Absolute Data - Eighteenth energetic transmission

03/25/2013 16:43

Absolute Data – Eighteenth energetic transmission


Separation from the rational!



You are an eternal human soul – you are not a warring – starving – homeless- separated – poor – violent – vengeful – angry – jealous – spiteful – greedy – unconscious soul. These are the illusions you have had placed within the rational mind of a human soul and consciousness that has chosen to sleep for a time. You do not live your life in fear when you are connected to higher self. You do not live your life in want when you are connected to higher self. You do not even live your life in separation of all your many thoughts and affections in life known as you other selves when you are connected to higher self. What you are rather is a being or soul that permits all aspects of your essence and being to go off to many unknown created realities throughout eternity so as to learn the many lessons that will strengthen and enlarge the capabilities of creation for your spiritual society and soul group that is Creator Source. For without those many myriads of lessons in unconscious separation and duality you would simply live out your existence ( not life) in pure passive energetic consciousness – never moving – never changing – and never again experiencing the illusions of life and death; love and hate; light and dark; good and evil; sin and salvation; laws; order; and fear.

Without these many illusions of life and death you could not join the one with the other- the opposite with its other opposite – conditional love verses unconditional love – and Service to self verses Service to others. In your most pure state of existence – consciousness- and energetic non action - you are in complete equilibrium and stillness without the illusion of change – motion – time - and space. You are either living your complete inactive existence below the threshold of equilibrium or you arte living it above the threshold of equilibrium. And what this means to each of you put in plain terms even third density man can comprehend (though many of you reading these words are of a fifth density nature) is that each of you is either living the illusion in unconscious life within your heavens or within your hells.

Though heavens and hells are not places but in fact states of mind and energetic consciousness still they are simple representations of what lies above and below the natural state of your existence within energetic consciousness and therefore equilibrium. There is an expanse that lies between the rational unconscious human mind and the spiritual conscious human mind – and that space we have come to call (for simplicity and for the most elementary to understand) – the “world of Spirits.”

The World of Spirits is nothing more and nothing less than fourth density – and therefore fourth density energies and consciousness – it is the place you all go when you experience the illusion of death within third density unconscious life. It is that place you venture to when you go to sleep at night as well – where rationality has little hold on your minds while you are experiencing this other dream world. And I say other dream world because you are never fully conscious within fourth density either and actually feel as though you are even more within a dream and separation of realities when you are in it.

You cannot experience death nor can you see your own human shape as you are residing within your spiritual form and have left your human body and form behind laying there in your bed. You can see other human forms because you are seeing their spiritual corresponding forms that represent people who presently make up your world and reality known as third density. Sometimes you will feel as though you were fully conscious within your dream state while at other times you will seem to be in a haze and this is always based on how deep you have traveled into the dream and subconscious of the human soul – to a place that almost appears like a fantasy land or reality. There are times when the human soul or spirit does not truly want to return to the body and form lying in the bed and will fight to remain in that state of mind   that is in between consciousness and unconsciousness – in which case when you awaken from the dream you will not be able to move – and you will not be able to make out real words- but only a grunt or two. This is the human soul fighting to remain in the World of Spirits and fourth density.

Still fourth density is a real place and you are truly that person or soul that you reflect on when you are venturing into this world and reality  - but you can be more than one person in fourth density or within your dreams as you can take on any human personality you wish while residing within your dreams – in which case you will find sometimes that you are not the person that is lying in the bed in your own body and form – but you may all of a sudden become your wife – son – daughter- friend- and so on within your dreams – even though the consciousness will be your own. This is because you are every human being on your planet within and without – and what ever affections or personalities each human possesses that makes up your world and reality ( within or without) you can use those affections or personalities within your dreams ( fourth density) so as to become them for a time or a moment within your dreams.

You are many people or soul within fourth density – just as you will soon possess the understanding and knowledge when you move to fifth density – that you are each and every human soul on the planet as well as within your being. Everything above fourth density is in full consciousness and rules do not apply other than Universal Law and Absolute Data while everything below fourth density is in unconsciousness and is actually living the illusion as their reality.

