Absolute Data - Thirtieth energetic transmission

08/10/2013 21:34

Absolute Data – Thirtieth energetic Transmission


We come to you again dear friends (all of our other selves) to provide new Absolute Truth and Data to your levels of consciousness. Though it is not new Absolute Truth and Data it will appear as new things remembered by you all – this we are sure of. We provide these things to those of you who are at the point of their evolution of the soul in which they are in the process of awakening to full consciousness as well as those well on the way to completing the process. Of course the process is never actually completed – but there are those of you who are much farther along in their awakening of the human soul than some others who represent the collective consciousness that is Creator Source.

Indeed each of you is us and we are you at many different levels of our collective consciousness that is the One and Whole of all things potential and possible in this grand Universe of Creation. So who are we really? We are the higher levels of consciousness that is in each of you as well - from eternity and forever evolving to a higher level of consciousness – as all is accessible to each of you – and all things are  therefore each of you from the levels of your higher states of consciousness as well as from the lower ones. All you need do is remember how to access all things in their season. We are the God Man or Men – who in the past (days gone by) – within the realms you understood to be third density – spoke to you all of higher things – (and many of you were not yet prepared to accept these things) that would become accessible to you all in its season of your evolution.

At this time we come to you all again while you are in a higher state of consciousness so as to offer these things once again – for those of you who have completed your season of life in third density – and are prepared to move on to a higher state of consciousness. Once you heard us speak the words through many different levels or interpretations of your languages – as well as in many different forms – “Let us create man in our image.” It is true that we have done this many myriads of times (created man in our image) as have each of you from your higher planes of existence – and you each do it time and time again throughout  your daily lives within as well as outside of time and space.

And so we come to each of you hearing our words spoken at this season – outside and separate from time and space – to guide once again those awakened human souls who have momentarily separated from the world of unconsciousness and illusion. And so we begin our message to you dear friends - in service to our many other selves – as you are each in the process of finally escaping the clutches and binding limits of third density.


Our message to you all!


The God Man will forever – beyond the boundaries of eternity – continue to exist within every density of his or her life and existence – including but not limited to the third of densities – as the God Man must forever remain Omnipresent – Omnipotent – Omniscient – and all things possible as well as potential ally coming into form. For everything has its form in Creation no matter what levels of energy it is created from. The God Man must also exist simultaneously on and in every density of life and existence – possessing the full and complete essence and being that is in all things. There is nothing new under the sun because all is same or exact – as all and everything is the One and the Whole which is Creator Source in His or Its completion at any given season inside as well as outside time and space.

We do not say you or Creator Source is or ever will be or become complete in essence or being – as all and everything is to evolve to eternity or forever. To be complete would of course mean someone or some thing would possess all things that never change to eternity – never being added to nor taken away from - ever. Neither is this the case for any one of you – nor for Creator Source. So how can we say Creator Source is all and everything form now to eternity? Because we speak of the essence and being of the All in All which is neither finite nor infinite – but has its only limit of its existence in the All in All who is All and everything – every potential and possibility – in its purest form possible. You can come to understand Creator Source as Infinite or you can understand Creator Source to be finite – and still you would not be in complete understanding of Creator Source – as this is the representation of the All in All which is prone and bound to the evolution of the soul to eternity.

And so there is a higher level of your consciousness and existence (each and all of you collectively) that is Infinite – and there is a higher level of your consciousness and existence which is finite and forever evolving to eternity as well. The Infinite will never change – and remains passive and inactive to eternity ( pure consciousness) while the finite is ever changing and evolving to its next season or level of consciousness forever – having access to all things from the Infinite All in All in its season – and at the levels of evolution proper for every evolved soul to eternity. And so if you are mature and prepared properly for certain things in their season then you receive those things in your consciousness to access at will from that now moment on – and to eternity as well. If you are not mature and prepared properly for new things – they will simply pass you by until that season comes along again and is offered to you once again – at which time each of you will receive all things in your season of life submitted completely to your levels of evolution of the soul on in to eternity.

Children are not given what is prepared and held in waiting for adults – nor is what is prepared and held in waiting for children provided for the adult – as each of you must once again become a child in heart in order to receive childish things. This can always be a good thing or it can be a negative and harmful thing in life – always depending on the conditions of your hearts.  It is true that all things are offered in their season – but this does not mean that all things will be received by all separate from Universal Laws – spiritual Laws – and under the collective guidance of Absolute Truth and Data. In other words no human soul or God Man is ever given that which he or she cannot live and accept as part of their ruling loves in life.  Therefore if you cannot see it as a possible created reality – as a potential expression of energy in one form or another – you will not know a thing to be potential and possibility – and you will therefore not yet be given such things into your ruling loves in life – making them a new addition to your life and existence from that moment on in to eternity. F             or once a thing is given from the higher realms of your existence – they are never again taken away – ever.

