Everyone who reads this share it with the world!!!!!

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Everyone who reads this – Share it with the world!!!!!!!!!!


You are a free people and you have been lulled to sleep not by the trinkets and treasures they have offered you during your lives but just the opposite of those things. They have not only caused you each to fear them but they have also caused you to fear  what things you may not have tomorrow and the days to follow in life. They have offered you television and then used it to brainwash you all into believing that as goes on television so too does it fit in your present lifestyles and family environments as well.

You were all born a free human soul into this world and you continue to accept their bribes and messages of false information and hope that make you believe you have to continue to accept their bribes and false messages. Can you imagine ever having to turn off your televisions and no longer listen to their news casts? Can you even think of no longer having a connection to their matrix any longer? What is it that they offer you that you do not believe you can provide for yourselves – while at the same time providing many more things that would virtually turn your present world into a paradise?

Again you are all free – why do you not see this?

Is it because you are afraid they will harm you or your family? Is it because you are afraid they will leave you homeless; hungry; and without a job so as to provide for your families? Well how many other families in this present world of yours is suffering simply because you do not all stand as one and stop living your life in service to self? Do you not also realize every one of those families is your family as well? Every human being on this planet of yours is you – yes I said they are you.

Now because I know there is an awakening in this present world of ours I also know that this will get done eventually – and whether it is sooner or later all depends on each of you. Are you one of those families that are in service to self and therefore say to the world ‘Hey I have everything I need in life to sustain myself and my family – so I am not complaining.’ Or are you one of those folks in the world who tells your neighbor ‘If a man does not work he does hot deserve to eat?’

Well let me tell you all my friends that every man – woman- and child out there is you, and you were once lazy; tired; uneducated; disabled; poor; couldn’t find a job if it jumped up and grabbed you, type of person. And if you are not yet awakened (as you one day shall be) you do not yet realize money and false security calms the savage third dneisty human being. Yes money and security9 or the false sense of security) allows every human being the ability to be exactly who they want to be in life. You may have these things but many in your world do not.

Are you willing to step up to the plate and shout out to the leaders and governments of the world ‘I am not going to take it any more – I am free and I am going to live my life as though I were free? Yes every one of you has walked in the shoes of your neighbor, and you have no right to speak of their shortcomings or apparent laziness in life if you are not prepared to step up to the plate and join with all of your brothers and sisters in this present world of yours in stating to the false rulers of your world that you are free and you have always been free – and they have simply misled and taken advantage of you and all of your descendants my friends.

What are you willing to give up to help the whole or to help the One? Do you wish to be a part of the collective consciousness of this world or do you wish to be your own person – separate from the collective of the world? Well if you claim to be awakened then you know what I am saying here, and you know that eventually you will have to begin doing for the whole instead of continuing to do fro self and those dependent on self. It is time to become responsible once again friends – and the way to become responsible is to realize that you are the world and the world is you.

Everything that is within you as your life and soul is without you as well in one human form or another. And you are responsible for the whole of that human form whether inside of you or outside of you. It is time you lived your lives for the whole and not just the single part of the whole (as some of you still think you are). You need to step up and state to the world that we are one and we are free. No one has claim to our lives and no one can form a single rule; order; or law against one while living in the new world we have now moved into. That world my friend is fifth dneisty. Those of you who do not know this yet will soon come to know this simply by the fact that old things have passed away – and behold, all things are new. Do you see how all things are new? There are so many groups out there today fighting for you and your family just as hard as they are fighting for their own, and they are neither pointing fingers of blame not seeking the punishment of those who once offended and took advantage of the people of our world.

They are simply stating their freedom and sovereignty, as well as your freedom and sovereignty, and they are claiming what has always been ours to begin with. You who have truly awakened will all be a part of this new movement that is now forming our new life and world, and it will all end one day soon with the abolishment of the monetary system – the end of governments throughout the world – the end of war and the beginning of world peace – the end of all types of slavery – the end of pointing fingers- and the beginning of a new Age.

Sit back if you so choose but times have changed and there are now two worlds at your fingertips. Which will each of you choose at this day? But be quick about it because what you once believed to be your reality is now a reality fading into the shadows of higher consciousness.

Whatever you choose friends we ask that you always remain positive and realize that anything truly is possible and no longer is our world ruled by mathematical principles or dimensions- well thought out and manifested systems – and a place where the majority rules. From this point on we are establishing a people’s government run by no one (not even the people) as what will be decided by one will be decided for all. And if one is not in agreement with the all then that one will now have the freedom and choice in life to create his or her own society. No longer will a single man or woman have the right or the authority in life to do; say; or create that which affects the life and choices of other human beings against their free will choosing if they do not wish to do; say; or co – create the same.

