Absolute Data - Eleventh energetic transmission

03/09/2013 14:00

Absolute Data – Eleventh energetic transmission



The human heart and the One!


It is not for third density man to act or achieve anything in the world today that they are not yet

ready to achieve. And no third density human is ready until their trigger is set and they begin their awakening into fifth density and returning to the One or whole that is heart. And once reconnected to heart man is no longer receiving the oxygen or air of third density to feed the heart but are in fact receiving the breath of life through spiritual sources. And so it is we who are in fact awakened and therefore in service to others - or in

service to self ( yes I said Service to self friends) that are to change the world for the benefit and betterment of mankind -  

as well as the One or whole.  Again there are indeed two groups on the planet at this day (Sto and Sts higher souls)

 providing the good of all mankind (the One or whole) whether it is the one group seeking

to help mankind ( permitting him to temporarily connect to the spiritual mind or

consciousness) to remember unconditional love as well as complete freedom through peaceful means (Sto)

 or the group fighting  through conditional love ( placing conditions on their

appearance of love)  through their influx down into the rational minds of third density man (rational man)  and the continued slavery of third density man ( not yet spiritual minds)  

 so as to cause third dneisty man to act on his own to continue the violence- the wars – the punishments- and the laws that got them where they are in the world in each and all the days gone by – in order to achieve their freedom in the world. And the latter is a false sense of security and freedom as they have you right where they want you. Still what the latter group (Sts higher souls) is doing in the world today is still good and beneficial to the One or the whole simply because everything in third density as well as all the densities above have to have contrast and equilibrium in their plane of existence as all things must be forever offered to the world and density of life each of you is conscious within in your life so as to put all the data ( whether Absolute or the opposite of absolute which is illusion and opposites to absolute data) on the table for the people or higher souls to choose from in life. And so there is no longer a war going on for those who reconnect to their higher selves – whether their higher self is in Service to self or in Service to others –as each is still a fully conscious and awakened being to Absolute Data.

The fact that you do not receive Absolute Data while being third density man in the world is simply because they hide it from you right out in front of your faces and it appears to third density man either too good to be true or simply not a possibility in their life and reality. And the same goes for corrupted – opposite- and what some come to believe as false data as this is the truth in your present third density world and reality based on what you accept in your life once you have been brainwashed or taught by the rulers of your society as to what is proper rules and set order to the many societies of your world.  So while fifth density Sts man (higher conscious souls) can only provide influx of Sts thoughts down into the third density rational mind of the human – third dneisty man actually turns that influx into actual words and actions in our world and they in turn provide all the death – destruction – and many different forms of harm and loss to third dneisty man in kind.

Therefore fifth dneisty higher souls are indeed for the good and benefit of the One or whole as they provide many new lessons to third dneisty man through their third density Sts counterparts. Therefore Sts Souls can live their lives in complete happiness and abundance in the ethers sharing the same society with higher Sto souls as they reside their in their natural state of life within equilibrium – contrast –and moderation of life. All data is truly Absolute Data in a persons life – always based on the level of their evolution and density of life they reside in according to their energy levels and state of mind and consciousness they come to accept as their true reality in life.

Now for those who wonder what I mean when I say they must return to the One – the whole – and therefore Heart upon their awakening as the higher spiritual human I will provide an example.

Just as the good air (Absolute Data) moves into the human heart from the top (higher spiritual mind) - the bad (or the appearance of absolute data according to third density man) moves into the human heart from the opposite side of the heart and its bottom – as the human heart is designed in the same order as is the influx of spirit and absolute data moving down into the mind of man. In the natural world (third density) the air or oxygen moves into the human lungs and is filtered by the lungs according to the evolutionary and spiritual condition of the human heart. If the lungs are therefore clean then the human is provided clean fresh oxygen into the heart from the lungs. If the human lungs are not clean (based on the condition of the human heart mainly and not the lungs) then the oxygen going into the human chamber or body and form (known as the heart) is unclean oxygen and the human heart sends out unclean oxygen to all of its parts.

And so the body is clean or unclean always depending on the condition of the heart and lungs through the heart.  Now when each human awakens and returns to the One (or heart) they in turn are receiving pure oxygen from spiritual sources and all is clean and that clean oxygen is now what is being sent out to the human body and form known as the heart – while in the meanwhile clean fresh blood is being delivered to the outer human body and form known as the human body. In this process while the spiritual and the One has now taken hold of the awakened human because the inner man is clean and One so too is the outer man clean and One.

What does this mean for third density man? Well when third density man awakens and becomes the inner spiritual fifth density man even if he or she is a smoke in third density they will be clean and healthy because the inner man is clean and healthy and nothing of the old world and system can cause them loss or harm any longer. But in order for third dneisty man to know these things for sure and as Absolute Data you must awaken to the spiritual nature of Absolute Data and Heart – or the One. In other words no human being living the third density life and reality will know higher things until they have already switched over to the higher human and will therefore now be living it. Remember friends that the reality and life you are living now is the illusion you long ago chose to accept and live for the good of the One or whole – and once you come to “know” that nothing can harm you it cannot any longer.

There fore you can think – say –and do whatever you wish in life as you are now a free spirit that is now fully conscious and living your life within the energies of the One or whole - and Absolute Data.


Still - I will mention once again for all who would like to be reminded – once each of you move over to fifth density energies and consciousness within the One you will still have chosen in your new life (already) whether you are a Service to others higher being or soul or you are a Service to self higher being or human soul. Therefore from that now moment on when you come together in your spiritual society and soul group in or to create and co –create you will do so in a manner in which the higher human souls who are in Sto will come together in agreement with the higher human souls who are in Sts to create a new world – reality- and play for the complete benefit and good of the One or whole - in that the Sto souls will provide the affections and energetic consciousness of unconditional love  and Absolute Data while the higher human souls who are in Sts will provide the affections and energetic consciousness of a reality that is simply in appearance of  unconditional love ( which is conditional love) and absolute data. And the two will come together and create that world and reality in a manner that is still good to the one or whole.  

The fact that human beings see the creation of those higher Service to self souls as evil – dark – corrupt – falsities – and unfair to the human population is simply the illusion – as all things are in fact providing many lessons and wisdom to the One or the whole. They always provide the suggestions (good and bad in appearance) while both options are out there on the table in plain sight – and every human being has a choice in life in which they will accept and receive in life as their truth. Therefore as the human evolves to a high enough state of evolution in life those options put out there on the table will now be accepted by the few at first followed by the masses when it is all said and done. But the few who awaken in the beginning of this transformation of the soul are not permitted by universal law to interfere in the choices or decisions of third density man in accepting spiritual truth over and above that of a natural and opposite truth.

Everyone is at a different evolutionary level in life – living in higher or lower energies and levels of consciousness and the only time that is different is when you become the awakened spiritual and higher self living once again as the one or whole. Once you return to the One or whole (the collective consciousness) you now have access to all levels of energy and consciousness you are capable of living in your life based on what you know at that time to be Absolute Data. And so you now have access in the least manner with all densities – and energetic levels of consciousness that reside in the lower densities or realms of consciousness – including third and fourth density. And as you continue to evolve and grow in your energy levels and consciousness you will have access to all levels of consciousness or densities in which you can possibly reach through your living out your Absolute Data and ruling loves in life.

I have many other things to say at this time but cannot do so as the spirit is guiding me to end this transmission here - as I would not wish to cloud the subject matter provided here any further by simply adding more Absolute Data than is needed at this time. And so I offer you all my heartfelt unconditional love and blessings as I end this transmission. My name is Daniel and I bring you this day many new things to ponder – if it is yours to ponder.