So why are there so many human souls out there in your world today in ignorance of Absolute Truth and Data if the evolved soul is to retain all things to eternity as a part of their ruling loves in life?

Because new souls are created every moment of every day in your world as well as all other worlds and planes of yours and our existence – and these new souls begin their new existence in sleep – fantasy – and illusion within the most dense of densities know as the third - just like every other soul ever to be created as a small human new born baby experiences what is known or understood to be their beginning. In truth there is not beginning as all things have always been in existence – which is why it is spoken now – as well as within days of old - that “there is nothing new under the sun.” While it is still a truth that each of you still resides in every higher plane of your existence in conscious mind and form – you each possess many myriads (beyond the possibility of being counted) of  lower expressions of yourselves within each and every timeline and dimension within your  third density existence and life – and these representations of yourselves – as well as ourselves – cannot be given higher things outside of or before their season – and even then they are not given when a soul is not evolved to the levels required for each new thing. And so we move on to other truths or expressions of your ruling loves within your collective consciousness.

So what is it that provides the so called differences between one plane and density of your life or existence from that of another you may ask? The difference between each plane or density or your life and existence –as well as those of ours is correspondences. Correspondences are those illusions still present in the ruling loves and realities called truth – which makes up the life or existence of every human soul or God Man ever to exist to eternity. Every density or plane of yours and our existence possesses some level of illusion still – and those illusions are replaced by Absolute Truth and Data at a time when the human soul or God Man is evolved to the next level and has taken on all new forms of Absolute Truth and Data which are to replace each and every form of falsity – fantasy – and illusion. The fantasies – falsities – and illusions are not however stores or possessed by the consciousness of your higher selves – but are rather stored – used – and exist as a part of every ruling love in the life of each and every human soul and God Man collectively as well as separately. In other words when you are living or experiencing the things of lower consciousness you are third dneisty man- and when you are living or experiencing the higher things of your evolved consciousness you are the higher self.

Still we have not explained correspondences in a manner that is fully understood by the newly awakened soul – so we will now attempt to do so. Correspondences are things that represent in life those things on higher planes of your existence as far as those affections they represent in the life and existence of a human soul or God Man. The higher therefore is different in body and form than that of the lower. The higher exists within a sphere or bubble that is less dense and therefore has its existence and presence – as well as body and form is a sphere or bubble you may or may not understand as spirit form.  What is presented in body and form therefore to third density man is thought form for the higher self God Man or spiritual man. What a body and form in your reality or plane of existence know as third density is purer thought (not however at its purest) and therefore much less dense in its energies and conscious levels of your existence while you reside in the higher mind of the human being of third density. And so the lower the expression of affections or thought in the human mind the more dense the body and form of that affection or thought will be seen in the eyes and felt by the human hand of mankind – corresponding forever in body and form to the levels or numbers of spirits – spiritual societies – and soul groups required to collectively think in order to create that body and form at every now moment of yours as well as our existence to eternity.

It is true each of you can imagine wonderful things in your minds – as well as dream wonderful dreams of many beautiful things – and these things will at times appear so real to your conscious mind that you will not know whether you are awake or asleep at the time (that is fifth density)---- but imagine living within a reality where all of those things can appear real all of the time – just as real – and even more so  than they appear within the plane and density of life that is third density. That is the spiritual world and realm of your existence which you will each enter into when you are of the collective mind  (and you will awaken to that collective mind more and more each hour of every day that is now to come) – and connected to higher self in your consciousness – so as to see all things in front of your faces (but cannot touch in fifth density or your dreams - as their bodies or forms  are spiritual and merely thought form - representative of the affections they provide for and of your life and existence.

In your dreams (fifth density) you can see and interact with others – but you will never see your own body and form - and will in fact know yourself to be one or the other of the many human souls in which you truly represent in life. In other words in fifth density (your dreams) you do not always have to be the same person – but can take on a new personality that is one of your many other selves in life – and yet you will still understand that person or personality to be you at that time. You do not see yourself because you are in spirit form – which is thought form – which is therefore only the thoughts or affections of your body and form of you or one of your other selves in fifth density – and you are never at the time reflecting on your body and form – but that of all others around you. You are still in service to self while in your fifth density state of mind and consciousness – but you are the fifth dneisty Sts representation of you – the God Man. 

This is how you can move instantly from one reality or experience in your dreams (or fifth density) to another in the blink of an eye so to speak. In third density however all the rules and levels of your density change and become added to extremely – as there are many more spiritual society and soul groups involved in creating the world around you. Because of the many more additions to your ruling love or life in third dneisty therefore your reality is weighed down in the energy needed in order to create it in your life – and all things become more and more dense – the more you require in order to make up that life or reality. And so we will move on and speak of other things friends – as we do not wish to delve any deeper at this time into these areas of your collective consciousness.

