Evolution and De- Evolution of the soul!

12/19/2012 12:00

Evolution and de- evolution of the soul!


Hello dearest ones we are of the sixth dneisty society Daniel and we come to you in response and request of another self who resides within third dneisty Daniel. Please be aware of our misspelling of dneisty dear ones as this is on purpose as it will now be our calling card for those of your world. And so as we have been requested by third dneisty Daniel to make statements of certain truths we possess at this day for your dneisty we will now begin our message. The message may appear a bit broken up to some while it will make perfect sense to others and so we tell you that some of you may wish to read it twice.

We begin----------

The human soul (God spark) is never one facet or another of the whole as it is always the whole no matter where or what it represents in the life and death of a soul. Keep in mind that we have often stated that life and death are both illusions, with life being experienced for the soul an equal amount of times as death for the lower third dneisty human being.  As each of you will see in our words that are to come no soul is ever separate from Infinite Source, and no soul is either the upper (or higher human consciousness) while the other is the lowest. Even the higher self and the lower self are all illusions. One soul being separate from another soul is an illusion as well. Each of you is a representation of the One Infinite Source some have come to call God; Father; or simply the All in All.

Note: For the moment dear ones we will stick with the term All in All, if this pleases the present subject.

Each of you is the Infinite All in All many have come to know as God. Still God; the Father; or the All in All are still terms and arte not real either, as the All in All truly is limited and separated by nothing that would suggest His (or Its) separation from all things. You are not separate and you have never been separate, and therefore wherever you experience consciousness within the One pure source of consciousness we call here the All in All, you too are still the whole of all things and are therefore the All in All experiencing all things at once, while providing the illusion of separate souls to the whole; from the whole; and for the whole. And so the All in All can experience Oneness or He (it) can experience separation and duality whenever it is His (or its) will to do so. Because each of you is the All in All you can do the same as we are here speaking of each of you being one expression of the All in All or you can be many, all at the same time outside of time. The fact that you presently experience time is an illusion and it was created by you for your lower self to express life and death in their proper setting.

Each of you dear ones is (God) in the highest possible manner you could conjure up in your minds at any given time. You exist on every level of consciousness (as consciousness is truly the setting or stage for life and death) in your completion, never actually being separated even as the soul. Your soul dear ones exists infinitely whether it pertains to time or space, as both are forms of consciousness. So you see dear ones there are never different facets or expressions of the soul, but only the illusion thereof. You think you are in one place when in fact you are in all places at all times, within the now moment infinitely. You as the third dneisty human do not know these things simply because you do not know these things. If you wanted to know them you could but first you must evolve to the height of your souls consciousness that believes such things are even a possibility.

First you must believe it; then you must know it; and then finally you can create from that foundation of truth. You as a created soul are nothing more than a created thought pattern within your present consciousness, and you could manage to reflect on many more realities all at the same time if you wished, as you are only bound by what you know to be true or a possibility. Think about it dear ones, how many thoughts can you think all at the same time? How many different realities can you live all at the same time. With the third dneisty human it is very few, but with the inner and higher man he can do many things all at the same time, and he can think many different thoughts all at the same time.  That day is coming for each of you as well, but you first have to remember.

Now would you say that your third density human self can ever pretend to know or even interact with the sixth density human? Yes of course you can, but only the third dneisty human you as the sixth density human possess in body and form can do so. Why? Because if you walking around as a sixth dneisty human within a third dneisty body and form were  to speak to other third dneisty selves ( other third dneisty humans) and tell them you are sixth dneisty human as well would be useless, as they would not believe you. An example would be that third dneisty Daniel knows he can speak to; interact with; and even channel his sixth dneisty higher self simply because he believes in sixth dneisty Daniel and knows sixth dneisty Daniel (his higher self) is real because they each share the same human third dneisty material ands physical body and form. For another self (another third dneisty human being not yet awakened) to believe sixth density humans even exist would be futile as they do not share a body and form with a sixth density human; but only because they do not yet know one even exists. And a third dneisty human does not believe or know those things they do not believe to be a possibility in life. Now the sixth dneisty human is there for all third dneisty humans, but not all third dneisty humans know of their inner or higher self. When each of you dear ones is about to awaken and ascend you will know these things and will therefore be capable of all the things (and more) that third dneisty Daniel is capable of.

Will third dneisty Daniel or any other third dneisty human soul ever ascend? Not only will each of the experience a personal ascension every moment of every day, but they will also each experience a Universal Ascension when their whole world (spiritual society and soul group) comes to ascend as a whole. In each situation new souls are created by the spiritual society and soul group to take the places of every soul that is to move on in ascension. This goes for those souls who experience the personal ascension as well as the Universal Ascension. Therefore if you as a third dneisty human being think you were being held back until all other human souls came to ascend you would be incorrect. You as a soul can ascend personally to sixth dneisty while all other selves around you in your world (every human) may not have ascended yet to sixth dneisty. Even though this is the case with any soul, still when you ascend to sixth dneisty you do not remain there twenty four hours a day – seven days a week (based on third dneisty understanding). Remember dear ones when we stated that all human beings ascend and descend throughout their day to eternity. Your world changes, even in densities, every time a single soul experiences personal ascension as well as Universal Ascension. One soul even, can experience Universal Ascension while all other souls (other selves) around him or her do not experience the Universal Ascension.

