Is your God a God of Chaos?

12/12/2012 17:43

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Is your God a God of Chaos?



Who is the real God?


Can a seventh density human soul speak to a third dneisty human soul without lowering their vibration to the level of third dneisty? No!

Can a third dneisty human soul raise their vibration high enough to speak to or through a seventh dneisty human soul? No! Third density humans do not know how to raise their vibration which is why they are third dneisty humans. This does not mean a soul from the hells cannot ascend into the heavens for a time and believe themselves to be heavenly beings, but once they return to their hells they forget everything they had heard or learned.

We would state that speaking to a higher being is different than speaking through a lower third dneisty human. A third dneisty human cannot speak through a seventh density human soul, but the reverse is quite possible. For it is a truth that the third dneisty human provides the body and form, as well as the human senses in order for seventh dneisty man to speak and act  through third dneisty other selves. However third dneisty humans are not telepathic and cannot speak through their mind as their mind is fourth dneisty mind.

All higher beings have the ability to create within the third dneisty human mind (fourth density) by manifesting their creations within the third dneisty realms of illusion. All higher souls can also create through the fifth dneisty human body and form but these creations do not involve other humans or living beings even though seventh density man can interact with sixth dneisty man. How is this possible you might ask?

What is the seventh density human soul?

What is the sixth density human soul?

They are both human souls who are consciousness, but limited in their levels of consciousness. They are limited because they do not possess all consciousness but only those thoughts and affections that represent their ruling loves in life. Those things that do not represent their ruling loves are what make up their sub – conscious or are different aspects of the collective consciousness of Infinite Source. However as they each come to wish to make certain thoughts or affections their own in life so as to create other things, they can tap into the collective consciousness and therefore do so. Both levels of higher consciousness (sixth and seventh or higher) can speak through and to the collective as they are pure thought. They can speak to one another simply by knowing one anothers thoughts and asking or answering through telepathy. This is not possible for third dneisty man as he does not know he has this ability.

Whenever the All in All (Infinite Source) creates a finite soul He ( It) creates out of chaos and not order.  When a God or creator creates out of order He (or It) creates a world which must have laws within it so as to keep the order. Infinite Source does not do this as He ( or It) forces no laws on His ( Its) creations. And so you now have what is known as Service to Others and Service to self. If we had told you these things before dear ones you would not have believed us. And so we are not here to provide you truths but we are here to provide you what you need at this point in your spiritual evolution. The truths are always there for each of you as it is you who create your own truths in life and we simply provide you stepping stones to your own truth.

So again we say that Infinite Creator does not create from order but from chaos. Every creation within chaos is either of the positive nature or it is of the negative nature.

Therefore every God or god created can create all things they please in life according to chaos, but when they come to create through order they fall form the helping hand of the Infinite Source. Once they provide laws then they create sin and disobedience. Once they create disobedience then comes death, and once they create death then comes fear and anxiety, and all of these creations have to be continuously fed as they are Infinite as long as their finite God exists. And no God; god; or soul that exists within consciousness can ever cease to exist or die.  These lower gods know they can extinguish any life they please within their creation that is not beneficial to their creation because the rules of that created reality allow them to do so. At the same time if a soul is evil ; dark; or disobedient in life then they are just the souls the lower god needs in his world, which means they will live their lives to its end in fear.  

Again because this world or universe (created by a god who sought to create a reality from order and rules) is ruled by laws it must always be guided by its laws and those laws will remain in that world and reality to eternity. Infinite Creator will never interfere with this world simply because every creation must be played out to its end, and every time it appears that world and reality is about to end it is given new life to carry on its existence by you the finite creator. Does this mean that every soul ever to have entered into this world or reality (the one with rules; laws; and order) can never leave it? By no means! You (the one who created it) simply quarantine that world and bound it up in a program such as one within a computer. Because that world is under laws; rules; and order it must remain quarantined to eternity. You do not allow a single soul to escape that world and reality until they have evolved into a soul that is prepared to return to Source. When they leave that world however those of that world will not believe a single word they speak against that world, in which case it is provided new souls from your higher self to replenish it to eternity. And we do not mean from Infinite Source but Finite Source.

Part of you will always be Infinite Source and part of you will always be finite Source and this to eternity. You have never actually left Infinite Source but simply caused the illusion of a separation, and that illusion is the part of you that is finite. Again we say that there are not only positive creator Gods out there (service to others) in the collective consciousness that is finite source, but there are negative gods as well (in service to self) and each of these finite gods or Gods can create instantly and at will. When you create a thing however you are responsible for that creation to eternity. You provide the new souls and you provide the collective consciousness for all evolved souls who wish to awaken and ascend when their time comes. As long as a soul has evolved to the point where they no longer wish to be ruled or to rule over others; as long as they no longer  fear the other selves in their world ( as they will indeed be aware that all other humans are their other selves); and as long as evolved souls no longer wish the things of the present world of rules; laws; and order( third dneisty), then they are to be left alone and allowed to move on to whatever reality they so choose to create in their new life that they are about to embark on.

Those souls who still wish to remain in that present third dneisty world we are speaking of, those souls who still choose third dneisty life, they too will be permitted to leave that reality just as soon as they too evolve to the level of consciousness that causes them to no longer love the things of that world and system.

So you see every world; universe; and reality created will never be permitted to cause loss or go against the free will choices of another single world and reality to eternity. Those who leave your present world know these things and that is why they are permitted to leave, but they are so much wiser for having lived out that very long experience for the human soul. To put it in simpler terms once each of you becomes as a child you shall be permitted to leave your present world and system, but you will each now be a child who has been educated while still having the heart of a child. And a child does not act according to rule; order; or laws in life until you human beings teach them to do so. That habit is one that will soon be broken by many in your world dear ones, and you must once again become as a child in order to make the shift in consciousness.