At the time we moved off in the direction of explaining correspondences we told you all that these correspondences are what make things appear different within each different plane or level of existence known as timelines – dimensions – and densities.  It is true these things all appear different to the evolving human soul and God Man – but in fact nothing is different but only seen as different according to correspondences and levels of understanding of the human soul and God Man. All and everything is the same for you dear friends as well as for us even when you reflect and believe us to be separate and disconnected from your levels of consciousness as well as your ruling loves and plane of reality. What one experiences all are – have – and will experience as well to eternity. Some may not see or understand that all things are shared with the collective consciousness but this is truly the case.

Every third density human soul that has evolved to a certain level of their existence has taken on certain new things - which have been created by the living of the life of every newly created soul throughout their evolution – and all new things are forever shared with the collective upon the higher planes of your existence as well as all others. Absolute Truth and Data are not new but what is acquired by the evolving soul when different areas of Absolute Truth and Data are joined together in the realms of third dneisty illusion are different. It is like one soul being good and one soul being evil – and then at one time or another - the two come together and create a new things by the combining of certain Sts and Sto human souls or God Men. Because new souls are being created within fantasy – sleep – and illusion all the time – within every new now moment – on in to eternity – new creations are forever being manifested within the lower realms of our existence –and shared with all other realms for their use in adding to their ruling loves in life.

Whether a higher soul chooses to use these new creations or not is of course totally up to them and their spiritual society and soul group – but the access to all new things will forever be provided them to eternity. And still it is not all that simple when you come to seek understanding of these things with a certain tunnel vision – rather than forever keeping an open mind on these matters. For new Absolute Truth and Data is being added to your levels of consciousness all the time – within every new now moment of your existence – and your ruling loves in life will forever continue to change – based on all new and freely given Absolute Truth and Data for the remainder of your days – and this to eternity and forever.

All that exists is energy as well as consciousness – and all that there is will forever be bound within one different sphere or bubble or another made up of this energetic consciousness  providing all the many myriads of bodies and forms upon every plane of existence to eternity. It is these many bodies and forms which provide the many new (as well as those from days gone by) created thought forms within each and every density of our existence – that are here at the disposal of every God Man and human soul to exist to eternity within the bounds of finite illusion. And now we will speak on the subject of our third density existence – and yours.

Every God Man whether separate or as One being  truly whole exists as a single third density human being according to illusion and the unconscious state of life we each do indeed exist within to eternity. Even once the lower essence and being of the God Man is in the process of awakening to full consciousness (that process never actually being a completed state of our existence) in his or her season or cycle the God Man is forever bound at any given time – to return randomly or spontaneously to his or her unconscious state of mind that is third density existence. The reason it is random or spontaneous is because we are not always careful as to the spiritual society and soul groups that we draw on or allow into our every new thought throughout our daily lives. As the God Man matures and evolves to a certain level in life however the decisions as to which spiritual society and soul groups we do in fact allow into our every new thought does become easier to choose from as we become more careful and use greater spiritual wisdom when deciding on these things.

Because of the Laws of attraction that exist on every plane of our existence we invite into our lives certain affections with our every thought – and in this process every new thought and affection from each spiritual society and soul group invited into our thoughts is brought into our collective consciousness as well – and this makes us susceptible to being lured into having thoughts and ideas which we would not in many instances have. Of course whether or not we speak or act on these thoughts is another decision to be made by every God Man individually. Our thoughts therefore do bring each of us into the plane of our third density existence – but according to our spiritual level of evolution of the soul we can easily choose to leave third density instantly – changing our thoughts to higher things – in which case we must be the awakened human soul and God Man.

Again every spiritual society and soul group that is invited into your life and ruling loves at any given time will permit access to your thoughts from each of these societies or human souls. By them having that access they can often attract or peak your interest in other thought forms they have to offer in this situation – in which case proper judgment and discernment of the spirit is always a good thing to use. Still even the fully awakened God Man is susceptible to Sts higher souls and their affecting your many thoughts in your life and existence. The God Man who is in Sto however is not easily attracted to those thoughts of higher Sts Souls or energies – and will often therefore steer away from those spirits – souls – or thoughts and affections. However as we have stated the God Man – whether in Sts or Sto affections and energetic consciousness will tend to fall prey to lower thought forms in life or in their existence each time they are attracted to lower thoughts –affections – and energies that are still attractive to them during the process of their awakening. As the awakening moves farther and farther along however – it will become easier and easier for the God Man to discern spirits – and he or she will then find it easier to steer away from those ruling loves – thoughts- and affections that are not in Service to others – or even Service to self – depending on the nature of the God Man and whether he or she exists above or below equilibrium in the higher realms of their existence. 

