Absolute Data - Twelfth energetic transmission

03/13/2013 19:19

Absolute Data – Twelfth energetic transmission


Who brings us the Galactics?


I wish to provide you all a message of absolute truth or data which the world has not wished to share with you friends up until now. My message is on the origins of all of the Galactic organizations out their in our world media and internet today. There has been one group after another who has claimed to channel the Galactic Federation of light – the Galactic Federation – the Galactic Confederation of light and so on – and most all of them have been a message with the idea that they are going to have some type of homecoming with the world and are about to make things a whole lot better for mankind in general. I do not wish to ruin anyone’s party or come down on their hopes and dreams in life- as I simply wish to lay out the facts and let each of you decide for yourselves as to how you proceed with your beliefs and eventual awakening in the days ahead.

The reason most of you out there in the world are still seeking someone to come bail you out of this mess we have all gotten ourselves into throughout one generation after the other is because you have been submitted to the slavery system for so long that you are ready to receive any help that sends you a message that they are on their way to help you and to meet their Galactic family. And because those ruling powers that once had their hooks in each and all of you at one time have provided you a Savior – such as the once famous Jesus Christ – and because you feel this group is so much more believable than an actual Savior – you are prepared to accept the message being brought to you from the many channels throughout the world today.

How many of you have already heard the term that everything you need in life is within you? Have I not in my prior posts on Absolute Data given you the tools to show you that there is a protective orb or sphere surrounding each of you in life – and that your own personal orb is going to let in and keep out all things that are attracted to you through your own creative abilities in life. So if you are going to create some new reality at this day it will surely be created for you but it will only appear to be what you truly think it to be as long as you continue in third density– in that while you live your lives in third density energies and consciousness things are not what they appear – but usually just the opposite. You can be given therefore a message from higher service to self beings that is one of wonderful new things and a solution to all of the problems of the world – but still it is an illusion as you are the God of your own world. You are the Creator of all things that come into or go out of your protective sphere in life.

If not for your own protective sphere each of you will grow sick and die at the first presence of some fatal sickness- disease – or plague that enters into your world atmosphere. And they do run ramped thanks to the world rulers of the old third density system of things.

Since not every human being attracts the same things in life we are all therefore maintained as a single ruling love through the Universal Laws of our protective sphere. And while living life in third density – because you do not yet know the sphere was designed for your protection alone – and because you do not know of the laws of Attraction (or you do but you do not reflect on it often enough in life) your sphere also allows in harmful spheres to your person and being. Residing in third density is like leaving the flock or fold that is the oneness and whole of finite Source. Once you leave that collective consciousness and Source you are now susceptible to good and evil and no longer just good.

So as I was saying each of you creates your own world and reality today – yesterday – and forever. If Galactics do indeed come into your world at this day or sometime in the near future they will not be whom they appear to be as they do not have to. In third density you are only given appearances and not actual Absolute Data – in which case you live in an upside world. All things are opposite and upside down when compared to actual truth. And though you all create your own truth in life it is still not what it appears to be in third density but is nothing more than a corresponding reality of spiritual things. Again friends there is nothing in this world that is actual Absolute Data but only all the opposites of Absolute Data. So when the Galactics come to manifest on your planet at this day who do you think they will truly be? In third density they will be those who are presently “your” world rulers while in fifth density they will be you. No more groups will exist in the fifth as these would actually be separate from the One or whole – which is a complete collective consciousness.

So who would be coming playing themselves off to be our family and helpers coming here to help us fix our planet? Those powers and rulers of the old system that are hanging on for dear life- and wish to bring all their fancy ships they have already created from reverse technology (stolen technology) in the air so as to land on our many different soils and take you where each of you will freely choose to go. No one who is still third density can come to our planet and enter into our atmosphere unless they are third density themselves – as the people would not see a fifth density human or being whatsoever. All of you still have free will choice to go and do as you please in life today – and if this is the timeline or road you wish to take you will be most welcomed by them. And then you might wake up on some other planet where they will be continuing their submitting the masses to slavery once again – but now in a different and more wonderful package – as these promises of a more wonderful life will cause the people to choose to go off planet or to some other place on planet and begin a fresh new life in slavery – though most of there will not know they are in slavery to begin with.

