Fear - Violence - and conditional love is kicking your butts!

01/12/2013 13:28

Fear - Violence- and Conditional love - is kicking your butts!


I could speak to you all as my sixth dneisty and higher self or I could speak to you as my third dneisty self- and it would not matter as I would actually like to share with you all third dneisty things as well as sixth density things- as we will each be living according to both in the many hours and days ahead known as the Awakened human or God Man that has now come on to the scene here in our present world. They both will not exist however in different worlds so much as they will actually be sharing a life and world together within many different levels of consciousness from this point forward. And yes I do realize some of you will find my words as borderline crazy or out of this world- so too will others see them as those truths we have all been waiting for - for such a vey long time. There was a time when even I would have thought these words to come as being crazy – but we must now be of the understanding that we are all on different levels of evolution of the soul at this day- and these words to come are for those therefore who resonate.  And so I will get on with my message.

 I have been out there now for nigh on fifteen years teaching mankind with my every message I offer to the world that it is unconditional love -  as I was always of the understanding that my messages as well as those of others to come would soon  raise the vibration of every human being in our world to fifth dneisty. It does not matter if you spend an hour a day in fifth dneisty or six hours a day- every human being will eventually have to move over to unconditional love before he or she can maintain a fifth dneisty ( Service to Others)vibration and level of consciousness. I have been out here for so long and I am just now beginning to see a separation in the world based on all those who still wish to remain third dneisty human beings or in service to self. It is a truth that you can become fifth and sixth dneisty while still remaining in service to self and conditional love – but your physical will connect itself every time to third dneisty man and will therefore have no benefit to this present world of yours as the fifth and sixth dneisty (service to self) soul works toward the good of a single human being and not the good of the one or the Whole.

Yes I hear many of you say ‘Hey we are all finally awakened’ and then you go and you create these chats on line and on Facebook where you keep your finger on that ignore (iggy) or block button and kick off of your chat the first person that does not agree with your message or conversation at that present now moment – or that human being who comes to offend you with their remarks. You claim to be awakened in such large numbers out there today and yet you do not even know what unconditional love is or that it is even required of an awakened being. You can be a sixth dneisty Service to Self human being and not be awakened. Conditional love is what presently rules your third dneisty society- and many of you are still bound by that love and know no other at this present moment in time. Yes you are to love your neighbor unconditionally and accept every human soul for what they represent in your life – given the fact that every human being is you, or one different reflection of you or another in life. You are to do these things that is if you wish to be an awakened Sixth dneisty or higher service to others human being or soul.

Yes we are all different and must eventually learn (remember) to accept everyone in our life no matter what their differences are, as we do in fact make up a much larger spiritual society and soul group known to most awakened humans as the God Man or ascended human.

Do you really think you are going to ascend and move to a higher level of consciousness by your rejecting those in life who are not the same as you- or who do not hold the same opinions as you. You have always had a connection with your fifth and sixth dneisty consciousness but that connection was with the non awakened – service to self- lower fifth dneisty human. In other words you have been living in the illusion of hell so to speak.  So do you really think you are going to awaken and ascend by not loving your neighbor as yourself in life? Hell no! It appears to me that a lot of you folks (and you each know who you are) are hell bent on loving the neighbor but only according to your rules; laws; and standards of life at this day. And you think and have been taught that if you remove evil and negativity from your life that you can then be a most loving human being and will go to heaven or something like that.

By the way this message is for those souls who are in fact now yet awake and are actually seeking these truths – not the ones who already know these things. For as Jesus in the holy bible once said it is not the healthy that I came to save but it is the unhealthy or sick. And if a human beings spiritual Wisdom is lacking then they are unhealthy or sick. Did you really think that heaven was a place and that you would ever get there before another? Do you not know that we are each already where we will be to eternity- and that everything we see with our eyes and experience with our senses are illusions we each create fro ourselves in life within every now moment of our lives? Do you really think one of us is any more blessed than another in life? It doesn’t work that way friends – and I will explain why. How many messages do I have to share with this world of third dneisty – messages  that rules; order of society; order; and laws are what keeps a human being attached and bound to third dneisty in the first place? Well how ever many it takes that is how many I will share – as my purpose here is to get done what it is I came here to get done.

 Where we are all headed as we move into the higher planes of conscious existence (ascension) dear ones is no more rules- no more set order in society- no more control of the population through fear and violence and punishment- and no more laws of the land. We are now headed for universal law that is built into the heart of every human on the planet – and this means you will now accept every human being for what he or she represents within the essence- body- Macrocosm- and consciousness, that is the ascended human and God Man – and this will happen by the time you have each ascended and became the awakened sixth dneisty (fifth dneisty physical) human being that is now in service to others and unconditional love.  

