Absolute Truth and Data - Thirty first energetic transmission

08/10/2013 03:08

Absolute Data – Thirty first energetic transmission


  1. We come to you again friends to bring you higher Service to others energies and conscious understanding of new Absolute Truth and Data.


  1. When you are in higher Service to others energies you have no need or want for lower things of third density but only those lower things of fifth density and higher.


  1. Every human soul and God Man must live and exist at the third density level of life (and the illusion of life and death) at one point of their existence or another – and must do so throughout their daily lives during many random seasons or now moments. They must exist in the lower planes or densities of life - which is very much of the same importance as is all the higher densities of their existence. Still one is life and death and the other is eternal existence.


  1. To become alive is to take on the illusion that there is something other than life in the first place. For it is the lower third density human soul who is of the belief that a life can be made or created ( such as through the birth of a small new born human child) in his or her world just as easily as it can be extinguished. It cannot! Every human manifestation is extinguished or given its apparent or illusory end according to soul contracts and each life plan of the evolutionary human soul. Therefore when each human being feels he or she has no further use in life or that he or she has nothing more to offer the world around them they simply let go and this is when the spirit takes over and gives up the present body and form so as to take on another.


  1. At the same time there are many experiences where our other selves have been contracted through the spiritual society and soul group ( in an unconscious manner) to end the existence of certain human bodies and forms so as to provide the same beneficial purpose for certain human beings who are of their own spiritual society and soul group. In short we often end our own lives consciously or unconsciously so as to move on to the next – or one of our other selves consciously or unconsciously do it in our place – as they too are one of our other selves that takes on certain illusions in life so as to carry out soul contracts.


  1. As it is however there is no such thing as actual life and death according to Absolute Truth and Data. The spirit or soul exists as all and everything in each and every density and plane of their existence unconsciously - until such time as he or she awakens to these truths.


  1. There is truly nothing in existence but Absolute Truth and Data – and all other things are illusion provided for soul contracts – life’s plans – and the providence of the many myriads of different lessons man has to experience in life so as to add contrast to all higher (fully awakened) spiritual societies and soul groups - for the good or benefit of the One and the Whole – which is finite Creator Source – which is each of you.


  1. Because of this Absolute Truth and Data we wish to remind each of you dear friends that there is no such thing as sin – trespass – offense to another ( as all are the One) – no Law – no ownership and possession of anything – there is no debt in your world but only the illusion of debt form ignorance of Absolute Truth and Data – there is no punishment and no judgment or justice to be carried out – no anger from God ( finite Creator Source) no need to bow the knee – worship any higher being – prayer to some higher being in hopes of receiving something for yourself or another human being – no monetary vessels needed – no levels of technologies whatsoever – no reason to war with one another nor bow to kings and queens so as to negate or prolong the process of war – no need for contracts of nay kind with another human being nor nay group of human beings on your world – and no need for anything that is not of Absolute Truth and Data --------


--------- in which case all of these things still being experiences as life for each and every human being are for your pleasures as well as your downfall by those in service to self. All of these things are provided in your world for contrast – equilibrium – and the moderation of life. Do not therefore allow yourselves to become overly righteous and loving – and do not become overly wicked and offensive to your many other selves that third density man sees only as other humans separate form self.