There will never come a time when the God Man will no longer wish to re – enter into third density life – simply because the God Man is not only Service to others in his ruling loves in life but in Service to self at the level of equilibrium where all things are in agreement of life for the higher and lower fifth density God Man as well as every other density of life above the fifth.  Because of this Absolute Truth and Universal fact the lower Sts Essence of the higher God Man at every level above third density will forever connect to and steer the thoughts and affections of third density man. If the God Man therefore chooses to re- enter third density at any given time in his or her existence they do so through their Sts Nature and essence – and energetic levels of consciousness. The higher Sto essence and energetic levels of the God Man will never enter into third dneisty life by lowering their energy and consciousness levels – as the higher Sto God Man will have nothing to do with lower things of their existence – wishing only to serve others through their guidance of the awakening human soul into higher levels of their existence.

While living life in third density the God Man cannot be conscious within any other density of life at the time – or simultaneously – as he or she is truly third density alone because of their unconscious state of mind and very lower energetic frequencies. Fifth density and higher human beings or God Men can see and interact with third density man but third density man will simply see them as third density- knowing nothing of higher planes of their existence. Third density man cannot however see or interact with fifth density man or higher unless they become fifth density or higher – and as we have stated before this is only possible for the awakened third density human soul. The awakened third density human soul has evolved to a level where they know how to move into fifth density and higher simply by raising their level of thoughts and affections – or energetic patterns – but the non – awakened human soul does not know of these things yet. To interact with third density man the higher God Man must be in Service to self as this is the only part of the higher self that can connect consciously to the rational mind of third density man.

And so the God Man is not bound completely to return to third dneisty to eternity – but only according to his or her Service to self nature. Again all God Men are forever both Service to self and Service to others fully conscious energetic being or souls – with the one being expressed in its season while the other is expressed in its season as well .The seasons are much longer when the God man has only begun his or her full awakening – while the seasons can be regulated and made to last a much longer period of time (outside of time and space) as the God Man evolves and therefore awakens to a much fuller level. Just because the God Man is fully awakened doers not mean he or she will not continue to take on new Absolute Truth and Data – but simply that he or she can more easily accept all new Absolute Truth and Data as their awakening progresses and new things are given from the higher societies of their existence.

You as the God Man will experience the four seasons of your life and existence as the third density human does - just as long as you are in Service to self in the higher realms of your existence – as well as the lower planes of third density. While you exist as the higher Sto God Man however the seasons can be created to be so short that you will actually be creating them at a moments notice – in the twinkling of an eye - and at will. There are many differences between the awakened human soul or God Mans understanding of Absolute Truth and Data and that of the un – awakened. The one knows nothing of Absolute Truth and Data - whereas the other brings all of these principles into his or her existence within fifth density and higher as the One or Whole through the collective consciousness.

It is a truth in the words spoken by us (you as well) in days of old “as above so too will it be below” – as all things are same but seen in a different light according to different levels of understanding within different planes of yours and our existence.  In other words each and every God Man and human soul are the same above as we are in all of the lower densities – dimensions – and timelines of our existence. The difference is that the un -awakened  and therefore unconscious God Man and human soul is not aware – nor does he or she understand those things that are of the higher understanding of their existence – as all higher things are separated from lower rational consciousness – that is unconsciousness at the levels of third density. The awakened human soul or God Man as knows he or she can access as well as completely understand higher things because he or she has their existence on those planes of energetic consciousness that have full access to Absolute Truth and Data. Still the God Man and human soul must first return to fifth density consciousness or higher in order to access and put into action or motion all things higher.

And so the God Manor or human soul is fully capable of returning to fifth density and higher at his or her will throughout their existence from the point of their awakening to full consciousness – and on in to eternity. Why does the God Man even bother returning to third density you may ask?

 Because he or she must forever exist in every density of their existence – all densities – all dimensions – and all timelines where their ruling love is required so as to provide the thoughts and affections their ruling love offers for all densities of life. In providing this Absolute truth to you friends we are confident that you will find the understanding form these words that will help you all understand in its season – that the spiritual world overlaps itself in every density – dimension – and timeline to eternity. You (each and every human soul individually as well as collectively) are your ruling love in life more so than you are all other ruling loves – in that it is the ruling love you spend most of your now moments of existence in – and is the love that guides all other loves that are a part of your collective consciousness within every density – dimension – and timeline to eternity.

But if fifth density and higher Service to others souls – soul groups – and spiritual societies cannot enter into third density your next question friends would probably be why can no Service to others human soul ever enter into third density – and how do the two connect at some level in order to provide the mixture of good and evil – light and dark – higher and lower – and any other opposites that exist only within equilibrium of the higher God Man?  The mixture or combination of the two different levels of affections and ruling loves comes when third density man connects to fifth density and higher unbenounced ( Daniels word he wished to use)– and unconsciously in life – as all third density humans do to eternity – even thought they ( the un- awakened human souls) do not even know they are doing it.

