Absolute Data - Fourteenth energetic transmission

03/19/2013 13:11

Absolute Data – Fourteenth energetic transmission


An eye for an eye!



When I was a child I spoke – I played – and I lived my live as a child [and I did it all in the now]. As I became older and more mature I put my childish ways behind me and stepped out of the now and into time – separation – and duality. I believed myself to be a man and a wise one at that – but I was not a man – I was a full fledged slave to a system of lies. I always had the option to choose one road or another- and I - just as most all humans do in this day in age – chose the system of “An eye for an eye!” I chose to go down that road taught by oh so many religions today in our world as well – where if a man does not work he does not deserve to eat – and what so ever a man soweth so too shall he reap. So you have to ask yourself at this day ‘am I a man or woman of generations of old traditions where I will think – do – and speak as do all others who live among me in the world today’ – or will I find my way back to the me that once existed in a Oneness society of human beings who all lived life as though they were all the same person? Do you even know my friends that except for you all who live out there in that great expanse you call your world and planet are nothing more and nothing less than seven billion of your other selves?

Is it possible therefore that rather than remaining as that man or woman you have each become once you left childhood and put off childish things – is it possible that you might need to return to being that child once again – so as to forget all that the world around you has placed in your mind through the collective false information campaigns out there today represented by your governments- your televisions and news stations – your schools where your children attend (and you once did as well)  - and the nine to five jobs many of you work each day so as to keep you all day long enslaved in that system of separation – duality – and under the laws of man? Is it just possible that you were given a clean slate as a small child and you alone chose to put everything on your plate in life that was given you by those you do not truly know and by your own doings in accepting every outside influence presented to you in life that pleased you in your everyday life in the old slave system?

Have you made all the right decisions? Have you listened to every person who came to you with the truth – based on what you at the time thought to be the actual truth? Have you listened only to your friends and family when it came to seeking advice from day to day or did you seek other avenues for your truth – and therefore sometime come to find it was not wrapped up in such a nice pretty package – realizing therefore that truth can come in many forms? What got you to where you are today – and why do you think that you believe the things in life that you believe? Is it all your doing? Have you had much help or have you had little? Are you rich or financially abundant in your life? Are you poor and are you homeless and hungry? Did you have a bad childhood where you were punished most of the time for the least little thing you did in order to pass your time in play as a child? Were you an orphan or did you come from a home that provided you everything in life you would ever need? Were you loved as a child or were you in fact an that orphan where the parents spent more time with their own true children than they did with you – never ever attempting to cover up how they felt about you?

Does it sound like I am getting a little bit personal with some of you? Well hang in there the reason is forthcoming.

Oh and by the way all you folks out there who go to mediums to find some connection as to whom you were in one past life or another-  save your money – I can tell you now – you were me – and I was you – and we were all every single human being on the planet in one lifetime or another. Are any of us truly special in this world? Yes indeed we all are – because we are all a single representation of the One – and collectively we are the One or Creator Source you could even say. So when in judgment of your neighbor just keep in mind you are judging yourself as well. Not more than fifteen years past in my life I was a different man – not the man I am today because the man of my past is now off learning new lessons in life through his many other selves.

Fifteen years ago I was a prejudice man – I hated gays – I believed everyone should stick to their own kind – I believed what’s mine is mine and no one has the right to take it from me simply because they had a greater need for it than myself at the time. I was a heartless man who liked drinking his beer – living life in steady and continuous lust for the opposite sex – and living life in a never ending battle to become greater in life in every way possible - than any other within my present surroundings. Yes I was that man – I went to church to fix that man – I found many other men and woman in church who were in the same boat as me – and they too had come to that church to seek an end to their to their life within the old systems of slavery. So what I found was that no matter where I traveled in life I found many people just like me seeking answers to their problems – and none were to be found where we looked.

