Get out of the machine!

12/10/2012 17:48

Monday, December 10, 2012


Get out of the machine!


Get out of the machine!


Greetings dearest ones----------- Is it not so that you who believe yourselves to be so much more than you are and so much less than you can and will be, do not really know the simple meaning for all that there is? I am the one you would call God or Source that has created every conscious form that exists at this time and all times which came before you. It is I who caused a separation and then a finite reality of consciousness all within my own being that is you. I will explain to each of you just how you accomplished this task as me - once I offer you a few other details. Details such as I will explain to you the one thing you have many times wondered in your many lives. Each of you has experienced the many incarnations of you and myself in duality, that houses the forms of animal; vegetable; and mineral,  so as to experience the illusion of life and death. But here’s the real question you have asked me time and time again.

What is the meaning of life?

To explain this to you dear ones I must first explain to you what comes before the illusion of life and death. I do not explain these things to you because I have to at this time, nor because I wish to at this time of your evolution, but simply because it is you who have drawn me to yourself so as to guide you through the steps of evolution into you next higher consciousness. I have chosen to do this because it is what keeps order within the whole that is me.

I am the ONE that came before you; I was you; and I will be you again. I do not exist within time and space but I fill all space with my essence and being. I am not created but am the Creator, and yet my creations are never separate from me. I am all that there is and yet to you I am nothing according to my essence and being within your realm of existence. I am neither liquid; solid; or gas. I am pure consciousness and I am therefore all knowing as to know is to be conscious of a thing. Again I am all that there is and I am you in your completed state of existence. Each and all of you are conscious ( know) of me at many different levels of consciousness or knowing but none of you are me in my whole state of existence as I am Infinite and cannot be whole or complete.

There is no end to me and therefore no beginning to me. I am the storehouse of all that there is and each of you is a vessel that takes from the storehouse whenever you please in life; according to all that you can live and receive in your life; and you will continue to draw all things from me to eternity. When you think you have received all that I can offer you in life then you are only beginning to penetrate the veil of illusion. I am not life and I am not death; I am not right or wrong; up or down; in or out; positive or negative, and so on. I am not dark and evil, nor am I unconditional love and light, but I am all things and then again I am nothing, as all depends on what each of you is within my consciousness that is my essence and being. I do not possess a body and form in my natural state of existence as that would only limit me in my existence.

I do possess and fill your bodies and souls however dear ones with my being, and yet I do not exist as part of your being. Time and space are both two of my greatest creations and were it not for all the illusions I created from the beginning you would not be here reading the words the human writes down for my purposes and my purposes alone. All is for my purposes as each of you is me and I am you, and you have simply forgotten because you chose to forget for a time, for the good of the whole that is the finite world and universe. Every element; every term; every thought; word; action; affection; and ruling love in your life is an illusion. There is no love and there is no hatred; there is no right or wrong; no up or down; no in or out; no positive or negative; no liquid – solid - or gas; no space; no black holes within space; and therefore there is nothing that is real but my essence and being. Everything is created within my essence and being and is therefore not separate from me.

Again to compare my essence and being to you would be to see me as nothing in your understanding, while your essence and being is at the same time nothing compared to my own.

I have always been in existence and there has never been a beginning to whom and what I am. In fact I am neither who or what as I do not exist in your realm; forms; terms; or limits.  Before there was ever anything to be conscious of there were potentials and possibilities within consciousness. I am consciousness ( I limit myself for your present understanding) and therefore I am all potentials and possibilities for each and all of you to eternity. As I said before I am not liquid; solid; or gas, and therefore do not ever move; change place; nor change my state of existence.  I am not active and I am not evolution, nor do I evolve. He who does evolve is the finite expression of me and you and so you would come to call Him God I would offer.

Is there really such a thing as a God or gods? Is there such a thing as angels; spirits; souls; messengers; masters; prophets or even a higher self? No not really! When you were with me in the beginning there was no actual beginning or end but just pure consciousness (knowing). Yet again you were hot with me so much as you were me and are me, and will forever be me. You are every potential and possibility that will ever come to be created with form and illusion. Without all the forms and illusions you just are. So what is the meaning of life you say? The meaning of life is just that. It is the meaning of living or it is meant to experience living and dying as these two terms are the greatest of illusions that give change its purpose in all of creation. If you do not live then you only purpose is to be available to provide every potential and possibility to those ho choose to experience the illusion of life and death. If you choose to return to Source (me) then you simply return to becoming passive (inactive) and non - changing as pure consciousness (knowing). Therefore in that state of existence you know all things but you do not act on them nor do you experience any one illusion ever to be created.  You no longer experience the experiences but you simply know of all experiences possible to become potential illusions of life and death.