The Spirit or Creator Source can never exist or continue to exist without all the many bodies and forms of every human soul on every density – dimension – and timeline of existence for human souls just as the many myriads of these bodies and forms cannot ever exist without the spirit (or Creator Source) that gives the illusion of life. Yes – life is an illusion just as death is an illusion – and the two are a set of illusions provided for third density consciousness within every dimension and timeline created by the un- awakened human soul. Higher self knows that life and death are illusions – and therefore knows that what comes to live must also eventually die – and the human soul never ceases to be or exist on in to eternity. So if there is not life then what is there you may ask? There is pure energetic consciousness continuously provided to the One and Whole of all creation to eternity – and no human soul or God Man ever ceases to be conscious in one form or another. The fact that third density man is in an unconscious state of his or her existence – once again – is nothing more than an illusion. He and she is forever conscious – but he and she is forever unconscious of higher things above his and her levels of evolution until each new things is added in its season – and according to the evolution of the soul.

The God Man cannot experience separation and duality as well – ever –without the lower densities – dimensions – and timelines of his and her existence or consciousness continuously available – to eternity – or forever.

All things of third density are permitted third density man – with no judgment – punishment – or payment required third density man from the higher realms of his and her existence. Al l judgment – justice – punishment – and payment for our actions or sins (as third density man is in the illusion of believing in) is in the hands of third density man. All things are permitted but not all things are beneficial------

You dear friends have just completed the cycle of third density unconsciousness – sleep – and illusion – and have provided all the many things the awakened God Man cannot provide the One or Whole without your having completed this cycle. The God Man exists in his or her existence and energetic consciousness in Service to others or in Service to self within a body and form so much more pure – and much less dense than that of third density man. This is made possible because the higher Service to self (the Sts awakened God Man) within all human souls is passive and non – active upon connecting back with the rational mind of third density man. He or she cannot act – speak – nor think third density things; but only lower (below equilibrium) fifth density things while their consciousness is in fifth density and their body and form is in third density. For it is a truth that the awakened God Man can be in higher consciousness according to their mind while still residing in third density according to their body and form. They can therefore be in both worlds – densities - or realities at the same time but can only be conscience within a single density at a time.

If you therefore attempt to reflect on higher conscious thinking while at the same time reflecting on your third density body and form this is not possible. Nor is it possible to think higher things and lower things simultaneously or at the same time. So again – fifth density man and higher is not fifth density man or higher when he or she takes on third density consciousness. They are third density in body and form when other third density humans are in their presence and fifth density – or higher body and form when they are One or alone – and this even includes when they are looking in a mirror – single and alone by themselves in higher consciousness. At the same time the God Man can be alone in lower third density conscious thinking and will therefore be third density man – even thought they are alone in a room or elsewhere.

As far as the subject of possession – as the human we are in contact with has asked of us on this subject – all human souls are forever and constantly in the state and mind of possession as there are many souls or spirits within the human consciousness at all times.  Whether or not those spirits are seen as evil and wicked or good and loving is always according to the understanding of the individual human being and what he or she sees as evil and wicked or good and loving. To the human soul appearing evil and wicked in your third dneisty reality being possessed by evil and wicked spirits or soul will seem like being in heaven at times while good and loving spirits or soul possessing that human soul might appear to them as being in their hells. Possession in your world and planes of existence is therefore seen as being present when a human soul or being is evil and wicked in their eyes many times. In the higher realms of your existence these types of spirits and souls would simply be seen as being at home in the planes of existence below equilibrium – while they would not be permitted above equilibrium as they would represent opposition ( what you have come to know as hell) to those of the higher societies above equilibrium.

There is no good and evil above in the higher planes of your existence as everything has its home and place – and represents the individual ruling loves of every God Man in one place or another. Whereas third density man would see those things in the higher densities as good and evil – this is simply an illusion they have been made to believe throughout the many different lifetimes they have lived in third density human form and consciousness within the boundaries of illusion.

And so as far as the subject of possession goes in your world – all and everyone is different – everyone is guided in life by one ruling love or another – and none are wrong or inappropriate for each individual human soul – but not every ruling love can mix or be combined with every other ruling love in third density existence within equilibrium or complete agreement. Those who do not fit in your world and system do not fit because you have been taught separation and duality for the longest time – and have come to separate in many cases with those who are not same or similar in affections and ruling loves in your life – world – and system. .In the higher planes of your awakened existence each of you will comer to know and understand that all things are permitted and all things are acceptable to those who are different from self – just as long as no one forces their beliefs or ruling loves in their existence on another. 

The awakened Sts God Man always returns to third density while simultaneously possessing access and being conscious of the existence and their availability to Absolute Truth and Data. They know it is not accessible from the third density rational mind and consciousness – but that they must again raise their consciousness and energies to the level of higher consciousness so as to have access as well as again experience higher things. They do this simply by reflecting in their mind and consciousness subjects having to do with higher levels of energetic consciousness. The Sts God Man is always in Service to self whether in fifth density and higher – or in third density lower consciousness. Every God Man may return at will to as high a level of consciousness as he or she pleases in their existence according to the level of the evolution of the soul at any given time.

