"Absolute Data" Punishment!

02/21/2013 13:23

--------Absolute Data----------




        If we are going to live in a new world and system that is going to work for the One or whole then every human souls who comes to make up the One or whole must be responsible for him or herself in life. For if you require certain words or actions from the people of a society that is not those acceptable words and actions of all the people of that society then that Society is not One- it is not whole- and it is not in harmony and unity of life. To go you one further that society would not be in equilibrium of life either as there would be too many human souls of that society that would be leaning toward one certain group of words or actions within that society as being acceptable behavior for all and therefore the majority rules concept, That is the concept and acceptable ways of the old system and society of third density planet earth my friends and this is no longer acceptable as it has never worked because it has created a world of the rich and the poor- the weak and the strong or superior ( or should I say the illusion of being superior).

No society and system has ever existed (and I have sought out the advice and guidance of the higher self on this many times) that has enacted the majority rules concept that has not ended up with a system where money rules the system and workings of that society- system- and world order. Not a single society in which the majority rules concept is established has not ended with a system of slavery – as these types of systems are always based on Iron Age principles and the animal nature of mankind. With these systems of slavery and money come another system known as government – and then that system is backed up by the enactment of set order to every society individually ( according to its rulers within that society) rules and regulations- and laws that eventually come to serve the rich of every society.

At one time there was no such thing as sin or crime because there were no rules in society that fit into the system in place at that time known as the Oneness Society or the One. The way it works my friends is not as difficult to understand as one might think – if you can just keep an open mind for a moment. So let me explain to you how it all began before I move on ----


In the beginning was pure consciousness and that consciousness was and always is represented by the term energy. To provide another term that may be a bit more accessible to the third density human rational mind lets just call it the Infinite All in All or Infinite Source. And so this One Infinite Source or All in All was and is pure conscious energy- and this Infinite Source does not exist within time or space but still IT ( or HE) fills all time and space with His essence and being that is pure Infinite Conscious Energy. There are no limits as to what this pure conscious energy can do in all of existence –whether reality or the illusion of each and every reality. And so Infinite Conscious Source ( as He or It has many terms) does not exist within time or space but fills all time an space with His essence and being according to what every created form Infinite Conscious Source chooses to create at any given now moment from eternity and on in to eternity- with no beginning and no end.

Still – because the One Infinite Conscious Source of Energy  (God to some) is the most pure form of energy that there is He or It has no form that can exist within the finite realms of time and space- and must therefore create within every now moment of time and space bodies and forms that are limited only to Himself ( or Itself)  but He must bind them in illusion and forgetfulness in order to provide the reality in which they would wish to remain in this illusion for the duration of their use or service to the One or whole that is Infinite Source. And so Infinite Source created - and actually re- creates within every moment within and outside of time and space - unconscious life forms that live in levels of forgetfulness that stretch from complete forgetfulness on up to possessing the levels of memory and consciousness equal to - but still limited in the end - to that of Infinite Source – and this causes them to be finite to eternity. 

In other words every finite Source that carries or possesses a body and form has access to all energy and conscious levels of Infinite Source- but will always still be limited by their levels of evolution in consciousness- as every human soul - every created form that possesses the illusion of life- as well as death- has access to unlimited sources and levels of the Infinite Sources energy; consciousness; and wisdom. Therefore finite Source now came into existence - (and is forever coming into existence time and time again to eternity) and is in existence within every now moment from eternity and to eternity- and finite Sources only limit (as higher self or higher consciousness once they have evolved to those levels again) in all of creation is Infinite Source – who by the way does not ever exist or hold His consciousness within the realms of time and space. However whereas Infinite Source does not move or change within time or space according to His energy and consciousness- finite Source is always moving and changing according to its energy and consciousness levels in life.

Life cannot be created my friends and neither can it ever be destroyed. And anything within the material and physical realms of energy and consciousness that exists as a body or form has some level of life and consciousness within it- whether it is a grain of sand on the beach or a large bolder within the Grand Canyon. Therefore if it is not human and does not possess consciousness of life and death at its lowest levels then it seeks to become human from the moment it is created as a body or form within the material and physical realms of existence to the moment it evolves and becomes a conscious living being upon the planet. In other words yes a rock can have conscious thought as the spirits and angels (souls) that come together to make up its existence within the material and physical realms are those thoughts and conscious longings to become human.