The reason for this is that third dneisty Daniel can walk around all day long and pop back into his sixth dneisty consciousness – fifth density body and form (still living in the third dneisty body and form, but within the fifth density body and form that possesses that third dneisty body and form) and can be living a sixth dneisty life while still walking around in a third dneisty world or plane of existence. Again third dneisty Daniel knows his higher self and that his higher self is his inner man who has awakened within him.  Each of those humans who are not yet wakened third dneisty humans will not be capable of seeing sixth density Daniel, but third dneisty Daniel can see him (sixth dneisty Daniel) because he is him. Do you understand what we are stating here dear ones? We so much hope you do as this is our way of helping guide each of you to your higher self and return home to be with each of us. And so we shall move on to other things as we do not wish to run this subject into the ground (a third dneisty term).

Is the human soul a prisoner of third density is a question recently asked dear ones to out society. We answer again no it is not if you know it is not. But yes it is if you believe it to be and if you do not know any different as you have not yet awakened as an evolved soul. We hope we have been clear on this dear ones as there is much that is illusion that will soon be peeled away from your all seeing eyes.

Where is the higher self? Well we were told recently that it remains at all times as close to Source as it has always been, and we tell you dear ones this is correct and yet it is incorrect. We will explain: The higher self exists on every level or density of consciousness, depending on what level you presently reside on or in according to your awakened  or un- awakened consciousness. Again you exist as a conscious soul on every level of consciousness and you exist as an unconscious soul on every level of consciousness as well. The reason is all based on your level of awareness and your awakened state of life or consciousness. Do you ascend to sixth density and know all things? By no means! How about seventh density? Again by no means. To be truthful dear ones you continue learning to eternity, and the lessons never run out, nor do you ever cease to have a higher self who is you upper and higher consciousness of your present now moments in whatever density you reside in as your home. We hope this clears up the confusion if there is any dear ones.

Someone within your world dear ones (third dneisty man we presume) stated that we mirror Source. We again presume they speak of Infinite Source or the All in All. In this instance we again would have to differ on this as this is like stating we are the opposite of Infinite Source.  Again the illusion holds many different truths and this statement could be true as well in one instance or reality, or another. Still according to our highest understanding within our society we sate that you are Infinite Source in His (or its) whole essence and being. No difference; no separation; and no Duality; no life; no death, and no changing to eternity. The only thing that ever changes within the essence and being that is the All in All is the states and levels of consciousness in which each of you ( all equal representations of the All in All) limit yourself to in consciousness. You can either reflect on all realities or any number whatsoever you choose to call your present life or now moment. Again this is our explanation of our truths dear ones, and we do not ever say our truths are the only truth, as they are not. Still, if you share a spiritual society and soul group with Daniel then you too will see many different things as he does. If you do not then your life and reality will go off in a completely different direction, or maybe only slightly different in direction. We are all the same and yet we can all choose to be different when we wish in life. Presently we explain to you in a manner that shows each of you how we are all the same, with as many details as we care to share at this time. We hope this explains this point to your satisfaction dear ones.  

Again we tell you dear ones that the terms density and dimension are often being misused in your world, and this is why there is much confusion on these two topics or terms. Again we tell you that dimensions are horizontal in nature and come very close in line with timelines. Depending on the number of timelines you experience at one time this will decide the dimension of consciousness you reside in. As far as densities are concerned they are vertical and they speak of the level of conscious every soul is in or on at any given time of their day or life. The densities can vary and are many in a single day of a human life, as we retrieve many different states of life or mind or thought during a single day to eternity. This will never change as you shall each remain a third dneisty human being in form (looks of those forms will vary from lifetime to lifetime) to eternity.

 As far as the mind; consciousness; or life is concerned you will grow and evolve within that same form on in to eternity. Even third dneisty will evolve to eternity with what was once never thought to be possible in third dneisty will very easily be a possibility in all the many lifetimes to come for mankind. When you each leave your present third dneisty world through ascension however the old world and the new world will still come to exist together simultaneously, though within different dimensions and timelines. Nothing created is ever uncreated or done away with to eternity, as newly born souls will always need a place to begin their evolution of the soul. We hope our words have been clear dear ones as we only wish to guide in our own evolution as well as yours. We will end this transmission for the moment dear ones as we believe we have sufficiently covered those questions posed to our spiritual society and sou group at this time. We will meet with you all again very soon.


We are the society Daniel and we love you all unconditionally.