All is permitted if from heart!

10/06/2013 10:45

All is permitted if from the heart!


Hello dear friends we come to you again to speak to you on another subject that is truly weighing on the minds of many on your world today – as we hear and understand all of your many thoughts.

It would appear that one of the most relevant discussions on your world at this day is how to create a new monetary system – and if you even need a monetary or exchange system of any kind any longer – as the human population is truly awakening to many higher things presently. Still there are those who truly believe money or some type of exchange is still needed so as to transition your world toward a moneyless society – and therefore many of you are looking for temporary solutions to ridding your world of poverty – homelessness – sickness and disease – fear for what tomorrow will bring and all the other things that keep your present world in submission to the ruling powers who appear to control it all at this day.

We have stated in our past messages that if a human being and soul comes to continue in a world and reality that requires money or any other form of exchange that they will be bound to said world and reality – as there are no temporary solutions to the problems of your world. We have spoken these words so as to inform each and all of you dear friends that the human subject always has at minimum two different options in life – options that will take you in one direction – one timeline and dimension – or another throughout the duration of your lives. Because of this Universal Principle and Law (a law that each of you created for your present incarnation) every human being on your world can both go in the direction of a moneyless society and a society that continues in usury – money – credit – barter – and trade for methods of exchange – so as to continue in buying – selling – owning and possessing things in life.

Yes it is so – each of you are and will exist within both of these realities and worlds as the third density representation of yourselves continues on when the higher self comes to move to the higher planes of its existence. Each and all of the old third dneisty principles each of you held fast to in your lives at one time or another will move on to another third density world ( though it is only an appearance) while every awakened soul within the essence and being of each of you will move on to their reconnection with higher self – still having complete access to your old third dneisty self and principles whenever you wish to experience your lower principles – if even for a moment so as to help – aid – or guide another into higher things in life.

So you see dear friends – where some of you may believe we have told you that you must let go of all things having to do with the old systems and principles of third density – this does not mean you cannot return to those systems and principles – if in fact it is for the good and benefit of the One and the Whole. Therefore if a certain individual human being – or even a group of human beings wish to form a group or society so as to create temporary solutions for your family and friends still bound in the lower societies of third density – they have it within their abilities to do so in life – and immediately return to higher planes of their existence and levels of consciousness. This is because they have already been there – and therefore now know the way back every time. Still what you create in third density is your creation along with what is co – creation of those who stand with you in said created realities in life. Once you create a thing you are claiming ownership of it until it plays itself out to its many ends. And so you are capable of returning to said reality as often as you wish from your higher levels of consciousness and you can continue to play in the game of third density life for as often as you wish – but all the lessons that will continue to have to be learned by you and all others involved in said creation will indeed be learned and played out to their end and their fullest. Some created realities can end very quickly – while others could take thousands of years – but whatever you come to create from third density – even while connected to your awakened higher self and state of consciousness must be completed and played out to its end.

That dear friends is why we in the higher planes of our existence create new souls to represent us on the lower planes of our existence – so that we no longer have to return to the lower planes in order to continue living the many lessons we have created by our new creations while being connected to our higher levels of consciousness.  Because we do these things in life we are therefore connected to higher service to self energies and those energies and levels of consciousness in conditional love – as the higher self – and essence of the God Man that is in service to others and unconditional love would not and cannot get involved in worldly matters according to their ruling loves in life. This is a process that must be to eternity – and we cannot disconnect from that process until we come to remember how to connect to higher self levels of consciousness that are in fact in service to others and unconditional love.

As long as a human being and spiritual society and soul group is of the understanding that they must return to third density to help and aid others not yet awakened – according to worldly matters alone – that soul is drawing from service to self and conditional love energies and levels of consciousness – and is therefore consistently taking themselves out of equilibrium. To know that all third density human beings and souls must work it all out for themselves – as far as letting go of third density principles and old belief systems the awakened human soul must first reconnect to their equilibrium of life in the higher levels of their existence and consciousness. When this is completed for every awakened soul they then “know” that they are in equilibrium of life and they now know why they must be there in order to have access and the abilities in their lives (actually existence) to now create instantly and at will.

The service to self human soul and God Man cannot be trusted to create instantly and at will as long as they have removed themselves from equilibrium – as they then come to affect the lives and decisions of their lower third density counterparts – who are in fact very close to their awakening. When a soul or spiritual society and soul group is therefore at the doorstep of their awakening the awakened God Man is not permitted (according to Universal Law) is not permitted to share their Absolute Truth and Data with the third density human – as many things they would share out of equilibrium would in fact be corrupt and misleading. And so the God Man out of equilibrium – and in service to self and unconditional love is only provided worldly wisdom from the rational mind to share with third density human beings.

Therefore if any one individual human being ( spiritual society and soul group) truly wished to help and become beneficial to the One and the Whole that is all of mankind – he or she would seek in life to reconnect to equilibrium of life – provide only spiritual wisdom according to Absolute Truth and Data – and would therefore be capable of truly helping third density human souls in life – though only from equilibrium – and only from heart space.


And now we end this transmission as there is much for the awakening human being to ponder at this present now moment outside of time and space.

We come to you in unconditional love – in service to others – and we offer you this message through our human host Daniel – who love you all unconditionally as well.