Are you ready?

12/19/2012 11:27

The Society of One - Are you ready?


Hello again dear ones we are the society of Oneness and we bring you more to ponder on in the days ahead before the great shift in consciousness. As we do not judge anyone dear ones but simply state how things are in our spiritual society and soul group (which is where your world exists based on its consciousness) please know that we are not naming any people or groups here other than those groups already created by us (and you long ago) to come to your world and learn the lessons of third dneisty. Please be careful to read our words deeply dear ones as there is a message for all of you at this time.


The Cabals other half  within our world -      Everything opposite of your present Cabal – In service to others  and the sixth dneisty humans – These exist within human minds  as their consciousness on higher levels but no third dneisty human has had (this generation in the past) access to them ( before now) as they are Sto souls and consciousness. They are now entering the consciousness of all of mankind (including the Cabal) as each soul awakens in the world today.


The Cabal of our world and your world -     In love and light but not unconditional love and not true light – In service to self – Sixth dneisty humans - These exist within human minds as their consciousness on higher levels


The Cabal of your world         Not of love and light originally --   Still partially in service to self and not of love and light  but some have awakened and many more are in the process of awakening.    Therefore the rulers of your world will change in consciousness (with the rest of the world) in large numbers at the shift - and changes for the good will be coming in many wonderful ways.

   The Cabal is just about at the level of 50/50 in STS and STO. This being 50% in unconditional love and true light and 50% conditional love and false light. Hold on to your hats!


When is the time of the shift based on the condition of consciousness within the society Daniel?

It is happening right now!



You are moving in to a world where all humans will have the choice to be in service to self or in service to others, and still we will all share the same world.


Humans of third Density -     All are in service to self as they know no other way. They love and they hate – they seek vengeance and justice in judgment – they love their friends and neighbors until their conditions are broken in life. They are never taught by the world and its god a love known as unconditional.  They create wars and they blame one another for the wars when their children are lost in battle. They complain about those who offend and cause them great harm and loss in life and then they turn around and do the same to their offenders and their families.  They speak of love where none is ever found. They only pretend to be good because they are still in fear of what will happen to those who are not good to some extent in life. They do not seek truth but possess only the appearance or illusion of truth to speak behind their masks. They are liars; murderers; thieves; adulterers; haters; hypocrites; fools; destroyers of all that is truly good; and they are us when we visit your world.

Humans are sometimes called loving beings all over your world dear ones but they do not know how to love unconditionally. So they can speak with you; interact with you; and even live among you, but they all have their conditions in life as to when their love should be expressed. They wear a mask and they are offended when someone speaks of what goes on underneath the mask. What goes on is they are forever thinking of the things they want in life, whether it be for themselves or their neighbors. They either want more material things or they want to help provide more material things for their neighbors who wear the sad faces when they do not have the things in life their neighbor has.

A man calls another man buddy and friend and later on is seen with his friends wife; companion; or girlfriend, coveting the things of another man. Woman are no different as they too wear the masks of friendship in life, and covet those things that can possibly give them some sort of pleasure in life, whether it be material ; physical; or personal in nature. Think and say what you wish dear ones but you cannot hide from the souls throughout your world that are the same souls that exist within each of you, and only you are responsible for letting them out. You are us and we are you, and we were all in the same positions as each of you at one time and we tell you all this day that if you want to go to a place where wisdom is found and where humans souls love unconditionally (no matter what their neighbor has done or said to them) then you had better wake up, because you have not yet done so.

We hear many human souls claim to have awakened and that they love their neighbors, but not a single one (third dneisty human) have we heard speak the word “unconditionally.” We have heard all of this dear ones through the ears of the human we now possess and he has been tested and has failed many times over as well. This is because he still holds on to third dneisty ego at this day, and he has many times in the past offered our words while seeking recognition for himself. But he asked for these lessons in life and has received them just as each of you there in third dneisty today has done.  If you state that you are awakened then you will welcome our words dear ones, and if you are not awakened then many of you will simply be offended, and this we cannot help at this time, as the hour grows late.

We are pulling out all the stops as well through our joining with our service to self opposites on our level of consciousness so as to speak to you all, as we ( sixth dneisty service to other souls) cannot speak of the things of your world, but only they (sixth density service to self souls) can. So we say to you dear ones to listen up because what is being said here is good information that will guide you all in the direction you wish to go at this day.

