The New World!

02/14/2013 19:29

The New World!

Okay so tomorrow I am going to have access to the financial credits needed to create the new world and reality I now seek in fifth dneisty- not third dneisty as they are taking care of all that themselves. The new system is one of energy and it must adhere to the new fifth dneisty energies if it’s going to work. Therefore the reality I am about to speak about is one of a higher state of consciousness and many may not at first understand how it can even be possible to be created- but I assure you it can be. So sit back and enjoy this new idea I (the one) have come up with and imagine it as your own. Is this the world you could be happy living in? Imagine!

Okay we begin with a city or society that has no limits as to what a person can achieve or create based on their own level of understanding and consciousness (energy) in life. Therefore there will be societies within this greater collective society that are of lower levels of consciousness and of a childlike nature in many circumstances- and there are societies that are of a much greater level of consciousness; energy; and creative abilities. Then there will be societies all in between that will be of many different levels of consciousness; energy; and creative abilities as well. Outside where the children will live are all human beings who have not yet awakened and must be given free will to live life as they please- we cannot interfere unless asked- and how can you ask if you do not know there is a higher self connected with your own consciousness? But once a third dneisty human awakens they are gradually guided into their equilibrium of fifth dneisty. Within however - this collective society will be made up of all the many different human souls that are required within a spiritual society and soul group (world) that will provide a new equilibrium in life.  This society will live together in unity - harmony- and equilibrium and it will be as One. No one will be less important than another toward the good of the one and no one will be more important than another towards the good of the one. Every one- just as soon as they awaken and come to resonate with this new World community and society - will become a member.
Those living in third dneisty today (now) must not be interfered with as they will all soon awaken on their own. People are waking up even now in great numbers- this I can see. They are gradually beginning to ask many questions- therefore I can see the quickening (the event) is close.
There are no children and there are no animals in and on fifth dneisty earth as everyone is you. Though they may possess a third dneisty body and form of a child or animal it is all an illusion and every living soul is now fully awakened in fifth dneisty (sixth dneisty consciousness). Even the trees and plants will soon be speaking with you.
There will be those who wish to work occupations of a physical nature in order to provide their part to society ( those awakening but not yet fully awakened) and there will be those who will provide the mental and scientific (spiritual) side in order to provide their use to society. No one will ever be required to work and no one will ever be required to do anything within society that he or she does not wish to do. In many instances there will be robots (artificial intelligence) or machines to provide manual labor as well as the mental and scientific solutions to the needs of said society in which case much of the load of these uses in society will be taken from the people. Artificial intelligence and machines are only tools used to provide the transition from third dneisty to the fully awakened state (where they will no longer be needed) on fifth dneisty earth. There will be houses or homes provided for all people of society whether it is a home already in existence or one they wish to have built from the ground up. Again this is only for those in transition.  No one will own a home and no one will own anything within this city and society as all things will be provided free of charge and will be shared on a needed or recreational basis. In other words you can use it as long as you want to for your own pleasure and needs and then it will be handed over to some other citizen to use according to their wants and needs as well. When the awakened human begins to create all these things they will no longer need to be provided for them according to the old ways or system.
Again absolutely nothing will ever be owned again as we will all be living as a single family with the ability in life to go and move around at will- or to stay in one spot or home as well for as long as we wish in life - but even a home will be turned over to another when the present occupant is finished living in it each time – or it will cease to exist as that home. A house will not ever again just sit unused when someone else can come along and enjoy its use in life. Each of you will find that even in third dneisty a house is created and recreated every time a human being leaves and returns to it as creation is actually instantaneous for all and third dneisty humans just never knew this about creation. And so the case will be the same in our new fifth dneisty city and society. When a house is not being used it will not be there as it too is living energy and can be a part of some other human beings life and creations in another energy form when it is no longer required or wanted by someone in society. Think of all the things a third dneisty human wishes to own- and therefore is always kept waiting there for them until they return home at the end of their day? All that energy used to keep these things created for their reality could have been used for much greater uses.
All things will be shared in certain societies found within the walls (representative only) of our new collective community – but only those societies that are of fifth density earth. Those societies still in lower third dneisty energies will continue to live as they always have in third dneisty- believing that a house will remain there waiting on them until they return home and many other childlike illusions we have many times been told to believe in the past. As different societies grow in their energy and consciousness levels however- through the continued process of evolution of the soul- they will be welcomed within the higher societies that will provide them new things they were not before prepared to receive and live in their lives. No one will be forced to live the life of another and no one will be kept from trying out new societies and systems based on their levels of consciousness in life. And so you see third dneisty will still be a part of our new life and world but it must be kept separate according to consciousness and energy levels of each human- in which case there will actually be a personal atmospheric bubble surrounding every human to protect them as well as to allow into their bubble and surrounding those things they attract to themselves in life based on their ruling loves in life.
It was this way before and it will be this way now- as nothing has changed except that those who were once children in our world are now mature adults because they have made the shift to a higher level of consciousness (or are soon about to) and other children (your newly created young souls) are moving onto our world and reality to take their places in third dneisty life and existence.  There was a time when many of you thought we are to move on to a different world and all others who did not choose to ascend would remain on the present third dneisty planet and be separate from those who ascend- in which case some of you thought the ones to ascend were going to heaven while those who remain would be going to hell (or a world much less wonderful) or something similar to that scenario. I am here to tell you it is nothing like that. No one is ever going to get off  that easy as we have all walked in the shoes of one another- and we are all the same person- same soul- and of the same family to eternity. Where one goes everyone goes- and where one remains everyone remains. There is no time and there is no place but only different states of consciousness and levels of energy as well as the many different forms created by that energy in our world and reality.
