all truly One - and because of this every human being in our minds eye is free to do and choose in life as he or she pleases- and is therefore now responsible for themselves and no one else. Therefore we can only provide help or assistance in life to those who ask freely for that help and assistance. And in most all cases the only ones who will believe our new system is even a reality at this day are those third dneisty humans who are in fact in transition in their awakening and are in the process of moving into or onto fifth dneisty earth.

Therefore Sub –CVAC’s are not for third dneisty humans but for third dneisty humans who have finally begun their awakening and are in fact living on fifth dneisty earth part of their daily life while returning to third dneisty earth on and off through out their day. And as they awaken more and more in life they will be residing on fifth dneisty earth more and more- until finally fifth dneisty earth will be their new home and reality – and third dneisty self will become their new lower self or human. You see the Cabal (the old world rulers) is not going anywhere friends but they are more and more all the time fading into the background and becoming our new lower energies in life that are only seen and recognized now in our lives when we choose to lower our energy levels so as to once again help guide another third dneisty human being into their new fifth dneisty energies and onto their new fifth dneisty earth. In other words the Cabal represents the old system that everyone is now waking up and recognizing as no longer being that system and reality they want in life.

When the CVAC’s and Sub CVAC’s therefore get put into action (in the process even as we speak) and begin to work for the people of the world the old system will still exist right along side the new system- and will be there for everyone of third density- and will at the same time disappear for all those in transition from third to fifth - as well as for those who have already moved over to fifth dneisty for good. Most of you will not know who those are who have already moved over to fifth dneisty for good however because they are presently wanting to return to third density so often to guide as many human souls as possible at this day into their new reality of fifth dneisty earth. So the only person who knows you have transferred to fifth dneisty for good is you.

The reason we need Sub –CVAC’s in our system today is because no third dneisty human can draw from the CVAC’s while in a state of low level energies in life - and they are always in this state of existence and life as long as they are third dneisty. So even though they move to fifth dneisty energies and vibrations on and off -   through out their day – does not mean they can draw from the CVAC’s as they cannot be trusted while in third dneisty levels of consciousness; energies; and vibrations. In other words they cannot be trusted to act toward the good of the One or whole of human society today. So if a third density human (in transition and therefore beginning their awakening) were to possess the levels of energy to draw from the CVAC’s just as soon as their energy levels dropped back down they would not be able to use them for anything in life at that time or now moment. Sub CVAC’s however are individual creations of every individual fifth dneisty human based on their energy levels in life and their intentions toward the good of the One or the Whole.

In other words if a third density human is a part of your individual creation on fifth dneisty earth then they are your responsibility in guiding them and offering help and aid to them in life until said time as they have completed their awakening. To put it more plain- It is you that resonates with every third density human that has become a part of your society or creation and you will know what energy levels each human possesses and offer your Sub CVAV’s to their purpose; wants; or needs in life according to their levels of energy. If you know they are a person that can only be trusted with certain things in life then that is what you will decide to offer or provide for them until they can maintain higher levels of energy and therefore higher levels of responsibility in life from the moment of the creation of the Sub- CVAC’s. Do you not know friends that this is how it has always been before in the world as your world has always been made up of every level of dneisty and vibration to be in existence?

If each of us had been left on our own in life all the time then we would have destroyed ourselves long ago. Therefore there have always been higher selves- or other selves- who represent each of us on a higher plane of energy and consciousness that has watched over us – while at the same time giving us free reign to choose as we wanted in life based on our own ruling loves in life. And when we were about to make a choice that would end that life or deviate from our life’s plan those thoughts- words- actions- or affections in life were immediately sent to another dimension or timeline- left there waiting on us in case we ever wanted to visit that timeline ever again. So in truth our higher selves have always made our choices for us first- and we simply in the end thought every choice was freely made by our self. And just as you could not have known this back when you were a third density human not yet awakened or consciously connected to higher self- the same goes for every third dneisty human today who is not in the process yet of awakening in which case they believe nothing we say and are not willing to even come on board with the new reality and system we have to offer the people of the world. Only those who are in the process of awakening and are therefore now connected on and off- with their higher selves- now believe what we are telling the world is actually very possible indeed.

So the CVAC’s would do no third dneisty human any good as every creation manifested by those transitioning to fifth dneisty energy and earth would disappear and no longer be their reality once they returned to third density energies and third density reality. They would disappear because you would no longer be holding the energy levels to see them nay longer. And this is the purpose of the Sub- CVAC’s as they will exist at a lower level of energy and vibration while they still will be dependent on their being manifested by the fifth dneisty human.

Nothing can be offered or provide to third density existence and reality from fifth dneisty- but a fifth dneisty human can hold that reality and manifestation for the third dneisty human while they cannot maintain fifth dneisty energies or vibrations- just long enough for that third dneisty human to return to fifth dneisty earth and return to their created reality and home. You see the fifth dneisty human can create everything instantly and at will but the third dneisty human who is still limited when they return to fifth dneisty reality cannot do so because they do not yet know they can do certain things in life in the higher energies and vibrations. Therefore the creation of the Sub – CVAC’s is for transitional purposes of every human being who is in transition.

(And I will be glad when someone explains this to me better as well- because I do not yet understand half of what I have just written down ----Daniel---)

Getting back to my higher self ---  

Most everything we come to see on fifth dneisty earth is found on third density earth with the acception of those things that do not carry the higher energies and vibrations – such as those things that provided set order to society- rules and regulations- laws- statutes- harm or loss to human beings within third density – punishment- lawsuits- entrapment- spying on the people – and anything that would cause a human being not to be completely free in life- never again having to have a drivers license- car insurance or insurances of any kind- inspections of any kind- and so on. And so those things that are left for the most part can be seen on fifth dneisty earth because they hold a high enough energy level of the body and form to see and interact with in the lower levels of sixth dneisty consciousness. For fifth dneisty is not a level of consciousness that is of the mind alone but actually also provides for the body and form of fifth dneisty man.

So everything we offer and manifest for the one or the Whole must be of a fifth dneisty energy level and vibration whether it is for those who continuously reside within fifth dneisty or those in transition. We can provide nothing for third density human beings because we have nothing to do with third density creations. Everything we create is of fifth dneisty and is then created by third density man according to its corresponding body and form that resides within third density energies and vibrations.

I hope this little message has offered some understanding for those who are in fact in transition at this day as I can have nothing to do with the decisions of other third density humans at this day- nor can any other fifth dneisty human being. We are prepared to help you all create a new world; society; and system at this day – but you must each understand that it will not reside within third dneisty or upon third density earth- as that plane of existence will have to change on its own- according to the free will life and evolution of every third dneisty human not to awaken at this time. If however they are not to awaken it is because that is their decision in life and theirs alone. Nonetheless- when each of you finally ends up on fifth dneisty earth you will find that every human being you knew on third dneisty earth lives and exists on fifth dneisty earth as well- so worry not my friends- as you lives are truly about to become so much more wonderful- and you will come to know that it was very much worth the wait.