Dare I Speak?

12/09/2012 18:30

Sunday, December 9, 2012


Dare I speak?



Dare I speak?

Again it is I third dneisty Daniel who chooses the title of this message.

Who is it that can speak from a third dneisty mouth of third dneisty man and provide a third dneisty explanation for ascension and 2012 subjects of any kind, with any kind of accuracy?

 No one!

That’s right, there is not a single third dneisty human being that knows what will take place in the spiritual, and we are indeed about to go spiritual; all of us. On the other hand there are those who have already gone spiritual according to their evolution and life’s plan. They have lived out their four seasons of life and human evolution within the lower densities of duality. These are the only ones who can speak with any accuracy – that is until they begin giving dates, and then they have returned and have reconnected with their third dneisty lower consciousness and speak once again from ego.

Every day I look on the internet these days I see something written about what will happen on December 21, 2012. Everyone has an opinion and many believe their opinion to be correct, based on what they believe to be their own truth. Are they wrong? No! Every third dneisty human being has a truth, and every truth that exists within the realms of creation is real and alive even as we speak. You cannot speak as a human soul and not create something from intent, spirit, and finally form (all forms beginning in the spiritual and then in the material and physical). Yes there are spiritual forms and there are material and physical forms, and one always corresponds with the other but is not identical to the other. Therefore you have a form and a truth that is spiritual and you have a form and a truth that is material and physical, and both are right and true while they are each connected to a different consciousness of the same soul.

Can you as a lower third dneisty human ever know what the spiritual side of you is up to in life? Can you as a third density human possibly know when your higher self will cause you to connect once again to itself based on your present knowledge of spiritual things? How can you know what will happen on one particular day within time and space if you are not the one who is initiating the change?

Well to begin with each of you is either connected to your higher self on and off all day and every day – or you are not. If you are not then it is simply that you do not know you are and therefore would not even believe you have a higher self. Still - everyone does - and everyone connects to their higher self all day every day, on and off at different times. It may not be very much for some third dneisty humans but you must always ascend and descend as a soul because you must always experience change as a human and living soul. You cannot always be good and never bad and you cannot always be bad and never good as a third dneisty human. Try it and you will all see that I am correct in my statement.

The reason for this is that your higher selves take you in and out of different levels of consciousness in life so as to learn so many different lessons throughout your day as a third dneisty human. It is your higher self which tells you whether you will go to the mall today or stay home and play yahtzee with a friend or family member. It is your higher self, who chooses whether you go swimming with a friend or fishing with another, or you just stay home and sleep. Every selection of experience or situation in your life was predetermined by you as your higher self (actually a complete spiritual society and soul group) long ago and it is you as the human soul who can and will choose either to draw from your higher self or your lower self when choosing how to react during every one of these different experiences or situations in your life.

It has always been this way and it will always continue to be this way as this is the only way a soul can be created anew and begin their existence within the lower densities of third density duality. One soul evolves and moves on while the other takes its place; walks in his or her shoes; and is provided the same lessons or experiences so as to see how he or she will react based on the ruling loves and affections of another expression of the Infinite Source. All of you are different expressions of Infinite Source (you are Infinite Source) simply because something has been removed from the life and consciousness of each of you to make you different in the experience and illusion that is life and death. If nothing were taken away from each of you (only according to illusion) then none of you would be different but all would see that you are the same and are therefore whole or One.

Look at it this way – Each of you is the Infinite God (Source) that is the Creator of all things. You decide within your collective consciousness what to create and then you create souls from within your consciousness so as to cause those souls to experience loss of some kind so as to make all created souls different in one way or another. The differences will be few between some souls while being so very – very different or many between others, and all souls will come together within your created world and universe according to the universal law of attraction, which you as well created from the beginning of all creations. And so you cause these souls to descend (lower their consciousness) based on their level of sleep; ignorance; or illusion within their consciousness. And so to descend simply means to lower your consciousness to a lower level than is presently known as home to you.

Every human being has a level of consciousness they return to at the end of every day (day being any period of the illusion of time a soul chooses to cling to or create for themselves, but not necessarily others). In other words if you are a sixth density human soul who has a level of energy that can allow you to go on creating for fifty hours  then that can be the length of your day ( or illusion of your day). For a sixth dneisty soul still experiences the illusion of time but they now know it is an illusion and they use it now for their benefit. Third density humans do not know time is an illusion and it cannot be for or against their benefit, but they must take it as it comes to them in life.


By this time third dneisty Daniel has figured out (noticed) that he is speaking presently from the sixth dneisty society Daniel. Therefore third dneisty Daniel now yields the floor to them as he wishes for them to speak rather than lower self on this matter or subject


Getting back to what we were saying a moment ago (thank you Daniel) we were saying you are the Creator God, each of you separately or individually, based on your level of illusion or sleep or loss of consciousness. All of you are actually fully and completely conscious of all things but each of you chose to take on an illusion of certain levels so as to hinder or limit your consciousness of all things or all truth.  Your higher self knows this and has always known it, but your lower self that each of you created (together as a spiritual society) at another time in your past does not know this and will not ever know it except when it is connected to higher self . This connection can commence or happen at any time during a third dneisty human’s life or day or it can happen all of a sudden during the universal awakening and ascension of your created world. Therefore you have the personal ascension and dissension and you have the universal ascension and dissension for every human soul to eternity.

