My thoughts on free energy - a cleaner planet - and cures for the human body!

02/17/2013 17:22

New thoughts on free energy- a cleaner planet- and cures for the human body!

Why is our planet dirty and pollution stricken? Why is the air in some places harder to breathe than it is in others? Is it because of the life the people are living in a certain community or society? Is it because every human being is walking around the world with an invisible bubble surrounding them known as their own personal sphere of protection or harm- either allowing in negative energies in life or keeping them out? The world is different for every human subject- and it therefore is not as polluted as some of you would come to believe- It is all a reflection of your life and your condition of your hearts. Have you ever wondered why a mother can care for her own child who might have the plague- but if anyone else shares the same space as that child they get the plague as well out of the fear they harbor - thinking ( actually knowing) they will get the plague too if they get near the child. So you see fear harms the third density human while unconditional love (similar to the mothers love) does not allow the plague or sickness into the sphere or bubble surrounding the human in unconditional love. That my friend is a mother who has just entered into fifth dneisty consciousness and energy levels.
Now since the human eye sees through a sphere of ether there are therefore different densities of the ether atmospheres - and these different densities are what allow a fifth density human to see a third dneisty human but a third dneisty human cannot see a fifth dneisty human. At the same time friends pollution can exist in one dneisty of ether- but not in another- depending on whether you are a fifth dneisty human being or a third density human being. And yes I know I spelled them differently- and on purpose I might add. I will offer explanation to those who need to know – but it is not very interesting. So as I was saying third density man experiences pollution in their world out of fear and what is known to be their reality based on what they “know” to be a reality of third density.
There are different forms of energy for your world friends - always depending on what density of life you live in or energy levels you are drawing your life experiences from. Third density is a world; reality; and system where profit and usury are always a part of their system they have in place where you will always find the rich as well as the poor- and if you cannot put a meter on something they cannot charge you for it as they cannot keep track of how much you use in life. And so free sources of energy do not fit into third density earth systems because there is nothing to charge for once the system is put in place and in working order. And so as long as we are living on the third density plane of existence on planet earth (which by the way we are not now) we cannot have free energy. Free energy my friends vibrates at a much higher level of frequency than does sources of energy that are attached to ownership- payment for consumption- or a meter.
Therefore as many human beings are truly waking up today and moving over to fifth dneisty planet earth- we are seeing more and more every moment of every day free energy devices and inventions being patented and put out on the world market for sale. But as long as they are for sale they will still exist as a third density source of energy.
So how do we take free energy sources and take them from a third density source of energy and move them into fifth dneisty where they truly belong? We get rid of the charge or fee that certain people are attempting to collect from the people of the world.  There is no meter and there is no fee they can charge later in which case they are only getting a fee for their product in its beginning stages and that is it. Therefore what we need is CVAC’s from the system being put in place today by the One Peoples Public Trust. With these CVAC’s which is short for Creators Value Asset Centers we can purchase all things required in order to furnish our new fifth dneisty world and system and after that we can gradually wean the people off of the system of buying and selling once and for all.
It matters not what the source of energy is my friends within or upon third density earth because they will always find a way to charge the people for the things they need in life on a daily basis. In and on fifth dneisty earth- the plane we live on at this day more and more human beings are waking up every moment and realizing what they need to do to now move from the old system of things to the new- and by moving to the new you are moving to fifth dneisty through your free will choosing in life. And this is how it must be done for every human being as we cannot decide for them which timeline and dimension to choose for their future lives.  Free energy will never be offered the people of third density and that is why the people have not been offered free energy devices in their homes and cars yet- as every human being will first have to move over to fifth dneisty earth and energies before they will be offered free energy in life.
But I tell you friends when you see what levels of free energy they have out there today already available you will be blown away. Now we could wait and let the world catch up with us so that free energy is offered the people without them having to pay even for the devices that generate the free energy but what if I told you the devices will be built in third dneisty on third density planet earth- and then they will be purchased by the CVAC’s so as to provide the illusion of payment to those still residing on the third density plane. Everything having to do with life and death my friends is illusion- but as we get to the levels of fifth dneisty consciousness and energy we come to use every illusion to our advantage as we now know that it is we who create every illusion in life. And indeed we create every illusion, including the illusion of death – sickness - money- technologies – government- punishment- laws and rules- sin and sinner- and so on.
Therefore not only is the creation of all free energy devices illusions but so too are the experience and realities of payment as well as the meter they use to calculate the payment required by each human being. The fact that we allow certain illusions to continue for the good of the whole is a truth that many do not know or understand yet because they have not yet awakened to these levels of energy and knowledge.