So if you wish to create a reality in the days ( actually now moments) ahead - that is simple and very easy for you to manage - then your life will remain manageable and simple- and of a lower vibration based on your levels of service to self or service to others. If you wish to live in a world and society where you go out and do for others based on working toward the good and benefit of the whole then you will live in the higher societies of our city. At the same time if you do not like physical labor there is always the mental and scientific (spiritual) uses you can perform for the one or whole in life. The good news my friends is that you can choose to move up in societies or move back down to a lower society any time ( or now moment) you please in life now that no one owns anything in life any longer- nor do they own or control any set space. Each of you has the ability to be a fifth dneisty human being each moment of every day- and each of you has the ability to descend in energies and return to being a lower third dneisty human being each moment of every day. But you have to wake up first- and that is why we are providing you all this information and guidance at this day- because we know that the time is very close for each and every one of you to awaken.  So let us move on and speak of this new society and city some more shall we?
Because our new world; city; and system is made up now of every type of society you can think of there is of course those societies that will be in more peace; unity; and harmony and happiness than others at times. Remember that this world and system must now maintain equilibrium in life; which is basically moderation of life for all in this new society. So no matter how high up in consciousness your society exists you will still always wish to maintain a state of equilibrium.
Depending on what the people of the new third dneisty society are willing to do physically this will decide how much the citizens of all physical societies will enjoy the physical realms of their existence. But remember that every one of you will eventually (some more often than others) wish to enjoy the pleasures of the material and physical parts of our new city and society.  So the more we all work toward the good of the one or whole the greater pleasure our city and societies will enjoy in life. The lower fifth dneisty societies are the material and physical of the fifth dneisty human. Their consciousness levels range from sixth dneisty on up. And as the citizens grow and evolve their societies will become just as wonderful and pleasurable as they wish to make it based on their level of energies they all provide toward the good of the one or whole. It is like going from the dependency of technologies to possessing creative abilities that allow the citizens to create anything they please in life- while no longer ever being dependent on technologies whatsoever.
It is all up to each of you when this reality comes along for you- as every human will live the reality he or she is prepared for based on their own personal levels of energy and evolution of the soul. And what I am telling you friends is that there are human souls of great levels of energy and consciousness in our world today- and have been here for a very long time- who have lived these wonderful lives I speak of here- but they have not been able to share those lives with the third dneisty human  ( unless that human provided their body and form) because you are third dneisty- and your consciousness and energy levels always kept you from even seeing them or recognizing that they would ever even exist as a reality of human life and nature. You often call them angels but that is nothing more than a term- as some call them Masters- Creators- Saints- or even Source. The point is names are an illusion just as is everything else once you move to a higher level of consciousness and energy vibration in life.
So the world everyone seeks is already here- and it has always been here but you just could not see it or interact with it. Now you can and we are giving you the tools to show you how. Once each of you awakens to this higher level of energy (and great levels of energy are being pumped into the earth atmospheres even as we speak) each of you will move over to this new world; reality; and system. This is the world and reality I choose to create at this day and I have already created it. So now all I need to do is receive the energies of gold and silver ( according to a partnership and agreement) through the digital system for the purpose of manifestation in the material  and physical - so as to purchase in the interim everything needed to manifest this city and collection of many different societies in our world today. I do not need finances - or credits - or money to manifest this world and society in the levels of consciousness I presently exist in as this reality already exists in my present world and system, but for the good of the one and whole- and for the purposes of myself and all other human souls this physical world and system must be created or manifested for the lower representations of ourselves so that we can guide them all into their fully conscious state of fifth dneisty earth- as well as return as often as we like and enjoy the pleasures of physicality.
And so I have told you what we intend to manifest for everyone who is a part of the one or whole so that we can indeed enjoy physical life once again- but in a much more beautiful  and harmonic surrounding on planet earth. There will be no pollution as the technologies will be there for third dneisty to get rid of all forms of pollution. No more war or weapons of war and violence and punishment will now be a thing of the past.  No more jails or prisons and no more death as we will now unlock the secrets to this age old illusion. There will be no more payments of utilities of any kind and no more mailboxes to check – as all things in our new fifth dneisty world will be provided to all free of charge.
No more stress over how we will survive and put off the bill collectors for another month as this is old system.  We realize everyone will not be living at first within these fifth dneisty energies- and will therefore still be third dneisty- but they will benefit by the fact that as they each awaken - their third dneisty counterparts who take their places - will now be connected in consciousness and mind to their fifth dneisty counterparts. This was not the case before- which is why it was so easy then for them to be enslaved by those in life who were in service to self. And so those who are not yet capable of creating everything they want in life instantly and at will- will be able to have many wonderful new things in life simply because of the new technologies we can now share with all the people of our new world and system- and use these tools to guide you all into the real thing. Everyone is evolving and therefore even third dneisty is taking on new levels of energy and is much more advanced and mature because of this. Third density that once existed will still exist for certain young human souls- but not for those who are now a part of our new fifth dneisty earth as we have all evolved beyond certain levels of evolution and understanding and will simply never wish to return to being the children we once were- but are now a new breed or generation of children. We will continue to play and have fun in life but the games have all changed.
Every human being on our planet (this planet) today is now a fifth dneisty human being. Some are very mature spiritually and some are just getting started- but we all now live in the same city and the same society when we want. The only place we can now call home is fifth dneisty earth- but we are all free now to roam the earth and all its many different societies and enjoy all the many different realities and customs that now exist in our world and system. There are no more boundaries or borders throughout all of planet earth. You will now be able to go from one place in our world to another in minutes very soon – but soon after that you will be able to go to these places simply by thought. No one owns anything now in which case we are all free to try and experience many new things that before was only a dream. And now I will explain some more details of our new world and how I (the one) will go about manifesting it as a reality for all to see when and if they wish to make it their own.