In the church as well as out in life outside the doors of organized religion – no matter what the religion – is still found separation – duality – prejudice – and conditional love. In the church – as well as outside its doors is found judgment and justice - punishment and reward – backbiting and hypocrisy – as well as the righteous and the wicked. For I tell you all dear friends where in you find that place where there is the righteous so too is found the wicked- and wherein you have ventured to find the wicked so too do the righteous stand in waiting. The destination of one man ends on the road where another begins his journey – and thereon the two shall forever meet.

So the man I once was- whom I often in life thought I had left behind – went no where – as that man lives in side of me and outside of me throughput every one of my lives from eternity to eternity. He stays with me each and every day of my life waiting on me to make the same mistake I have made time and time again in days gone by – and then he does what he has always been there with me to do and that is to steer me back to the place I call home in my collective consciousness and soul group that is the One Creator Source. No body – no soul – no creation ever created by your person and being is ever again separated from you once it has been given life- energies- and becomes a part of your collective consciousness that is Universal Creation.

The man I once was is the man I will become time and time again – as will each of you- and when you find it in your heart to judge or place justice where it belongs look no further than in the mirror my friend as this is where the blame and responsibility (if any is to be placed) will be found. So the opposite affections connected to these choices ill always be at your immediate grasp as well in life. Who is it that fixes you when you are broken? Who rights a wrong whenever one is committed in life by you or any other human being? That my friends is the one and only law ever to be put in to the Created Universe and collective consciousness that is the One- and that Law is a Law put down into the proverbial gut of creation known as Universal Law. I did not say Common Law - I did not say Spiritual Law – and I did not say the Laws of judgment and justice. For where there is no judgment no justice is ever again needed in life.

How do I know that each and every one of us human beings on this planet - Solar system and universe [as well as every other created planet – solar system – and universe] – is all one; and that all beings are One in fact? Because God (Infinite Source and Creator) is One and He is all things – every thing – every where –and in every place. If He were not all and everything then whatever is separate from Him is something else –and is not therefore God – and would therefore imply that God is not all things and everything after all. Therefore given the fact that this would then mean there are two First Sources in this scenario we speak of this would mean that God is not Omnipotent- He is not Omnipresent – and He is not Omniscient. If there were even a single one other being or Source that is not God then everything we have learned about Him from day one is wrong and incomplete – and in this case nothing we say here in and at this day would matter in the least now would it?

Therefore everyone who reads my words is either of the impression that God is all and everything – or He is not – and you are free to go on your way in whatever direction provides your spiritual base and foundation that is your ruling love in life. But for those who are still with me in this topic or subject we will continue.

As God (Creator Source) is all and everything we must therefore be included in that all and everything – placing our essence and being within that essence and being that is Creator Source. And by our being truly having its place within and as Creator Source – every human soul ever created and given the breath of life must also be One with Creator Source- and therefore must be one with one another- and that would make us all the same being and soul. For no matter how you look at the idea of Oneness it refers in no way to separation or duality – but in fact complete connection of all parts – with no parts existing outside of the One – as that is nothing more than the illusion we all live in life in a finite – uneducated assumption of our existence.

So I say to you all here and now friends that if we are all one and the same – then you must know the heart of each and every human being out there today – and have simply forgotten how to discern another’s heart. Still this will all come back to each of you in due time. In third density – separation – and duality – however; you do not know another’s heart because you are not seeking and living from the Heart any longer during your stay here in third density. Yet we often claim it does not matter when it comes to reaping that which we sow in life. Well then it would not matter when you have a fainting spell while you are driving a car down the road and a child walks in front of you and you run them over – but when the doctor tells the judge that there is no proof you had a fainting spell and they give you a life sentence or even the death penalty – this would not matter either- as the Law is the law – right? And I could give you a never ending supply of examples of where the innocent have been falsely imprisoned or even given the death penalty – when in truth they were actual loving and law abiding human souls who were simply at the wrong place at the wrong time – they made a mistake and it cost them their life.