You would do well to stop judging one another dear ones – that is if you wish to ascend to fifth dneisty (service to others and conditional love) at any given time during your every day lives in the many now moments ahead. You would each do well to stop pushing people away because they are different or of another opinion when you are thinking; speaking; acting; or living life every new now moment of every day in third dneisty so as to immediately raise your vibrations to fifth dneisty service to self and unconditional love( heavens for the sixth dneisty human). You see you do not leave your present world and planet in order to move to fifth dneisty (heavens) – which is sixth dneisty consciousness- nor do you change and go to fifth dneisty for good, never returning to third dneisty ever again.

Your lives from this point forward will be made up of and divided between now moments of third dneisty and now moments of fifth dneisty from this day forth as the human souls of our planet have already awakened and ascended to fifth dneisty consciousness. Yes you have all ascended and moved to fifth dneisty – but some of you return back to third density much more often in your daily lives simply because you are not yet prepared to give up being mostly bound by your third dneisty lives so as to move on and seek and find equilibrium of life being in fifth dneisty (heaven) half of the time and third dneisty the other half. Still each of you can choose to be in fifth dneisty two thirds of your day or even three quarters of your day, but then you would not be in equilibrium- which is where you will eventually want to be in life so that your twin soul (you are all actually androgynous beings) can be more attached to your life and consciousness in every now moment of your every day life. But more on that subject will be discussed when we return with future messages.

What I am trying to tell the population of my world today (and your world) is that it is time to grow up and truly act like awakened human beings or souls. Yes I am a third dneisty human just like the rest of you- and yes I can choose to be my fifth dneisty human now at this day just like the rest of you – but before any of us can do this we need to remember what it is to be a fifth dneisty human being.  You think you know love but the love you know is that love you have long been taught by the present third dneisty world and system. It is a love that is conditional as you are always putting conditions on your love and acceptance of other human beings – based on what things you love in life and find to be acceptable behavior for the new human in the world. This is the love of the hells and lower societies of the human soul. But keep in mind that the heavens and hells are simply representative of states of mind and are not actual places.

Some of you are now of the opinion that you are to in fact love everyone but to shun and remove from your presence those who are still negative- living in fear- or just plain different from yourselves at this day. Again that is the love of your hells and of Satan the enemy within your consciousness. Do you really think darkness; evil; negativity; judgment; conditional love; and separation are going anywhere? Do you really think those affections will not be with you continuously through out your day from now to eternity- no matter what level of consciousness you each choose to ascend to throughout your daily lives. It does not matter because each of you will always return to your third dneisty self at one point or another throughout your daily lives from now to eternity- and so you must eventually come to the understanding that those affections and actions are third dneisty- and when you push others away or ignore them because they are different you are not the fifth dneisty human but the third dneisty human – drawing on the thoughts and affections of the fifth dneisty lower human soul – every time.

There is nothing wrong with being third dneisty human – there is nothing wrong with being fifth dneisty human –and there is nothing wrong with being of the level of consciousness each of you wishes to be in at any given point in time throughout your days or lives from now to eternity- but eventually we must each come to remember what thoughts; words; actions; and affections in life go to each level of consciousness if we are to eventually be capable of choosing which levels of consciousness we wish to be in at any given point in our lives from this day forward. If you say you are awakened and others do not correct or provide you the understanding you need in order to truly understand whether or not you are awakened - where you truly wish to be – how will you receive that understanding in life? You first have to know a thing is possible or probable in life in order to go looking for it. Do you truly wish to know what living life in fifth dneisty (heavens) is like – where you are in unconditional love and in service to others? Do you wish to know what things must be achieved in your lives in order to maintain a fifth dneisty (not necessarily positive and loving; but in service to others and in unconditional love) level of consciousness and vibration? To love unconditionally is not always to be positive nor is it to push people away because they are evil – offensive- or negative. Unconditional love and service to others is to accept all as they are in hopes that you can in your higher state of consciousness be a better example to the one who wishes to be in your presence- even if at the time for the wrong reasons. To fear evil- darkness- and negativity is to remain in third dneisty whereas to love unconditionally and in service to others is to be sixth dneisty (fifth dneisty human) man and know they can do you no harm. And we have explained why they can do you no harm in our past messages if you wish to review them dear ones. That is what we are here for today so as to share this message with each of you. We do this because each of you joins to make up our world just as much as we join with many of you to make up the life and world of all others presently making up our world and reality.

