Absolute Data -Second energetic transmission!

02/23/2013 18:27

Absolute Data – Second energetic transmission


Everyone has access!


I (we) come to you this day to hit home or finish with our offering of absolute data on a subject that is so very important for the transition at this day from third density to fifth density- that subject having to do once again with  the subject of punishment. Because I often keep up on certain world subjects I have been given a perfect subject base to provide for the foundation of my message today – and that base idea is the death penalty often used throughout our world by those still bound to their third dneisty life; traditions; and systems.

In order to offer my complete data on this subject I will have to again go back a bit within the illusion of time. And so I will begin where all other things began which is Infinite Source. However as I explained Infinite Source pretty well in my last post on punishment I will not delve too deeply in that subject.

As I have stated before everything has its beginning from Infinite Source- and Infinite Source is pure conscious energy- better known as thought in third dneisty- but it is thought that has always been and was never created and never had a beginning like all other things within the realms of finite creation. And indeed it is a truth that all creation is finite and owes its complete existence to Infinite Source or Infinite Conscious Energy. Now because infinite Source is in fact infinite this means Infinite Source has been around for how long? Infinite Source has been around since forever- and from eternity.

 Therefore eternity has no beginning or end but meets up where the place of beginning and end could be found at any one single point within the essence and being that is Infinite Source. So no matter where you are or what point of reference any one of you represents within the essence and being that is Infinite Source you too are infinite in truth because there is no actual beginning or end for you from that point on. Each of you is the beginning of all things and you are the end of all things- and the only limit that is ever attached to any one of you is Infinite Source as every created thought or form ever to exist has its being when all is said and done as the Infinite Source.

So where each of you comes to reflect on the illusion that appears to be life to all of you- outside of that illusion we are all One being or soul- and that being or soul is finite Source- that has on single limit- and that limit is Infinite Source. With that said- because Infinite Source is infinite- and all other things are only limited by Infinite Source – all other things are in fact infinite in truth as well. Therefore; none of you- not a single on of us- is not infinite in truth- having no beginning and having no end. And therefore all beginnings and all ends are the illusion or levels of unconscious existence we alone created for our own benefit and pleasure in Infinite Consciousness- as Infinite Source. Take away all illusion and you are Infinite Source.

Now given the fact that each of you is Infinite Source- and given the fact that each of you is me and I am each of you- and we all (as One Creator and Infinite Source) at one time or another- separate from time at first- create every new “Circle of Life,” which I like to call every new creation as every creation is a world and a universe in and of itself. In other words you cannot create a single dot and not finish out its complete existence to its end- which by the way will never find its end because it does not exist. That’s right friends nothing has an end as all things are Infinite because all things and every part you might want to cause to be separated from the essence and begin that is Infinite Source is Infinite as well.

So a single dot being created would consist of all things from Infinite Source and would therefore continue to grow through body and form because of evolution of the soul. For when a single dot or point is thought of it is created and then it has been given consciousness (though very limited consciousness- and even unconscious at first in its creation) as all things in the created universe must have some level of consciousness simply because they are possessed by spirits or souls that give them their being. Everything is originally created by Infinite Source and therefore everything created by Infinite Source must possess Infinite Source in His complete essence and being always. Remember there is no actual separation and no division- as all things (all of Infinite Sources being) are in the smallest of forms throughout the created universe.

At the same time all of Infinite Source exists within the essence and being of every created body and form (whether it is thought- words- actions- or affections of any kind- within any form- no matter what its density may be) to the point that it matters not if the creation is the microcosm or it is a macrocosm- everything that exists within a microcosm has to exist as well  within the macrocosm. Infinite Source cannot be divided and so if you do choose to separate or divide Infinite Source into different parts ( given you are Infinite Source) then you may do so- but all of infinite Source will still forever exist within each and every part of that creation or illusion of separation. Therefore every created being has access to all that is Infinite Source simply by knowing that access is available to each part of knowledge or data that human is seeking in life.