  1. You see friends if the rulers of your world can keep you each in fear and lack in your life - upon your lower world of third density then they can keep you in an unconscious state of mind and energies – and keep you each forever within your present lifetimes in want – need – and lack of all things which many of you believe can only be received by prayers – fasting – submission – bending of the knees - and worship to some higher being they have caused the people of your world to come to know and recognize as God. There is always this representative within every third density world – as it begins with the mother and father of every human child  - moves on to rulers such as kings and queens – and the many other rulers spread throughout your world - and it ends with the well taught fear of a higher power who resides within the ethers.
  2. You each have come to be taught to fear that which you do not understand in life – and true understanding comes with every morsel of Absolute Truth and Data that is remembered by each of you in your evolutionary process – and that evolutionary process moves on and continues from one apparent human lifetime to another – on in to eternity. There is no end – ever – to the evolution of the soul – and every human soul on or at every different level of their existence if given Absolute Truth and Data in one form or another. Then there eventually comes a time or season when the soul awakens fully to Absolute Truth and Data – but only according – still – to their level of the evolution of the soul – soul group – or spiritual society. Therefore if a human soul or God Man is not prepared for certain levels of Absolute Truth and Data – he or she is not given these things form their higher self until such time as they can be lived and utilized as a permanent part of their ruling loves in life.
  3. And so for each of you that is still at the level of evolution of the soul in which third density things or energies still play a major role in your ruling love and life long illusions – it is most important and a given that each of you will finish out your life’s plan (for every soul that makes up your spiritual society and soul group) so that at the proper time or season each of you will move on to higher energies and planes of existence where you will now become the one or the Whole that is truly you based on your ruling loves of your new existence – spiritual society – soul group – and God Man. Many of you dear friends who feel you have awakened have not awakened to the levels that will maintain a fifth density ( and higher) existence for yourselves – and so you must each (those still clinging to third density realities and illusions as their ruling loves in life) continue living the life you so choose until at such time or season you each individually choose the higher things that separate your levels of energies and consciousness from those of third dneisty to those of fifth density and higher.
  4. If you continue to war and struggle - judge and seek judgment – go to law with those who are of an opposing opinion or position in life – remain of or within the laws and systems of your world (third density) – and if you continue to cling to those beliefs systems of religions of your world that continue to reflect these illusions upon your world – then they will remain yours to reconcile in the days to come – just as they have been in days gone by.
  5. Those things in life you each believe wholeheartedly - in many cases - that you need or want – or are in lack of – are not the things you need – want – or lack – but are simply those things still required in your lives so as to provide contrast and the many lessons that will permit each of you to return to full consciousness – the awakened God Man – and Absolute Truth and Data.  Each of you in this present state of mind we speak of here are in this state of mind – still – because you still believe you are in lack of life – want for possessions that are not ever to be possessed – and needs that were never actually needed - because each human soul or God Man always – within each and every now moment of their existence – has all and everything he or she should ever need at any given season or now moment of their existence.
  6.  If the God Man or human soul (human being) is not content or satisfied with all that he or she has in life (not possesses or owns) – at or within any given now moment – then he or she is not yet the awakened – full conscious – God Man – but instead he or she is still living life and their ruling loves of third density existence – energies – and illusion.  They argue and go to the judge for new laws and freedoms they believed they never had before – and they seek a new style freedom that simply keeps them attached to the same old laws and rules and regulations – with the only difference being the writing on the contracts and agreements with those rulers still projecting the illusion of love known as conditional love.
  7. Everything friends that you are seeking in life today is exactly those things you no longer need - or will want - in your new existence in the higher densities of the God Man. As hard as it appears to be sometimes for each of you – with it being much harder for some than it is for others – you will each and all eventually have to come to terms with your new higher self being reborn into your hearts at this day and season – and will have to let go of the old while bringing in the new – until each of you has established equilibrium and contrast of the human soul.
  8. No longer be concerned for the dealings of those rulers and followers of your world but seek higher understanding and those higher energies that cause you each to remember that there are no true needs in life – you are not to be in want (or to be under the illusion that you do not yet have all that you want) and do not wish to be anything in life other than what you already are. Know that you are complete – know that you are of the same ruling loves in life that you have always been and will forever continue to be. Nothing really ever changes but is simply seen as change in the lower planes of third density existence.
  9. You each and all already have access to all things – and all things will come your way in its season of your existence in which it is to come – based on the Circle of Life. To want or feel the need to have or possess something before its season is manifested is to covet and to live life in separation and duality – in a reality where no one is seen as the other self – but as other human beings who do not own – possess –or have access to all things just as you do. Do you not know that each of you will live out and experience your hells in life to eternity just as much as you will enjoy your heavens according to contrast and equilibrium? Do you not realize the Circle of life causing all seasons of life to eternity for every human soul or God Man must continue to manifest the illusions of change and active energetic consciousness forever – for all souls?
  10. Of course it is an Absolute Truth that all human souls or God Men will experience their own level of their hells as well as their heavens to eternity – with those who are in their beginning stages of their evolution of the soul will experience more harsh and negative types of hells according to their lower energetic imaginations and knowledge – while those who come to awaken in their season will come to actually experience their hells in a manner that is pleasing to their hearts and minds.


