Absolute Data - Tenth energetic transmission

03/08/2013 08:57

Absolute Data – Tenth energetic Transmission


All who awaken to fifth density will not be in Service to others!



The words I am about to speak here in the now moment are not and never were meant for the ears of third density man. These are hard sayings as have been my earlier transmissions – but I have never stated this before because it was not time to mention it. No third density man can ever have access to Absolute Data as not only would they not understand the words but they would not wish to understand them or accept them as their truth. That is why every human being that is given access to Absolute Data is fifth density man. And so what is provided the human souls who are hungry for Absolute Data and seek to understand my words here this day have been selected previously to be here at this time – and each of you know who you are. All that can ever be offered to third density man is incomplete, opposite, and corrupt data being offered to third density man who is not in unconditional love and complete forgiveness of his fellow man.  

Therefore all Absolute Data offered to the world today by myself and others who have been selected (for now) will be received by those who are awakened. And in fact you can be awakened at the drop of a hat or the moment you lay eyes on Absolute Data. Each of you will know if you are awakening or awakened already by whether or not you can receive Absolute Data. And I do not claim that any one single human being cannot receive these world or others like them as in fact they may serve as the trigger to your awakening when you are in their presence. So it is not I who select those who will receive Absolute Data but each of you individually when you agreed to your soul contract previous to your life in third density.  Anything said here would be a waste of time for third density man as he is not conscious of who and what he is at this time. So be fore warned friends that these are hard sayings.

Any data provided to the lower world today that has to do with third density data and systems is only absolute data based on third density incomplete data and illusion. That is not to say that I too am not still third density man – and I too am in sleep and illusion when ever I allow myself to be reconnected to third density life. And so it will be this way for me and all other human beings until the moment of our becoming fully awakened and again having access to true Absolute Data - in which we can all connect and understand Absolute Data from a higher prospective and higher levels of energy – simply by becoming One once again. And so that is our goal at this day – to become one as a planet and people so as to move on to full consciousness together. We have never actually separated from the one but then again that is the illusion – is it not? And so I begin my transmission ----


We will begin this transmission by stating that there exists as essence or substance the being or presence known as Infinite Source of whom I have spoken much about in my works. Infinite Source is all things that exist as pure passive consciousness – and therefore never changing and never anything other than Pure Passive Consciousness. Infinite Source is everything ever imaginable and then some as He or It is Infinite in nature, essence, and being. Infinite Source is all things potential and all things possible – and nothing that exists or ever has existed is outside of Infinite Source – including all of us. Therefore Infinite Source does not truly exist but is all things in existence as potential and possibility and there is therefore nothing that will ever come to be created into existence that is not already included in the make up of the essence and being that is infinite Source. Infinite Source cannot exist in a manner that we know to be existence as He has no essence, being, or form of which any one of us would understand.

Infinite Source does not exist in time and space but in fact fills all time and space with His essence and being as He permeates all things Infinite and Finite in nature because all things ever to have come into existence is Infinite Source. He fills all things equally and there is no being that is not all of Infinite Source and not part. We are not a part or parts of Infinite Source as we each are Infinite Source in His complete essence, being, and substance. The fact that Infinite Source is Pure Consciousness does not mean that all things do not exist and have their being within pure consciousness as well. Just because you can throw a rock and break a glass window in our reality means nothing when it comes to the origin of that rock. Hard and soft are terms and illusions that exist below the equilibrium that exists as the essence and being that is Finite Source however – as they are created terms – things not needed for Infinite Source.   

What I have not told the readers until now is that Infinite Source Created and continuously creates the finite world and universe through Finite Source – but Finite Source is not truly finite as He is neither Infinite nor finite in nature and being – because he stands limited to only one – and that One is infinite Source. And so the finite world and universe have all been and are forever being created continuously by One who is neither Infinite nor finite in nature and being (in that He is not actually limited in consciousness) – nor is He alive as that too would cause limitation on said being. And so in order to grasp what I am saying here I will simply say that Infinite Source Created within Himself an exact replica of Himself that is infinite in His highest state of existence while finite in all of his lower levels of consciousness- existence- and energies. And because this being I speak of has no actual title (nor does infinite Source for that matter) I have always explained the created replica of Infinite Source as Finite Source – though each of you can use any term that pleases you in life.

Moving on I would explain that Finite Source (who is truly neither Infinite of Finite) in cooperation with Infinite Source created the heavens and the earth. In simpler terms Finite Source created every universe and world ever to exist in many different levels of finite form under the cooperative and agreed direction of Infinite Source. Nothing was made that was not made for – by – and through Him. And so all things created by Finite Source were created in the illusion of being lesser forms than Infinite Source as this was and always is the illusion of many myriads of different levels of consciousness and energies that provided the finite worlds and universes on all different levels of existence - or densities.