The new world!

Everything will be digital and no one will be caused to wear a computer chip or implant as there will be no governments and no one to cause a man- woman- child- family- or group of families to do anything they do not wish to do in life any longer. People will not be tracked but only their transactions for their own uses- and then later this will al disappear and nothing will be required in life over or above a handshake.
There will be no monetary system of any kind and all worth will exist within the people of our world and society. Therefore since there will be no limits as to the credits a single human being can draw from the digital system there are no limits as to what someone can buy in life which makes it not only appear to be a moneyless system but it actually is. Everything will actually be free to everyone throughout the world but will be monitored digitally at first so as to teach the people of the world to live a life of moderation and not gluttony of resources and services provided them by the system. The old system will at first have to be un- taught to the people. Many will most certainly take advantage of this system at first- in which case many lessons will be learned in the process that will benefit the one or the whole is that those to come can learn by the mistakes those have made before them by taking advantage of a system where everything is basically free to all equally in life. But these mistakes will be made by those humans in the process of awakening – as once they awaken fully they will no longer need to purchase anything as all things throughout the world will be created instantly by all- and at will. Still sharing and bartering will be seen from time to time but this will never again be a necessity in life.
Because every single human being that can match the energies of the CVAC’s ( connected to the digital system) will be provided the necessary credits to purchase whatever resources or services they require in order to manifest their life long projects- every human being will now be responsible for his or her creations and will at the same time be responsible for the things created by and through its presence in the world. So if you create a reality where people come to harm or loss you cannot be given further credits to continue manifesting that reality in the world as that reality you created will no longer match the energy levels required to draw from the CVAC’S. Therefore if you remain in a third dneisty mindset the CVAC’s will not be accessible to you because of your low levels of energy. This does not mean that third dneisty humans will not benefit from the CVAC’s as those of the higher energies (fifth dneisty earth) will most certainly wish to provide for all people of the planet who would not themselves be able to provide for themselves or their own family. However these are some of the very first obstacles that will be met with in the beginning stages of the manifestation of the CVAC’s.
Then you have those who will wish to take on much greater responsibilities and tasks so as to create better systems and societies throughout the world- as there are now no more limits as to what those of higher energies in the world can now create. And this is where my dreams and wishes are about to be manifested. And because they will be manifested in cooperation with my higher self I know my system will work  as it will be manifested here on fifth dneisty earth as the one tool that will provide the transition from third dneisty human and earth to fifth dneisty human and earth. We can all share the same planet while certain things on that planet we will never again need while we are in our fifth dneisty levels of consciousness and energies.  So again here it goes- I will explain this new system------

