Creators Value Asset Centers!

02/18/2013 17:00

Creators Value Asset Centers!


        As you know the world is making a split today and what is transpiring is a planet that is taking off into two different timelines (or dimensions). Many have come to call them timeline one and timeline two- and since this term makes pretty good sense I will stick with the term timeline. Now it is a truth that each of us from the moment of our birth as a soul ( not as this human you see in the mirror in this lifetime- but all human faces in all lifetimes represented by you) –  have come to create many- many timelines within many different dimensions of time and space. The reason I mention this in the beginning of my message is to let you all know that the timelines are now converging and everyone is in the process of moving into a single timeline (fifth dneisty) they will call their home- while the other single timeline (third density) will serve as their playground in the now moments (future) to come. Every one on this planet is a representation of the OPPT – but they are their own representation as each of you is a separate timeline and a separate fifth dneisty planet earth. Each of you is a planet as you are the microcosm as well as the macrocosm.

Your vision of the Oppt therefore is different from every other vision in the world- and we are all presently converging these many different visions of the OPPT- as we are all in the process of Co- Creating fifth dneisty earth. We will all create a new third density earth as well- and will introduce new traditions- customs- technologies – peace instead of war- and systems of transaction other than money. Third density earth will be a paradise compared to the old third density earth- but in generations to come it will de- evolve once again as every lower human soul (newly created human souls) must come to walk in every mans shoes during their complete evolutionary process and will therefore have to experience the four ages just as every human experiences four seasons in a year- every year- during their lifetime.

And so as we all leave this present third density reality and move to fifth dneisty earth- other newly created souls (our higher self creates them) will come and take our places in third density- and they will have to descend into the lower realms of their existence as well through the process of de-evolution followed by evolution in the silver and golden ages to come. And so those souls in the world known as the old Cabal or world rulers are the ones who are being possessed by these newly born souls- and in turn they are de- evolving through the process of the human seeking equilibrium at this day- in which case they are becoming dumb founded while we are become spiritually wiser. The powers that were therefore are losing the battle for the planet at an accelerated rate at this day- and people are waking up to know who they truly are now- and will no longer allow them to bind them in slavery any longer.


Moving on - there have been many groups out there today who may have given you the misleading idea that everyone would move to a single timeline and therefore experience a split in the world today with there being created two versions of planet earth. Well they are correct and then they are not correct. Let me explain----- Everyone on this planet today and everyone on every planet, within every density of life and existence lives in a third density human body and form and a fifth dneisty human body and form- and every human soul above the level of sixth density consciousness resides within the fifth dneisty human body and form and the fifth dneisty body and form serves as their mechanical or physical shell that allows them to perform in a material and physical reality- so as to carry out uses and purpose for the One or the Whole.

No body is not a third density human being- and no body is not a fifth dneisty human being but not everyone is always conscious of their fifth dneisty ( or higher) levels of energy and consciousness- which makes them unconscious while they are the third dneisty representation of themselves. So when you are third density unconscious self you are the third dneisty human and when you are fifth dneisty conscious self you are the fifth dneisty human ( or higher). Again every human can carry a level of consciousness that is infinite in nature or state of mind – but they will still be fifth dneisty human unless they become unconscious (third density) by freely lowering their energy and vibrational levels to a point that they become their lower and unconscious self. Of course once you are an awakened human being you are again conscious of self( fully conscious) and you will never again allow your energy levels to drop low enough that you again become unconscious and forget who you are. But you can drop them low enough when ever you please in life to be among and interact with a  third density human once again.

Therefore it is a truth that you have fifth dneisty human beings walking all around you at this day- and only those humans who are partially or fully awakened will be capable of seeing them or interacting with them in life. That is why my wife can sometimes see me as my fifth dneisty self- but at other times she thinks I am a nut and only sees my third density self. Therefore sometimes I lower my energy levels to interact with her and sometimes she is capable of raising her levels and interacting with fifth dneisty me. This is because she has been around me for thirty years and she is been waking up very gradually but surely for the past five years now. In the mean time  the more a person does not wish to let go of their third density life and system the harder it will be for each human to awaken to their fifth dneisty self. But it will surely happen for everyone on this planet- and the more of us that awaken the more humans there are who are leading by example of the new system ( fifth dneisty) and the easier it is for other humans to find their awakening and higher energies.

I can walk around this planet all day long in my fifth dneisty shell or body and form as long as there is no one around to cause me to unconsciously lower my energies and vibration low enough that it would put me back in third density form. Now there is nothing wrong with being a third density human being- but if you want to be a fifth dneisty human being rather than a third density human being then you have to know how to keep your energy and vibrational levels high enough in order to do so- and that comes will practice living on fifth dneisty planet earth for lengthy periods of time (or now moments). But as I said I can walk around all day long in fifth dneisty energy levels and no third density human being would know I was a fifth dneisty human being unless I told them- and I would not tell them unless they asked- as it can be embarrassing when you spill the beans to a third dneisty human that has not even begun to awaken- and therefore thinks anyone who believes in fifth dneisty is crazy.

I can live my life all day long as the fifth dneisty representation of my self ( spiritual society and soul group- or the One) and as long as I do not live according to the old system ( third density principles) I can remain in fifth dneisty energies and vibrations all day long( outside and separate from time). As soon as I wish to own something (much like a spoiled child); I believe in punishment or enact any form of punishment on anyone I am back in third density energies and vibrations. As soon as I speak of rules- regulations- set order to society- or laws as though they were a reality I am back in third density. As soon as I speak of war; punishment; violence; harming or causing loss to another human being or act it out in any way I am back in third density energies and vibrations. As soon as buying and selling is seen as a reality to me I am back into third density energies and vibrations. And I need none of these things to walk around in the same apparent world as third dneisty human beings- while at the same time because my energy and vibrational levels are higher than that of third density I am not seen as myself by third dneisty human beings. Nor is anyone else in this state of mind or consciousness.