But then some of you would come back to me and say we are mostly speaking of those who are known to be criminals and repeat offenders – who truly need judgment and justice in our world – so that we can eventually rid our world of undesirables. First of all there is a reason the man Jesus once said to forgive your brother or neighbor ninety times nine times if need be. You never- and I mean absolutely never – know a mans heart while living life on this plane of existence that is truly imperfect and in truth absolutely corrupt to its core today. When I tell you that all things are opposite and turned upside down when comparing our world to that of fifth density existence and higher – I tell you it is exactly that in all aspects of life today as well in the many days gone by. If a man is a criminal of the worst kind in our world and he chooses in his last days to have a complete change of heart is he still to be condemned if he is captured by the authorities and sentenced to die? Well by their standards yes – because they will in most all cases do just the opposite of what is truly Absolute Truth under Creator Sources Universal Law.

When will you (all those dearest to my heart) get it – when will you hear the words in front of your face and receive them as another option in your evolution? When will you (I speak to those still in and under judgment and justice – and the laws of man) come to remember that you are not a human being in truth but a body and form created in the image and likeness of all that is pure and true – but placed momentarily in a Matrix of sleep and illusion of life – based on your being separated from the One or Creator Source for a time - and placed in a shell or machine made of flesh and blood?

All true humans live within your being and conscious thoughts each and every moment of every day and you are living your (illusion of) life as them while even they think they are you when they are actually connected to that service to self nature that is third density consciousness – while they each truly are higher fully conscious souls taking a temporary dip into the pool of unconscious life and that dream world placed within a box on ignorance – fantasy- sleep – and illusion. When you go to sleep at night – that my friends is the real you – and that is the life you and all others connected with you in the now moments of your “apparent” dreams – are living “outside” the body and form known as the machine or Matrix – while you sleep. When you wake up again each and every day you re- enter the body and form you have falsely been led to believe to be the human – when the true human has no true body – shape – or form [ at least not one you are prepared to accept as of yet].

When you sleep in third dneisty you wake up in fifth dneisty and higher as your spiritual soul and corresponding self that is fully conscious and can do and be to your hearts desire if you only knew you could do and be to your hearts desire at the time. You do not die in that sleep state and you do not see your own body and form – because you are the spiritual being in those dreams of yours and the body can no longer be disposed of in illusion. If for any reason you were to be of the illusion you were dying in your dreams you would immediately awaken – and in some instances actually come to fight your way back to the false light and reality in your life.   

Every human (organic mechanical device) living in this reality and dream world of “unconsciousness” (the other dream world being one of the true fully consciousness state of your existence ) is possessed ( souls living inside of your mind) by a myriad of true human souls – and they each and all provide every possible thought –word- action – and affection in life for the unconscious human soul group and spiritual society. Without your being continuously possessed by these souls who are all your other selves – you could not move- you could not think – you could not speak in life – and you most certainly could not change or have different emotions in life through the constant moving back and forth within one state of mind and consciousness or another. Without the body and form the human soul has no life – and without the constant possession of the human form by all the many different souls or soul groups in life the human form (spiritual human forms) would never have the appearance of life required for him or her in third density.

The ones making all the choices – the ones who provide all the good – all the evil and darkness of the human machine – are those living in the spiritual world or ethers friends. They do not have to fear the death of the body and form as they will simply take on another when the present one is discharged through the illusion of death or unconsciousness to the third density form. When you judge – when you pronounce apparent justice – and when you take the life of other third density forms through these practices in life you harm no one but the ones left behind to mourn their death and departure from this present world and reality. But for those of you seeking their death – judgment – and justice – for no matter what reasons – you are still left in judgment – justice – and death when they are gone. For it is a truth my friends that what is found without your human eyes is what resides within your own being.

