My answers to Hopegirls questions!

02/09/2013 13:47

Questions posed by Hopegirl from people who want to know-----------


The answers I offer here are my opinion and are offered for the good of the One- for the good of all mankind. I will do my best to leave ego out of my answers.

Answers are below-----

1) Why can’t I find the UCC filings from OPPT on the UCC site? The only UCC filings from the OPPT I can find are on the OPPT site. If I can’t find them on the UCC site, how do I know that they are legitimate? Could they have been blocked by the UCC site? And who actually runs the day to day operations of the UCC? (note this video with instructions on how to find the UCC filing was put out by Caleb, one of the OPPT trustees… please note that Caleb has a very “direct” personality

2) Whose going to enforce this on my behalf and protect me from being harmed? The judges are doing whatever they want anyway and what if standing up to them with these UCC filings make the judges very angry and I end up thrown in Jail or lose my home?

3) If the trustees reallocated all the money in the world to the people on the behalf of all the people, then where is the money (gold, silver) now and why have they not released it to the people who are in desperate need for money to survive?

4) What exactly is a CVAC, how do I know that its real, and how do I know that the OPPT funds are really there?

5)If all of this has been done on behalf of all of the people of the planet, then why is it not communicated in a way that the people can understand? What about those that don’t have the time or the ability to do hours of research or read legalese?

6)What if the old grandmother who doesn’t use the internet gets this information from her granddaughter whom she trusts, and then files these UCC filings and ends up flagging herself to the system, gets cut off from the system, does not have anything else to replace this assistance and can no longer get her medications. What if she dies from this? Who’s going to take responsibility?

7) If all of this is already done then why and how is everything still running? If we’ve taken over the system, then why are the banks still operating as usual and why haven’t we already switched the coding in the banks to implement this?

8) If the cabal no longer has control of the media and the internet, why have these filings been forbidden to be disclosed on main stream media by the political authorities, but not censored from the internet? Why haven’t the sites been taken down?

These are just a few questions that have been posed. I feel that it’s important that we all help each other find the answers. I look forward to hearing what any of you may have to offer to this discussion in the comments below.

As for me, while I await the completion of the Primer, I will continue to bring the Fix the World Organization forward. As this was created for the people and by the people, the business plan belongs to the people and it can change and adapt to the needs of the people. Our main goal is and always will be to find something that actually works in the end and brings the changes the people need into manifestation. For this reason I am excited to say that I think we’ve found a way to bring the people what they need that does not rely on one single thing. The plan will work with or without a new system, with or without the release of prosperity packages or currency revaluation. It is the bridge, it is the definition of our transition period we must go through to get to the new paradigm, and it is here now through countless hours of hard work and relationship building. Stay tuned, much more to come to you on this soon as we get the website up and running for all of you to submit your resumes, project ideas and input.

Forever in Service to all of you my beloved humanity,

-Your Hope


1] You question friend is one of lower energies and from a third dneisty prospective. In other words you want proof of documents that were intentionally created originally from a fifth dneisty energy source. What documents you look for you look for from doubt and therefore depending on whether or not you were meant to find these documents in the first place fate or destiny will take over. For what is meant for one human being is never necessarily meant for another. Each of you has a life’s plan and that plan will be played out to the final hour of your third dneisty life- right up to the moment each of you is to awaken and take on your new fifth dneisty consciousness. Even as we speak each of you is still creating and co- creating- even from third density. Therefore as you create fear- doubt- and negativity in your life this is what you will get back. If it is meant to be each of you will find what you are looking for- but you must keep in mind that Heather is no longer working by rules- regulations-or physical laws of third dneisty. So what is there based on fifth dneisty energies right now might not be there for someone who is seeking them from a third dneisty prospective- in which case you will have to raise your vibrations through the removal of fear- doubt- and negativity. What I offer each of you here is a fifth dneisty response to a third dneisty question- use it as you see fit.