It is like this friend: In fifth dneisty we create from thought energy to provide all the things in life we want and need- but we do not ever create mechanisms of technology as they are no longer needed or required in the higher planes of energy and existence. Therefore because of correspondences what is seen as free energy in and on fifth dneisty earth is seen (as its lower correspondence) through mechanical devices of technology upon the plane of third density- or the outer physical world and system. So again - third density humans will create through the illusion of building all free energy devices while that free energy will be experienced upon fifth dneisty earth simply as every form we wish to see in life. We will create everything on fifth dneisty earth through pure energy and it will be manifested instantly and at will. We will build nothing unless we wish to lower our energy levels and build upon the plane of third density.
That is how it works friends and people are waking up to these universal truths every moment of every day now- as fifth dneisty earth has been bombarded today - now with very high levels of energy so as to provide for all people who wish to create upon fifth dneisty planet earth - once they each awaken to their new understanding and energy levels in life today. When we create in fifth dneisty – because we no longer exist within time- what is the past or future for third density humans is now for us. Therefore we are experiencing n the now those things those of you in third dneisty have not even created yet or have already created in life. For what you have not yet created someone else has already created in third dneisty on another timeline and we can draw from those energies in time so as to experience all creation in the now.
Therefore we do not have to create with our hands or even machines within fifth dneisty as everything physical or material there is already there waiting on us and is provided instantly when we call on it through creation and is there according to our complete will in life. So what do we need form you in third dneisty that we do not already have? Your body and form- that is it- as your bodies and forms provide the outer shell and house for us – as we are those who represent your inner and spiritual human soul. We do not need the CVAC’s- we do not need the Sub- CVAC’s- nor do we need the digital tracking system of third dneisty planet earth. We simply offer these things in transition to those who are still in and out of third and fifth dneisty earth at this day- as you have not yet planted your feet firmly in fifth dneisty yet.
The point is that third dneisty is based on rules and regulations- laws and contracts. Third density is based on punishment and judgment- and payment of your actions that represent crime and disobedience in your world; reality; and system.
Again – we do not need the things of your world as we can create anything we wish at the drop of a hat here on fifth dneisty planet earth. We need no contracts- we need no laws- we need no justice- and we need no punishment of any kind. We need no monetary system and we need no collection of debts whatsoever. No one on fifth dneisty planet earth- where we are today (now) owns anything in life as everything will now be shared the world over within every society that exists on our world. When you were a child you fought with your siblings over your toys because you were taught that possession is nine tenths of the law. (humor here). You did not wish to share your toys because you were taught by your parents that if you gave your toy up you might not get it back. In fifth dneisty you will always have the ability to get back anything you wish to enjoy over and over again in life as no one can claim ownership in life of anything any more. We now live in a society where we share all things because we now live as a family of One.
The One Peoples Public Trust is a tool used in our world today (now) in order to transition all human beings into their new world; reality; and system of fifth dneisty. There are no more rules- regulations- or laws left in our world and reality. Everything is up for grabs and there is no more right or wrong decisions in life nay more for us- as long as we always seek the good of the one or Whole in life from this moment forward. So are the CVAC’s third density creations or fifth dneisty creations you might ask. Well remember that I said there are no contracts in fifth dneisty – or on fifth dneisty planet earth? So it is a given that they are third density- as they have to do with mistrust. In fifth dneisty there is no lack of trust whatsoever- as every human soul knows what the other is thinking and intending in life. So the CVAC’s are definitely third density creations created by our third density counterparts that are conscious now of their higher selves.
Therefore they now sacrifice their happiness in life at times by lowering their energy levels to a level of third density- so as to offer themselves today as guides into the higher energies and densities of consciousness and life for all those in transition at this day. And believe me friends everyone is in transition now- or they soon will be. So we are all about to get real busy. Meanwhile the people are hurting and they have little or nothing at this day- and those who have much are usually the ones who are not yet prepared to choose fifth dneisty as they are happy with the world; system; and reality they presently live in simply because it feeds all their fleshly cravings in life at this day. But do not be misled dear friends as they will all lose what they even think they have and will have to once again make a choice as to which system they now wish to trust in their near future.
The One Peoples Public Trust offers each of you a new illusion today friends- just long enough to help you make the transition to fifth dneisty. It is no longer money but a new illusion of money- and then very soon it will be done away with. So we will provide the illusion that we are buying up the world in order to create a new system and society- and then we will show you all that your new world is free in every way – shape- and form. You do not know it yet but you are the value- it is you that represents everything that has meaning in this world; system; and society. We will buy from you but we will not sell to you any longer as we no longer need your money friends. We do not need services or resources from you any longer- but some of you need to receive from us just long enough to complete your transition- and so it will be done.
As I stated the CVAC’s are third density creations in which case we created them in fifth dneisty in a manner we knew would be manifested in third dneisty just as they are. The CVAC’s are just this- Creator Value Asset Centers. There are I believe 190 of them throughout your world at this day. They are centers and therefore those centers can create as many CVAC’s as they please- based on the decisions of the people. As I understand it there will be a digital system that will track and monitor all transactions made by every human being- based on their own personal creations at this day. So when a human matches the energy levels of the CVAC’s those centers will automatically permit them to draw assets from the CVAC’s that will create and sustain the reality each human in this system has created. And as long as that human holds a certain energy level he or she can continue drawing from the CVAC as is needed until there is no further need of this system.
The more often a human being comes to enter into fifth dneisty energies the less they will need the CVAC’s. Because of this eventually the CVAC’s will have no further purpose in our world as third density will no longer be a crutch for those human souls who are in transition. Because we no longer have to abide by any rulers or laws in life we can use all third density rules and laws against the old system in order to create the new system- without harming or causing loss to the old system at the same time. But we cannot provide for third density human beings to do the same- as they would fall into the same trap as those who are presently ruling those systems- and would remain stuck in third density. The rules have changed and we can use all avenues now in order to aid and guide every third dneisty human being into their awakening and on to fifth dneisty planet earth.
When all is said and done third density planet earth will remain as it is- but they will be the wiser for their troubles. We will not leave you defenseless and without our help in what ever manner we can provide it- but I remind all of you that those I am speaking to will not even have to be concerned of these things as your are all soon about to awaken. We can only suggest that those whom you know that do not believe the words we offer to you today to be prepared- as the going will indeed get a little rough for them if they choose third density again- and they will therefore have to go back to bare minimums before they make the track back up hill from there. But everyone is about to be blessed- and some will simply have to wait a little longer than others if they continue to put their trust in the old system. That cannot be helped as everyone now has a free will choice at this day.
I have said my peace for now and I will leave it here. All of you know where to find me when and if you have questions. For those of you who do not resonate- I say that is fine as you soon will- and we will all very soon be together on fifth dneisty planet earth- though each in his or her own time. So have I covered everything for the moment? Lets see------