1) The One will provide jobs for carpenters- plumbers- electricians- bricklayers- concrete workers- drywall men- roofers- auto workers- auto mechanics- bridge builders ( though they may not be building bridges much longer) – road workers ( though they may not be building roads much longer) – farmers- workers of nature in various areas-  doctors- pharmacists- surgeons- healers of all kinds including natural healers and home remedies- teachers of many older as well as newer subjects – and any other job or occupation that the Elders of the society of One can create or think of in the interim. As certain of these occupations are no longer needed for our Oneness Society they will be done away with gradually as the people are capable of accepting their non- existence. What will replace these things are those corresponding fifth dneisty ruling loves that represent these occupations on a higher energy level or consciousness. Newer technologies will provide that people will no longer have to work unless they still wish to work a trade or hobby in life that will provide them fulfillment of life as well as a use to their immediate society. This is for the lower societies that have not yet awakened and come to a level of consciousness where they can create instantly and at will- all the things they want or need in life. So everything you see in third dneisty you will see in fifth dneisty with many additions on fifth dneisty planet earth- but you will possess a much more mature way of looking at these things in life once you take on your fifth dneisty consciousness, as there will then be some things that will not longer be required within fifth dneisty higher consciousness.

2) Resources of all kinds needed to provide housing and the repair of all existing housing will be provided to each and every society free of charge- even though they will be kept track of digitally until such a time as this is no longer needed in each society individually. For there will come  a time when each society is taken off of the digital tracking system and given free roam with their credits to do as they please and create as they wish in life. But again the tracking will not be a system to track the people but only to track what credits have been provided each human being or group of humans- and what things (resources and services) they purchase for their society. If a creation does not end up working for the good of the one or whole it will cease to continue according to the guidance of the Elders and the fact that it will not sustain higher levels of energy in order to continue drawing from the CVAC’s for its continued creation in the world. From this day forward all things- all creations must be for the good of the one or whole or they will not hold the energy levels of fifth dneisty – and must therefore remain in third dneisty if a human wishes to continue their use in the world.

3) There will be Elders elected into office within every society that is still in need of guidance- as those of lower energies will still need guidance in life so as to work in creating their society in the future to become one just as the upper societies will now be( living in the now). There will be no police forces and no law officials whatsoever. There will be no court houses or courts whatsoever. There will be no lawyers and no law suites to be heard of in all of our new Oneness system. There will be no punishment and therefore no people or offices will be needed for all the programs that once existed to enforce these unwanted and un - needed laws; rules; and punishments placed over the citizens of society.

Remember that nothing is owned now and if someone scratches your car they just scratched their own car as well- as all things will be shared throughout every society equally based on their level of need. Those people fear will harm others or cause loss to others within society must remember that most of the world today is already waking up and does not think like this any more- while those of a very low level of energy might still do so- they cannot do so to those who are in fifth dneisty energies- nor can they get by in life nay longer more than once maybe before the people knows who they are and how they act in life- and the people of society will immediately join together to help or rehabilitate them until they too have awakened to the new energies. Do you not believe we have every base covered friend? You will soon see.

