Absolute Data - Thirteenth energetic transmission

03/15/2013 16:19

Absolute Data –Thirteenth energetic Transmission


The Snowball effect!


Residing in the upper position of finite energy and consciousness you have Finite Source which is neither finite nor infinite in nature as He is both. Therefore as human kind evolves to eternity Finite Source move up in energy and consciousness in order to allow them room to evolve and grow in their energy and consciousness as well.  And since Finite Source is truly Infinite in its (or His) ability to evolve or grow in energy and consciousness so too is the human soul. Therefore the levels of energy and consciousness do not begin from Finite Source down but form the beginning of evolution and never having their end from that point on – given that evolution is the illusion and eternity is the goal of all living souls. But you will never reach eternity as this is a term to signify never ending. So as human kind evolves and awakens more and more to eternity Finite Source will always remain at the top of the evolutionary ladder so to speak.

Since there is no end to finite evolution the top of the ladder is never reached either. If it were reached then this would not only limit Finite Source but Infinite Source as well – given there is presently and always has been no end to the potential and possibilities of infinite Source. And since there is no end to the potential and possibilities of Infinite Source neither is there for Finite Source. As there is no difference between inside and outside – up and down within the spiritual world- given that place does not exist – you can not only say that Finite Source exists up high ( the highest) as far as levels of finite consciousness goes so too could you say Finite Source is at the center or Zero Point.

So from Finite Source down or moving out from center you have all the densities of energy and consciousness ever to have been created moving toward eternity. I will not go into the idea of how many densities could actually exist as it would take an eternity to list them. What I will say is at the lowest levels of energetic consciousness you will find level twelve – eleven –ten – nine – eight – seven – sixth – and on down to the fifth density where you will find the lowest levels of energetic consciousness not bound or confined within body and form ( or at least form which we could understand). As I said before in my other works Finite Source creates all forms from spheres- and He does this from Zero Point every time a form of the spiritual realms is created by Him. All forms begin with him and they end with him – making every form ever created Infinite in nature where at one point in their finite existence they truly do believe they are finite.

Still since Finite Source has no actual beginning or end He is Infinite in truth as are all of His creations to eternity. At this time I will remind the reader that the term Finite Source has only been used in my works for the benefit and ease of the (still partially unconscious) reader in understanding things provided.

So as it goes all densities from the sixth density level of energetic consciousness on up to Infinity hold their natural state of life within the fifth density physical plane of the spiritual world. All living souls must have a body and form to come home to when they wish in life as becoming inactive and at a rest state is often an enjoyment in life for higher energy conscious beings – as well as enjoying all the pleasures that come with interacting physically with other beings. And so whenever in a higher density human’s life they wish to re- enter into the body and experience the physical part of their existence – still in consciousness - it is always there for them to access.  Now below fifth density you have another plane of existence for the spiritual human soul known as fourth density. This is the level of the spiritual soul that allows the higher conscious souls to connect to the unconscious and rational mind of a third density human. This is when fifth density man (higher human soul) provides service to self thoughts and affections to the fourth density rational mind of third density man through influx.

Fourth density is also a plane of existence known as the chasm between heaven and hell – but this is simply figurative speaking. Therefore we will call it the World of Spirits – as this is the place spirits go to either move up in consciousness - and eventually awaken - or they move down in unconsciousness and reincarnate into third density physical human forms known as the human new born child. Now fifth density service to other souls have this ability to provide influx to the third density human beings and souls as well– but they will only do this with those third density humans who are about to awaken and evolve spiritually – so as to act as a guide to them in their spiritual awakening. Therefore third density “unconscious” man must first raise his levels of energy and consciousness to the levels of fifth density “consciousness” in order for influx from fifth density spiritual Sto souls to provide influx of higher levels of energetic consciousness and Spiritual Wisdom to third density man.

They (fifth density Sto beings or souls) do not get involved in the life’s plan and predestined lessons of third density human souls as these things have been set and they must not interfere with the evolution of the human soul. Therefore fifth density (Sto) service to other beings do not even know what takes place on the third density plane of life but only the spiritual maturity of each individual soul based on the influx they draw toward themselves and choose in life to receive through their raising their vibrations and energy levels to that of fifth density. Now those fifth density Service to self ( Sts) souls on the other hand know what is going on in the world of third density because they believe themselves to be the actual third density human living out that life in third density when they lower their energies and vibration to that of fourth density in order to connect to the third density rational human mind. They think – speak- act – and live just as though they were third density humans – and in fact they are for the complete duration of their stay in fourth density “unconscious” mind and energies.

