The Collective

01/06/1980 10:07

The Collective!



Are you a slave – will you continue being a slave – or will you choose now to pull back to the passive higher self within so as to begin creating that new system – one that no longer permits a human being to lead by example – in following that world and reality where majority rules and all the lost sheep are left hung out to dry? Will you choose to join a group of human souls on your world that do not permit all human beings to join said group according to his or her own free will choosing? Will you sign into law or make agreements for your society (town – city – state or country) with others on your world that is no longer beneficial to the whole of that overall society? Will you say it is only temporary – just until all the people awaken and come to the realization that none of the old is required any longer? How will the soul awaken that is still feeding the old and service to self systems and laws binding human kind to separation – judgment – and unforgiveness? It is you – those of your world and corrupting the rational human mind who ill never awaken but will only move to a timeline and dimension that better suits their required service to self systems and ruling loves – as these souls never leave you but are driven out in the awakening process by the human being flooded by heart consciousness and Service to others higher souls.

Again lower souls continue seeking and living out their lives in the old – according to service to self ruling loves in life – while continuously binding those who will submit to them to their rules – regulations – laws – and judgments – according to their own ruling loves in life.  If you have not let go of the old – but wish to simply paint a prettier picture in the interim – waiting on those who might come at another day to make it better – then you have not yet come to the realization that it is you who must make it better – as it is you who hold the keys to both realities – and you who will continue to remain in a world in service to self – as well as move on to one in Service to others. And so if you are still abiding by their rules and systems that place people under laws and contracts that they personally did not sign or agree to then you are still in service to self and you are attempting to create a world and reality for others ( your other selves) and keeping them bound in slavery and servitude.

If there are a thousand – or even a million souls on your planet who are awakened – and these souls are bound to individual human beings who are equally possessed by un – awakened souls as well (who are making the choices for them in life) – creating new temporary systems still controlled by money – leaders (instead of guides) and policy or law makers of the new system - then you must each find that equilibrium within yourselves so that the ruling service to self souls possessing each of you are no longer making the decisions in your life – and making those decisions for other human beings. Where do these service to other souls reside within the human consciousness that will make those decisions for self and self alone – being passive and non interruptive toward the decisions of other human beings? These souls are found within the heart – in which case you must change your world to the new world guided (not ruled) by the heart.

When a new system rolls out in your world – and the decision makers of this new system put it in place for the people – by the people-------------- when a new government and money system is placed over certain groups of human beings – still it will be run by human beings – and the human soul is flawed and always capable of becoming corrupt once again because the corrupt and service to self souls are still masquerading within the collective rational minds of human beings as angels – or the good guys. This is not a bad thing for those in agreement with said systems – even if it is another representation of old systems as those who would agree to it are those who are still possessing ruling loves in life for the old.

If you as an individual human being choose to enter into such agreements with those who paint a new picture of the same old systems however – you are once again bound in slavery and submission to their rules – regulations – and laws “governing the people of your world or society. To vote or sign a piece of paper entering into agreement with said groups will therefore bind each of you doing so into a new system of service to self. No one has the right when being born on your world to own or possess land – water – elements – people – or the laws of said land or societies. No one is born with the right to choose for another human being how their life will be lived or regulated from the moment of birth on into their old age and exit from such a world.

Therefore when one human being ( or a group) goes to contract or makes an agreement with other human beings or groups of human beings -  to make changes in that world or society – and have knowledge (or the intention) that these changes will or may affect anyone but those individuals in agreement  - those  human beings are still feeding third density principles and service to self – and will therefore not draw other humans or human souls to them in service to others (those who will make the system better or more beneficial to all of mankind) but rather those in service to self – who will continue creating a world and system that is only beneficial to self alone. Though many will see these things as service to others it is not as long as human beings are required to submit or be bound by said agreements. Until each individual human being changes their beliefs and ruling loves form within – their world without will not change no matter how many other human beings come along and attempt to change their world for them.

 That human being will simply be drawn to a timeline where his or her ruling loves in life are fed or created continuously – by those human souls who share the same ruling loves in life.  Therefore your world will never change to a service to others world – reality – and system until each of you changes personally from within – responsible completely for self. If you join with others therefore to create a new system and society that is based on third density principles (those principles many of you are now aware of) that system – world – and society you have created around you from without must be changed completely by you and those you attract to yourself in life through those ruling loves and principles. So while you are standing around waiting for someone to come along and make it all better by adding new things and new opinions you are continuously attracting those souls who will feed said system and not change it. Why can you not attract many other service to others souls in unconditional love beneficial to the One and Whole? Because the ruling love of the society and system is service to self – and those service to self souls - are continuously ruling and regulating all decisions of said system and society. Very similar to how the ruling love of every human being is that ruling love which will lead or guide that human being in all decisions in life – for as long as the lower remains flooded over into the higher – within the human rational mind.

In other words when the ruling love is greater in service to self – and equilibrium is not established for each human being individually – the higher mind becomes and remains the rational mind and therefore the human is not guided by heart but by mind (thought). To remove the rational from a human mind therefore the mind must first become passive and inactive as much as possible – and then the heart can begin to guide.

Where will each of you go from this moment forward therefore - knowing (or reflecting on what is said here at this time)? Each of you will go in one direction or another – as no one has any choice as to which direction they will go in life (in service to self or in service to others) and every human being from this day forward will move to that timeline or dimension that best feeds or attracts similar affections and ruling loves. If you continue moving in the direction of other representations of the old system – no matter how slight – this is what you will draw or attract to “you” from this moment on. There are no middle grounds in this as long as a human being seeks third density ruling loves and systems in life until every individual soul comes to achieve equilibrium – and equilibrium is found within the heart and not the human rational mind.  Third density will not become the new evolved representation of third density ( where the awakened human being is reconnected with higher self at will) until each individual human being ( in his or her season) comes to find equilibrium of life – where there is no longer a ruling love – but rather unconditional love for all.

And now we end this transmission in unconditional love for each of you.


We bring you this message through our human host Daniel and he too projects unconditional love to all who reads these words.