4) There will be no more crime- no more murder- and no more destruction of property. Since the people of every society (the lower as well as the higher) will know that everything in our new system belongs to everyone and will be shared by everyone (and provided to all when they wish it in life- to replenish what has been lost or used up every time) this means that everyone is responsible for taking care and protecting the structure and appearance of everything that gives pleasure and purpose to the people of society. Why would you wish to harm or be destructive toward something that you may later wish to use for your own needs or purposes in life? And it will get easier and easier to live in society in this manner as the people awaken more and more; in which case they will teach the young souls to do the same.  As far as murder and other crimes why would you wish to commit a crime in a society and system where you can have the many pleasures in life that you have always had as long as your energy levels are kept up and remain high enough to live in such a system and reality? And keep in mind that those who live by these new customs and beliefs in society are those humans who have evolved and have therefore taken on a whole new way of looking at life among other humans – they are the awakening human souls. Again think about this---- How can you murder if death will be taught not to exist any longer? If we cannot die but only take on another human body and form- do you not see it is only those humans who have not begun to awaken that will still even continue to believe in death. And those numbers are dropping by the minute.

There is another world out there ( third dneisty earth surrounds us all)- another system- that is not of said society and is not in oneness- and this is the world you would return yourself to whenever you chose to lower your energy levels to those levels of third dneisty. Of course those awakened that are already connected to their higher self will not wish this and they will be home free so to speak. It is the ones who have not yet awakened that will still be moving back and forth between these two completely different systems that will have it the hardest. But we cannot make a man or woman awaken- as everyone will do so in his or her own time. Again everything in this new system will be controlled by energies- and every human that cannot yet connect with these higher energies will have to return to the third dneisty system more often than others and will have to therefore suffer at the hands of those still connected to lower energies (the Cabal). But be of good cheer those days are pretty much gone now. The illusion still lingers just a bit.

5) There will be no more drivers’ license- no more social security numbers- no more health insurance- life insurance- car insurance- home owners insurance- or any other insurance you might come to think of. No more nine to five jobs- no more rushing your children off to school so you can watch your soap operas and gossip with the neighbor next door. Who is going to want to watch your children if they have all that they want in life? Of course there will be plenty other options to take the place of all the old options. Such as you watch someone’s children this week and they watch yours next week. But this is all a part of the barter system that will go on between two people or more in life. Some things will have to be taken back to basics while many others things will bring much joy to the lives of everyone who is a part of our new Oneness system and society. As the world and system grows in its ability to provide for the one or whole the world will become more and more like a utopia on earth. And remember that most everything I speak of here is nothing more than the tools we will provide for the transition of all human souls into fifth dneisty.

6) Taxes will be a thing of the past of course considering there is no more money and no more government. There will be no further need for any taxes whatsoever as everything will indeed be free in life for those who hold those energies that tie them to our new Oneness system and society. There will not be a single law in all of society that ties one human being with another except for the one Universal Law. That one law is to do unto others as you would have them do to you - the law of unconditional love.  For those who do not yet understand what that law entails they will not understand it because their energy levels are presently too low. As the energy levels of a human are raised all things begin to make perfect sense and they are immediately a member of the Oneness system and society. So what happened when that one Universal law is broken? You are immediately lowered to the level of life that reflects those levels of energy you are presently holding – known as conditional love. That is it! That is all! No punishment- no law suites- no fist fights- no court cases etc.

7) There will be no announcements or disclosure within our new oneness system and society as everything will be perfectly clear once a human being awakens and their energy levels have risen to that of fifth dneisty. Announcements of those things which appear bad or negative from your past - where the Cabal once existed and still exists- are all third dneisty things (energies) and they will be kept in third dneisty always- in which case if a human is still bent on hearing the announcements or disclosures they will remain third dneisty for the duration of their wanting these things. Again it is all about energy folks.

8) There will be no religions as everyone will know the  truth of who and what they are and will need no further manmade opinions as to how we should act and live in life. No one need pray- fast- or give ever again on fifth dneisty earth.

9) There will be no divorce and no marriage councilors as every couple will be married in a spiritual manner and not through a piece of paper or contract carried out by man. The people will return to the androgynous beings they once were and will therefore be reconnected with their soul mates automatically.

10) Many things of fifth dneisty earth will appear like those things of third dneisty earth and everything will simply be seen in a different light or level of consciousness. There is nothing wrong with the things a person wants in life so much as it is that they want everything for themselves or they want to tell others what things they can have or are permitted to possess in life. That is the old system of things and that system is now a thing of the past for all who awaken upon fifth dneisty earth.