2] Stop looking for someone else to be responsible for your decisions in life at this point and realize you are now completely free if you are willing to “know” it. What this means is each of you is now responsible for himself or her self and your actions and choices in life from this day forward. So do not look for a savior or someone to have your back when you make the wrong decision at this point. I myself sit and wait on every move Heather and the OPPT make as I know my life in in complete alignment with what they are doing at this day. If you need paper or contracts to fix the life you are presently living because you feel it is broke then it is you that will have to decide what decisions to make and when and where to make them.  Heather and the OPPT have offered a new system for our world – they have offered a new way of providing peace; prosperity; and abundance for our new planet and world- but this is just one choice, one idea, and no one is required to choose it- as every human being is now free to create or co –create their own new world and life. If you do not wish to harm your family or cause them loss of any kind then stay out of their decisions and stop trying to help them when you do not know if what you decide will help them or not. Just let them continue living according to the old system if they wish and you follow your heart at this point. What is good for one human at this day is not necessarily good for another.

No one is here to save you but you. So if you doubt that a certain decision or action is not beneficial for you or a family member at this stage of the game then don’t do it. Simple as that! For myself I am living a very – very modest life now because I decided to get rid of all of my baggage in life- but I am not going to go fight city hall so that I can be free or removed from their system- because I am going to be patient and let life play out – and so each of you must now decide whether you completely trust Heather and the OPPT a little or a lot. But know this- they will never tell you how to conduct your actions as a third dneisty human beings simply because what they are doing now is not a third dneisty thing but a fifth dneisty thing- and some( even many) are not yet ready to come on board with their new plan. You are the one who must decide. Are you ready? Is your family ready? We don’t know- and it is not for us to know. Follow your hearts dear ones- this is the only good advice we can give you all at this point.


3] First of all you are not the only ones who are desperate and need certain things to survive in life today. But some people can do without more than others simply because they have come to learn how to be content with little in life or enjoy abundance.

Secondly: We know (and I am speaking from the One collective consciousness) the people of the world are hurting- are in poverty and are homeless in certain situations- and that they cannot hold out much longer if something is not done. But again when you think of the silver and gold- and you are wondering where the silver and gold is- you are wanting to know so that you can possess it whether in a physical way or a spiritual and conscious way. What if Heather were not completely sure that she had the silver and gold in holding and protective custody for the people’s good- but that she only thought it – or even believed she knew it was there- but could not actually prove it to any of you?

Are you not still thinking from a third dneisty prospective- and do you not yet understand that what Heather and the OPPT is doing is a fifth dneisty action and process? In other words we can say and think anything we want now because we know there are no more rules as far as the material and physical planes are concerned. So if we create it or co- create it- we know it shall be done. The fact that we know and certain third dneisty humans do not know because of their fear- doubt- and negative energies does not make it not so. For Heather to prove it (where the silver and gold is) to the world would this not divulge where the silver and gold is? What good would that do- and how is this protecting the silver and gold if we do not know who can be trusted within third dneisty earth or consciousness? So you see the dilemma is the fear- doubt- and negativity each of you possesses and not whether or not Heather has possession of the silver and gold. That proof is not going to be provided because it is not in the best interest of the people of the world. We are here to provide much help and guidance to third density mankind- but that help and guidance will not be in the package many of you think it will be in simply because the rules have changed and the playing field has been so very much widened.

We are headed for a world and system that is without money or anything to back it other than the value each human being represents in the world today- and that value is unimaginable and cannot even be named it is so great. Therefore what many of you still seek you will no longer need when you wake up one day in your beds.

4] As my knowledge of the CVACS is no where near as great as that which Heather possesses I will not attempt to cloud the issue any further at this point.

I will tell you that looking for money or financial abundance is still thinking in a third dneisty energy and level of consciousness. If everything were offered to you tomorrow that you wanted or needed in life would you care any more about money? So as long as the CVAC’s do their job and the people get what they want in the end (as we do not have a school of CVAC’s for third dneisty humans yet- and I speak only of your levels of energy) does it matter what the CVAC’s are or how they will work? Until each of you awakens much of what Heather and crew has to offer will be very difficult for some to comprehend- simply because they are not things meant for the comprehension of third dneisty energies and consciousness. In other words what tasks are to be carried out by Heather- the OPPT- and the CVAC’s is fifth dneisty acts or tasks. The CVAC’s will provide what is needed for those of fifth dneisty earth to achieve what they are seeking at this day- and third dneisty humans ( many different lower levels of energy) will not see those things that brought them abundance – peace- and their needs in life that existed within the old systems of third dneisty.