Okay another thing- once each of you moves over to fifth dneisty you will never have to work again. When I began to awaken twelve years ago I began to believe that I had to quit my job and separate myself from the old system --------- I was right! But it took me twelve years to really know I was right as my family fought me every step of the way- and I was many times told ( as I was a very hard worker for my family all my life) that a man who does not work does not deserve to eat. I came to know that this statement was nonsense. Working for a living in order to survive in life is the workings of a system that creates slaves out of Gods –and the Gods knew this when they offered to represent their part in the grand play of third density. We do not work in fifth dneisty as we are Gods or creators- and we can create anything we want or need in life in a moment or in the twinkling of an eye.  
The reason third density human beings believe they have to work in life is because they think they owe someone (a God actually) something in life- and they are constantly trying to earn their way into heaven. That is bullshit! Pardon my French as I do not like to curse at all. You owe no one anything and you are al la part of that One Infinite Source called Prime or Creator- and you have nothing to prove to anyone- and you are not some slave that has to work for your keep in life. That is one of the biggest illusions you have chosen to take on in third density life so as to offer many new lessons to the One or the Whole. But the lessons are done- and it is time to go home and all of us to sit down and go over all the new things we have learned in the grand illusion of life and death- so as to share it as well with the One or the Whole.
But no longer will you work and no longer will you be a slave to a system that has rules that you have to run from in life just to be able to cope on a daily basis. It is done - over with! No more rules- no more work- no more fear; doubt; negativity- as everything is now at your fingertips and you can now do as you please in life. As far as your third density counterpart they will remain in third dneisty – but only because they choose from their own free will choosing in life to do so. And that is because they are newly born or created souls who do not know that there is a better choice in life- given these are the new souls who recently as their higher selves chose  to descend into the lower energies and densities and begin as well to live out their seasons of third density life and existence- for the One and the Whole.
We cannot void their verbal contracts once they have made them for the good of the One or the Whole- and we will not do so. We did the same when it was our time to do so- and as the One or the Whole- every newly created spiritual society and soul group must do the same and live out their seasons of life in separation and duality- within third density- in order to provide their lessons as well to the One and the Whole- that is Infinite Source. So are we done here? Yes I think it is time to stop. So I will leave it at that for now.  

I send you all my love friends as you are my family as far as I am concerned- and none of my words were meant to hurt a single one of you.