Boy would I like to name names - but I will not!

03/06/2013 20:06

Boy would I love to name names – but I will not!


Hello dear readers who possess those higher levels of energy that reflect unconditional love and those who seek it in their lives but do not yet understand how to achieve it. As a matter of fact this message goes out to all of you throughout the world who seek a better life for you and your fellow human. I do not mention all the people of the world simply because there are those today in our world who would find my words as nonsense and I fully understand their way of thinking and opinions. Still as it is I love all humans unconditionally and it would not hurt my feelings a bit if they all read there words as what is needed in the world today is contrast and the equal and opposite opinions of all concerned in the overall benefit and good will of humanity. With that said I welcome all to read my words and consider that they could be true for all if you wanted them to be.


As I said before I would love to name names - but I will not – in providing the reader with the origins of my concern. There are many individuals as well as groups out there today who would have you believe that the One Peoples Public Trust is a sham – another tool used by the Powers that were once in force in our world we presently live in today – and therefore just another false flag message sent out to the world in order to calm the masses while they put their plan together to take over the world once and for all. I can assure you the OPPT is in no way connected with the Illuminati or Cabal as some would truly have you believe and for those who know my many works before I came to join up with the OPPT and their message you know that what I have always spoken in my messages almost matches exactly to the message of the OPPT which is why I spotted them the moment they came out onto the world stage with their message and offering to the world – and offering of complete freedom and self creation.

Now of course I realize there are those out there today who would have nothing to do with my messages and they would probably say that for the reasons I came to agree with the message and programs of the OPPT that I too am a member of the Cabal or Illuminati and it would do me no good at this point of my awakening to a world of freedom and unconditional love to argue with them as they will not believe in something better until they are no longer happy with the present system they are attached to in life. There are many human souls in the world today who are not yet awakened and therefore have to do for themselves and their families as they deem right and correct at this day – and I would not tell them any different than those reading my words – that you must always follow your heart.

There are those who claim that the One Peoples Public Trust is not legal or lawful in the least- or that their papers are not filed correctly- and then they go on to say that the forms and paperwork they claim to have filed is not even to be found out there on the internet – and I would simply say to them that anyone who does not wish to find something can easily create that reality for themselves and in the end not find what they are not really looking for. Whatever the case may be I do not need to be convinced of the validly of the OPPT as I know for fact they are the real deal – and mankind shall soon see. For all the other naysayers of the world I simply thank them for their outspoken contrast against the message of the OPPT they too are providing their part of the oneness puzzle or the new system that is about to come out on the world stage.

As far as those who ask the question as to who gave Heather and the OPPT permission to file these claims and present their documents to the world on our behalf – they would know who if they were awakened or simply in a state of mind in which they wish to eventually become awakened to the many offenses the old rulers of the world presented to the population of the world while the old system was in affect. Heather is an awakened higher density human soul who is still living in a third dneisty human body and form in order because she too chose to incarnate into this world at this time of the shift in consciousness so that she could act as a guide to humanity as well and provide her use – purpose –and service to all of mankind simply because she is truly in service to others and is at this day enacting that service in a manner that she as a higher human consciousness knows to be for the better of mankind and the One human society that is about to be manifested on the world stage at this day.

Because Heather is now awakened and her soul contract is completed and has served its purpose for the good of the one or whole – she (along with the other two trustees) chose to act for the good of all the people of the world as every human being in the world is truly a part of her and is all about to soon remember that they too are already an important part of the One or whole that is Source or Prime. When you are an awakened human soul you are from that moment on responsible for your doing and being in life- and therefore carry the responsibility of no longer harming or causing loss to another human being ever again – to the very best of your abilities. So yes indeed Heather and the One Peoples Public Trust can act for myself or any other human on the planet (just as the old world rulers did (though she is acting in service to others while they were acting in service to self) as everything they are doing for their families as well as the population of the world is service others. And not a single human soul when all of this is said and done will be able to say differently as a tree is always known by the fruit it provides.

Those humans on the planet today who are against the message and actions of the OPPT do so because they were meant to be here when the soul contracts were signed or agreed to in order to provide the contrast in the world that would be needed in order for the creation of this new system to be manifested in the world – and that is why Heather is so pleasant in her interactions with the ones who were once in power as well as those who are still connected to them in life  because of what they still “appear’ to provide them. But that will soon be a thing of the past as complete freedom and sovereignty for all as well as full abundance of life is about to come onto the world stage for all who wish to accept it as their inheritance and not a gift or loan.

My name is Daniel and I wish all of you wonderful human beings happiness and abundance in the days ahead.