When Finite Source was created within the essence and being that is infinite Source He was created in the image of Infinite Source with the one difference that finite Source was capable of creating all things finite – which is a task or operation Infinite Source could not do through His pure essence and being but only through the thought of sleep within His essence and being. That is why He created Finite Source in His image and therefore opened up all potentials and possibilities of finite creation to Finite Source. And so Finite Source is a single thought form within Infinite Source that can change, have motion, and create through sleep or illusion  whereas Infinite Source cannot change, have motion, or reside within illusion. So all Infinite Source had to do to create Finite Source within His own essence and being was to say (think) “sleep.”

And so once Infinite Source had created the thought of sleep (not yet actual form) He through Finite Source (who is the one who is now asleep) began from scratch and proceeded to create the finite world and universes. He began with the point or simple (spoken of in my previous works of Absolute Data) and went on from there to create many new thought forms through the inward or downward influx of all potentials and possibilities required only in order to first create the simplest forms in creation. And all forms were created in the perfect image that is Finite Source – that image being the perfect sphere. And from there on all new creations were formed from the perfect sphere whether microcosm or Macrocosm. Still all things that make up Finite Source are not in order – nor are they in order within Infinite Source. There is no set order within the essence and being that is infinite Source as He is always in the now whenever and wherever he wishes to be in His Essence and being that is pure energetic Consciousness.

And so neither is their order – but rather chaos within the essence and being that is Finite Source. He needs no order or rules or laws as He is one and has complete creative control of all things that are him. Of course all lower created souls who are in one level of energy and consciousness or another need Universal law simply because they are not One yet. The created souls I speak of are those who are newly born souls who must do as Finite Source did in His beginning of His existence as well – which is to sleep and begin creating from scratch – and that is why every newly created soul begins their evolution of the soul at the very bottom of the evolutionary scale. And all created souls possess one level of consciousness and energy or another- as no soul that takes body or form in the lower third dneisty plane of existence is without consciousness and energy.

If the form is a rock or a grain of sand on the beach they have energy and consciousness in the least levels possible in order to begin their evolution in the lower densities of life and existence. And what all forms in all of existence are truly conscious of is that they wish to become a part of one human life or another so that they too can one day become human. Hard to believe or understand for some ears – but it is truth and Absolute Data. That is why in the spiritual world (realms of existence) the rocks – plants- trees- and colors are alive and can speak and interact with you.

So as I was saying all created souls possess some level of energy and consciousness as all things are truly energy.

Another point I must make at this time is that Finite Source is living the illusion of life as well and He is forever in equilibrium – with the lower levels of energy and consciousness below the levels of equilibrium while the higher levels of consciousness are above that place of equilibrium. And equilibrium is nothing more than a state of mind and not a place. In the higher levels of energy and consciousness within Finite Source there are two different types of souls and they are those that are in service to others and those who are in service to self. Being in service to self does not put you in the lower planes of consciousness –energy – or existence. Still those living life in third density below the plane of equilibrium are in a deep sleep and therefore place themselves in service to self because they are guided to do so from higher fifth density and up service to self beings or souls as well. Finite Source on the other hand lives His existence in equilibrium all the time or in every now moment separate from time and space – and therefore is not steered one way or the other by either service to self souls or service to other souls – but exists right in between the two in His existence.

So you see when a third dneisty human being draws their thoughts and affections in life from higher service to self souls he or she will act and live according to the ways of the world or in a manner in which they are taught by other third density humans who are receiving their thoughts and affections form higher service to self souls as well. So because the leaders of your world are drawing their thoughts and affections form the higher service to self souls they must also draw their thoughts and affections from higher service to other souls so as to provide the contrast in life they need in order to create the reality they wish to create in their world. All that is required of them is that they cause no harm or loss to the people of third density directly in which case they do it indirectly. But because everything in life is a lesson and therefore good for the One or whole they are permitted to provide false realities to the world in order to continuously provide new wisdom and knowledge to Finite Source or the One through the lessons all third density human beings learn in life by being permitted to know good and evil – truth and falsities- light and dark – and so on. So the rulers of the world are simply required to provide the people of the world just as much truth as they do falsities and they are off the hook. For it is a truth that everything in life that a human accepts as their truth must be counter balanced in contrast with its opposite. And before all of this went down they (service to self and service to other higher human souls) sat at the proverbial round table and divvied up the roles every soul would play in the world at and within every new now moment from the beginning to the end of each new “Circle of Life.”

It was all an agreement and they all knew what was going to take place on the world stage before it even took place. Because of this every higher service to self soul is off the hook as is every lower third density service to self soul. They all had their part in the world stage play and they provided it right on schedule. And until every third dneisty human being awakens in the world they will continue playing their part in the play unconsciously as they are not to know Absolute truth until their own personal trigger is set in their life. And each one will truly live out to the very last hour the complete part in which they all long ago agreed to play.


It is time to end this transmission as the spirit is telling me enough is enough – let them absorb - and so I shall friends.


My name is Daniel and I wish you all happy days ahead.