Lets move on everyone!

02/16/2013 14:13

Let’s move on everyone!


      Okay here goes ---- We are not going to get rid of the old system. Neither are we going to be responsible for the hiring’s- firings- arrests- resignations- deaths- suicides- or replacements of any kind of the ones who are presently and have been in the past -  workers of the old ruling systems of the world better known as third dneisty planet earth. Some would call them the Cabal – the Illuminati- or the powers that were. Whatever the case may be we are now fifth dneisty human beings living on fifth dneisty planet earth- and we are involved in fifth dneisty circumstances and systems as of now. We cannot be involved with third dneisty workings or going against their free will choices in life to manifest and create their present third dneisty planet earth as they please in life.

We are a forgiving group of human souls now that live life in unconditional love for our fellow neighbors and we therefore do not any longer infringe on the free will choices in life and evolution of those who are still presently third dneisty humans not connected consciously with their fifth dneisty higher selves (those not in the process of awakening). We no longer have nay thing to do with the old systems and we cannot ask them to change nor can we push them out of the way any longer. We are a people who reside on timeline number one now and we therefore must move on ourselves n another direction in life- leaving all others to live and choose as they please- while we can indeed still guide anyone and everyone to their awakening in the world by leading as an example and sharing our words and messages with the world. But we cannot shove it down their throats and we cannot force our words or teachings on anyone any longer. Ascension as it is called (I like to call it the shift in consciousness) is a decision every human soul must make on his or her own in life. If we attempt to force our beliefs or teachings on others then we too return to being third dneisty humans once again based on our levels of energy and vibrations.

We are not to hold animosity against any other human for their misdeeds against us in the past as they knew not what things they were doing- and were simply following a script unconsciously- as their higher selves actually had everything set in the world for them to experience- live- and choose in life- based on the choices their higher selves made- as well as the fact that everything a third density human does in life is based on corresponding influx from the ethers – or the spiritual and inner man. Whatever the case may be when a human soul awakens they come to know all of these things – when in fact that human soul that is not awakened sees it all as nonsense.  So how do we ever blame those who do not know what our world looks like or acts like to begin with? How can a human who resides in lower energies- and therefore a lower atmospheric bubble and reality- understand higher things? They cannot! So we forgive us for even thinking such a thing from time to time- and we forgive them as we each eventually know we should- and life goes on according to evolution.

We are a very loving generation of human souls and we have simply been brainwashed so that we knew nothing when we were born as a human child- and then we were taught afresh by those humans who unconsciously were living life in a vast illusion as well. Nothing in this world is as it seems- and I mean absolutely nothing. There is so much realty wonderful stuff going on around us that we do not see when we are each in third density energies that we simply see a person as crazy if they are to tell us that utopia is at our door step- but I assure dear friends that it is. So if you want to arrest them- if you want to judge them- and if you want to punish them and even go as far as to want to kill or murder them- then you are not an awakened human being and you are not even in transition if you do not see the error of your thoughts at some point through out your daily life at this day.

I tell you we have no more to do with them or the choices they make in life as they are the lower representation of the loving human soul each of you is to see ( in and on fifth dneisty earth) with the same face that represented them when you knew them in third density. Let them be and allow them to choose timeline number one or timeline number two. Either way they will still be your many friends and family in third density or in fifth density  forever- always depending on what density or level of energy you are in at any given now moment in your new life and energy system. Therefore since you are each moving on to a life on fifth dneisty planet earth why do you still bother with that old system? They will not leave and you cannot ever cause them to move out of existence or to become uncreated now that they have all been created by each of you throughout the many years that have been represented by your lives there on third dneisty planet earth.

Money will remain for them until they choose to get rid of it. Technologies will remain for them until they each awaken- ascend- and grow out of their childlike thoughts and creations in life. They will continue to get sick and die of disease simply because these are the things they fear most in life- and fear is the driving force in third density existence. They will continue to believe in punishment- rules and regulations- and the laws of the land. They will continue to kill and be killed and wars will go on as long as they possess weapons of war and the mindset that it is good and profitable for them (service to self mentality) in life. They will continue to vote for governments and rulers throughout their world as this is what is beneficial to the rulers of a system that is made up of the rich and the poor. They will continue in binding the people of society in slavery and they will always need worker bees in third dneisty.

Because we are a generation that does not believe in wars or violence or punishment of any kind we will not fight them and we will not attempt to harm- kill them- or cause them loss of anything they have gathered in life that puts them each at an energy level they chose in life according to their own free will choosing.

You see- because they cannot see or interact with the fifth dneisty human being they cannot harm or cause loss of any kind to them either. And if they cannot cause harm or loss in life to us why would we wish to harm or cause loss in life to them? We do not even believe in an eye for an eye – but in fact we say turn the other cheek. So we will not harm them and we will not cause them loss in life. Everything we create now we will create anew as we have given up all things having to do with the old system. We had to because our energy levels would not have gotten us here on fifth dneisty earth if we had not first given up all things having to do with third density earth.

And so the powers that were against us- but are now only against those who bow to them in life- are still at work creating a new veil or illusion that the people of third dneisty earth- will buy simply because they are not yet prepared to awaken. If they are in the process of awakening however- at any level- they will not longer buy into the old system- or the illusion. So turn off your televisions- stop listening to the main stream media- try and understand that you are a loving generation and you should not be having those thoughts that tell you to punish someone simply because they made a mistake in life or did not understand things the way or at the level in which you might understand things in life. Why do you still wish to hurt others or cause them loss in life? Do you ever question these kinds of affections coming out of your mind that do not resonate with your heart? Think about this and really try and understand what people are telling you art this day that do not carry guns and do not wish to send their sons and daughters out to wage war on another civilization or society in your world.

Why do you think that all those internet sights out there that are fighting for their freedom and are willing to do so with a gun are kicking you off of their blogs and Facebook pages my friends? Do you not see that they do not want to hear your message of forgiveness and peace- but are still in the level of energies and vibration in life that they are the animal like nature of the human souls you all once were. None of you can claim you were not of the same mindset as the rest of them out there prepared to take up arms and fight for their freedom- simply because they cannot yet comprehend that they are already free- and are simply living a lie or an illusion sending their minds in the opposite direction.

 Look at it this way – each of you that understands what I am saying here understands simply because you are the future representatives or corresponding souls of all humans in third dneisty today- and you are here to guide them all to that same place in consciousness that you have been seeking for such a long time in your lives now. Do you know then what it feels like to want truth- but that you do not have a clue as to whom you can trust in this world- simply because the organized religions of the world will only explain to you what they understand or believe in life- and they always tell you never to go ask someone of another religion or belief. Do not allow yourselves dear friends to be limited any longer as to what your truth is. Go out and find it no matter what the cost- but do not harm another- and do not cause loss to any other human being in the process- as they are your family- and they are One with each of you in life. Now it is us to you to figure out why.