Now lets say the Sts God Man has awakened and evolved for a duration of ten thousand years according to third density terms and understanding – where is he or she now – in this present now moment of their existence when he or she returns to third density? It will of course depend each time on the soul – spiritual society – soul group – or God Man. As it is much will have been learned – or remembered – since their time of awakening – and according to their ruling love- will – and imagination – as many new things of Absolute Truth and Data are constantly and forever ( from their awakening on) be added to their collective consciousness and fully awakened spiritual minds in full consciousness. And so just as all souls in all densities of our existence – as well as that of all of our other selves (all of you) forever continue to evolve – so does each God Man at every level or density of their existence. Even third density man and every third density reality – timeline – and dimension come to continue to evolve constantly on in to eternity.

The God Man (Sts and Sto) therefore evolves or matures at the same pace – level – and speed and velocity equally and simultaneously as they do in every density of their existence – to eternity. In other words what is added to the rational mind of third density man is added to the collective mind and consciousness of the human soul and God Man existing in every density – dimension – and timeline of their existence – but always according to correspondences. When the awakened  Sts God Man therefore re- enters third density his or her awareness and conscious mind is no longer conscious according to higher things – as he or she is now the third density human – but he or she is truly knowledgeable of such things and the fact that they will forever have access to these things whenever they please and at will. Is the awakened Sts God Man unconscious while residing within third density consciousness? Only while reflecting on third density matters of the world around them as well as the things of the fleshly body and form. As soon as he or she begins to reflect on his or her knowledge of higher things – higher things begin to return to their conscious state of mind – and they therefore have complete access to higher things – and return to fifth density consciousness and higher – immediately. Because the un – awakened human soul does not know of higher things he or she cannot access these things voluntarily in life – but only involuntarily – and without knowledge that they have even done so at the time.

All third density human souls will continue to experience and believe in the term and experience know as death while they reside in third density in the un - awakened state of unconsciousness. When you come to be an awakened human soul or God Man you no longer hold the false belief or illusion within your mind and understanding of the term death – nor the experience of dying – but instead simply sleep for three days (the period of sleep between leaving the third density plane – and reawakening in the “World of Spirits” ) and then you simply reawaken in a new body and form in fifth dneisty or higher. But this is only the case for the awakened God Man – who is leaving the un -awakened state of his or her existence in third density for the final time.

Still upon awakening the God Man will re – enter third density when he or she is in their Sts Levels of consciousness upon the higher planes of his or her existence – when the God Man wishes to do so. The God Man can at all times reside in the upper as well as the lower levels of their state of mind and existence all at the same time – as the God Man is always the upper as well as the lower representation of the One or Whole – or finite Creator Source. Still only the lower essence and energetic consciousness – known as the Service to self God Man can re –enter third density at will – or at all for that matter. And so even though the God Man is Sts as well as Sto the third density un – awakened human being will only have contact with the higher God Man in his or her third dneisty body and form – and will see the Sts God Man as their third dneisty body and form upon the illusion of death in third density – even though the fifth density and higher Sts God Man knows there is no such thing as death – but let the higher Sts God Man attempt to tell third dneisty human souls that there is no such thing as death and they will be seen and understood to be out of their mind – in which case the higher Sts God Man would never attempt to explain this to the un – awakened third density human.

Next we would tell you friends that there are those third density human beings from eternity and to eternity that will awaken in every generation of third density man - within your world (and indeed many are awakened at this days as well as in days gone by) – and there are many who do not awaken as well – and must evolve as a soul a bit more – in their next lifetime – or maybe not for many lifetimes to come – but every third density human being will eventually awaken.

No one ever leaves third density existence for good but those who had never existed in third density to begin with – such as the higher Service to others God Man. When the awakened soul leaves third density in sleep and takes on a new body and form he or she still returns to third density but not as a human third density new born baby any longer. All third density babies have many angels ( higher souls or God Men) living and residing within their unconscious – very limited – non rational – and very uneducated human mind – as the human new born is born out of complete innocence – from equilibrium in the higher realms of existence known as fifth density and higher. Service to self higher souls can indeed enter into the consciousness of a small human new born baby but they have little or no affect on the thoughts and mind of the new born or infant even as this is not possible until the child takes on the illusions – one at a time – within third density – those illusions being provided by parents – caregivers – and those who have an affect on their choices in life. As this innocence is gradually replaced in the unconscious decisions and thoughts of the human child – with the many illusions and traditions of third density mankind – more and more Service to self higher souls enter into the sub consciousness mind of the human child and the child gradually becomes as other human beings who live their lives among them – and those they attract to when out in public as well. So dear friends – teach your children well!