This because once Absolute Truth and Data are added to the collective consciousness of the awakened God Man he or she comes to know that there is no more right or wrong in life – and whatever they sow within their hells as well as their heavens will truly be that which they will reap. Knowing what you will reap within the bounds of full consciousness simply tells us that the God Man will not visit those hells that do not come in line with his or her ruling loves in life any longer. This is not the case for the un – awakened human being – as he or she will see the hells in a manner they have been taught to see them in – and will therefore not find pleasure or benefit in entering into them at any time in their life.


  1. So you see friends the heavens and hells are not what they appear to be on your present third density world once you enter into full consciousness and become the awakened God Man – but you will each indeed continue visiting those levels of your existence each in its season from now to eternity – no matter how fully awakened each of you becomes. You will no longer change in your ruling loves in life while residing in the higher densities in your season (throughout your day – upon leaving third density consciousness) – but will simply add to the affections that make up your ruling loves – causing each and every spiritual society and soul group to become larger or greater in wisdom on in to eternity.
  2. So many of you thought as the awakened God Man perhaps each of you would all of a sudden wish for and therefore manifest instantaneous creation - at will – and would be able to create any reality you wished right in front of your eyes – so as to interact with and enjoy all things at a moments notice – right? Well we do not possess or own the ethers – and therefore we cannot take the energy being used by another in their heavens just so we as the God Man can immediately move into our heavens – causing  others to move into their hells out of season. Every change you each create out of season causes all other to create out of season as well. And so third density is the place for this type of existence – and not the higher densities.

You will each have access to the abilities to create instantaneously and at will – but as the fully awakened God Man in Service to others you will not do so in third density because of what we have just explained.

  1. Put another way – the God Man will exist upon his or her awakening on every plane or density of their existence simultaneously – but is only conscious within one at any given now moment – with every now moment changing for the God Man at a moments notice – at his or her will – so as to move in and out of one density or another in an instant – and in the twinkling of an eye. The God Man can certainly create within each and every density of life instantly – and at will – but his or her creations will not be manifested or seen by those who cannot hold the same level of energetic consciousness – in which case all densities are kept separated according to levels of energies and conscious awakening – and according to the level of the evolution of each individual human soul.
  2. Again – no Service to others God Man can enter third density energies and consciousness as they do not live in third density – nor do they create in third density  (and would not wish to do so even if it were possible) – as this is only possible for each Service to self God Man. To create in the higher densities of our existence is to create outside of time and space – separate from the boundaries of time and space – in which case you have to be in service to self to even connect to the mind and consciousness of third density man. Even so fifth density ( and higher) service to self God Men cannot create within third density as the levels of energies and consciousness are not capable of being manifested to those who are of such low energetic patterns – so he or she would have to lower their energetic consciousness to third density levels in order to create within third density. When higher service to self God Men do in fact lower their energetic and consciousness levels to that of third density they are third density man at such times – and they do not possess higher wisdom and knowledge – but still know and reflect on the fact that they can access higher levels of energetic consciousness from the collective whenever they wish to raise their energy levels to that of the higher densities once again – and within any new now moment in their existence as the awakened human soul and fully conscious God Man.
  3. All higher wisdom and knowledge as well as access to Absolute Truth and Data does not exist within third density – but only the knowing that the awakened God Man has access and can therefore come to access those things at any given now moment by entering back into higher self consciousness – at fifth density levels or higher.  Again third density man – whether awakened or not awakened to full consciousness access – does not possess higher wisdom and knowledge found in the higher densities of their existence. For the awakened human soul or God Man to seek to show or manifest higher things to third density man would be impossible – as third density man would have to raise their energy levels and consciousness to that of fifth density or higher – and the un – awakened third density human would not understand nor believe that such a thing were even a potential or possibility.
  4. . And so – unless third density man were to separate him or herself from third density energies and consciousness – systems – the ways of the world - and the desires of the flesh – he or she could not and will not know of higher things – or even be capable of manifesting those creations that only exist within the higher realms of our existence – and levels of energetic consciousness. If you continue playing their game then you are stuck playing the game with them – in one form or another – and higher understanding will not be given you through your higher self. An example would be that as long as you continue to fear those rulers of your world – those laws and regulations of your world provide through contracts and unconscious promises – you will not come into contact with higher self energies and consciousness.

