Is it imagination or reality?

12/16/2012 17:28
Is it imagination or reality?
Imagine a human being who is a world instead of one separate entity that has no actual connection with any other human. Again – imagine that that human being is actually God, and has been a God as far back as eternity. What if the human being does not simply possess a brain or mind that has myriads of thoughts within his or her mind all the time (thoughts that come from chaos and are provided randomly to the humans mind and consciousness throughout his or her day). But wait- lets think about this for a moment ------ are those thoughts random and provided from some form of chaos within the spiritual realms? We shall see!
Now again lets imagine that this human being is like a large computer but that it is organic in nature rather than mechanical or some form of machine. And within this organic computer there is a level of memory matched by no mechanical computer or machine ever thought to be a possibility. Imagine that this organic computer or human being possesses the illusion of a world of human citizens that have no identity other than their thoughts they provide to the consciousness and mind of this human ( organic computer) we are presently speaking of.
Yes – It is a truth that these other souls not known as humans (but simply as the thoughts of any random human you wish to think of or reflect upon) represent and actually are the conscious thoughts of every single human on your present world. Imagine that very single thought a human has is another human on some other density or level of consciousness which, provides not only consciousness to every human in third dneisty but their illusion of life and death (and all other illusions connected with life and death) as well.
Now some would say that if they cannot see those souls that are providing their thoughts and consciousness upon the plane of third dneisty that they cannot possibly be conscious or alive as we are. But did you ever think that it is they who are you and that what you see as you is actually just a dead shell made up of organic material, and it is they who are really consciousness and is experiencing the illusion of life and death within your present human body and form?
Could it be that they are simply talking to you and through you (if you were to speak to yourself in your mind) in life and it is you who has the misconception that you are alive, when in fact life and death are nothing more than the illusions your higher consciousness is experiencing every moment of every day upon your planet and world? In other words the life is not that human form you look at all the time in the mirror, but what exists and possesses your mind all the time.
 There is a world of Spirits within fourth dneisty dear ones that houses all the spirits; angels; and souls, that presently provide every thought that goes through your head in life, every moment. That spiritual society not only provides all of your thoughts but those of your mom; dad; wife; husband; son; daughter; cousin; friends; enemies, and so on. But within the spiritual realms those souls are not separate as they all combine to make a single life; soul; society;; world; universe, microcosm, and macrocosm in life, or the illusion of life and death.
So the humans and souls are not here in your present world you know as third dneisty planet earth, but they are somewhere inside of your consciousness as a complete world and society. The spirits all think they are you and the angels know better and do not therefore get involved in every day or lifelong decisions that each of you must make on your own. But as we said spirits think they are you and therefore think the thoughts they have exist in your present world as their thoughts ( with them thinking they are you in third dneisty).  To be more plain - Service to self souls (spirits) and Service to others souls (angels) form in different numbers to make up the life and consciousness of a being known to all of us as human beings. But you do not actually become a human being until you enter into sixth density consciousness.
So what we have so far is a world and society of spiritual beings who are given their individuality and semblance of life through the terms spirit; angel; or soul, when in fact they are all different representations of you, who is God. You as an infinite God created the appearance of separation through creating His finite world and reality. Then He ( you) created all the different terms and forms within this reality and gave them all names as the Infinite Source permitted finite Source to name them all. These are all the different souls within the spiritual realms that each of you is represented by. Every single soul that exists is each of you individually.
So if by chance any one of you thinks you are a human being, responsible for all of your thoughts; worlds; actions; and creations in life, you are not. You are not to be found guilty and you are not to judge any other human for being guilty either, as each and all of you are of the same spiritual society and soul group, and each and all of you are the same God. When each of you matures therefore in your evolution you will come not only to forgive others all their misdeeds against you in life, but you will come to forgive yourself for every offense, in every instance of life as well.
Now the spiritual society and soul group you created for yourself long ago is still alive and well, and will be to eternity. These souls (who are the real you) will forever combine to create the thoughts in life that your illusion of life chooses as your personal experience within the illusion of the human being you represent in the present world and reality. But it gets even greater than this dear ones. Where you might have a single thought in third dneisty - your sixth dneisty self (spiritual society and soul group) will have a hundred thoughts to iron out all the details to you one single thought in life. Again where your sixth dneisty self might be having that one hundred thoughts to your one your seventh density self (spiritual society and soul group) might be having ten thousand thoughts so as to create even more details to that one single thought the third dneisty human (you) had.
So do you see how much work goes into creating a single thought for a third dneisty human being dear ones? For there is an infinite number of densities that represent you, and every density provides multiples of thoughts creating the details of a single thought within the lower societies that represent you or your illusions of life and death. So the world and reality that you see as being so real is a very density copy of the one that is even more real above it, and then the realities become more and more real as we go up in densities; vibrations; frequencies; and levels of consciousness.  And to become more and more real more and more details have to be added in the higher spiritual societies.
Where does this leave your human life that a minute ago you may have thought to be all that even existed upon planet earth? And we make this statement for those who are the least uneducated in your world dear ones, and give credit to those who know exactly what we speak of here. You are not a single being and you never were. You do not create children or offspring and are therefore held completely responsible for them until they graduate from higher education. There is a whole society of souls in there inside of your being that is watching over your children and walks with you every moment of every day in your life to its end upon your world.
To go one further we would tell you that every human soul upon your world is you and they too (those who make up your heavens in the spiritual realms) watch over your children when you are not around them. For there are humans in your present world who make up your spiritual heavens, and there are humans in your present world who make up your spiritual hells but all humans of your world make up one or the other, as they are simply your other selves.
We tell you these things dear ones as we are here this day to help guide those who seek a better life. We tell you all that you are all about to come home to us, and we were not given the ability to guide you before until each of you had made up his or her mind where each of you wanted to be at the time of the shift in consciousness that is coming to your world at this day. We had to know which of you would choose our heavens and which of you would choose our hells when the green light (so to speak) was given to us to proceed. We would not guide anyone to our hells as we can only guide those who are similar in nature home to be with us, and all others would choose the hells simply by not wishing to hear our messages or any that similar to them.
By hearing our messages however we would say everyone has a fighting chance to return to the home that best fits them and corresponds to their ruling loves in life as well as those affections that guide their every day thoughts. No one is ever forced to go to the hells of their spiritual society and soul group, just as no one is ever forced to return to their heavens from whence they came. For wherever you came from in the beginning of this created reality and lesson, such is where you will return, and all we can do is make that decision a little bit easier for all of you at this day.
Enjoy reading our message dear ones, and know that many are to follow so as to continue our guiding as many souls as possible home to the place they love.
We are the sixth density society Daniel and we say now that we love you all unconditionally.