So if you want absolute data about any one single subject that exists within Infinite Source (and all subjects exist within Infinite Source) you need only to know that you have that access to all data- and then seek your higher self through collective conscious thought on the matter (whatever subject you seek data on) and it will be given- just as long as you “know’ it will be given. So that is why we are here today- as I am one of the ones who knows I can receive all information having to do with any one subject in life simply by allowing higher self to speak or type through me. And of course speaking – typing – visions - or even dreaming are all tools used to speak to and through higher self.

Okay so where did I leave off- yes Infinite Source ----

In third dneisty life and existence lets say here on planet earth- every human soul must have access to all that is Infinite Source (or finite Creator Source who is the complete expression of Infinite Source in His finite corresponding self) simply because no one single human being is any greater or any less than Infinite Source but is equal to Infinite Source in no matter what expression or form it exists within in life. So whether you are a cat or dog- or a human being- you have all access to all data and wants and needs for your life from Infinite Source.) The fact that you do not know this yet because you may still be the third dneisty human representation of your self simply means you have to evolve to the point of awakening and remember who you are so that you once again know you can draw all data and abilities of creation form Infinite Source as well.

So in other words if you evolve to a human being that exists within seventh density and you therefore now know and remember who you are- you can return to third density any time you please and be a dog if you wish- and still you will be a dog that is fully conscious and you now know you are the Infinite Source and One Creator God. If you live on fifth density planet earth therefore and there are third dneisty human beings sharing that planet with you  (which I assure you is always the case) each of those third dneisty human beings have full access to everything you ( the fifth or sixth density human) have access to from Infinite Source. If they do not “KNOW” a thing is true or possible however in their world then it is not true or possible. For you are not given the ability to create something you do not know is a possibility for you to create in life because you are limited by your levels of energy and consciousness in life.

So when fully awakened Gods are walking around your world and you cannot see them this does not mean they cannot see you exactly as you are - and you are seeing them in their third density representation of their fifth or sixth density selves. For the higher can see and interact with the lower but the lower cannot see the higher even though they can indeed interact with them thinking however that they are third dneisty humans. Now because all things are accessible to all human beings and some things of fifth density planet earth just do not fit into the lives of third dneisty human beings- those things will not be a reality for third density human beings until each third dneisty human being on his or her own come to awaken to the fact that a thing is possible and can indeed be a reality in their world. If they are to an awakened state where they can believe this- then all things are indeed possible even for third dneisty humans.

So what happens when third dneisty humans come to live life among higher fifth and sixth density human beings simply because they have awakened and all the rest who have not yet awakened are very soon to do so?

 What happens when the minds of all third dneisty humans are opening up to being guided by the heart now in life and they are being given much guidance from their higher fifth and sixth density selves (who are actually them in the future or in higher densities)?

What happens when those fifth and sixth density human beings begin to create things that only exist on a fifth density planet- but because all the humans on this planet earth today are waking up in very large numbers – they can see these creations because they are now connected in consciousness with their higher representations of themselves (fifth and sixth density humans) in life?

Well now all third dneisty humans “KNOW” that all things are possible and that they can in fact now create instantly and at will through their higher selves. . So what do they do- they begin creating- and their creations begin to manifest on the world stage more and more every hour – every day- and every week until many new wonderful things become manifested on this planet earth that is now fifth density according to its levels of energy and consciousness.

But what about those third dneisty humans that live on the planet that are not awakened- who do not know there is a higher fifth or sixth density human being on their planet? Well is this not what was the case before on this planet before the grand awakening began- and all humans were asleep and in complete unconscious illusion? Yes this was the case then as there were always fifth and sixth density higher beings (our other selves) walking the planet interacting with third dneisty humans and even teaching them- but because their level of evolution was so low back then they could not believe or accept most of their teachings and fifth and sixth dneisty humans were shunned and outcasts in the world.

Do we not know the story of the ” Rich Man and Lazarus, ” or the stories of past prophets and disciples of Jesus – Buddha- and so on who came to the world to teach?  Were they not shunned for the duration of their teachings by third dneisty man? This was the case much more then simply because mankind was no where near as close to his awakening as he is at this day. But there are simply stories my friends that are all representative of men (or woman) who came to our world many times in the past to teach the people exactly who they truly are. And now at this day they are awakening in large numbers and they now understand everything being told them- in which case they are all about to become the new and awakened human.