Everyone will be taken care of and provided for ( throughout the world) in this new system the OPPT is putting in place behind the scenes - but if they were to talk about or reveal their actions they are carrying out behind the scenes (like many groups appear to be doing in the world today) then the cat would be let out of the bag- and people who are not nice would do their very best to put an end to the new system the OPPT is putting in place even as we speak. Sometimes we need to know when to keep our actions to ourselves friends- and this is one of those times for the OPPT.

5] This is not about legalese friends as the people can not understand the wording of the OPPT documents simply because of their levels of energy and vibrations. What Heather and the OPPT are doing behind the scenes- as well as out in the open can only be understood by those who are awakened or are in the process of awakening because the documents are of a higher energy source and vibration. Heather knows she cannot explain much of what the documents are about to the average human because of this. It is like attempting to cause a third dneisty human to immediately raise their vibration and see a fifth dneisty human with their third dneisty eyes. It cannot be done in most all cases as people do not normally raise their vibration instantly. So for those who are still third dneisty and they like what things they hear with Heathers group the OPPT then this is a good thing- but at the same time you will not understand what they are doing until you are on the same level of energy they are on.

 This will require each human to awaken and want as well as understand the things of our new world and system known as fifth dneisty. I and many other already have the teachings in place for all those humans who believe they are ready to step up and raise their spiritual awareness so that they can in fact completely understand what is to come form the filings and behind the scenes workings of the OPPT.  Again my advice to everyone is to be patient and let things unfold as they are to unfold- as many of you cannot be of much help at this time if you have not yet made the shift in consciousness- and you were not meant to be much help at this time- as we are more than happy to do for our third dneisty counterparts ( you) what is best for all of us in the end- and will bring peace- prosperity- abundance- and freedom to all of man on this new planet of ours.

6] Again I will state that all responsibility is to lie on each of you at this day if you are going to choose to believe you are free and then go out there in the old and corrupt system and try and use new principles and documents to get your way in the old system. No one told you to do these things and no one said it is foolproof for everyone. But if you want to have fun with it and test the waters just know that it is a test for you just as Heather had to test the old system with new things as well- and it worked out fine for her. So she brought about the new system for the world but never told the world to use it while making her responsible for their actions from this point on in life. You are responsible for you- and that grandmother is responsible for her- and a fifth dneisty human (Heather) is never going to tell Grandma to go out and fight the old system with these new documents.

Each of you is to do what you feel is best for you- and all I am telling you here is that we are now living in a fifth dneisty world that is in its beginning stages of manifestation ( which is why most of you still see a lot of third dneisty around you) but there are still many of you out there still who cannot see these manifestations and fifth dneisty human souls  who exist in that world because that world actually exists within each of you and is that place they call inner or Hollow Earth. Inner and Hollow Earth is not really a place but a level or state of consciousness. When your energies and vibrations are heightened however (when each of you awakens individually) you will see everything we are speaking of and will then understand everything. At that time you will each have what Heather is speaking of as Absolute Date- and I call divine wisdom.

As more and more humans awaken on this new planet of ours called fifth dneisty earth – more and more Absolute Data will be revealed to the world. In the meantime this will not at all hinder the progress of many other things that are even now being put in place behind the scenes. So again I would suggest you let grandma be as she chooses and start working on that new world she will soon be sharing with the rest of us. Don’t put grandma in harms way if she is not in harms way already.


7] Everything is still running (as you say) because everything has to appear as normal on up to the day when the event happens and that can of worms everyone has been waiting to be opened up is indeed opened up. People have to live and survive until everything is completely put in place and the new system can be brought on line- and even then there are going to be a lot of humans who still will not wish to switch over to the new system because they do not know if they can trust those who created the new system any more than they were able to trust those who ran the old one. Everything needs to be done and complete in its allotted timeframe in this thing and we of the higher energies are not going to rush something that has to be done in a gradual manner- as it could be detrimental in the end. The digital system is being put in place as we speak but outer people cannot be told what the progress actually is. Just because things do not appear to be on track- and just because many of you do not even know if this will be done in your lifetimes- we tell you it is already done but we will not provide any proof until it is completed and has already been put into affect.

