Absolute Data -Third energetic Transmission!

02/27/2013 20:14

Absolute Data – Third energetic Transmission


Owning as apposed to sharing!


I ( we) will begin this transmission by first explaining that density and dimension are two different terms in our many different worlds and realities simply because they carry a different meaning once a soul has awakened to how things truly work in the created universe. Density has reference to vertical things while dimension has to do with the horizontal. At the same time timelines and dimensions are not completely the same thing but they are connected in separation and duality in that a timeline is the road that leads to each and every created dimension of time and space. Therefore where a soul thinks the timeline is a place in time and space it is- but it is a place within every new now moment and is the road that takers every human soul to whatever now moment they have created in life whether its fits their present density and dimension of time and space or not.

So you have horizontal densities that represent the higher or lower levels of energy and consciousness for every human soul - and then you have densities and timelines that take you to all the many different (but similar realities) that exist within the same density and energetic levels in life. In other words no matter what timeline you take to get to whatever dimension of time and space you wish to experience at any given now moment you still have access to the same levels of energy in life based on evolution of the soul and the density of life you presently reside in. So you have access to an unlimited supply of dimensions in life but all those dimensions are very similar in nature as they were offshoots of your original life’s plan ( Circle of Life) - and that life’s plan was and is your scheduled play each of you was originally set to play out as the illusion of life and death.

So you see friends each and all of us started our own personal life’s plan long ago (or what appears long ago according to the illusion of time and space) and we each started at a different point according to that illusion and we will each end at the same awakening point according to that illusion as well. So even though we are all moving onto fifth density planet earth at the same exact time (now moment) because of the illusion of time and space you all experience up to the very moment of your awakening – it will appear to each human that is not yet awakened that they have not awakened yet ( though they will not even know there is an awakening) and will not want to awaken until after they have already begun their awakening and want more of it - because of all the things they now come to “know” to be truth according to the higher self they now reconnect to through the collective consciousness. So those who have not yet awakened will think those who have awakened to be the crazy ones and that all that they say and do in life which does not fit the norm any longer is complete hog wash.

So what we have here today my friends is a world where there are human beings living on it that reside in many different density levels according to their levels of energy they attract to themselves in life. And every one of those humans have their own separate timelines that lead them each to all the many different dimensions of time and space that make up their every day lives according to what they each want in their life each and every day within the illusion of time and space or outside of time and space where the illusion still exists but now they know it exists and they use it in life fro the benefit of the One or whole.

Therefore I am a human being that has different timelines and different dimensions of reality than every other human on the planet based on my illusion of the human life I am living- but I share the same timelines and dimensions with many humans on the planet according to the laws of attraction. So again I possess more timelines and dimensions than many humans do and I possess less timelines and dimensions than many others. No one has the same amount of timelines and dimensions because we are all different in our creations in life based on the fact that every human soul in the entire created universe is different in one way or another. And it is all these differences when joined back together at the awakening – or returning to full consciousness- that brings us all back to the collective consciousness and reality that we are One- or we are finite Source- or that we are Infinite Source. All is one and everything is one - and anything that is not of the one is still living in illusion or a part thereof.

Again each of you is born as a newly created soul from Infinite Creator Source and through influx down through the lower levels of energy to and through finite Creator Source- where separation and duality are added as the limits to your “Circle of Life.” So now that this illusion of separation and duality are provided every newly created soul begins their existence in sleep; forgetfulness; and illusion. They are each created within incorruption ( has not been corrupted in the least) as a human child in whatever world or reality Creator Source has chosen for them to incarnate in and then they ( the newly created soul) begin their life on a timeline and they exist according to that life in the dimension of time and space that corresponds to their ruling love they have been pulled from at the moment of their creation – being how they have been removed from Infinite Source and finite Source as whatever ruling love ( accumulated affections) they represent while they are One with Infinite and finite Source. And so the illusion begins anew for the newly created soul and that soul begins to create at the moment of birth all new timelines that lead to all the new dimensions of life and reality that will be created by that human child.

Now it is not a truth that every human child is born into a world where they are provided parents to teach them in life the way that is proper. There are densities of life that exist where creation began from a single atom or molecule- but as I am not a chemist or scientist I will not delve into these realities. I will simply say that Creator Source has the choice to create a new soul to begin its existence in whatever density of life or form Creator Source wishes to create within. And because Creator Source is Infinite He creates constantly within every density of life- every timeline of life – and every dimension- from eternity to eternity. And so because there is nothing new under the sun- and because there is no need at this time to go into the many different forms and bodies Creator Source provides with life and consciousness (or unconsciousness) we will begin our explanation with the human child that now has parents. Still there was a time when the human child was born anew on the planet and it had no parents whatsoever- given the fact that everyone thinks they are connected based on the bloodline- we are in fact connected in a much more pure sense based on the Source of the energy – which is Creator Source.