And so every created body and form in all of creation will eventually become the human being and soul that represent a certain spiritual society and soul group within the One Infinite Source- represented in its lowest forms as finite source. For it is a truth that Infinite source in His purest form is passive and inactive consciousness- and this means Infinite Source is never changing and never moving but is the same yesterday- today- and forever.  This is why Infinite Source created within that Infinite and unchanging conscious (passive and inactive) energy - forms from the purest levels of finite (ever changing; moving; and evolving) energy to provide a never ending number of bodies and forms for Himself (or Itself) to experience the illusions (within realty that is Himself) of life and death within even another illusion called separation and duality.

 And because Infinite Source is all things when He created the finite world and reality He created all bodies and forms from one end of the spectrum to equal out ( support) those from the other end of the spectrum (better known as equilibrium) so that the purer levels ( bodies and forms) of thought; consciousness; and energy always had a foundation and home to rest upon or within at the end of the day – when they were finished exploring the cosmos and needed a place to reflect  and share their experiences with all other forms who live in their home( or spiritual society and soul group). Therefore the human being can never live and exist without its spirits and angels called living or conscious souls in life to eternity. Neither can those spirits and angles called living and conscious souls live and exist without the human body and form (no matter what their level of energy; life; or consciousness) from now to eternity.

So again I will repeat myself- Infinite Source needs no body and form of a lower nature than its own, which by the way is the most pure substance known as energy- consciousness- and thought, to eternity. In other words Infinite Source can experience everything you and I can within our dreams as we need no actual body and form within our dreams- given they are nothing more than created thought forms. So again everything you see and use in life that possesses a body or form is nothing but thought- of that body and form. Even the feeling of touch and fell is a thought form. Smell – taste- and hearing the same- as they are thought forms. Everything is thought created from conscious energy- and this is how it will be to eternity- and as we each awaken and evolve to higher densities or levels of consciousness we will be capable of creating greater and greater bodies and forms from our levels of energy within each realm of existence or density of life we come to dwell in within any given now moment from now to eternity.  And so if and when He (or it) chooses to experience all things of life and death within a material and physical realm- He (or it) requires the presence and possession of the bodies and forms within the finite realms of the material and physical.  And in order for those souls created a new by Infinite  Source -  (because finite creation and finite energy is constantly moving and therefore evolving)- Infinite Source must forever create new souls within Himself to continue filling the finite universe and created reality with new bodies and forms to house those always bringing up the rears.

So when one human being- who represents a whole spiritual society and soul group comes to evolve to the next level of life and consciousness- those souls who lived in the humans past life (illusion of course) and made up the humans past life- will have to move on and others will always take their places through the process of the evolution of the soul as well. And every now moment from eternity on in to eternity this process is constantly moving and changing- and therefore new souls are created every now moment from eternity to eternity. They are created by Infinite Source- and are again created by finite Source as their corresponding bodies and forms on every level of existence or density of life - all according to the corresponding form that was made to exist on that plane of life and existence based on the levels of energy acceptable for each density of life or plane of existence in the finite world and universe.

In other words every living soul ever created starts life and their unconscious illusion of life at the bottom of the evolutionary scale- and they continue to evolve (because change and movement have been added to the created reality of separation and duality) up to the time when their soul contract is complete and they awaken once again as their necessary part of the One or whole known as finite Source- with the understanding of Infinite Source. Every created soul in all of existence represents a single ruling love in life; consciousness; and Infinite Source. So when each human being comes to awaken they will again begin to create all things new according to their own ruling love in life.

And still it will all boil down to this:  All souls as soon as they awaken- and even before they awaken are and will create toward the good of the One or whole because they all play a single part of the overall play called life- and when all those parts come together once again upon the awakened stage called fifth density planet earth ( as well as all other planets in creation) we will all come together as finite Source or One once again- and all things will gradually begin to make perfect sense. Third density man plays his part in the one or whole now- and he or she will play their part even when they awaken and become fifth density humans- and those human souls who take their places upon third density earth will continue doing their part for the One or whole as this will be the new life and state of evolution every human souls will take on from now to eternity- or should I say from eternity to eternity.  And so it does not matter if you are third dneisty or fifth dneisty or even higher up in the densities as every human being lives the life and reality he or she believes to be right and proper for them. Those humans in the lower third dneisty societies of this microcosm or macrocosm ( whatever you wish to call it) provide their levels of understanding for the One or whole( finite Source) and those of all other densities or levels of consciousness provide their part as well- and all who are not happy in life are not happy simply because they do not know they cam provide their own happiness in life yet- unless they do it through deception and through breaking the created laws man has concocted throughout the ages so as to create a slave system upon the third density plane of existence on all planets and in all universes.