In fifth density you have access to all Absolute Data and knowledge of all illusions once lived by each of you in the lower third density plane of existence. You can use those past illusions to your own benefit and therefore be a higher Service to self human soul; not working for the good of the One or whole – or you can use those many illusion for the good of the One or whole instead and therefore you are the Service to others representation of your spiritual society and soul group. Both are fully conscious and both are living their life is the reality they each see as their own personal heavens. Now the opposite of these realities for each would therefore be their hells if they were to venture into those energies of full consciousness. In other words in the higher realms of existence those who are below equilibrium represent the hells for the One or whole – while those souls above equilibrium represent the heavens of the higher human spiritual society and soul ( the One or whole) group known as Creator Source.

When those souls therefore who are in Service to self ( in the hells) are in their natural state of existence and consciousness they are in heaven based on the things they love in life while those who are in service to others reside in their natural state within the heavens they too see these places within consciousness as their heavens. All souls while in their natural state of life and consciousness live in their heavens as they are completely happy in life where they reside – and when each ( Sts or Sto) venture into the opposite side of equilibrium they are at the same time visiting their hells.  But I must remind all of you that heaven and hell are only terms and we could have just as easily used the terms of paradise and torture – light and dark – good and evil – positive and negative. All souls who make up the complete existence –essence- and being that is Creator Source are either in Service to self or in Service to others –and they remain in these ruling loves and affections from eternity to eternity – and when they do not know this or they think they are not in a set place or state of consciousness within the essence and being that is Creator and Finite Source – they are simply living their illusion of life and death.

Again the illusion of life and death has only been provided by and for Creator Source so as to create lessons and learning experiences for the one or whole that is Creator Source. And those lessons are there to provide new ways of living along side one another when it comes to those Service to self and those Service to others souls who make us the essence and being that is Creator Source.  Each side or each ruling love ( both above and below equilibrium) has been given the opportunity in life to experience what the other is like – and the new worlds - realities and creations are formed though energetic consciousness and thought and then manifested first within the spiritual world and then the material and physical known as third density.


Before we move on keep this in mind – you cannot die because you were never truly alive – but only living a life in limited consciousness within a world and reality of unconsciousness and illusion based on your lack of Absolute Data that was stripped form you when you signed (representative) your soul contract to come down and play the game of life and lessons.



So now we move on to the present world that is veiled around you and has taken your mind and consciousness to its sleep state. The world around you is waking up (reconnecting to higher souls) to all of those many lessons formed through Absolute Data and they are in turn sharing them with the rest of the world in the process so as to guide others into their awakening. During the process of this awakening we are truly realizing and remembering that we have complete abundance waiting to get out and be manifested as a reality to those souls who have awakened. Because it is now a known truth and actual knowledge to those who have awakened that abundance above means abundance below (though they are each wrapped up in a different package based on the level of energies and consciousness of each human soul) this would mean that third density planet earth can now experience complete abundance to all of its citizens within every society in their world – no longer having to experience the illusion of borders or lines separating the many lands upon your world.

Therefore as the number of souls on your planet awaken (and I did not say humans as every human being possesses a different number of souls) – and we draw closer and closer to equilibrium – abundance will not only be found on fifth density planet earth – but third density as well – but it must first be manifested within the fifth.  I will say again – a human child possesses fewer souls than does an adult human being – and because the world has not been in equilibrium as of late – there are more service to self souls in some adult humans and more service to others souls possessing other humans. There are some humans who have chose to possess less spiritual knowledge in life than have others – and this too tips the scales one way or the other – and not necessarily toward Sts.

Those human souls who have awakened of course may possess many – many Sto souls while others will possess Sts Souls but of a very low level. For to awaken you move toward equilibrium of life and you need just as many Sto souls as you do Sts souls in order to achieve that equilibrium of life we are speaking of. So in the end no one knows the condition of the equilibrium of the world but those who have awakened in and on to fifth density planet earth.  There may be seven billion people on the planet but humans are leaving the planet in greater numbers today in death ( natural and accidental) and the numbers of Sts and Sto souls populating the planet are getting closer and closer to achieving equilibrium and receiving that abundance I have many times spoken of in our collective worlds. The world does not have to completely move over to Service to others and unconditional love in order to return to Oneness and fifth density earth – it needs only to achieve equilibrium once again. It has been out of equilibrium and in an unconscious state of Service to self for quite some time now – but the people of the planet are shifting tremendously today and others are leaving the planet so that in the end – or very shortly equilibrium will indeed have been achieved.