So again we did not have our beginning as a human child form parents of a material or physical nature but in fact our parent was and is of a conscious energetic nature. Therefore creation of the human actually began with the egg- much like a frog or tadpole. And from there on the human evolved to the point where it one day began to be transmigrated (recreated through reincarnation) through the birth of the human womb. So we will now move on and begin the story from a prospective where the human child now has parents.


The human child (newly created soul) now starts to live out its life with its human parents and the parents raise their child as they see fit. Therefore every affection (ruling love) the parents represent in the Childs life are all offered to the child to accept as his or her ruling loves (affections of life) as well – and the child grows and learns all the new levels of corruption (truth) that the parents believe to be proper teachings for the child in life based on their traditions and beliefs.  But what the parents do not understand is that the ruling love of every human soul is the truth that corresponds to the life and creations of each human soul individually - and not the life and truths another has to teach or offer any one human being.

There is no one set truth within the Infinite Creator Source as Infinite Creator Source is made up of an Infinite number of truths – and therefore there is no set truth in all of creation and every human is its own form of truth through the process of creating new truths every new now moment of their life- form eternity to eternity. The fact that certain humans live their life in unconsciousness and illusion simply means they will each one day awaken and reconnect to Infinite Source (collective consciousness) and will once again know that they are their own truth in life.

So the human child grows to believe things in their life based solely on what their parents and all other adults in their life have taught them – and they have been misled to believe that the grown ups know best in life. Now there was a time when this was only the way of the parent and close friends to the family- in that even close friends were permitted to teach your children and punish them as well. There were no schools run by the governments of the world at first- and later these became a part of your world and others were given permission to teach your children as well in life – and some were even permitted to punish them harshly at times. No longer did the parent wish to teach the children when they could live an easier life by sending their children off to others who could watch them during the day and they had much free time for themselves. This is a perfect example of service to self.

So now you have the parents corrupting the minds of the children- you have the neighbors corrupting the minds of the children- and you have now created government’s throughput the world to create many new organizations that could do the same to your children. And your world is now in a position where it can even come and take your children whenever they please. You have created for yourselves friends all the tools needed to completely destroy the future of your children- who in turn are the future creators of your worlds. Where did it all begin? It began with ownership!


Yes friends as much as you would not wish to admit it the idea that any one of you needs to own a single thing in life has destroyed the world you once lived in and now because the wages of sin is death- your old world and system is quickly dying and a new one is being pout in its place. But once the new system is in place the old system will still be going strong because new souls will forever continuously be brought into that world and system to figure out how to fix it from within one day. And they will in one set of timelines and dimensions fix it eventually again and again - while in another set of timelines and dimensions they will destroy it again and again. This is the way it must be and fortunately we are now living on a timeline that has taken us to a dimension in our life where we have found a way to fix it- and that is fifth dneisty life and existence- as you have to jump up a level in consciousness and energy in order to know and remember how everything actually works.

Everything has been so twisted and corrupted on our world that it has come to the point where all timelines and dimensions have been played out for our ruling love that we all represent as a whole- and we are now going to move on to our awakening. And so I will speak for a while on ownership.




When you were born as a human child your parents taught you in many cases to share your toys because they did not want to buy all new duplicate toys so that each child has his or her own. In other cases it was simply because they wanted to teach you it is right and proper to share in life no matter what the situation. But did they always live the type of lifestyle they taught their children or did they simply know this was the right things to do because of all the generations of family that taught them the same principles in life as well – and they simply taught these principles out of habit? Well of course the answer is both- as there are people in our world who are always the acception to the ruler- and they actually do things for the right reasons in life.  But what of all those people out there today who do simply teach their children one thing while living another in life?

Do we teach our children we should never live life beyond the means of what we can afford?

Do we teach our children that no matter what our friends and neighbors have in life we do not need all the same things- nor do we always have to have better things simply because we can afford it?

Do we teach our children that we must own a house and car- and even if we have to go into debt to get these things still we have to have them?

Do we teach our children that every child has to go to college as long as their mother and father can afford to send them?