Again just as it was in the days of Jesus and the prophets so too will it be that way on the planet today. And just as all the awakened souls went to be with Jesus (representative of their higher self) back then (only representative of the Quickening - or ascension- or awakening) so too will all who awaken go to meet their higher selves on fifth dneisty planet earth once again. But because the harvest is so great now- the planet will have moved up in density and is now a fifth density planet- where as there were not enough awakened souls before today in order for this to happen. So again friends there will still be a third density planet earth – populated with all different kinds of people in many different looking societies- but they will not have access or even know of fifth dneisty planet earth that we even at this day are now living on and building up in it’s many different societies as well.

We can help them- we can interact with them- but we cannot go against their free will choosing in life and we cannot do anything or create anything that they do not already “KNOW” to be a possibility.  In other words they cannot be given what things they are not willing to accept as a potential or possibility in their life. For if you tried giving them a unicorn for their birthday they would not be able to see it or accept it because they do not believe in unicorns. Now is say a single third dneisty human came to “know” unicorns existed- and they wanted to see one- you could show them one – but only if they were able to raise their energy and consciousness levels high enough to enter into fifth density. You cannot lower you energy and consciousness level down to theirs and show them a thing of fifth density within third density.

So what happens in our world today when a certain human being does not want to be a part of the One Peoples Public Trust (which is simply a single group of awakened souls in the world today offering one new system and society of higher things)? What happens when a single human does not want to be a part of any awakened group but simply wants to live their life alone- or with their immediate friends and family and that’s it. In other words let’s say a little society of ten or fifty? Can they do this- can they live off of or separate from any grid or system and still live their lives in peace- happiness- and abundance in the world once the new higher energy systems (fifth density) begin to fall into place? Well of course!

As long as you are an awakened human being you can draw from the collective consciousness and collective system in the world today because you are a part of the One or whole that is Infinite Source. Therefore every human in this new system has access to all things equally in life- no matter what the reason- as all things will be guided and provided in life based on the energy levels of every human being. So if your energy levels are high enough to hold fifth dneisty energies and consciousness you have access to the world trust or world assets. Those of third density who are not awakened cannot have access to the world funds or assets only because they will not believe in the new system or even that it is a potential or possibility in all of creation. And we cannot ever go against the free will of another- but must allow for all to choose in life what they believe to be their truth at all times.

It is a truth that the funds or assets are multidimensional- and it is true that third dneisty humans can still benefit form the new world assets or funds given that they are always available to everyone in all of creation- but third dneisty humans will receive their access through correspondences and not direct energy from fifth density earth. I will explain this as best as I can but first let me speak of third dneisty humans a bit.

Third density human beings who are not awakened yet- or who will not ever awaken in this generation because they are young souls and haven’t evolved to a level of energy that will allow them to awaken this time around will continue living their lives dependent on the old system in the world.  These are those human souls that resonate with the present energies of third dneisty earth at this day. They could not awaken even if they wanted to because their energy levels are so low at this day. They have not completed their four seasons of life in duality and must do so until they will be prepared to move on and awaken one day as the world is doing even at this day. They chose to be living life in an unconscious state at this day because if they were conscious at this stage they would not want to remain in third dneisty. But they made an agreement just as we all did at one time and the agreement must be fulfilled to its end. Those human souls who come to awaken are always those souls who have completed their life’s contract and have evolved to those levels of energy and consciousness that allows them to awaken.

So you see friends there are certain third dneisty humans on the planet today- those you do not know because they live behind the faces of you and I the world over - but are not of your spiritual society and soul group. To put it in its simplest terms they are the outer human and you are the inner human now if you are the awakened human being. These souls have come to love third density so much that they will not choose to leave it- even though the choice is even there for them to make at this day if they wanted to move on to fifth density. But because they choose not to believe - no one can ever force them to choose or believe. These souls will remain in the old system of money- technology - government (kings and queens- presidents – senates- congresses – dictators - and so on) – punishment- laws and many rules- death; sickness and disease – religions of every kind that work for them- and many other things that only come with third density energies and consciousness.

There will therefore be two worlds living together simultaneously and the one will represent the outer human while the other will always represent the inner and spiritual human being. So you can go on and join up with the new society and system of fifth density at this day or you can remain in the old system and continue to pay your bills on time, and to wake up tomorrow in your own bed and start the same old routine all over again- day after day – in complete slavery.