We appear to be going back and forth between third dneisty Daniel and the Oneness Society here -----

Certainly each of you has the free will choice to receive and accept my words as your truth- or you can move on and continue seeking what truth’s you wish to find in life that will get you where you are headed in life. If you keep pushing people away because they are different- if you keep removing them from your conversations and offend them by your actions in this manner what are you teaching them in the process? You are teaching them to remain in third dneisty! Do you place certain expectations on others in your life that they cannot fulfill simply because they are less evolved- less mature- less educated – or less spiritually awakened than yourself? Then you are still living in third dneisty- conditional love- and service to self – and that is a truth you can never again separate yourself from .Do you want to be a fifth dneisty human in heaven – I just told you how to do it- so now it is up to you whether you fully awaken and evolve at this day to becoming the fifth dneisty human and higher living in your heavens most of the time instead of your hells.

Yes I did say we have all ascended at this day, and that no one is awaiting ascension now but the teachers have now been provided all over your world and each of you now has access to great levels of energy in life in order to achieve whatever level of awakening you wish to achieve either from these teachers provided to your world or those teachers you will each come to provide for yourselves from within.

Note: I feel a little bit of guidance here from the Oneness Society as they are speaking to me as well as each of you here.

As we said before each of you are permitted in life to hold on to all the things you love in life at this time – while you will still awaken and ascend –given the fact that it is not the material things you wish for in life that keep your levels of consciousness down or at third dneisty levels- but it is the way you see things in life and the levels of consciousness you each hold from one moment to the next- that keep you either in third dneisty life and consciousness ( lower fifth and fourth dneisty consciousness) or fifth dneisty and higher consciousness that is your heavens ( in unconditional love and service to others).

Again we will state that you can retain all the things in your third dneisty life (material and physical) that give you happiness and pleasure and still move to fifth dneisty – but you will be either in your fifth dneisty heavens or your fifth dneisty hells at any given point in time all based on your consciousness or how you think in life.

So do as you wish at this day - and seek all the things that give you happiness and pleasure in life- but keep one thing in mind from this point on – your levels of consciousness and your density of life (whether third or fifth dneisty and higher) will from this point on always depend on whether you seek to change or achieve things in life for yourself or for the good of the One or Whole.

If you push people away from your conversations or from your presence simply because they are different or of a different understanding in life then you will always maintain the third dneisty consciousness and third dneisty life or reality. If others wish to share in your happiness and pleasures in life by experiencing the same things you are presently experiencing in their company, and you push them out of that experience and out of your presence you are living and thinking of self and are therefore in service to self – and you will always be in third dneisty.

If you are alone in life in this new world of ours it matters not what things you do or enjoy in life as you are now  the fifth dneisty higher human ( each of you)- the awakened human – and there are no more rules or laws to hinder you or your life any longer. If you are among others however you are a third dneisty human based on their understanding and observations alone- though you are actually still fifth dneisty human according to your understanding.  If someone in your presence at this day (or now moment) asks or requires something of you and you do not see it as a threat or harm or something that will cause loss to that human – and it is within your powers and abilities to provide it for them then you should do so. If you do not do so and your heart tells you that you should then you have just caused your consciousness and vibration to lower to that of third dneisty.  

Remember dear ones that you are here for the good of the One or Whole when it comes to the fifth dneisty human you represent. When it comes to the third dneisty human you represent then because you are now awakened or have connection to your higher self at this day (you did not consciously have that connection before) there are no more rules even as your third dneisty self (based on your consciousness alone) - no more set order to your society- no more laws to obey- and no more things to fear in your life from this moment forward. Do as you please while you are your third dneisty self connected to your fifth dneisty (or higher) consciousness – as you can only better the life and evolution of every third dneisty non- awakened human soul on your planet at this day. But if you are in your state of consciousness that is in time or space you are third dneisty and you are there to offer lessons to other third dneisty humans in fact. You are still providing for the One or the Whole at those times- but you have to sacrifice by not being in fifth dneisty (or higher) at that exact now moment in your life.

We will end our transmission or message here dear ones as we have given you much to ponder at this time. Our main objective in providing this message was and is to offer each of you who do not yet know or understand those things of conditional love and those things of unconditional love for the awakened and non – awakened human being or soul. At the same time we wish to p[provide you all understanding of being in Service to self and being in Service to others- and which affections are connected to which levels of consciousness in life from now to eternity.  If you wish to be awakened and conscious then we have given you the tools to do so- but if you wish to continue on your present timeline and in third dneisty again you now have the tools to guarantee that as well.


We are the Oneness Society and we come to you dear ones (with the aid of third dneisty Daniel) so as to love each of you at this day unconditionally.