Do we teach our children that if a man does not work then he does not deserve to eat? And yet if everyone was not concerned of what their neighbor had in life they might not mind sharing their food and water with a human being who is lazy or simply does not want to work in a system where they teach the people you are either rich or you are poor- and no one should help the poor become rich- let alone become an equal to themselves in life if they do not want to work for what they get. Is it wrong for a man not to want to work in a world that feeds the system that he has been completely against all his life and he has awakened in life to a new system where there is no more rich or poor but everyone is an equal heir to all things available on the planet?

Do we teach our children that we must own land- we must own animals- livestock- businesses- corporations- cars- houses- boats- motorcycles- or people? What do you teach your children when it comes to these things?

Now because any man or woman who does not work does not have money- they cannot buy anything in life other than what they can afford from the few pennies they may collect from a friend. And so the reality that all must work is a part of the same reality that we all cannot have and own if we do not work. And then in order to guarantee in a society that there is always the rich and the poor the corrupt leaders find a way to control the money and how it is supplied to the different people of the world based on their place in that world.

Another point I wish to make is mankind is never satisfied (in third dneisty) and never gets enough things in life. This type of lifestyle is an offshoot of the type of lifestyle where people have lived poor and do not have much in life to begin with. So when they do receive the sources to buy all the things they always wanted- they spend it all so very quickly and they are then right back where they started in life. And all of these examples I have mentioned to you friends are the causes of a world where everyone wants to own everything in life simply because they do not know when they will get those things they like or love ever again- and so they want to hold on to them through ownership.

Should a man have to work in life in order to make sure his family is fed- the children have all the clothes they need- and they have a roof over their head? But if they do not own these things in the old system (still the present system for many) someone can come and take them away any time they please right? And so in this manner the poor are always kept poor and the lazy are always kept poor. Then you have those who lose their jobs that are over qualifies or they are under qualified. So they cannot find a job in a bad economy- now do they not deserve to eat as well? Only in a third density world and system my friends will a man go hungry. Take away ownership and what do you have left in a world where all things can now be made new?

Well let’s see what we can come up with if we were to start from scratch.

What if you were living in this system I have been speaking of all along and you were one of those who considered yourself poor because of the things you do or do not have in life at this day? In other words if you have lost all that you once had- or you never had much to begin with in life would you be willing to try a new system if that system started you off in life with all the necessities in life to take care of you and your family until - either something better came along or you eventually chose to completely move over to that new system?

What if you were rich in the present system you are living in but you know that system is falling apart by the news you are hearing on the world scene at this day- and you are in fear that you will either lose everything you now have -  you will soon go to jail for your past deeds – you or your family will be harmed because you had a part in the corruption of the old system – or any other reason you might think of where you are sure the old system is done?

Or what if you are simply rich and you received all of your riches in an honest manner as far as you know but you know the money you possess will eventually (or maybe soon) be worthless?

Could not all of these scenarios possibly call for many people throughout the world today to want a new system that is completely different and separate from the old one?


Well what if a group of people in our world today got together and came to realize - hey we never signed any contract when we were born onto this planet to serve or work for anyone- but it is our parents who unknowingly in most cases sold us into bondage through the creation of our social security numbers and our birth certificates? What if we are all actually free from the moment we are born it to this world and on this planet ( they said this among themselves) and we are all actually heirs to it all- and we never owed anything to anyone in life because we were and are their equals? Would they not have to give it all back to the people equally ( as a whole) and then the people would have their world back- their abundance and assets back- given the people are the true value of the world and not money? Now it is true that we are all equal and we hold the value to the world simply because everything is energy and we are the conscious bodies and forms on the planet that is aware of this and aware that all the energy available is available to all of us equally to create whatever we want in this world in whatever form we wish to create it. Now just because everyone does not yet understand this concept does this mean everyone cannot still benefit from this one single truth?

Does the parent not provide access to all things they possess to their children, while the child is still growing and learning- as long as the child is in need of it- and they understand what purpose each thing serves in their life? Of course a child has no need for a car if they are not yet of age to drive a car- in which case the parent will not make a car available to the child yet- but when it is time the parent will do so- is this not the case?

And so it is with the caretakers of the new system that is coming on line in the world today. Those who are the caretakers of said system are the caretakers at this time simply because the children (those humans not yet awakened) do not know of the new system yet - do not understand the new system yet – and do not even believe the new system is possible in life yet. Does this mean the caretakers of the new system will not still make all things available to the humans who are not yet awakened ( the children) given they are hears to it all as well- and are not limited to their access to all things by the caretakers but rather by their levels of consciousness and energy in life. For if they do not believe it yet they will not accept it yet- but they will accept something of a lesser level of energy and consciousness simply because it will provide for them and theirs in life until they are more fully conscious of those things truly available to them.