What a man or woman is being punished for still exists within you in the contrast that was once provided you – and when they are gone in death (according to your wishes) – and that one human being who is of the same soul group and spiritual society you reside in within the ethers or spiritual world is gone you still have the lesson of forgiveness to learn – as it was not learned when you or some other human sought the death penalty of someone in life for harming or killing a friend or family member.  Yes we are speaking of judgment – justice- and death in this example I am offering the reader at this time. All life and its many lessons are there in the form of contrast and equilibrium in order to provide the many lessons in life for the human soul to eternity. You either learn the allotted lesson placed before you in life through the presence of contrast and opposites or you move on to a new scene in the play and you have to be presented with that lesson and contrast all over again until you choose the road less traveled in this world- reality- and system – and therefore move on to new things – having provided an end to each lesson as it is provided.

As hard as it is for a third density human to accept what I am saying – you must accept it and live it in your life before you will evolve to fifth density consciousness – therefore once again reconnecting to the one or whole that is Creator Source. And even when evolving to fifth dneisty and higher you will each come to find these planes of existence have their lessons for the soul as well. You will simply learn these new lessons in a body and form that is now fully conscious and therefore the wisdom becomes greater and the lessons more involved - being attached to much more personal responsibility in life. Still you will be living a life in fifth density and higher where you will no longer need to fear death or the unknown any more in your state of life and existence that is now connected to the collective consciousness of the One Creator Source from whence you came (though you never really left this One Creator Source even for a moment). Moving On ------

When you kill in third density that human body and form experiencing the illusion of death is in no way experiencing harm or loss as the spiritual man (or woman) lives on while their loved ones and friends left behind in third density are the only ones still living the illusion of suffering and mourning for someone they lost in death. You will not be mourning for them or their friends and family in some cases ( depending on your levels of seeking Heart) but you will not have used contrast and the laws of attraction to your benefit and advantage in life – whether you know this at the time or not. Why were you put in this situation to begin with? Why did you lose a loved one and therefore seek death for the man or woman who caused their death? Again we are speaking of the subject of un - forgiveness and conditional love in this example I bring to you.

And so we will now speak on the Universal Laws of attraction ----

The third density human being not only attracts death and harm ( Service to self unconscious souls)  to themselves and their friends and family in life through the Universal Laws of Attraction and therefore by their being of the same affections as well -  but they attract these types of human souls in their life toward themselves – their friends and family  in their sphere of conditional love in life through their affections of fear and opposition to these types of souls or persons as well -  who come to do them harm in order for the Laws of Attraction to provide contrast and equilibrium in their lives ( they are there to provide the lesson). In short the laws of attraction not only attract to you (and those who share your sphere of conditional love in life) harmful souls because you (and those sharing your sphere) are a harmful soul – but because you (or those who share your sphere) are in fear of these types of souls as well.

As the spirit is showing me that this example is not yet quite simplified enough for some I will attempt to explain one final time.

The Laws of attraction do not only cause the human to attract those ( similar) spirits or souls who are out to harm others in life (third density life) but it provides as lessons in life for those human beings who live in fear of these things to attract these harmful souls as well. And since all life is under Universal Laws of every kind - to provide the lesson to all human beings who share the same sphere in life – it is not always the case that “you” as a single human reap what you sow in life. For the reaping in found on even larger scales where the spiritual society and soul group as a whole can reap that which is found within the collective sphere in life found to encompass many souls at once. You come to share therefore a sphere in life through another Universal Law of Similarities - or similar ruling loves – in which case the lessons of the one can come to be placed on the many through the life and attractions of the one.  And so dare I say be careful of the company you keep while living your life in conditional love. Now when speaking of these things in an unconditional love state of life and consciousness the Laws are the same but they apply differently in that you now accept full responsibility in life for your actions toward others around you.