Once they get you there they can change all the rules over time and bring society right back to where they wanted it from the beginning. Am I attempting to cause you all fear in these words? By no means as your life will still be a better one than it is presently on our world today – for your generation – and maybe the next one or two generations – but then your grandchildren and great grand children will again live in a world such as this present third density reality or one similar. And if all are truly going to awaken what difference does it make where you live in life so long as you freely choose this on your own. The only difference is if you choose to go with them on a ship you do not truly know where they will take you or what they will do with the people once they get them there.

Fifth density higher humans will not be coming here friends to fix the world and have a great reunion with their family from the stars because the stars are within each of you as are all the heavens. When you all become fifth density humans you will be One with all of it – including all other fifth density beings on other planets. It will all once again become a collective consciousness and energy form within its own new sphere of Oneness. Therefore once the planet is completely fifth density – as it is already being formed and manifested (the planet is already fifth density to many) no one will need to come here to meet us as they will already be with us all. Now as far as other third density planets and worlds they are all third density and evolving to fifth density as well – even as we speak. 

 Any third density humans or beings who might come here to our third density planet to offer newer technologies and have a reunion would simply be shot out of the sky by the rulers of the old system – given they would not in the least invite them here to our world to interfere in their plans. They have done so in the past and have crashed and been captured in many instances – in which case all of that technology other worlders may have – the old rulers of our world possess as well through reverse technologies. Third density is a reality where each being has free will to do and be as they so choose in life. And they have all the tools of good and evil in order to choose from. So what do you think other third density worlds are up to at this day? Are they not seeking what we are seeking – that being their awakening or ascension? Do they not all have their own problems – in which case they cannot go off to some other world and help them solve their problems?

As above so below – as the inner so too is the outer- and as the light so too is the dark. What I am telling you here is that every living soul out there in the universe is another representative of you because you are still third density. And I must tell you that if you are still thinking someone is coming to fix our creations you are still third density in that manner – which is not to imply that you are not fifth density as well – given the two will live together to eternity. No one can come to your world or sphere unless you invite them –and therefore some on this planet will invite the Galactics while many others will not. But they will not be permitted to come in a manner in which you seek- and will be the ruling powers of third present third density planet. Can they therefore be a part of our world and reality if we choose not to invite them – and who would it be that we would be inviting? It would be those who are already here within the essence – being – and sphere- or all the humans who have and will invite them.

Still you cannot invite someone from a group or Galactic Society that is not a part of the One or whole unless you invite their third density selves- and not fifth density. So in inviting them – no matter who you think they are- you are still attached to third density for as long as you remain a part of their group or world or system.

Where do you go when you have warp technology that allows you to bend the fabric of space  (not time) in order to travel very long distances to other star system and universes? Does third density man have the ability to use these devices in the first place? And even if they did what would they expect in the form of a welcome once they got here on a planet that is still corrupt and held in bondage and slavery by the old world rulers and service to self beings that allow them this ability to control our present world? And so they would not come here while our planet is still under the rule of other third density service to self beings – nor would they come here in order to join up with those human souls who have awakened and remembered who they are as these would now be fifth density human beings. Beings that are not yet awakened cannot enter back into the One or whole.

Beings that are not awakened cannot join the one while they are still in the mindset of being a part of a Group or Galactic Society as this is not Oneness. They cannot join a society of Oneness while they still speak of any type of group - war- violence – punishment – arrests – judgment – government –and so on. These are not attributed to fifth density reality and energies whether in service to others or in service to self. Beings that are not yet awakened cannot enter into Oneness energies while they are still speaking or living in a reality of money – usury – and the rich and the poor in their world and system. They do not have jobs in life that they have to work and they do not have to pull their own weight in a Society that is One because the whole Society shares all things equally no matter who serves what use or purpose within that Society.

When I presented my list of questions (about four pages worth) to those channels of the Galactic Federation they were never answered in the least – and so they are not transparent in their messages given they are not willing to answer questions to the people. And of course I have seen a few channels even leave channeling the Galactics because of this very reason. Everyone who enters into a group within third density (because the Galactics are a third density creation and organization even though they say different) cannot therefore enter into a Oneness society of the collective consciousness within fifth density. The good news is all people will awaken no matter where they go in this day and move over to oneness and fifth density consciousness – therefore leaving third density behind.

There are two terms you will not hear spoken from the Galactics – and with good reason – the one is Equilibrium and the other is oneness. You may hear these terms in some of their channels today however as I have noticed their message has changed a bit with all the opposing messages out there against what they speak. I have truly heard my words spoken by them once I have had contact with one of their channels.

So be careful in joining groups at this day who do not speak of equilibrium and oneness as these two terms are an important part to your awakening.