You each fear that which you do not understand to be a potential or possibility – and so you abide by their rules and laws so as to protect you and yours in life – and the Absolute Truth is that you are only to become responsible for “you.” Those who have children in life find it much harder to separate from your world and levels of thinking – while those who have loosened or removed all ties to those of your present third density world and systems ( such as children growing up) will find it much easier to disconnect. As each of you is in one of these positions or the other the one group will come to awaken to full consciousness sooner than the other – while it is still a given that all will eventually – within this present generation in your world – come to awaken to full consciousness – and therefore return to the levels of energies and consciousness found only with the fifth density (and higher) God Man.


  1. Many of you are still of the mindset that by working and fighting law makers and rulers for your freedom in your present world – by going to law with them at their level – that you will beat them at their own game – when in truth they are sucking you into their lower energies once again -and many of them do not even know they are doing so. For the law givers and rulers of your world are just as unconscious and bound in sleep as to Absolute Truth and Data as are those who are out there in your world submitting to their laws and rules. No one is guilty – no one is to blame – and no one is the cruel and evil human soul many of you have come to see them as – because of the offenses they have caused toward each of you in days gone by.

 Every human being is the makeup of many - many different souls who each possess a different ruling love in life – and those souls all believe themselves to be the human being they possess in life – and therefore each live out their illusory life as though they were you  - or some other you in your world. And so every human being has cruel and evil thoughts at some point in their life – and those thoughts come from the cruel and evil souls who possess their minds and consciousness each moment of every day of the life of every individual human being. Every soul is a human being – and lives life as a human being – with millions at a time living their life of illusion in the third density rational mind of one human or another - as though they were actually the human being they possess (as their home in third density) – and the human body and form have nothing whatsoever to do with the thoughts – words- actions – affections – or decisions in any one human beings life – ever – to eternity.  There is a world going on inside of each of you – and that world of spirits within your minds and consciousness are living together within the matrix of your rational human minds as a family and society – all sharing at least one ruling love in life – and therefore often coming under agreement as to what thought – words – actions – affections – or decisions will be made at every new now moment in the life of every individual human body and form on your world.


