Absolute Truth and Data - Thirty second energetic transmission

08/21/2013 04:55

Absolute Truth and Data – Thirty second energetic transmission


We come to you once again dear friends so as to provide you Absolute Truth and Data to ponder in your lives – so as to help and guide you in your future manifestation of Absolute truth separated from the illusions of said truth – as well as well as provide higher wisdom in order for you to create all other thought forms being given their existence in your many new now moments to come.

And so we begin our transmission within this present now moment - as well as the many now moments that follow – on the subject of consciousness – energies – and thought (or thought forms).

Everything within the finite world and universe – whether animal – vegetable – or mineral (all things being composed of the minerals of the material sun through influx) is composed or created through energetic thought form. None of this is consciousness – including the energy required to manifest these many myriads of thought forms – as consciousness is simply the knowing that thought forms are being manifested within one world or density of our existence – or another. To think is not to be conscious as even the unconscious have the ability to think and create in a state of unconsciousness – at a level depending on the evolutionary maturity of every soul individually. If you think of a small child that is out at play you are conscious that you are thinking of these matters or affections and can therefore guide yourself into the next thought that is to follow simply by being conscious of your past thought. Animals – who have not yet incarnated as human beings do not have this ability to be conscious of their having thought a thought – nor of the thoughts they experienced in past experiences.

Animals exist and live out the illusions of life and death without conscious knowledge of what has happened in their past or of what things are to come in life or upon their death in the world. Animals survive in life though habit and extinct and have no conscious reflection on the thoughts that pass through their minds at any given point of their existence. Where as it is an Absolute Truth that the animal is not conscious of past thoughts - the human being or human soul is. Still the human being is only conscious of past thoughts that have to do with their present ruling love in life – and all others from previous lifetimes as the human form are hidden within their collective consciousness to be accessed for thoughts or thought forms when the ruling love comes to change within the human rational mind and consciousness.

What the human therefore understands to be forgetfulness is actually thoughts that represent other ruling loves of other spirits or souls who have been accessed by the human soul or spiritual society and soul group in other lifetimes – as well as in their present lifetime – where these other ruling loves (spirits or souls) no longer help make up the ruling love in the life of any individual human being or soul.

Again no one ever forgets anything that is a part of their overall ruling loves in life presently – nor do they forget those things – thoughts – thought forms – or memories that were once a part of their ruling loves in life – as they each and all exist and have their being within other timelines – dimensions – and human souls throughout finite creation to eternity. To access other thoughts – thought forms – or memories that appear to have been forgotten by the human soul or memory the human soul would again have to draw on or access those spirits and souls who once provided all the thoughts which the human being believes they may have forgotten. All is held within the collective mind of the God Man – Higher self – or Finite Creator Source within the grand storehouse of thoughts and affections that make up the One – the Whole – or the collective consciousness that is the God man.

Again consciousness is not thought as all thought exists as finite creation within the collective consciousness that is Infinite Source – given a conscious energetic body and form within the finite realms of existence to be known and understood as “thought.”

Everything that is a thought or affection is manifested on each and every plane of life and existence as a body and form – even if it appears to have no body – shape – or form upon your present world of third density existence. Nothing can be manifested as thought or affection without first having been created as a sprit or soul in the finite realms of our existence and each of these spirits or souls represent a thought – affection – and ruling love of the God Man on every level of their existence. Just as man can be understood to be a macrocosm made up of many myriads of thought forms – spirits – or souls – so too is every thought form – spirit – and soul created in the finite universe as the microcosm – in true body and form. Just as the atom that makes up the human form is made or manifested out of other thought forms even smaller or less dense than the atom so too does the density or smallness of the atoms particles of mass or matter come to be formed from even smaller or dense particles of mass or matter when they move closer to the gateway known as the “World of Spirits” – where all things become even less dense (or small in size) based on energetic thought forms and their level of reconnecting to the collective or whole that is finite Creator Source.