Fear- doubt- and negativity are three of the main tools used in the old system of third density to keep all the people of society in slavery- and that system is falling away at this day for all those older souls who are now coming up on their awakening and ascension (just a term) to the higher densities of consciousness known as fifth density and higher. Rules- laws- and the complete submission of the citizens of the world is what has kept the old system going this long. But these things have not worked as the people are waking up to the fact that they are the Gods or Creators and it is therefore they who chose long ago to represent their certain parts in the grand play of third density life so as to provide all the lessons of life- in a manner that would provide wisdom to the one- whole- and finite Source in the end. For it is a truth that finite Source is always changing- moving- and evolving in consciousness as well from eternity and into eternity- never actually becoming Infinite Source ever again because finite Source will forever provide the lower bodies and forms of all the lower levels of energy and consciousness that make up the essence and being that is and will always continue to be Infinite Source.

So now we speak of punishment as that is what we came here for right?

How can Infinite Source ever think of punishing Himself? How can finite Source ever think about punishing Himself? So if all things come from Infinite Source- and in turn come form finite Source- what can we say id right in life and what can we say is wrong? If all things exist within Infinite and finite Source as their complete essence and being then there exists in all actuality no one part and no many actual parts to either Infinite or finite Source- as the only limit to finite Source is Infinite Source. Infinite Source is all things given that Infinite Source is Omnipotent – Omnipresent- Omniscient and therefore there can be no right and no wrong when speaking of Infinite Source. And since finite Source is equal to Infinite Source in all ways as it is the mirror image of Infinite Source while Infinite Source is the actual image- it would stand to perfect reason that all things that make up the one or the whole of Infinite Source and finite Source are neither right nor wrong either.

And so I would now present to you all dear friends that because both Sources (Infinite and finite) are complete and whole that they and all their created parts from their whole and complete essence and being cannot be right or wrong either- from eternity to eternity. And therefore nothing that is can ever be found to be right or wrong but  are in fact actual uses (ruling loves and affections of every created part- as creation is the illusion) that exist which makes up the being that is Infinite and finite to eternity or forever.

So how do all things have their being and order within the Infinite as well as the finite Source? Because Infinite and finite Source exists within equilibrium where all things are in order without change or movement- and therefore  nothing can happen that would ever un create or do away with equilibrium within Infinite or finite Source from eternity and to eternity. There is no movement and therefore no change and therefore nothing that can ever be seen as right – and nothing ever to be seen as wrong (as all things just are) - as all things are in their own place according to equilibrium, with no one part ever acting toward or invading the space of another within the complete essence and being that is Infinite as well as finite Source.

However once you become finite Source there are different levels of energy and consciousness within finite Source with only its center of its being actually in a passive and inactive state of existence. At every level or point a created living soul comes to move away from zero degree - center- or what I like to call the point or simple - that living soul is now in movement and change- and is now living the illusion of separation and duality. Not necessarily the illusion of life and death yet because not every created soul yet exists within a body and forms that is human –but there are many who still reside within lower forms that simple seek to become human. Remember that each created soul begins their existence in separation and duality in the vey beginning and elementary stages of evolution.

And so in getting back to punishment- how can you punish a living soul for being who he or she is in life or within finite Source- where he or she is simply there to make up their own personal part or use toward the good of the One or whole known as finite Source? No my friends you cannot every punish a soul for being themselves any more than you can punish your bowels for removing feces from your body simply because that feces is harmful to your body and is the accumulated waste no longer needed for the good of the body. But it has unwanted physical properties about it does it not- and still we cannot punish the bowels for doing their part upon and within the human body and form. Now I could just as easily used other body parts as examples- but the point I am making here is that every part of the whole serves as a use or purpose in life toward the good of the whole- and there is nothing ever that exists in all of the created universe that is not needed now ( once it is created) today- tomorrow- and on in to eternity- never again being taken from the one or whole- as it now and  forever has its purpose within the one or whole - now that it has been added to all of creation or the One that is finite Source.

