My offering on the ONE PEOPLES PUBLIC TRUST!

02/08/2013 11:33

My offering on the ONE PEOPLES PUBLIC TRUST!


The One Peoples public Trust is a fifth dneisty organization brought into the world so as to begin guiding all of third dneisty that is not yet awakened into our new fifth dneisty plane and planet. The planet has indeed already made the shift in consciousness and this simply means that those societies of lower consciousness- not yet in the know on a spiritual plane will soon be in the know on the fifth dneisty spiritual level. Until they have all awakened and remember who and what they represent within the One and the whole they will need a little tender loving care from us who are in the know and have already begun the manifestation of fifth dneisty upon our present planet.

The One Peoples Public Trust cannot have anything to do with third dneisty traditions or systems as this is not what they are here for. They are not here for drama and they are not here to bring about mass arrests of the corrupt world leaders that once had such a strong hold on the people of this world and kept them in slavery. The One Peoples Public Trust is not here to bring the world a new government- a new monetary system- a new form of punishment for those whom certain folks seem to think deserves punishment at this day- nor are they here even to bring you your Freedom. Each of you already has your Freedom in this world and you simply need to come to realize what world you all live in now. It ain’t third dneisty! Yes many of you are still of the illusion that you are living in the same world (third dneisty) as you lived in last year and the year before- but this is not the case.

And so the One Peoples Public Trust is here today to offer a third dneisty solution to your third dneisty problem so that this monkey in no longer on the backs of the people of the world- and they can all move on when their time comes for each of them to awaken individually and move up to their next level of consciousness- joining all of us here on fifth dneisty planet earth. We live in a world- society- and system now that no longer is bound by rules- regulations- and laws that maintained at one time a society of slaves. We don’t live there anymore. And so the One Peoples Public Trust not only has taken it upon themselves- for the good of the One and the Whole- and not for their own good alone- and have foreclosed on all corrupt and unwanted systems of the world- and is in the process of replacing them with whatever new systems the people now want to put in place. The OPPT is not forcing anything on anyone but is simply a group that has come into our new fifth dneisty world- and has offered their solution to the problems of the world- and all who wish to come on board with them in this new system, is more than welcome to do so as a society of One- where all the people will live and choose all things in life as One (society and organic government).

You see friends the world has now been turned back over to the people because of those documents the OPPT has created and made into law through the third dneisty process they used against all third dneisty world rulers; organizations; corporations; and governments. They could not have done this from a fifth dneisty foundation as none of these laws and contracts even exist within fifth dneisty and are not even needed there- but the OPPT is here in fact as a guide so as to guide all those third dneisty humans not yet awakened into their awakening and new found life and reality within fifth dneisty as well. We all who have now shifted in consciousness and now reside within fifth dneisty whenever we wish to return there on a daily basis do return there on a daily basis once our work is done here in third dneisty. It is a bit difficult to explain in this one short article and so I will not attempt to do so at this time- but will simply way to you all that we of the new fifth dneisty earth visit third density earth every day now so as to return at this time and act as guides to all those third dneisty human who are not yet awaken and aware of what things are about to take place in your new life; world; and system.

And so as it goes the One Peoples Public Trust- whom you are aware of mostly through the conversations had with Heather – is not seen or heard from much by those still in third dneisty simply because she is doing so much work today behind the scenes so as to cause this new system to very soon manifest upon the world stage so that she does not have to suffer the burden any longer than needed of watching all the people of the world  continue to suffer at the hands of that once corrupt set of world rulers who have for the longest time enslaved the masses of the world. I myself feel the same as Heather and all the people involved with the inner and outer workings of the One Peoples Public Trust- but I am not a good public speaker nor am I good at law and contracts- and so Heather and everyone else over there at the One Peoples Public Trust are doing their part to manifest our new world; reality; and system upon the world stage today and myself and many others are doing their part- whatever their purpose or use may be at this day for bringing back together the One or the Whole of mankind.

The OPPT has not only provided so that the people of the world can now recognize that they are completely free to live their lives in a manner they each choose to live their life- but they can either choose to be creators or co- creators (such as the people who make up the OPPT) and now move on with creating that new life they each choose to live- no matter what that life may now look like.  The difference now is that they have also provided so that the people of the world will soon be set free from homelessness- hunger- all levels of poverty- and continuously being in need in life from one day to the next. But again you do not have to follow the One Peoples Public Trust and their new system of things but are free to join any other group that may pop up in our new world we live in today- or you can choose to be single and live you life in such a manner as not to have to abide by anyone’s rules- regulations- or laws ever again. For nay rules that are in place now within our new fifth dneisty world and society will be there because the people put them there and not some government that once existed in the old system.

You are all free my friends and you simply need to realize this. That will come for most when you awaken into our new fifth dneisty reality- as the third dneisty human has a very hard time of wrapping their mind around this concept that seems so very new to them at this day. But let’s put it in as simple a set of terms as we can --- When each of you is born into this world you are not born with a sheet of paper on your buts or an ink pen in your mouth. You are born free because no one has the right to tell you that you are not free when you come into this world as a new born child of God. You power of speech is just as powerful and carries just as much weight in this world as does that of any other human being. No one can come to you and tell you that you have to abide by their laws- and cannot do so unless they were to physically make a slave or you and cause you to submit through force. However once the people take back their world and many different societies bullies will no longer have a place in our new world and society of fifth dneisty because fifth dneisty humans do not think in this manner any more.

So you see friends everyone is created equally and the only way to create a world and society that is no longer in equilibrium – such as those societies with a fifth dneisty world and system- is to forcefully make the people submit through the old Divide and Conquer scenario. That scenario is done with now however- and the OPPT is just one of the very first groups in our world that will bring about this new system and society.

The masses are forming behind the scenes now- and they are even forming out in the open- and when it is all said and done- (could actually be days away) we will have our planet back. There is absolutely nothing a third dneisty human being can do at this day to help manifest and mold this new system and society of ours simply because it is we who were intended to come here first – to fifth dneisty planet earth- and get the ball rolling for all those masses who are soon to merge upon the world stage. When therefore that damn breaks- and the people wake up in mass numbers- you will know it just by seeing it with your own eyes. We know it is almost here- but to tell a third dneisty human these things would simply cause more humans to doubt us and call us crazy. The best way at this stage of the game is just to get it all done behind the scenes and all of a sudden give it to the people of the world- and let them run with it. There are a lot of third dneisty humans today who want to hear the message and see proof from the OPPT but they are not yet of a level of consciousness to see the proof when it is actually staring them in the face- and that is okay- because they might make our work behind the scenes more difficult if they did at this point. And so we are here for all of you dear friends- the One Peoples Public Trust is here for all of you – and they ask that you be patient and just know that all the details are being worked out- and even some of us do not know them all- as that is not our part and purpose in this thing at the moment.

For those who believe you are even now in the process of awakening- but the things you hear of and read involving the OPPT just seem so very difficult to understand at this time- we say to you that this is how it must be for now- and everything will very- very- soon come to make perfect sense to the world. We know you are all hurting- as many of us are as well for the moment- but when we tell you soon ( and we know you have heard this term many times) we mean soon!


With so much unconditional love and respect for you all my dear fellow humans -----Daniel----


Topic: My offering on the ONE PEOPLES PUBLIC TRUST!

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