So if the caretakers come to them (those not yet awakened) and say to them we will provide you the necessities of life for you and your family- and you do not have to provide anything in return but to accept these things. Now of course they have access to things they want in life as well but they have to believe they can have those things and that those things are available to them in this world and system. If they do not believe then these things cannot be created as a reality to those not yet awakened. In other words if a human being who is not yet awakened does not know of newer technologies that will make their trash disappear then they will not ask for such a device in most cases- and we cannot force these devices on anyone. So if we were asked then we can offer.

Anything that is third dneisty energies from a third dneisty human will continue to remain in third density- and therefore anything of fifth dneisty that a third dneisty human wants- they have to hold the energy levels that allow them to have such things in life- and this would require that human to visit fifth density in order to use or interact with fifth density things. And fifth density things are simply fifth density energies- and every third dneisty human has access and every potential and possible chance- throughout their day- to hold fifth dneisty energies. All is simply based on their levels of evolution at this day.

So if the caretakers come to you and tell you we now live in a world where all things are free and every human has equal access to all things you would not believe them at first if you are a third dneisty human not yet awakened. But if they started out slow and just offered you the things you needed in life- which is things you know can be provided and possible in your world- then you would receive them and begin to trust those who provided them to you- and that trust can be made stronger and stronger as the hours and days move ahead.  Therefore in this process every third dneisty human can gradually make the transition to fifth dneisty life simply be the caretakers building a trusting relationship with the people of the world.

The fact that these humans would still be in fear of the laws of the land they presently live in (the old system) does not mean they cannot be given things in life- and no one has to pay taxes even on the necessities of life. If you do not work a job still it does not matter as all things are available to all people if and when they are prepared to receive them in life. If you drive a car and you are still required to have a license and insurance then keep them in your life- but whenever a human( on their own terms) is prepared to move over to the new system it will be there to receive them. In the new system you will own nothing because everything in life that gets taken for whatever reason from you- everything that gets damaged or destroyed- and everything that gets used up- will be replaced. When you live in a house that house will be there for you to use whenever you want is in life- but the moment you walk away from it or go out of town on a trip- that house will be gone or will come to be used by someone else. If it is not used by someone else it will simply disappear and its energy will be used toward the creation of something else in our world. And so you see when something is needed in life today it is there for the human- but when that human is no longer reflecting on it that thing is gone- and is energy particles being used to create something else in the world or universe. That is how it is in third density and that is how it is in every density- but third density humans do not yet know this.

Everything is at this day- and every day or now moment from eternity been created instantly and at will for all living human souls. Some know it and some do not. There is no need to own anything as anything and everything can be created for you as you want or need it in life in the new system being manifested in the world today. And it is all now being manifested through the process of knowing- as it has always been this way and third dneisty humans just did not know it.

So as the caretakers come to offer the people of the world to know these things the needs of the people of the world will be taken care of simply because the people of the world know these things can exist- they just will not know who made them come into existence quite yet. And if we were to tell them these things now they would not even believe us- so we wait to tell them once they each awaken and enter the levels of energy required by every human soul in order to “know” the things being spoken of here today. How will we provide these things needed by third dneisty humans not yet awakened at this day? We will simply give them to them once they get to know we can do this- and then all they need do is ask. For if a nation or city asks for something we can provide it to them because the collective has believed it was possible and asked. And once the collective asks then the people will all begin to believe and they will ask too and they will all be given their needs in life free of charge. And when they come to know more and more that we stand by what we say- even their wants in life will be provided- and they will all gradually move over to fifth dneisty planet earth- and will never have to go anywhere- as it is already here waiting on them.

Once the people begin to understand that ownership is no more- and they realize all that they possess can be replaced and will be replaced- the people will not wish to own anything ever again. As far as personal possessions in a house or car the can either be taken with you upon leaving a house or car- or they can always be recreated at every moment in your life according to your will- and no one has to see another’s belongings in the process. So whatever furnishings you would want for your house can always be different when another occupies it- or it disappears into conscious energy. There are no set rules and every new rule can be bent and it can be broken even.

Because no one will need for anything the people will gradually no longer want war- violence- punishment – jails- prisons – lawyers- courthouse- and all the things connected to the old system of things. But these things will all be explained in their own time and place friends.

I offer you all my unconditional love and respect friends- and I look forward to sharing my life with you all.