Just as we are each of you in the future (for those who believe in the illusion of future) you are us in the past. We do not know the details of the things going on in your present world but we know how human beings lived when we were there with you during your time.  For your time is our illusion of our past lives in your world. We were once all living the illusion of separation and we too made all the mistakes you are making even now in your world. It is not your fault that you as a generation live the life and traditions that you do presently however, as many generations that came before you taught you (though family traditions; practices; and religions) to live your lives in this manner. Therefore not only must you forgive all of your neighbors for their sins and offenses against you, but you must each continuously forgive yourselves for every offense and sin you have committed against your neighbors as well.

You have been taught all the bad things to do in life that are fun and bring pleasure to your human flesh and soul, and they have taught you the best ways to hide these things as well, so that you are not punished by their laws. Then they create new laws that take away your rights in life so that they can not only entrap you when you make a mistake and break one of their new laws, but then they punish you for breaking their laws mistakenly so as to feed the monster that is the monetary system of your world. This monster we speak of (the monetary system) is never satisfied, and it has always been there to make the rich of your world richer. They are constantly looking for other ways to enlarge the monetary abundance of your world that only feeds the monster that is the rich.

Still dear ones just as long as you continue to be afraid of their laws; rules; orders of society; and punishments, they have you right where they want you. As long as you continue to need or want the things they alone provide you in life you are bound by their system.

You fear that if you do not work that you will not eat!

You fear that if you are late for work one time too many that you will be fired!

You fear their government ran educational systems and therefore always submit to the rules and regulations these systems put on you and your children in life.

You fear driving you vehicles down the highways without a license and all the other things they require you to have in order to go from one place in your world to another with your own type of transportation. And this because you must have a vehicle and abide by these regulations of their roads in order to even drive.

You fear their doctors because there are hardly ever any cures for your sicknesses in your world but only medicines to relieve the pain until you either heal your own bodies or you pass on in death at a later date.

You fear their medicines because you eventually get hooked on them and become addicted to their medicines, and therefore have to continuously buy them again and again.

You fear ( those who are poor) you will not eat tomorrow as you do not even have a job, and what your rulers give you in assistance is only enough to pay the fees on your dwelling, and this therefore leaves you with nothing to eat on.

You fear their laws when they carry weapons of harm and war, and take yours away, leaving you submitted to whatever they choose to do to you in life.

You fear even the laws that appear to be good laws and are not simply because you have made wrong decisions in life and broken those laws you saw as good ones. So again you fear the law givers and the punishers of your world. This will be the case until that world is no longer your world dear ones.

As long as you continue living life for the things their system provides you will still speak; act; and live your life from ego and form fear.

There is nothing wrong with having the things that give you pleasure in life dear ones, but enjoy them when life gives them to you and not through your own efforts of going out and getting them no matter what it costs you at the time, or who you have to take advantage of in order to get those things you want. Be content when you have little, and be content when you have much, but come out of their system dear ones.

Do not use their monetary system any longer, as money can be evil, when used for evil purposes; money can be loved, when a human can use it to get whatever things they want in life, when they wait in life. Do not be so ready to get the things you want when you want them but wait of your higher self to provide them for you.  If you are not provided a thing then you didn’t need it in the first place. Do not allow yourself to fear any longer whether you will be provided the things in life you need, or want. But wait – and know that all things will come in their season.

Do not look on governments and world leaders to decide what things you will do in life and how you will act toward others, but learn how to do and act in unconditional love for all and no leaders or government can teach you a better way in life. The world each of you wishes for is just around the corner but you must change in order for change to occur.

Give up all the things they give or provide you in life and start providing for yourself through intent, and then waiting on your intentions and creations to be manifested in life. If you still want to work then work. If you still want to go out to the stores all the time and spend your money then do so. If you want to sell all of your things, spend all the money on whatever things you wish, and live as a hermit then do so. But every decision you each make at this day will determine what levels of life you will make up for the new human. Some of you will provide sixth density consciousness and higher for the new human while others will only provide third dneisty consciousness as they did not choose in life to give up the things they love in your present reality. So if this is the case, and every human being is going to raise in consciousness at the time of the shift in consciousness (universal ascension) then why the message here today - many of you may ask?

We provide this message here this day and hour because those souls who are about to ascend in consciousness still wish to learn new things every moment; every hour; and every day, on up to their ascension. There are souls within the human we possess presently who are awakened and there are souls who are not awakened, and we simply provide as much guidance to the un – awakened souls within the human to help guide them toward their awakening, for those who will in fact awaken at this day and time. As far as those who will awaken at a later time, we will be there even them with our words of spiritual awakening until the last soul of Daniel has raised his or her consciousness level just as high as they wish, and are capable of at this day.

So who is this message for today? It is for Daniel!

We are the Oneness Society and we love you all unconditionally.