The False message from the world!

12/17/2012 13:08

The false message the world if providing all of you!

If you think that love and light is gonna get you to sixth dneisty then you are correct. If you think that love and light is the only way to sixth dneisty you are wrong. If you think that love and light is the higher good and represents service to others in sixth dneisty you are wrong. If you think you are an awakened soul and you spread the message to the world today that love is all there is and that evil and darkness is going to be destroyed or sent to the Central Sun to be refurbished or destroyed or absorbed again you are wrong. That is unless you are to become a service to self sixth dneisty human. They know that love ( false love) is all there is when recruiting new third dneisty souls as their slaves.

No awakened human being that is headed for timeline two and sixth dneisty service to self will ever speak of unconditional love - that is unless their definition of unconditional love is incorrect. They speak of love and that love is all there is, so as to teach the world through their being fed false information, that evil and darkness must and will be destroyed. Only evil and darkness teach these messages because they teach from a higher level of consciousness that knows evil and darkness can never be destroyed, but that by teaching the people that evil and darkness is to be punished and then destroyed they continue binding the people of third dneisty in fear and third dnesity lower consciousness and thoughts. If you continue teaching a society darkness; evil; negativity; ruler ship; punishment; order; laws and teachings grounded in a life of service to self, they will return to this life of their own free choosing.

With that said we state again for the record that everyone of this world will make the shift in consciousness and move to a sixth dneisty world. But-------- everyone will not become sixth dnesity  consciousness, as they will simply all come together in a new life and world and will make up the evolved human being known as God or the God Man. So some will create the lower societies and consciousness of the God man and some the higher ones, but all will go to a new place or world at the shift, so as to make room for the new souls who are even now arriving in our world.

Ascension has already happened and people or human beings on this present world are simply awakening in their own order and going to join the God man in His new world and consciousness. But no one is leaving here( this world) and no one is coming, as everyone is here that is to be here and everyone has left that is supposed to have left. Human beings will continue to die in and on this planet, but their souls will remain and still be a part of the new human or God Man. Earth one and two - timeline one and two are both the same earth and timeline, only seen through two different levels of consciousness for the new human.

Everyone has ascended, and everyone will continue to ascend to eternity. But once the shift in consciousness comes to our world ( very soon) every humans consciousness and maturity level will rise to meet that of sixth density Man ( or God). All that will be noticed upon third dneisty planet earth is that the planet is becoming so much more loving and more acceptable to all the different humans making up our present world. Life is about to get so much better, and no one needs to leave this world to see it.

This is not a channeled message but is spoken from memory  -being guided by a sixth dneisty society who does not wish to be named at this time.         With all my love and respect  - Daniel