Proof is not something a fifth dneisty human or group needs in life as what we create and co – create is from knowing and not wanting or believing or wishing.  What the OPPT is putting in place- has actually already been put in place by their creating it- and it is now simply being manifested in your world. What you think is coming about from them (the OPPT) to be third density things will actually be manifested as fifth dneisty things – in which case what you all will end up seeing in this new system that is about to come up on the world stage- will not be anything like those things of the old system. Everything you are looking for in the world to make things better for the people will indeed be manifested for you all- but it will have a different shell or form. So what you think you are about to see as money is not what you will see. What you think you are about to see as a new trustworthy government is not what you will see either. The technologies you think you are about to see will blow your minds when you actually see what we can now do in our world as apposed to the old world and systems.

The manner in which you all think you will come to see world peace is not how it will unfold- but it will be much more wonderful. But again I say to you all- get rid of the fear- the doubt- the negativity- and the rational thinking you have all been use to having in life- and start thinking as a child who all of a sudden has been given the powers of a God. This is what is coming- but many of you are not there yet and we are here to help guide each of you who want to get there.

8] The Cabal does still have control of the media and the internet to an extent (main stream media more so) but they have not bothered Heather and the OPPT because they are not a threat to them considering they are third dneisty and Heathers crew is fifth dneisty. Heather and company (the OPPT) do not have to take anything form the Cabal or old system in order to manifest and put their new system in place. This is a misunderstanding provided by many groups out there today and it just isn’t so. Therefore as long as the OPPT is no threat to the old system because most people in the world are still brainwashed by the old system and put much of their faith in it- the OPPT has not been threatened to the point of going into hiding. As long as the world rulers (Cabal) have the judged bought- as long as they own the police departments and Lawyers- as long as they continue to control the media they believe they are safe- and are not threatened by the OPPT. This is why you already see people going into court and fighting the OPPT and are winning for now because the judges are bought.

However once the people get the right numbers behind them and the OPPT the old system cannot enslave the societies of the world any longer.  To be more specific what makes you think two systems cannot exist side by side for a period- until such time as the old system gradually dies off? What makes you think this is not the plan- and Heather and the OPPT know this is how it will unfold? Sure the people or rulers (makers of the rules and laws) of the old system are saying hey’ we might not be able to rebut their claims on their documents but we don’t have to give in or over to them because they cannot go into a court owned by us and beat us. So we will just let them be and they will eventually die off. But the problem is that they will not eventually die off because as another human being awakens every hour on the hour- and every day from here on- eventually everyone will move over to fifth dneisty earth and the new system brought about by Heather and all those like here and the OPPT.

So basically my friends it is a waiting game and we are willing as we have been waiting for some time now and the lid is about to be blown off of the new world and system we have put into place. Whether it is all going to be carried out by the plan the OPPT has in place matters not- as there are sure to be others come along that will make the plan look even more refreshing and beneficial to all of mankind- or the One. Exactly what I have been speaking about is what has happened friends- so many people have already woken up that the new system and the OPPT information is spreading all over the world now like wildfire- and the people are speaking out. It is a done deal and the slaves have woken up. Keep your eyes on the television and the internet as things are about to get interesting my friends.


What things I have said here today dear ones I have said not to tell you what you want to hear but in fact to tell you what you need to hear. I have from the beginning of this transmission asked that my higher self guide me through this complete process of answering these questions to the benefit of all people throughout the world. As it is a truth my higher self has done most of the speaking they have also allowed Daniel ( third dneisty Daniel) to speak in some instances- so as to be understood my those who asked the questions originally- and you know who you are. So please understand these answers are for a much larger audience than some of you may be aware of- and are not intended for any one person. We are here for the good of the One or Whole- and that is the purpose of these proceedings friends.

With much unconditional love and respect