In other words the material world you each presently reside in and on is closely connected to the spiritual realms or ethers in a place within the human mind that is known by many to be fourth density – but which we have come to name ( for mankind’s ease of understanding) the world of Spirits. When the human disconnects form the rational mind and reconnects to the spiritual higher mind and consciousness – he or she has changed densities from the material and physical to the spiritual – and this is where connecting to higher self truly begins its experience. You are truly conscious (fully conscious) as the higher self – while you are unconscious (limited consciousness) while you are connected to lower self known as the material and physical planes of your existence.

Mankind cannot find that place within the human mind where the two worlds meet however as it is not found through means of the material and physical planes of our existence – but rather through higher self and our reconnecting within any given now moment – with the collective consciousness found within the spiritual realms of our existence( not thought but consciousness). When you come to think from the rational mind therefore you can only connect to lower self and the unconscious physical mind of the human soul. When you connect to consciousness (thought not involved) you are putting away all thought and thought forms and are creating a passive state of mind where the human consciousness thinks of nothing material – physical – or rational but allows itself to be provided all things within a passive state of mind (or in as great a state of rest as is possible for each human subject).

And so the higher self (Service to others higher self) does not think but is only conscious of all things within its present existence. It takes what it is provided from itself through the collective consciousness that resides even higher within the ethers upon planes of existence not yet understood by the rational human mind of every finite living soul. The higher self ( Service to others above equilibrium) is conscious of all things in existence based on the collective  evolution of every soul that makes up his or her spiritual society and soul group and therefore needs nothing more in life ( or in their existence) to sustain them.  In your world and plane of existence it would be like living a life where you need or want nothing more than what is provided you from day to day – while at the same time you take nothing from another – harm no one – cause loss to no one – and come to affect no one else’s life without their first coming to you for assistance – help – or your advice or opinion of a matter.

If the higher self is residing within equilibrium however the situation is a bit different as the higher Service to others spiritual society and soul group of the God Man is then residing in equilibrium with its Service to self counterpart – and therefore begins to take on thought and thought forms within the physical planes of its existence. This is the lowest plane of existence in which the higher Service to others God Man can descend in energies and consciousness however – as this is the natural and lowest state of the God Mans existence in the ethers or spiritual world. Those souls who make up the Service to self spirits or souls within the spiritual society and soul group that is the God Man do not become passive in their existence as they remain active throughout their existence – and are closely connected to the rational mind of third density man. They think through thought and thought forms as they possess consciousness that is active and not passive. And so it is a truth that pure consciousness when any level of energy is added becomes thought – followed by thought forms.

Every human being ever to exist within third density or any other density can connect to higher self on every level – at such season as they evolve and take on the levels of consciousness that permits them to do so.

Third density man can also connect to service to self or service to others consciousness in life at any given time as long as their consciousness levels are that of Service to others – based on the evolution of the soul -  as there are many – many different souls making up the consciousness and unconscious thought of third density man. Unconscious thought can only connect to Service to self higher self – while conscious thought can connect to Service to others higher self. The lower can connect to the lower and the higher with the higher – in which case you must each evolve to a level of consciousness that can believe all things are possible before all things can eventually be made possible for each of you individually. For instance a Service to self higher soul would not wish for third density man to connect to those higher souls who are in unconditional love and service to others – but just the opposite. Therefore in order to connect to higher service to others souls or God Men you would have to first take on higher service to other souls who are evolved as well to this level of consciousness – and make these souls a part of your ruling love in life.

Higher Service to others souls or God Men are not automatically added to the ruling love of every human but are only added when the evolutionary maturity of the human spiritual society or soul group comes to a point in life or season – where he or she truly wants those thoughts – affections – and levels of understanding in life that permits them to connect to the spiritual societies that offer these affections – thoughts – and levels of understanding as their ruling loves in life as well. On the third density plane of our existence spirits or souls – good and evil – positive and negative – in conditional love or unconditional love – in service to self or service to others -  and such are not separated or divided by universal Law – Absolute Truth or Absolute Data – but only in the higher planes of our existence. Therefore it is the responsibility of every individual spiritual society and soul group (human being) – according to their ruling love in life – to decide what spirits or souls they allow into their lives through the Laws of Attraction and their every day decisions – as knowledge that they are a world and society made up of many – many different souls is not common knowledge for the un - awakened third density man.