So do you want to be a fifth dneisty human being right now in your present life? I just told you how you can do so and all you need to do is know that those things I just stated are fact. You need to live your life for the good of the One or whole and not in service to self. Do you want to draw assets from the CVAC’s the OPPT so often speak about? Well this is how you can do so by living the life I just presented to you all. You do not need money any longer in your life as all the value in the world is the people- is you. Take that value and put in into 190 ( or whatever) CVAC’s spreading the world over and simply know that all the value in the world is in a single CVAC –as it can never be drained to its minimum or to a point that all people of the world will not always be able to receive assets from them so as to fulfill every dream in the life of every human being out there- as long as your dreams are for the good of the One or Whole once they are manifested in the world.

The CVAC’s are infinite in their value- and they can never be depleted as long as each of you lives- as every human being is Source ( or God) and every group or society is that same Infinite God or Source as well. That being the case God or Source cannot be separated or divided- as Source is the same whether in a small dot or if he (or It) represent a world population. There is no end to your value friends and the rulers of the old system know this- which is why they are scared out of their gore.

They are gradually losing the power to lie and continue to wear the mask that tells the world they are in charge. The process is unfolding as we speak folks in which the CVAC’s are ready to take charge and bring in the new fifth dneisty reality to your world- and just as soon as each of you comes to accept this new reality because you know it is right and you know it is here- you are a fifth dneisty human being - and you are awake! You do not need money to survive in life because you are just as much an heir to everything on the planet as the person sitting next to you in the barber shop. Whether you think you are rich or you think you are poor at this day matters not any longer as what you think you have you will lose and he who has the least will be the greatest. So give it all up if you feel so inclined to do so as there are no more right or wrong decisions at this day simply because all of you are about to inherit all of it.

Imagine your neighbor down the street who is driving a Jaguar of your favorite color- and all you need do is go down there right now and say hey Joe can I use the Jaguar- can you spare it for a few hours? And Joe is going to tell you hell yeah go ahead and take it- I’m gonna go down town today and check out (sign for – not buy or rent) an old 57 Chevy and take it for a spin for a day or so.  Or you can spend the weekend in a neighbor’s mansion because he is going to the country for a month or so. He doesn’t own the house so he doesn’t care if you use it for as long as you wish. And if anything gets broken- the house is left a mess- so what! That’s third density stuff! It can all be cleaned or repaired in a jiffy and everyone will be happy – and go about their merry way. Who cleans the house or repairs what is broken? You create that reality in an instant and third density man (your outer self) believes he or she broke it or left it a mess and they clean or fix it because they do not know they can create instantly and at will. They live in illusion and are therefore living life in an unconscious state of mind.

Third density humans are like this and must pay the price because they are of very low energies and vibrations and they see everything as being in place for long periods of time- while fifth dneisty man see everything new and in the now. So if you as a fifth dneisty human being want to create most all things anew then do so- but if you wish to share and co – create so as to experience the many different forms your friend or neighbor is presently using then go use it- and create it to be and look exactly as you wish it to be and look. But who would wish to use what their neighbor is using when they are not using it when they can just as easily create everything anew? Well there is the wonderful thing about it. If you share a thing then you can share the load you will be using in order to create a thing from your own energies in life. In other words why create it new and use all that energy you possess- draining and lowering therefore your energy levels in the process- when you can share that responsibility and only lower your energy levels by half? Remember that everything is energy- and depending on your levels of energy in the now - creation is harder and harder at one now moment or another- depending on the amount of energy you use for a single creation in life- and this is where co- creation comes in handy- which is like bartering- where you share the things you possess in life so that your energy levels are not depleted by you having to create something anew for your own purposes in life. Does this make sense friends and can you see how always working toward the good of the One or whole is always advised over creating everything in life anew?

So you see we no longer have to or wish to own anything any longer at this day and we are moving into a new reality and system where we will either share all things in life depending on the wants or needs of another at any given now moment- or when ever we wish we can create what we want or need on our won instantly and at our own will or convenience. The CVAC’s will assist in teaching all the people not yet awakened how to accomplish this as those of higher energies will possess the CVAC’s ( not own as nothing belongs to a single human any longer for any great lengths of time any more. Those who come to possess the CVAC’s therefore will have to maintain a certain energy level in order to continue to possess those CVAC’s ( assets from the CVAC’s that is) so as to continue their venture in maintaining and continuing to create( or co – create) their personal  or semi – personal system and reality.

Again I have heard Heather speak that everyone will have access to the CVAC’s but I believe she might have meant in a round about way for some. In other words it is my understanding from higher self that you have to hold a certain energy level in order to continue to draw from the CVAC’s those assets needed for the continued creation of your own system and reality. Third density human beings would not be capable of maintaining such levels of energy as they would not be seeking the good of the one or the whole. So either Heather misspoke without her noticing it or I am misunderstanding her. Either way you can rest assured it will all come out in the wash - and hers and my timelines will surely converge and we will come to be on the same page when it is time. Remember that right now we are all different representations of the CVAC’s- and we are gradually moving toward one another- and we are more and more reaching our equilibrium that is required to maintain our new system of fifth dneisty. Remember that no one is right any longer and no one is wrong as there are no more rules or laws to bind or hinder us from creating the system and reality we all want to see at this day.

So the sky is the limit folks and it is high time you all started preparing for your dream world because it is at this day upon you. Go get it!