What is to come is a world and society that no longer has any rules; no longer has any order to society; and no longer creates laws to enforce against the people of that society.

No longer will there be punishment as there will be no laws or rules to break any longer.

No longer will there be the rich or the poor as all will be provided for in society (every society) according to their wants and needs in life. And as we move farther into this new world of fifth dneisty you will each come to remember that you have even greater abilities and every human being can and will provide for themselves in life. The point is friends everything you once thought to be impossibility and down right crazy is possible and is not crazy at all. When and where you each come to realize this is all up to each of you and what things you come to seek in life.

In the interim I will simply tell you all this: We will claim our freedom and sovereignty to the world leaders who presently think they have rule over us all. We are doing this now and it is growing force; speed; and in numbers every day. There will be put in place an interim government as this is what is needed in order to go from one system to another while providing for the sensitive citizens of  our world who do not yet know the things others do. We will be provided one and all the moneys owed to the citizens of the world as this is what is required in order for the citizens of the world to move from one level of consciousness to another  while choosing freely which system they wish to choose in life.

It would not be fair to keep a human or group of humans in poverty or borderline poverty while requiring them to make a choice as to whether they wish to remain comfortable in their present system or society or to choose a new one. Neither would it be fair to keep the rich in their riches and cause them to make a choice either while being in their riches –and so the right will become poor and the poor will become rich, and each and all will be given the opportunity in this process of choosing timeline one or timeline two. One is third dneisty life all over again and the other is fifth dneisty life and the new world that is presently being manifested for some of you.

Again the rich will become poor and the poor will become rich so that every human gets to walk in the shoes of every other human they came to judge or blame in life for their thoughts; words; actions; and lifestyles while living in this present world together.

It would not matter if it were a billion dollars or a trillion dollars coming to each citizen of the world however as it temporary is compared to what is to come. There will soon come a time when money is no longer needed in society given the fact that there will no longer be a price on anything since you all have free access to (not own) every bit of it already. You will all come to know what is important to you in life, and this will allow for your free will choosing of your world and realities that is to come for each of you.

We have been asked ‘Well who will work and who will provide the goods and services for all the people of the world once everyone is handed a lot of money and they no longer have to work?’

Again eventually everyone will do for himself or her self in life without the need of others to ever provide goods or services for them any longer. Until then every human being will be responsible for himself or her self in life. Do you recall us mentioning this earlier? Yes each of you will now be responsible for yourselves in life as to what you need or want, and who provides it. As the new world now coming into place is one where every human being will now work for the One or the whole- it is a given that we will now be living in a world that is no longer in service to self – but rather in service to others.

Because we will be living in service to others each will do in life what is best for the whole of society simply because they will be awakened and will know that when you do for the whole you do for self in the process. If you go against the whole you also go against and harm or cause loss to self according to the law of attraction which is a universal law. But many of you will not know of or understand this until you each awaken at the (your own) shift in consciousness. Yes we know that you have been led to believe that the shift in consciousness ( or ascension) would happen all at once for the whole world – this is true and yet it would appear to your third dneisty eyes at the time not to be true.  And so every soul will not know he or she is awaken until it has already happened in life. But it will soon happen for all of you given the fact that we are already in the process of creating and manifesting fifth dneisty as our world.

So again you need not wonder about who will work and who will not in this new world and society we are presently forming right in front of our eyes. There are many things that will take place in the days ahead that will simply amaze you all, and will aid in providing for the wants and needs of all human citizens in every society of your new world of fifth dneisty ( already here). To give a couple examples so as to assure you all that we speak truth we offer you the Venus Project and we offer up the fact that you have many different forms of artificial intelligence to work in providing your worlds goods and services until such time as they too are no longer needed.

To put it in simpler terms all you will really need at first is people to operate the machines and download the information for your AI’s to provide their services as well. Because you will be a society in service to others – whatever is needed that these machines cannot temporarily provide will be provided by the people because they wish to and chose to serve mankind (or the whole). Still it will be nothing like what you lived in life when you were third dneisty humans. It is all set and already in progress friends – so sit back and watch what the collective consciousness of fifth dneisty man can accomplish.

Remember to remain positive and realize that nothing is impossible unless you see it as impossible. If it makes sense to you based on your old third dneisty beliefs then it is nonsense. We will now create according to chaos in that we will create according to the heart and no longer the human rational; mind. We will therefore create our new life and world based on unconditional love.

This message has been brought to you from the Oneness Society – third dneisty Daniel- Fifth density Daniel – and sixth dneisty Daniel. This message is one of old things and one of the new – welcome to the new!


Topic: Everyone who reads this share it with the world!!!!!

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