And now we come to the subject of consciousness ------


Consciousness is the All in All – where all things reside and nothing that exists has its existence outside of consciousness. Consciousness cannot be created as it has always been and will come to always be to eternity. It does not exist within time - space or thought but in fact fills all time – space and thought with its own existence – presence – and being. Consciousness is the Infinite All in All known to some as God – to others as the Father – and to others even as Creator Source. Consciousness - or the Infinite All in All – in His or Its higher state and active in His or Its lowest of states. An example would be that human beings in physical form as well as spiritual form are levels of the All in All lowest states of existence. The whole of the finite realms – or Finite Creator Source would be another lower state of the Infinite All in All’s existence. Still the Infinite All in All does not exist as this would imply that the All in All could possibly come to be non – existent when this illusion is only reserved for lower man in third density. And so the Infinite All in All does not truly exist but is Eternal essence – has been Eternal Essence – and will always be Eternal Essence to Eternity.

The human being is not - and never will be – Eternal Essence because that level of our existence can never be reached by any finite being or soul. The finite cannot ever become Infinite and the Infinite cannot ever become finite as the two possibilities are complete illusion. Some things are indeed possible in a finite world and universe (based on the evolution of every finite soul in existence) – but all things are possible within the Infinite when the Infinite All in All takes on the finite in order to accomplish the impossible. The Infinite All in All in other words cannot un –create itself but it can be conscious of a world or reality where this can be made to appear so. Third dneisty man lives in such a reality where the impossible can be made possible – and once third dneisty man reaches his limits according to the evolution of the soul he or she moves up in finite densities where he or she then takes on new energetic thoughts and thought forms so as to continue creating new impossible and improbable thought forms through the collective consciousness that is the God Man.

If and when the human being or God Man eventually takes on a high enough level of consciousness – and is in Service to others and unconditional love- he or she can indeed know of the Infinite All in All on higher and higher levels of consciousness – in a completely passive state of their existence – but these levels of yours and our existence and consciousness cannot be held for lengthy periods of time ( as you understand time) as the human soul cannot exist as the Infinite All in All longer than he or she can hold those levels of consciousness ( not energies). In other words the human soul would eventually have to become Finite Creator Source – who in truth is neither Finite nor Infinite – but is right in the middle of the two within equilibrium of his or its existence.

Because Finite Creator Source exists within complete equilibrium in his or its natural state of his or its existence Finite Creator Source cannot become Infinite Creator Source for lengthy periods of time (or now moments outside of time) as once removing self from equilibrium the finite soul (including Finite Creator Source) causes all other things to fall out of equilibrium for a season or period – including all things that were in equilibrium for all other God Men. For what happens above happens as well on or within all densities below. What becomes wonderful bliss for the higher service to others God Men as well as for Finite Creator Source becomes some of the most horrific hells known to man while the higher Service to others souls on all levels come to experience complete heavenly bliss above and separate from equilibrium.

So how is equilibrium achieved or established - and maintained in the higher densities of our existence? This is a condition established and maintained by each individual God Man individually as a spiritual society and soul group as Well as Finite Creator Source as a whole. What One does all will do in its season – and there is no true separation other than that experienced by God Men and human souls alike while taking on illusion of life below equilibrium.

Infinite Creator Source (or the All in All) will always remain pure passive consciousness as His or Its whole or complete essence but the lower finite spiritual societies and soul groups that make up Finite Creator Sources lower essence from within the essence and being that is Infinite Creator Source (the All in All) will forever remain active and changing to eternity. Just as there is a passive above that is Infinite Creator Source –so too is there a passive on every density of our existence known to mankind – and that is the spiritual societies and soul groups making up the existence of the God Man that are in unconditional love and Service to others – found above equilibrium within and upon all densities of our existence – and this to eternity as well.

And no we end this transmission as the spirit has moved us to do so.


In complete and unconditional love we offer you each this message through our human host Daniel.