What we are seeing in the world today is a split- and that split is third density reality splitting from the fifth dneisty reality because they are the ones who want the split while fifth density man is in the habit of accepting everyone in life if they choose those energy levels and can hold them for a time. All are welcome to come on board with this new system of ours but they have to choose it as we cannot decide for you where you choose to go at this day. If you as the third dneisty human choose to accept our generosity at this day and wish to allow us to provide you all your wants and needs in life from this moment on- we will do this. We cannot do this through fifth density means simply because your consciousness levels cannot hold fifth dneisty energy levels and cannot therefore experience or see fifth density things.

We cannot make you not want to own a house or car- we cannot make you not ever want a government again- we cannot make you not want war and death and violence and guns- we cannot make you want all to be rich in society rather than have a society made up of the rich and the poor, with the poor always at the lower end of the spectrum and living the lifestyle of a dog. It hurts my heart to say these things as I have gone through them in my life and I know how you treat your own children friends. It all has to stop! So if you want our help and you are a third density human all you need to do is ask – and I do not mean beg or pray or fast. We are your other selves and we want nothing more than for you all to prosper in life and be completely happy- but we cannot make you want or choose these things in life.

So for all those third dneisty humans who choose the old system we will still  be here for you and all you need do is seek out our assistance in life. But as I see it they will not know these things because they will not be reading my words until each of them might one day seek truth and go out looking for it and just happen to fall upon these words or those out there similar to them. Because again- if third dneisty man does not believe our words or believe in us (the higher self) why would they ask us for anything? Now they can go off and seek their Gods but what they will find is that those who say they are Gods over and above another human are actually other fifth dneisty or higher service to self beings. And these beings are hot there to help third dneisty humans but are there to draw their energies in life from them.

So what is the solution for third dneisty man at this day that is not going to awaken this time around? Well for the time being thy will be very much blessed because they will share a world and consciousness with a higher being who loves them and will share all good things in life with them while we are in the Golden Age of Enlightenment- but when the ages click and move on every third dneisty human will decide his or her fate according to the agreements they made in their spiritual realms or ethers –and we have no part of that as we cannot ever interfere. But I can tell you that things are going to be wonderful in the days ahead because all of us are connected according to the collective consciousness and things are going to be really great for third density man for quite some time now.  

You see all of life is a decision and when a higher being or soul makes a soul contract for the good of the One or whole- that contract must be fulfilled to its completion date. Our completion date has arrived and we are here today to guide all souls who are going to awaken this time around to their awakening. You will know who you are by the choices you each make at this day. But as I do not feel I have covered the third dneisty situation comfortably I will attempt to do so once again.

How does third density mankind at this day benefit from our awakening and moving onto fifth density earth? What do they get while we go on and begin to live our lives in utopia? Well they get to live their lives in utopia as well because of corresponding realities. And one day we will move on to a higher plane of existence that is even more wonderful while they move to a reality based on the Ages and evolution- where they continue to learn the lessons of separation and duality. We will still be with them according to the collective consciousness- but – still we cannot interfere with their lives or their decisions as they are living a life of what they think is free will- while they will continue living that life of apparent free will for as long as the play plays out. And the play of life is there to provide all souls – whether they are from the lower or higher societies of Infinite Source- to play their parts in life where good lives among evil- light lives among dark- negative lives along side of positive- right gets to understand wrong and wrong gets to understand right.

The lessons are done for us and we have come home to the place we call “the new.”

There is nothing a single human being cannot have at this day if they only choose to have it of their own free will.  We cannot give to those or provide for the ones who do not believe we exist. If they think what we say is nonsense how can we prove them wrong when they do not wish to even hear our words? We cannot! So from this moment on we will be in the process of creating the new system that will benefit all who choose to join- but you must choose freely and willingly.

On the other side is what you want and what you have been looking for from the moment of your existence. But you have to believe it can be a reality! You have to know who you are and what you represent to this present world and system. You are the answers! You are the Savior1 And you are the new beginning!





And so now that we have laid down a little ground work we will now proceed to out subject of punishment.