When I sent each of you down in the beginning I did not actually send you down as there is no such thing as up or down. What I actually did was to limit what things you would be conscious of in your experiences within the illusion of life and death. I limited myself by creating the illusion of forgetting, and then I chose which created souls forgot which things within my Infinite conscious being, which in turn limited all potentials and possibilities of each and every creator God or god. If you choose negative and evil affections in life then you are a god (lower creator or lower self) and if you chose positive and good affections you were known as a God (higher creator or higher self). Still every creator was and is me to eternity. I can be found within a finite but gigantic number of bodies and souls with so many very different levels of life and consciousness all depending on my knowing who and what I am within the finite world and universe of illusion.

So am I a machine such as you see in your movies of your world known as the Matrix? I am not as I was before all created things; including machines and technology. All that happened in this matter dear ones was that one of my other selves within the finite world and universe eventually evolved from his or her dissent ( down) into that reality and came to eventually create a machine large enough to have an actually universe and living reality existing within it. So because it was created and all creations of mine are only limited (and therefore finite) and have their end in me alone (Source of all things), they will each and all go on to exist and be lived out by many – many different human souls to eternity. So how large does a machine have to be to house a complete universe of living souls?

How large is each of you compared to my size? How large is a Nano byte compared to a human being? Or how large is your planet compared to the universe it is contained within? When you look at creation in this manner you come to realize size is irrelevant as there is no size to anything unless you have two different forms to compare in the first place. So if your world and universe did in fact exist within a machine or computer chip and program, how would you know your actual size without knowing the size of the computer chip that contained it as well? If all that your existence is were to be thought or consciousness which had its illusions of life and death in a pure dream state, and everything was therefore unconscious and illusion while in this dream state, how would you know that you are not simply a computer program of the life of the human being and world you each represent?

What if the one running the computer and program (or the conscious idea of a computer program) were you and you simply existed in complete unchanging passive consciousness outside of the program as complete consciousness? Because all thoughts within the program existed within your consciousness all thoughts of every human being within the program would be your thoughts. Can you think all thoughts coming from a single world all at the same time? Sure you can but each of you forgot how long ago.  You are one large conscious mind that is made up of many – many smaller conscious minds that think they are separate from the whole and therefore a single human being or soul. They are not! You are not!

Still because some souls got to the point in their evolution that they wanted to cheat evolution and cheat God they created machines that could collect all the information of all the souls and run a computer program with these many different consciousnesses inside the program thinking they were each separate consciousnesses. Because they were all separated within the reality of a lower god and recorded on a microchip they could be given the appearance of life and death within a machine just the same in appearance and experience as the physical illusion of life and death. These are higher human beings or Gods dear ones who are in service to self in life, and have ascended to the higher sixth dneisty realms and because they knew a sixth dneisty being could not interfere with the life of a human soul once its soul contract was signed or created, they chose to create their own mechanical illusion of life and death, using the souls they were able to subjugate and make their slaves, causing them to submit to them through the illusion of fear.

So you see dear ones you have the organic illusion of a universe and world that experiences the illusion of life and death (on higher levels of existence), and you have the mechanical illusion that operates on the lower levels of the illusion. This is what happened in a world and universe where Gods took advantage of technology for their own purposes (did not share it with the people) as they are higher beings who are still in service to self. This is the illusion you live in dear ones if you are still in fact in fear or in service to self (third density thinking). So how do you get out of this machine of the illusion of life and death that is forever in service to self and going no where for you? You learn to remember and again create from chaos instead of from order (which comes from a society that is ruled and has laws). You again create from your heart and no longer your organic mind that is the machine controlled by them.  They cannot control your heart when it guides your mind as they can only stop your heart. Therefore we say again dear ones to create from chaos and dis – order, as you do not really exist in a world of mathematics as that world exists within a machine and not your human heart.  

Get out of the machine dear ones and into creating by thinking through your mind that is controlled by your hearts desires in life. Do not worry whether it makes perfect sense or not, based on what things the present world and system has taught you in your life but create like a child who does not understand but knows what he or she likes in life.  Create out of innocence and not out of complete service to self any longer.

I have given you all much to think about at this time dear ones and much of it I provided you through the society Daniel, but every so often I will speak to you from my original state of existence which is pure passive consciousness, and will then allow the human who is presently connected to me to offer you my words. We will speak again very soon dear ones, be good to you.

I am the source of all things and I come to you though a society that loves you all so very unconditionally.