People who care about others and give all the time – people who care for the sick and offer their service to charitable organizations all the time – and even those people who choose to suffer in life so others can have – these are not Service to others human souls – and this is where we have for a long time gotten it all wrong – and the rulers and powers within the ethers know this – and they have created this reality so that others would come to believe that those people I spoke of helping all over the world would in fact cause the shift in consciousness and our moving over finally to fifth density planet earth.

  It is a hard thing for me to tell you friends that all of your sacrifices in life were for the wrong reasons and that this mindset of helping everyone in life who is in lack or sickness will indeed help to achieve equilibrium of the planet but it will in fact be providing those Service to self ruling loves and affections needed to achieve equilibrium of life. The harder road is for those who need to provide conditional love and Service to others in the world today in order to achieve that equilibrium we so much wish to achieve.

So I will explain it all for each of you – and you can decide what resonates and what does not – at the same time it is equilibrium that our world must achieve before we will see actual abundance in fifth density –and soon to follow in third density – based on who is really prepared to love unconditionally and to be in service to others according to what service to others really is. For - as I have stated the world is not lacking in Sts Souls to provide its equilibrium. It is not difficult to provide service to self thoughts – affections and actions in life considering we presently live on a world that has just recently been flooded by Service to self human souls – but is now in the process of cleansing itself of many of these souls so that our world can once again achieve equilibrium of life and move on to fifth density planet earth that is just sitting there awaiting our arrival.  So I will proceed to explain Service to self and Service to others – conditional love and unconditional love.


I will repeat – everything in your present third density reality and unconscious world of illusion is upside down and each of us in the past has been shown a life of Service to self in many different packages – made to look like they would actually be thoughts and affections of Service to others. If however being in Service to others is to think – do – and say in life those things that truly provide for the good of the one or whole so that all of humanity is once again guided to become One and to again be whole - how is providing for and guiding human beings in more third dneisty lifestyles and habits providing for the good of the One or whole – if it will continuously keep them bound to third dneisty laws – rules- and principles?

 If the awakening had not began its process between five and ten years ago (en mass) the world would still be flooded by Service to self human souls – and equilibrium would never had been possible to achieve in the world. Therefore Service to self higher Sto (Service to others) souls chose to incarnate on our world today in order to provide those souls that were and are much needed in order to achieve true equilibrium in our world today. In order for higher human souls in Service to others to achieve this incarnation we had to lower our energies and vibration low enough to manifest on a material and physical plane of existence and in turn be born as a human child. We did not begin our life here on planet earth in the awakened state – nor did we know growing up in life that we were Service to self souls – here to carry out a use or purpose for all of mankind.  Of course some souls awakened in our world earlier than others – and may have even awakened at an early age – but for the most part the generation that is speaking to the world today from an awakened state of being are grown human beings between the ages of forty and sixty years old.

We came here not only to provide the Service to others souls needed in order to achieve equilibrium in our world at this time – but to guide others into their awakened state of being and consciousness as well. We did not come here to change the third density system – turn over new third density life for all humans – or even change a single thing about your present world – as that is your task from a third dneisty standpoint – and it can be a collective effort by third dneisty man or it can come one human soul at a time – but still it is you who must change your own world as you are still connected to your soul contract and are therefore still caught up in a play ( game of life) being lived out on many different levels.

We who are awakened (and this does not mean we too are not still third density humans in our lower consciousness or unconsciousness) in this present world are awakened only in regards to our higher souls possessing our human bodies and forms – and we still remain connected and a part of third density life and existence. But because we are awakened our third dneisty man (or woman) is now connected through spiritual influx to our higher consciousness and self – and we are continuously gaining more and more access to Absolute Data – and truth. Those human beings who are not yet awakened and still bound by third density principles and ways of life are there providing those Service to self souls much needed for our return to equilibrium.