As we stated however the awakened human soul or God Man re- enters third density at will in his or her Service to self state of mind and full consciousness.  All they need is a willing subject or third density human being – and the laws of attraction take care of the rest. For whatever higher Service to self souls you draw to your unconscious or rational thinking in life – these are the souls who bring it all to the table so to speak – as it is a truth that when you take on part of their consciousness you are accessing al of their ruling loves from the lower planes of the God Man known as the hells when their affections become correspondences upon the plane of third density – and become a part of the rational or unconscious human mind. Again the awakened Sts God Man is fifth density full conscious or higher – but he or she represents the lower realms of the God Mans existence and consciousness and therefore will do what ever it takes to cause their third density subject to provide as low as possible energies – thoughts- actions – affections – and consciousness to theirs and your spiritual society and soul group – as the lower in energies you go in third density the lower they get to go in fifth density or higher.

The difference is they are existing in a society that feels like heaven to them while you in third density feel like you are in your hells. All things are permitted in the higher realms of existence so long as you stay at home in your own house (so to speak) while in third density all is permitted and third density man is not aware that we are to be responsible for all of our actions in life – and mind our business – not affection others in life with the choices we make – nor the harm or loss we bring upon ourselves in life. Third density man in his or her un – awakened state of existence is not aware of Absolute Truth – Data – and Universal Laws for every density of life – and therefore does not know that making choices that will affect others against their will and ruling love - on all densities of life - is better known as Service to self – and will keep you in your hells all the time while residing in these energy levels of consciousness. Therefore this is one part of Absolute Truth – Data – and Universal Law that exists on every density of life or existence. And so we move on to other things ----------------

Children do not die but simply take on a new body and form when they sleep in third density – and then they either return to third density as an un -awakened human soul to begin the continuance of their evolution in third density – or they move to fifth density or higher as an awakened soul after the process of the illusion of third density death – in which case they become the higher God Man – fully conscious – and living their existence now as a young adult in the spiritual realms of their existence – and in a much less dense body and form .

All souls must forever – to eternity – possess a third density body and form – or counterpart. Whether or not you live in your third density experience or consciousness at any given time will however be at the discretion of every awakened and fully conscious soul or God Man – while the un – awakened human soul has no choice until their soul contract or “Circle of life” in third density is complete. And so it is at this day as well as in days of old that third density man is surrounded by angels – better known as the awakened God Men in Service to others as well as in Service to self – and those in Service to self are there to keep you in third density while those in Service to others are there to bring you out of it in your season.

To recognize an awakened human soul who can connect to and has never ending   access to the higher Sto energies and consciousness you need only to look for those human beings who do not wish for ruler ship of any kind (one human being over another or one group of human beings over another single human being or group of human beings). They have no concern for money or any valued currency over that of the humans value they each hold within themselves individually in life. They do not concern themselves with contracts in life or any piece of paper or agreement that will give one human being or group of human beings power (or control) over the freedom of anyone. They do not like or accept the punishment of another human being as every awakened soul is responsible for self and no one else in life. They will have nothing to do with war because war is violence and it would require the human being to interfere with the lives of others – and the higher Sto energies cannot be in contact with humans who favor war or control of any kind over another. The higher Sto energies will have nothing to do with weapons or anything that will harm or cause loss to another human being.

They will have nothing to do with ownership or possession of anything on a permanent basis. They will have nothing to do with religion or belief systems of any kind – or anything in life that judges another human soul. They do not live life or existence in fear –anger – jealousy – revenge – lust – covetousness – living in want for anything and lacking for no thing – they are not in sadness – shame – sorry –guilt – they do not seek to satisfy the ego – and they do not exist in any lower energies that have anything to do with nay of these ruling loves in life and lower energies.  - The higher Sto souls will not become connected to the mind or consciousness of any third density human who harbors these beliefs or wants and needs in life – they will not connect to the consciousness of a third density human who lives their life according to the ways of the world or the pleasures of the flesh. Therefore only the awakened third density human has access to these higher energies as this is the life they will be living at the time they wish to connect to higher energetic consciousness and their Sto counterpart – giving them access to higher souls who exist in these same energies and consciousness when the awakened third density human wishes to connect to higher self.

This does not mean the awakened third density human will not ever connect to their higher Sts Energies and consciousness – as well as the lower in life – but they know all things must be done in moderation and in equilibrium of life. And so the awakened third density human being and soul lives their life not only in third density service to self – but in their higher levels of energies in Service to self – and Service to others as well. The difference is they know all things are permitted and that all things are not necessarily beneficial to their life from one day to the next – and so they are careful in life as to the choices they make when they return to third density each and every time – knowing therefore that they must separate consciously from third density traditions and systems in order to connect to higher self – whether it is in Service to self or in Service to others.