Once they reconnect to the One or whole that is the fifth density human (made up of both Sts and Sto higher fully conscious human souls they continue living their life in service to self within the One that is fifth density man. Look at it as though they had chosen to enter into their hells through the process of leaving their true home in their heavens – known as the fifth density fully conscious state of life and existence. And once again heaven and hell are only used here as energetic terms and a state of mind – not any one place for either. And just as third density man always has access to fifth density energies and levels of consciousness throughout their lives- so too do those higher - service to self souls - who temporarily lower their energies and consciousness down to the levels of fourth density - which again is the rational mind of third density man.

 If you are a service to self soul – whether in the lower or higher energies of life- you will always be a service to self soul to eternity – as this is and has always been your ruling love in life from the moment you began the illusion of separation from Finite Source to the moment you awaken and remember just who it is you are in life – which is Finite Source. For it matters not if you make up the Sts souls or those Sto souls within the essence and being that is Finite Source –you are still Finite Source – and you have access to all things in life at all times – whether it is those things to serve self or those things which serve others (or the One and the whole). So we live in a world today - as well as every other day gone by from eternity – that is ruled by the service to self principalities and powers within the ethers or spiritual realms – and no third density fleshly human being ever has a choice in the matter –or in what is thought- said- or done in their lives from the moment of their birth into this present world of unconsciousness.

At the same time every human being lives in a realm of consciousness as well as unconsciousness with the ability to forever achieve full consciousness once again upon the completion of their evolutionary process because they are not really fleshly human beings but a conglomeration of higher service to self and service to other human souls who reside within the ethers – who have given up their conscious state of life  - simply because  they not only long ago chose to experience this grand world of lessons toward further spiritual wisdom – but they continue to lower their energy levels every moment of every day in order to enjoy certain other experiences once again in their lives- and they once again have to give up their fully conscious state of consciousness in order to do so.

The human has no choice but to play along all the time within a world where the illusions of time and space reside – so as to experience separation and duality within the limited and corrupt mind of the rational human being. The life we are all living down in the third density planes of existence are the lives that are forced on us by those who always have a choice to leave any time they please – and return again whenever they please so as to live their lives in complete freedom and abundance - and this will go on for all of human kind to eternity. The good news is that we are about to leave this mess we have made for ourselves over many many generations of human kind –and go on to reconnect to Finite Source and once again enter into a fully conscious state of being known as fifth density. So once again those human souls who are Fifth density service to self higher beings ruling our world from behind the curtain - and in hiding you might say – like it here too much to give up so easily as they so much enjoy the mess of a world we are now living in – given that it provides them with the levels of energy in life they feed off for their further existence on this plane and in this present system they have created for themselves.

They do not want this to become a fifth density planet but rather want it to remain third dneisty- and people are waking up in such large numbers today that they do not know what to do any more – because it has already become a fifth density planet – and is becoming more and more manifested in their face with every passing hour and day. Why are they afraid? Because if the planet gets to a certain level of energies and vibrations they will have to return to the one or whole known as Finite Source or fifth density man – which means they will have to join us – or they will have to leave and go find another third density planet to repopulate from scratch or take one by force as they are so accustomed to doing. And as soon as we reach equilibrium as a fifth density planet my friends the gig is up and they are out of time. And boy do they hate starting over from scratch.

So my friends do you know how close we are to achieving equilibrium? Can you tell by the levels of energy blanketing our world today as to how close that wonderful day is? It is close! And they know it! And they are making deals behind the curtain that will not help them in the least as they better take their seats in this ride mighty quick – or their going to be taken. All I have to say in ending this transmission is that my higher self is saying it is time for everyone to get their affairs in order and to make their final decisions as to which plane of life they are going to choose – third density or fifth. The snowball has been formed – it is rolling down hill – there is lots of wet snow. Fifth density earth is here- it is being formed by the minute- and time is speeding up quicker now than we can even keep track of any more. You can keep watching your clocks if you wish but I AM LIVING IN NOW MOMENTS- AND THEY ARE MOVING FAST!

I AM Daniel and I wish you all happiness and abundance in the days ahead.