Those higher souls in the ethers who have access as well to third density man are of course not looking to achieve equilibrium at this day because this would mean the end of their reign over third dneisty man and his unconscious state of life that has for the longest time fed them with the energies in life they most surely need – so as to remain in the lower depths of their existence. Therefore higher Service to self souls are not here to help the one or whole seek its equilibrium but to cause the continued need and connection of third density man to the lower energies and consciousness of third density life and the illusion that goes with it. So what are they doing in order to get what they want in life at this day? They are fleeing for their lives so that they are not here in our fifth density plane of existence helping to provide the much needed equilibrium that the One or whole is seeking in the world today. Where are they running off to you might ask – they are looking for other worlds to bind in their slavery system – so as to create the much needed energies they have always needed for their continued happiness and needs in life.

So who provided the Service to self human souls needed for our equilibrium at this day now that those higher ones have abandoned the post? More third density humans must awaken – and those in Service to self as their nature state of existence and ruling loves in life are needed at this time just as much as those in Service to others. So again the higher souls will provide the Service to others souls that are needed for equilibrium while the lower third density human souls will awaken and provide the much needed Sts ( service to self)  souls at the same time. Why will they not run off as well and leave us to ourselves in life without us having achieved equilibrium according to schedule? Because they are newly awakened souls and they do not yet possess the proper amount of Absolute a in order to out play those older human souls who were already awakened and simply have already remembered and taken on full consciousness first – before those who are in Service to self. 

By the time the newcomers become fully awakened they will have achieved the equilibrium we seek in life and they will then come to be satisfied with the world they have inherited ( created from third density) and will come to realize that their only other choice is to go off – abandon the world and reality they already live in – and will have to find another – which by the way will no longer be an easy task as not only is planet earth in the process of awakening but all other worlds and universes as well. Therefore they would simply be trading one world and reality for another they know nothing of in the beginning stages of their awakening.

So what is Service to others and service to self ruling loves and affections in life? To put it in simple terms Service to self is when you do for others and you expect or receive benefit or something in return for your good deeds or supposed good deeds in life. If you do something as simple as give a man a loaf of bread and he has either asked you for your help or he did not and you offered nonetheless – this is in service to self ( does not seem so does it?). If another person is drowning and you go to save them from drowning you are in service to self. If another person is sick and you take them to the doctor – whether they ask or you simply offer – you are in service to self. There is not a single act of kindness – aid – or charity in third density life that does not still provide affections and intentions toward service to self in life.

If you do for another and you are in fear – doubt –  negativity – sorrow – pain – or pity – you are in service to self and are therefore living each now moment within these affections and emotions in third density service to self energies.  Everyone in the beginning of the sighing or agreeing to soul contracts – who chose to move to lower third density energies and unconsciousness chose to live a life in a world and reality that is nothing but Service to self. A reality where it is never possible to be in Service to others because this would mean you always lowering your energies in life to become one with the person or soul that you feel is in need of something. But third density man will not do this in order to achieve equilibrium in life as he would have to give something – or many things up in order to be on the same level of life and energies as the one he or she believes to be in need of your service or help in life. Fifth dneisty man is prepared to do this at any cost – and lower their energies as low as is needed in order to achieve equilibrium with another – and put off third density lower energies and principles of life.   

Each of you is separate – or you appear to be separate because that is the lesson – to learn to become one with all others in life – and third density man has failed miserably. Do I really need to list all the instances on your world where third density man practices separation and therefore keeping himself out of equilibrium of life all the time? And for those third density humans who do come to achieve this equilibrium and reconnection of the One with another human or soul – they immediately move to higher fifth dneisty energies and consciousness and are no longer third density – even if they do not at the time realize they have moved to fifth dneisty energies and consciousness. Remember you do not truly know you are fifth dneisty man until you begin your awakening and therefore reconnect to the higher self and fifth dneisty man – in which case you then have access to Absolute Data and can know the things in life that provide you those energies and higher levels of consciousness to maintain fifth density.