You now know that you can bring harm and loss to others if you are in a state of mind that attracts harm and loss to yourself while others are in your immediate presence. Therefore an awakened Service to others human soul will only be in the presence of others when in unconditional love for them and when others through their own free will choosing – choose to be in your presence. And so even though you are the higher human soul (if in fact you are in that state of consciousness in your life presently) who has the choice always in this state of life and mind to be either in Service to others or in Service to Self – you will choose to remain in service to others while in the presence of others in life – so as not to draw harm or loss to them at any time according to the laws of Attraction.

Getting back down to our third density plane of life and existence however – you will not have possession of these many truths while living in third dneisty and will have to raise your consciousness levels higher – to the levels of fifth density at least – in order to know what is being said in this present transmission of our human soul. What I am saying here friends is that no one is responsible for their actions in third density because they are unconscious of Absolute Data and the true way of life for every human soul. I am saying that the people of your world are greatly limited and lied to in all of life – and they are in most all cases simply trying to survive the best way they know how with their limited understanding on the Universal Laws of life and Attraction.  Those who appear to cause harm or loss to all of human society do so because they were provided the Service to self souls from the ethers to come and occupy their minds for a time – so as to provide all the many lessons in life for every human being now living on the planet known as third density earth.

We have no control over what souls are placed into our heads within third dneisty unconsciousness as our higher selves are in complete control of these things. We are simply here to make a “rational” human decision on all things and provided experiences in life – based on what each individual human soul is here to provide as use – purpose –and greater future wisdom to our collective spiritual society and soul group now presently living in the ethers of full consciousness. If a man or woman causes you – your friends- or your family in life harm or loss the harm or loss provided or acted out toward this humans sphere of ruling loves in life is caused by the folks living up in the ethers – and the human had no choice but to play along – as they were presently possessed by Service to Self higher human souls. All of life is possession of spirits or souls – and no one is free from this reality or truth in that that is all life has ever been – and man has from eternity attempted to work it all out in some office where one human being or another claims to be a professional at human behavior. Hell not even Jesus Christ himself could have worked it out in a manner that would satisfy third density man.

Again friends the only things each of you have control of – which the rulers of the world would never come out and explain to a single one of you – is the choice between living life for self or living life for the good of the neighbor – your other selves – or the One or whole – that is Heart – period! Live life through your heart or live life through the rational mind of third dneisty man – and the rest none of you have a single bit of control over in life. But I will warn each of you – do not accept these things I tell you this day unless you are prepared to live them in your life. Every human being lives their life each day jumping back and forth between a reality of Service to self and Service to others – and no one will ever come to have happiness and abundance in life until you come to remember about equilibrium and moderation of life. Do not live your life in excessive righteousness and do not live it in a manner of excessive wickedness – but find your equilibrium – find a place of moderation – and live your life in this manner according to your own ruling loves.

There is no right ruling love and there is no wrong ruling love – as they are all acceptable to Creator Source- given they all exist as the essence and being that is Creator Source. The problem is when a human being lives their life outside of equilibrium being either too righteous and good in life or being too wicked and evil – and in both cases you are out of equilibrium and bring curses on you – your friends –and your family in life because someone has to hold that contrast for you while you are enjoying your life in paradise and heavenly bliss – in which case while you are unconsciously out of equilibrium you are in conditional love and therefore once again draw the contrast to you – your friends – your family – and all those who share your sphere of life in unconscious conditional love. When in this state of life the human being is very acceptable to the Laws of Attraction and will not only draw harm and loss to all in their vicinity or sphere who are presently in the thoughts and affections of harming or causing someone loss in life– but they will draw harm and loss even when in fear of these things in life in order to provide the contrast needed for the Laws of Attraction.

And again when you are in equilibrium of life and have found contrast to the many things that possess your mind and every day thoughts the contrast is no longer needed in life and you are a free human soul to go – do – be – and live as you please in life – keeping in mind to never again bring harm or loss to another human soul in a world and reality where all is one. 

I am being requested to leave it here for the time being and end this post. I leave you all with my best of wishes for many days ahead in happiness and complete abundance.

I am Daniel and I come to you all in complete unconditional love.