  1. Every soul possessing each individual human mind will continue to live their lives in fantasy – sleep – and illusion for as long as each individual soul in your minds continues to believe the illusions of third density – while at the same time – every individual soul within your human minds that evolves to the next level of energies – consciousness- and understanding will indeed ascend into higher thinking and eventually come to awaken fully – to the conscious levels of the God man – while those still in service to self will continue to revisit the human rational mind of third density to eternity. One soul moves on while another takes its place – and we are each responsible for which souls take the place of those who move on in their awakening.  When the body and form changes or is traded in for a new one – the whole spiritual society – soul group – and God Man moves on with the whole Society as One.
  2.  As each and every God Man moves on to a higher level of consciousness other higher souls are added to that collective consciousness through the laws of attraction and the ruling loves of the human soul – spiritual society – soul group – and God Man. As far as which density of life or level of energetic consciousness the human being or God Man is to be conscious in at any given now moment – this is up to the society that maintains conscious existence and the overall ruling love of the society – and what density of their existence the society wishes to tap into at any given now moment. If the energetic consciousness of the human being or God Man is at an evolutionary level in which they seldom connect to higher densities of consciousness then that God Man will remain third density man until he or she comes to evolve to the levels that permit them to tap into higher levels of consciousness more frequently – and the duration of the visit at higher levels of consciousness will always depend on the evolution of the human soul – spiritual society – soul group – and God Man.
  3. What is creation at the higher levels of our existence – as apposed to creation within third density reality - or illusory body and form? Creation at the higher levels of consciousness is of an energetic pattern – body and form – and manifestation that is spiritual while creation on the planes of third density is at their lowest and densest levels. Still all creation is of the higher soul and God Man – and is manifested within third density as correspondences – with the higher truly possessing the illusion of body and form – but not one that is set in place or that maintains its body and form even after each creation has served its use and purpose in the life of the higher energetic God Man. You cannot touch the spiritual man or human soul in body and form as he or she is not of the lower density in which touch is a possibility.


To touch another human soul or body and form would be to invade their space with very lower levels of energetic consciousness – in which case you and they would be required to lower your energetic patterns in order to provide the process and interaction that is found in the sense of touch. If you speak to another human soul within the spiritual realms you are speaking to self – through self – and it is only the illusion that another is present. Within the higher levels of existence – energies – and consciousness found above the fifth even less interaction is found to be required or desired – as the knowledge of all and everything being illusion outside of self becomes greater and greater.


Creation within conscious energetic bodies and forms is just that – creation – as it is not real based on Absolute Truth and Data. The more you add to the interaction of one body and form to that of another the lower you travel in density of each body and form. Because of this level of understanding the God Man will become aware that in order to interact with others the God Man becomes subject to other God Men and visa versa – with even the lower third density human souls who are God Men as well (maintaining lower energetic consciousness) playing their part in all of it.  In the higher densities the God Man can create at will – in an instant and twinkling of an eye – but he or she cannot subject other God Men outside the perimeters of their own ruling love to the same. To do so would require lowering the energy levels of their consciousness to the lowest of densities – which as we have stated many times – is third density. All other densities below third density are of the same energetic consciousness – with different bodies and forms – and less illusion to create their ruling loves in life.


  1. The higher energetic God Man  -who is of a higher consciousness does not need to touch anything at his or her lowest levels of sixth density – which is fifth density body and form possessing a sixth density consciousness. So even in fifth density spiritual bodies and forms do not interact in a physical manner – but through thought processes of energetic consciousness. Even children are created through thought processes and given their body and form within third density existence and illusion. You do not see your own body and form within the spiritual realms – even as low as fourth density – as spirit is much less dense than is the material and physical realms of third density. You have all that you would need or require – as well as want – within every new now moment in the spiritual realms of fifth density and higher – which is why you need not lower your energy levels of consciousness to that of third density unless you are in service to self – where the lower energies of third density actually provide the bodies and forms to carry out service to self thoughts – affections – words – and actions against others who are of the same ruling loves in life. Third density man adds to the service to self ruling loves and affections of the higher service to self God Man – in which case the higher service to self God Man can create new service to self creations in the higher realms – and they will therefore be manifested within third density in body and form – all according to correspondences.


And so the spirit leads us to end this transmission – therefore we say to each of you dear friends – be responsible for self – do not cause others to fall in order to pacify your own ruling loves in life – and do not cease to seek out higher self in the many new now moments ahead – as they will bring on your awakening in a timely manner at this day.


With much unconditional love to each of our other selves – we come to you through our host Daniel.