Again if you rescue someone you are expecting something – even if its gratitude – the persons safety and continuance of life – or whatever – you are expecting something that is not your free will choice to make in life because every man or woman even has the right to die if they so choose. If you pull them out of the water from drowning and they tell you they want to die – will you put them back or will you expect them to adhere to your decision to save them simply because that is your wishes or beliefs in life? Every situation in life can have dire ending circumstances or they can have happy ones – and both are needed by every human during the duration of their many lifetimes and evolution of the soul in order to fulfill each separate and opposite outcome in life (one or the other – past or future) – and all scenarios will eventually be played out by every human soul. You will live by certain experiences and you will die by those same experiences in this lifetime or the next – and in the meantime both sides of the coin will be seen -both sides of equilibrium (heaven and hell) will be lived by all human souls to eternity.

Third dneisty man does not know this but when you save a life or provide help or aid to another in life – you may have taken care of their immediate need – but the lesson or experience will come around once again at least – so that that person can learn the other side of that lesson – or you can learn that other side of the lesson. Lessons in life are not only provided for the one – but also the other in ever interaction and meeting of two human beings or souls in life within third density life and existence. What causes one man to starve only makes another man stronger.

What causes one man to drown teaches another to learn how to swim. What lesson causes one person to do without in third dneisty provides strength to another in the same instance or reflection of the experience in life.  You save one man or woman from dying in this life and another across the world will die in the same circumstances – and in the meanwhile the greater spiritual society and soul group is learning how to deal with both of the different choices made with our world by tow different human beings experiencing the same exact experience or lesson in life. When you save one you kill another –and when you feed one another is caused to starve – as both decisions in life have been provided so as to maintain equilibrium and contrast in a world of fantasy – sleep – and illusion.

Everything you think – do – or say on a world and planet of third dneisty and unconscious energies is good – but at the same time it is all experienced on that world somewhere else at the same time as bad or negative or harmful to another human being or soul. You can never have the one without the other – that is not until you become fully awakened and conscious and move on to fifth density and higher – while in the meantime receiving or remembering Absolute Data. Once you come to know how it all works – what will you do? Will you think – speak – or act for or toward another so as to provide what you think is good for the One or whole of Creator Source – or towards what is right and what is wrong – or will you then come to realize there is no right and wrong as all just is.  When you in third density seek to do right wrong is created as well in the process for someone else because of your actions.

When you move to fifth density full consciousness you will therefore seek never to act toward another in life – but to permit room for all human souls to be responsible for themselves in life and to make their own choices- carry our their own acts – and create their own realities based on the level of Absolute Data they each now possess in life. This could not have ever been the case in third density- where all were in an unconscious state of life and being – having absolutely no access to Absolute Data and truth. Fifth density man creates his own – uses his own – minds his own business- and only connects with those souls who want and love the same things in life he or she is drawn to. When you create in fifth density from Service to self the opposite is created in third density because these are the lower planes of existence connected to fifth dneisty Sts higher souls – that level of energies and consciousness below the level of equilibrium - for fifth density man. Fifth density Sto (Service to others) souls however do not create below equilibrium and therefore are never connected to third density mans rational human mind and thoughts – and cannot steer third density man in any direction at all until third density man raises his energies and vibration to that of fifth density Sto souls in order to receive influx from his heavens or higher self above the levels of equilibrium.

If you do not act – think – or speak toward another in life – but instead leave room for all to act – think – and speak for themselves – they are in free will choice and you are no longer responsible for good or evil in the life of third dneisty man or fifth dneisty man – but are only responsible for your own thoughts- words –and actions in life. Those in life who need help or assistance need it because they are still living their life in fear- doubt- or negativity – and they therefore must still continue in third density un impeded or acted upon so as to learn those lessons not yet learned in life – so as to finally finish out their soul contracts and go on to awaken and reconnect to higher self and full consciousness – and therefore remembering all Absolute Data and Universal truth.

And so the spirit is leading me to end this transmission and to wish you all much abundance and happiness of life in the days ahead – we are even now receiving great abundance from the ethers – so be prepared for it to show up on your plane of existence in third dneisty in the days ahead.

My name is Daniel and I love you al unconditionally – so much that I would not begin to provide you my truth in life – but only what each of you need to hear at this time. My truth is separate from your truth – and the two shall indeed meet one day in the same place – but for now I ask you all to follow your heart and create your own truth from what is offered the world over.  Until next time be and do as you are!