In other words the light cannot ever exist within duality without acting as the equalizing factor for the light. The hard is the equalizer and foundation of the soft- the bad or smelly odor is the equalizer and foundation of the sweet fragrance- the slow as the equalizer and foundation of the fast. All of these things dear friends are needed in third dneisty and they are again needed in fifth density life; existence; and consciousness- but they are always understand and used in life based on a human souls levels of consciousness and spiritual understanding is bodies and forms within the One or whole of finite Source.  Everything within finite Source that provides the illusions of life and death- separation and duality- must have their foundation and point of equilibrium- no matter what density of life or levels of consciousness and energy a human possesses in their now moments of existence.

So everything that exists is not right and it is not wrong because it just is – and as long as you live and have your being within the playing fields and levels of consciousness that are there to represent the life and existence of finite Source you will forever experience change; motion; and different levels of illusion. But as you move up in evolution and densities of life those levels of illusion become your friend and companion as they begin to benefit you in life rather than provide those illusions of harm and loss you each once experienced in third density. Because all bodies and forms on every level of density are nothing but pure thought and consciousness there will come a time when each of you will spend less and less now moments in the human body and form as you will come to know that there are so many wonderful things in life that can be experienced without the body and form- and if you are not in the body and form you can never cause loss or harm to another human body and form as like always acts toward like according to the laws of attraction.

In other words a fifth density human body cannot act on the third dneisty human body because they are of different densities or energy levels. This is the protective bubble ( or sphere) every human soul always has surrounding their bodies and forms in life so as to either let in wanted or unwanted forms of different forms of energy or to keep them out- always depending on the laws of attraction and similarities in life. So if you reflect fear- negativity- and doubt- you will receive them back to you in life at whatever levels you reflect them out to others. So with all I have said here friends do you now understand why punishment- violence- negativity- doubt- anger- hatred - and  all other forms of energy and consciousness that all exist on that earth plane known as third density are only there to provide life and reality to third density?

And can you now see that these things cannot any longer exist as your conscious reality and life styles as long as you are prepared through your conscious choices at this day to move into and upon fifth density planet earth? If you are about to rejoin the One or the whole (that is finite Source and become fully conscious creator beings (Gods) that which sees itself as the part can no longer do harm or cause loss to the One or the whole – but must not live the life of the One and the whole- where there is no longer the majority rules concept but actually the Robin Hood concept of all for One and one for all.

There can be no more violence upon this new plane of existence known as fifth density earth- there can be no more government or rulers over the citizens of society because one can never again be separate form another as the One will from that moment forward be the whole. And when you have a society such as this governance and ruler ship is no longer needed or wanted as there is now the collective consciousness that guides and governs society for the good of the one and whole. Therefore if there can be no punishment there can be now laws and there can be no crimes or convictions ever again. There can be no more war but only peace as the parts no longer are separate but join together as a completed whole.

There is complete unity- complete harmony of society- and complete agreement on all things. For if you do not like the way of a certain society then you move over to another society that represents another one or whole of the finite Source. All that causes this separation at first is that a soul does not yet remember their society – part- or use toward the one or whole- and must therefore eventually remember- and as each human souls remembers the society of One will become larger and larger until all of the parts have once again come together within the collective consciousness.

And no matter how many societies are forms of our new fifth density planet at this day- still we are no fifth dneisty- and we all have out part in the One or whole- and some just do not remember this yet. Therefore there will be societies at first who still wish for money- technologies- governments- violence- punishment - prisons and courthouse- war- and so on. But the change my friends will come much sooner than you think- and the people on our planet and world will come together as One- simply because they are One and do not know it yet in some cases. As the data continues to pour out onto the world stage at this day you will see many new changes and the people will come together in unity and harmony and all things needed in the old system of separation and duality will no longer be wanted or needed. There will still be the illusion of separation and duality but it will no longer be connected with unconscious creator beings but rather conscious beings that are now ready and awakened and are about to come together as One.

Enjoy your life this day my friends because it is about to get really fun from this point on.

With much unconditional love and respect for my other selves I say good bye until next time