The awakened God Man once he or she re – enters third density is indeed third density human – but they have evolved to the highest levels of third density at this point in their evolution of the soul – and can now do many things in life according to Absolute Truth and Data – since they are now the fully awakened human soul. Again – they (Sts God Men or awakened human souls) cannot relay higher things to non – awakened human souls as those higher thoughts and details having to do with Absolute Truth and Data cannot and will not be received or understood by the un – awakened human being and soul.

The awakened soul knows this to be true and does not therefore spend their time in life attempting to convince the un – awakened soul of higher things. Again every awakened God Man has access to third density whenever they please in life to eternity – but will forever be in third density each and every time they lower their energies and consciousness to those levels of third density – in which case they must reconnect to higher self by the process of putting off one by one - all things having to do with third density lower consciousness - and the awakened God Man knows how this is to be accomplished. If the awakened God Man still  loves or agrees with war – punishment – rules that place the power of one human being over another – money (a tool for usury) religions or belief systems – contracts written or verbal that cause a binding agreement that places power of one human over another - ownership of anything in life that provides them possession of anything over someone else in life for a prolonged period of time (permanently) – and all other things not having to do with higher energies – they cannot at that time connect to higher self or the higher energetic consciousness they would usually have access to in life.

Therefore the awakened God Man can have nothing to do with these lower energies spoken of - as this would mean these lower energies are still a part of the ruling loves and conscious life of the awakened God Man. There needs to be conscious understanding of Absolute Truth and Data as well as the understanding of equilibrium in the mind and consciousness of the Awakened God Man in order to return to higher energies and consciousness at any given time in their third density existence. Still no one can be in life anything other than what their ruling loves are in life. To possess conscious loving thoughts and agreement for those ruling loves that are of the lower energies we spoke of earlier would simply be proof positive that the third density human is not the awakened God Man or human soul they may in error have come to believe themselves to already be in life.  There is however no mistaking the awakened God Man in the eyes of another awakened God Man who is fully conscious of all things having to do with higher energies and consciousness – connected as well to Absolute Truth and Data.

Can an awakened human soul therefore harbor ruling loves that include all the lower energies and thought patterns we have been recently speaking of – and still find a way to reconnect to the higher energies and consciousness that is fifth density and higher? Yes – this is very possible – and it happens all the time – as well as many myriads of times in days of old for every un –awakened as well as the awakened human soul.  

For the un – awakened soul it happens in an unconscious manner where as it happens in a conscious manner for the awakened human soul and God Man. However if you are in the lower energies and consciousness – and ruling loves we spoke of as Service to self energies and consciousness – whether you are awakened or un – awakened – you can only connect to the higher Service to self- higher self and God Man – that is your corresponding spiritual society and soul group (or ruling love) in fifth density or higher. To connect to Service to others - energies and consciousness – whether awakened or un – awakened – the human soul must wish to remove from their life and ruling loves certain lower energies and ruling loves   – as well as practice in their own lives – those thoughts – words – actions – affections – and ruling loves that are in agreement with the higher planes of their existence in Service to others. We have offered these ruling loves and energetic patterns for all to reflect on many times – and it is up to each individual soul in his or her own season – to seek out – and to reflect on those ruling loves – as well as wish for them to be a part of their lives – and then work toward making them a part of their life and ruling loves from one day to the next – or should we say one now moment to the next.

As we stated earlier in this transmission higher Sto human souls and God Men do not wish to seek ownership of anything in life nor do they wish to possess a thing – but they do not fault any human soul for wishing to do so – as the higher Service to self God Man and human soul knows that an un – awakened human being is living life in fantasy – illusion – sleep – and an unconscious state of mind – not knowing things of Absolute Truth and Data. So where or what is the fifth density physical realms and planes of existence? Where is the fifth density and higher God Man in his or her physical form to be found? Where is that physical and material world that provides all bodies and forms of the spiritual realms that the awakened God Man comes to exist in and call their home when they are present in body and form?

It is the same world and visionary plane of existence of which third density man sees with his and her eyes all the time as well. The higher soul while in body and form see all the things third dneisty man sees in front of his or her eyes every moment of every day – but many more things are added as the God Man is in his or her process of fully awakening – for it is a gradual thing – their awakening – and it continues to be added to in many new bodies and forms – from the moment they begin to awaken and evolve  - moving over to fifth density energies and consciousness more and more frequently in their existence. All the time during this process the third density un –awakened human being continues to see out in front of their eyes every moment of every hour and day only those things they can understand and accept as their reality – those thing they continue to believe to be potential and possibility in their lives.

And so we end this transmission and we ask you all dear friends to truly reflect on those things being spoken in this transmission – as it only gets more interesting and wonderful from this point on.

And now we leave you all wrapped in wonders of joy – as life for each of you can only become more wonderful with each passing now moment in your lives from this season until your next.

With much unconditional love and wishes of complete happiness for you all we offer you this transmission from our host known as Daniel.