Each of you will experience therefore the Golden Age (of enlightenment); the Silver Age; the Copper or brass Age; and the Iron Age personally in your life every day and every now moment from now to eternity. These ages do not come so very far apart ( in all instances) as some would figure it to be dear ones, but they are seen at many different levels and spaced out so as to represent many – many different periods of time; all depending on the human or soul and their illusion of separation from the collective consciousness ( or whole). Therefore once again dear ones you have the personal experience of the Ages and you have the universal experiencing of the Ages. One is very short periods of the illusion that is time and the other is very long periods of the illusion that is time. When you each ascend to the higher sixth dneisty realms and above you will then know of these illusions but they will still exist so as to use them now for your benefit to create many new things you never knew possible to create in life.

Each of you is experiencing these ages now and many of you who hear certain messages for other ears accept these message as being put out there for you, when in fact some of you are not yet prepared to hear certain messages, and they will either fall on deaf ears or you will believe there is something to these words and hold on to them until a later date, so as to see if there is anything to our words you presently read here and in other places dear ones. Each of you is at a different level of your awakening at this time in which case some of you will understand our (your) words and others will not quite get it yet. But you all soon will! For you each sent us here long ago to speak these words to you time and time again until all of you understood and remembered and woke up once again to the fullness of your consciousness that is truly you; each of you and all of you.

As we stated many presently believe themselves to be in the Golden Age (of enlightenment), that cannot explain it in detain simply because they believe it when they hear that they are in the Golden Age, and do not yet know it. And nothing you do not know can be a reality for you as you must know it first and not afterwards. Therefore who is truly in their Golden Age presently and who is not? Answer: You are in your Golden Age as a spirit and soul if you are in your heavens based on consciousness and not what you see in the material and physical; when you are in unconditional love for all human souls; and when you are you and there are no others. This does not mean you are awakened and ready to ascend for and human or soul but simply means you are in that Golden Age (of enlightenment) presently or in a certain now moment.

When are you in the Silver Age? We will explain but first we wish to explain some details that will help in our explanation of the Ages.


     The Golden Age is the first of the Ages and not the last.


     The Silver age is the second of the ages. 

     The brass and copper is the third in line of the Ages  --  This is the order for an angel man!


     The Iron Age is the last and final age.



     The Iron Age is the first Age.


     The brass and copper Age is the second Age.          This is the order of the devil man


     The Silver Age is the third Age.


     The Golden Age is the last Age





The Golden Age = new born child = spring = morning


      Silver Age = adolescense = summer = noon day


      Copper or brass Age =  young adulthood = fall or autumn = evening


      Iron Age = old age = winter = night
















                                               Now we will list the levels of the human soul


Celestial Heavens


Spiritual Heavens


Natural Heavens


World of Spirits and fourth density (the human third dneisty mind)


Upper Hells


Middle Hells


Lower Hells


Note that the upper Celestial heavens correspond to the lower hells – the Spiritual heavens correspond to the middle hells – and the natural heavens correspond to the lower hells.


Therefore when a sixth density human draws their thoughts; words; actions; and affections from the upper Celestial heavens their lower self (third dneisty man) is drawing his or her thoughts; words; actions; and affections from the lowest of hells.


When the sixth density human is drawing their thoughts; words; actions; and affections from the Spiritual heavens then the lower third dneisty human is drawing his or her thoughts; words; actions; and affections from the middle hells. Note : this is equilibrium and is the place a human is in moderation of life. This is where all human souls want to be if they are awakened and prepared to ascend to the next level up or next higher density.

When a sixth density human is drawing their thoughts; words; actions; and affections from the natural heavens their lower third dneisty human is drawing their thoughts; words; actions; and affections from the upper hells, and these are the most positive or beneficial hells for third dneisty man but the least beneficial for sixth dneisty man.  If the human soul remains here therefore they are out of equilibrium and moderation of life, in which case the soul is in its natural state according to the higher self, and the soul is therefore being guided presently in life by the lower human (third dneisty) soul and self. Soul is no longer being guided by higher self until it returns to equilibrium or higher.

We will end here for the moment dear ones as far as the details go as we do not wish to provide more than the spirit tells us to provide presently.

We would speak again that each of you is not to seek out his or her Golden Age in order to awaken and ascend as this is a natural process for all human souls. We would simply tell you all at this time, no matter what your consciousness level, to seek your own personal equilibrium in life, and you will each be fine at the shift or ascension.

When is the shift or ascension? It is different for each of you based on your level of consciousness presently and when it was that your soul began its existence within separation and duality of third dneisty.  We would tell you this however dear ones:

When the first soul that helped co –Create your present world began their awakening, the ascension (universal Ascension) began for the whole of your world. This means each of you has already ascended to an extent and you are all simply finishing up your ascension process presently. When enough of you have awakened and ascended your world will indeed shift in consciousness and all human beings who presently reside in your world will be taken along for the ride. Therefore everyone does not have to awaken in order to ascend in your world as your ascension can come at a later date, and still you will share in the wonderful things that are to come, which will be the initial creations of the awakened ones. Each of you is a God and the God, and you have created a reality that you wish all human beings to share in the happiness and abundance of life. You are that God that you always wanted your God to represent as far as His personality is concerned. If you are now that loving God then that God is you. If you are not yet that loving God then you soon will be simply because of the company you have chose to keep as of late.

Be happy all of you dear ones, for wonderful things are on the horizon and no one can stop it as it is a natural occurrence of Creation.

We leave you now dear ones to ponder our words. We are the society Daniel and we love you all unconditionally.