11) Everything I list here is very easily carried out and all that needs to be done to manifest these things in the world today is patience and living your life in the now. The digital credits are there to completely furnish this new world; system; and society and I have the know how to guide this plan and to seek out and find all the human beings who will make this plan take shape in the world. People all over the world are hurting at this day and would very much appreciate an income and a job to give them purpose in their everyday life until they awaken to a higher level of consciousness (sixth dneisty actually) and self - and will then be prepared to move over to fifth dneisty earth and experience all of it on a much higher level of understanding- with a whole lot less headaches. The people need this new system and society now- and I believe this is the one system that will truly work for the one or the whole.

In truth nothing in this new system and society is bought or sold as there is no longer any need for a monetary system and the credits we speak of here from the CVAC’s - as well as the digital system is for the benefit of those transitioning from third dneisty to fifth dneisty earth and consciousness and that is it. They still need some type of system that gives the appearance of buying and selling simply because they still need a certain level of illusion that they are in ownership of certain things in life- when in fact nothing will ever be owned again by a single fifth dneisty human being. Therefore as the oneness society (my creation) continues to build and manifest this new system and society in our new fifth dneisty world today it will be done with a veil of illusion still in place so as not to scare away those awakening human souls who are not yet at a level of consciousness (not yet found equilibrium within fifth dneisty) that they are prepared to completely believe in such a world as the one we are presently creating for them in which there will from this day forward never again be a need for money or usury in all of our new fifth dneisty system and society.

12) Third dneisty earth and consciousness will always be kept separate from fifth dneisty earth and consciousness through the Infinite laws of energy. No human will be able to see or interact with another human that is not of their own density in life- and their levels of energy will always provide that this one rule is never broken.  If you live to break laws you will continue living in a system and society that is bound by its laws. If you continue to rule or interfere with the life of another human being or cause them to believe they must live their lives according to your own laws and standards in life then you will remain in third dneisty because of it. If you continue in fear- doubt- or negativity you will remain in third dneisty as these things do not exist on fifth dneisty planet earth. Every human being is now responsible for themselves in our new world; society; and system- and no one will want to move into the space or atmospheric bubble of another any longer in life simply because this would immediately put them back down in third dneisty energies and consciousness. It is never worth the trade. We knew this before and we know it now and we are sharing it with all of you who are about to awaken and join us on our new fifth dneisty planet earth.

13) You cannot live in third dneisty and interfere with the life of fifth dneisty man but you will not know this until each of you becomes fifth dneisty human beings. The things you each own in life are there all the time for us to help ourselves to - simply because we use them all within a completely different energy and vibrational level of life and existence. Here I sit as fifth dneisty man using the desk and computer of Daniel and there is nothing he could do to stop me simply because I am his inner and spiritual man and I do not live according to any schedule and can enjoy what I want to enjoy as it is I who brought Daniel to the computer to begin with. His thoughts are my thoughts after I have had them first. So everything he does is done by him simply because he thinks all the same things I do after I have already worked them out in our mind- and manifested that reality through causing him to act accordingly. At one time he did not know this but we do it all according to a partnership now- with him unconscious of our intentions at first some times while I am conscious of everything. The difference now is he has awakened and third dneisty Daniel shares his thoughts withy fifth dneisty Daniel now. What things third dneisty Daniel did not know before he is coming to know more and more every hour of every day. And this goes for every human being on the planet.

14) To be more plain a third dneisty human can indeed harm another third dneisty human being that is not awakened and connected to his or her fifth dneisty human – connected through their consciousness and energy levels. However,  if a third dneisty human comes up on another third dneisty human that possesses energy levels of the fifth dneisty human because he or she is awakened then  the other third dneisty human cannot harm the fifth dneisty human - nor can they harm the third dneisty human based on the fact that the awakened human now knows this.

15) And so I am about to manifest a system and society based on these standards of life for every       human being. Everything will be provided that provides happiness and fulfillment of life for every human being involved in this venture. Come one- come all- you know where to find me.

All questions are welcome and the answers will come quickly- as this must be done very soon for the people of our world. And yes I do see a part two of this message having to be posted.

We must forgive everyone and we must remember that everyone is you. If you seek vengeance or justice toward those who did you wrong then you seek these things against yourself. No more thoughts on “Kicking them in the balls.”

-------Daniel--------  We are the One!