Lets put it another way!

Have you been taught that God is a God of order? Not true! There are two of those creators called Gods (or gods) within the finite realm. It is each of you who will awaken as to which of these gods ( or Gods) you are.  This is why you are told to become as a child. (Some of your religions teach this and some do not) Is it wrong to be the god that is in service to self? Is it right to be the God that is in service to others? Put it this way – if you live in a world ruled by a Service to self god then you will be taught to obey the laws while you will see those who make the laws never obeying their own laws. Within society you will each be taught service to self ways of life. Now if you lived in a world that is created( not ruled) by a Service to others God then  every soul would go and do as he or she pleased in life while not infringing on the free will of others. In such a world as this you would create randomly and in a sort of chaos, but you would not involve others in your creations that did not first choose to be there.

Have you been taught to obey your rulers? Do not do so once you yourself know this statement to be true. The reason is that as long as you fear your rulers you must obey them as fear is what keeps you bound by their laws; rules; and order. Once each of you begins to awaken you will understand our words and the fear will soon subside, and you will know what to do. As long as you continue to obey your rulers and teach your children to do the same in life your world will forever be third dneisty. Teach your children how to get out of such a world and it will no longer be the world of future generations of your offspring as they will evolve to a level of consciousness that will separate them from such a world. Continue to teach revenge; punishment; murder; adultery; good and evil; rich and poor; technology; money; war; laws and so on and your children will repeat third dneisty unless they themselves choose to separate from these things on their own.

Do you teach your children to clean their house and to always keep it clean? This would mean that they would become angry if someone were to dirty it up would it not? This is teaching order and not random thinking or chaos. Order; rulers; and laws are third dneisty principles and will no longer exist after the shift.

Do you expect your children to behave a certain way, and you punish them if they do not? You are teaching them punishment which is connected to order; rules; and laws. You are teaching them order and not random thinking or chaos. You are teaching them to create like others in their society and surroundings, and not to think on their own when creating.  When you live in a world and system where everyone is taught to create the same things then no one evolves eventually as the potential for growth is taken away.

Your knowing in your present world is provided only by those things that already exist in your world and very few human souls are taught to create anew in life. If you know you are supposed to get up and go to work every day then the average human falls into this habit and form their life around this type of beginning for their day. People drink coffee and tea in the morning and therefore many humans believe they should drink coffee or tea in the morning. The average human is taught to send their child to college when they graduate from high school and that is what most humans will spend their younger years saving for instead of enjoying their life as much as they could have.  How many children really benefit from college? Everything the average human being knows in life is what they are taught to know, and they rarely seek to know anything else other than what the average human does. They are trained to be this way in third dneisty.

Where each of you is going dear ones is to a place where all knowing is already available to you and you simply have to seek those things you want to know. It is guaranteed that you will receive all knowing following the shift in consciousness. You do not have all knowing here in your world because humans lean on other humans to do the work for them simply because their everyday lives have been made so difficult to manage and life. Those days will soon be gone as you are about to enter into a reality where chaos and random creations are offered and preferred by all.

Imagine a house where a hundred humans could all live together as a family, and be happy as well. There would be no limits to the size of a house. There would be no limits to the size of a family. Everyone would have their needs met in life and no one would be in want for anything. Outside would be those who do not want to come in; neither do they want you and your family to come out, or they would harm you possibly.  They who live outside have what they want in life, according to the rules and laws they think they need to abide by, and so you leave them to their beliefs as you do not wish to go against their free will. Everyone is happy and both worlds are kept separate so that one cannot harm or cause loss to the other. Do you know which world you presently live in? Both of these worlds have a God and neither should be spelled with a capital over the other. There is no wrong god and there is no right god as there are simply two choices, and no one has a choice as to which they can be as they just are who they are.

If you are the one seen as the lower negative god (in service to self) then that is who you are and you would therefore choose third density life all over again. If you are the god who is seen to be positive; loving; and in service to others then you are the god known as the higher god, or God by the third density human soul. Still we would tell you that no god is over and above another god as the heavens are the home of the one seen to be higher( though not actually) and the hells are the home of the god seen to be lower. Certainly the one has to have higher vibrations in order to possess the consciousness it requires in life but that is all. An evil and negative soul (seen as the lower god or Satan) is the same as the lower human, and their heavens are actually in the hells (where they find their greatest happiness in life) while the higher human soul known as God (and all humans with higher vibrations) call their heavens heaven, as this is where they find their greatest happiness in life. So there are no set heavens and there is no set hells as both are a state of mind and not a place.

If your god is the higher god and you believe Him to be the right God then you are mistaken as He is only your God. If you see the lower god (Satan) as the right god then you too are incorrect as He is only your God. What is right and correct for one single human soul does not ever have to be right and correct for another human soul, as all things are permitted within Infinite Source. The fact that each of you is created of finite source only means that Infinite Source is your only limit and law of life. What is His one Universal Law? I will put this in simply terms. ‘Always mind your business unless asked to act or speak. “

Yes it is a little more complicated than this but the understanding of Infinite Sources universal Law will be understood by all who have evolved to that state of consciousness in life.


We are the society Daniel and we have blended our message today with certain words from  third dneisty Daniel so as to complete our message. We leave you all with things to ponder and we love you all unconditionally.