A few words of guidance

10/12/2013 11:33

A few words of guidance for the awakening human soul ----- 1) There is no right or wrong thoughts - words - actions - or affections any longer.

2) Every awakening soul is to come to remember that each of you is completely responsible for self - and no one else.

3) What is carried out in the dark is carried out in the light as well.

4) You no longer are attached to third density and all of its principles - rules- regulations - and man made laws while in your awakened state of consciousness - even if it appears your body and form is still residing in and on the third density plane of existence.

5) Your actions while in your higher state of thinking and consciousness will either come from service to self or service to others - and the way to determine where they are coming from is whether you are interacting with third density following your determinations and decisions in your higher sate - or whether you remain separated from third density decisions and actions. If therefore you are drawing from service to self - you can and will indeed come to act out your decisions in third density - as you have been lead to do so from higher service to self  - self.

6) While you remain in third density civil and moral values will be reflected upon because you have sought guidance from higher self - but have returned to third density thinking and pondering on right and wrong once again - you have once again therefore bound yourself to third density principles. Therefore those in higher service to others thoughts - words - deeds - and affections remain passive - inactive - and completely idle when they return to third density - knowing that they cannot effect the lives or decisions of others - including their own life as a collective human being - who is in fact a spiritual society and soul group ( world in itself) as well.

7) We have provided guidance to you ( suggested actually) in days gone by the necessary understanding  to see and remember why it is necessary to put off buying and selling - ownership and possession in life - as all things are to be shared in a society that is truly awakening. If your intentions in every thought - word -action - or affection in third density is toward the good of the One or Whole - still it is in service to self in and on third density ( which is why higher self in service to others is non - active - neutral -idle - and passive when returning to third density) - as we are sure you can now see why - given the latest actions of those awakening on your world this day and hour. If you make choices in life therefore that disturbs or offends others - these affections are not only those of the other person - but lie within your self as well presently. Therefore if you are going to go within and cease to own or possess in life - never again buying and selling - you must live that life from without as well. If you are not yet there at a level of understanding in life where you can separate from those things within - neither will the separation be completed from without yet. And so we say to go within if you truly wish your world to reflect on the outer what you know to be your true ruling loves within self. Make the necessary conscious changes within before you expect to see them from without in other words.

8) What you expect of others on your outer world is what you should expect from you from within. You may want others to forgive you and hold no powers or limits over you in life - but do you truly do the same when it comes to you forgiving others and holding no power over them in life? There are no more rules because these are the many lessons that must be learned and experienced to their end cause - so that true understanding of all things is eventually remembered and realized by every awakening human soul. If you do not own or possess a thing in life - but presently hold it as your possession in any way at the present day - do you wish for someone to come and take it from you without first asking and then receiving your full acceptance? And does it mean they are wrong if they take it from you when all is said and done? No! It is a lesson - and the lesson could indeed be for the both of you. If you offend or take from another in life you are causing harm or loss to that person - otherwise they would not come to be angered at you in the first place. What happens from those actions could in fact come to work toward the good of the One and Whole still - or simply for the good of an individual third density human being - in which case it is all still for the good of the one or Whole in the end. That is why there is no right or wrong any longer - but simply choices to be made and lessons to be learned. Those of lower consciousness do not understand yet that all is for the good of the one and Whole - and they must therefore always be forgiven their words and actions in life - as they indeed often feel they are right and correct in their words and actions when you from a higher level of understanding may know otherwise.

9) Everything is permissible but not everything is beneficial ( to third density man in separation and duality) and therefore all things end up good for the One and the Whole. Do and say as you deem correct in life according to your own individual ruling loves and affections in life - whether as a separate third density human - or a group of third density humans in complete agreement on a matter. For if all within and upon your plane of third density is illusion to begin with what has anyone to lose while still playing out those many illusions? In third density you reap that which you sow in life and you are truly bound by the Laws of Attraction. If therefore your thoughts and affections are for the good of the one and the Whole the outcome will most certainly be for the good of the One and the Whole - as those details are all worked out in the higher planes of ours and your existence. You often fear offending or causing loss to others on your lower planes of third density - but these are illusions that can only be done away with when you are connected to the collective consciousness of higher self - on the higher planes of your existence - as all human beings come into contact and interact with other human beings in third density - as that is what makes it third density - in other words the separation and acknowledgement of your many other selves on your world and plane of existence in third density.

10) Follow your own ruling loves and affections in life whether in and on third density - or those higher planes of your existence - and you cannot go wrong any longer. Many of you are still making incorrect and irresponsible decisions in life based on the many illusions of your world because you are not quite there yet - but you are well on your way in having those feelings of offending and harming or causing loss to others in life. As more Absolute Truth and Data is added to the understanding of each of you - you shall then come to know and remember that all the rules - regulations - principles of lower energies - and man made laws are no longer limiting you who are awakening at this day - and the gloves are off so to speak - and the sky is now the limit. When your world and plane of existence for humanity comes to truly remember and understand the process of sharing all things in life these minor details will have already been worked out for the One and the Whole.How you get there is up to each of you individually and not collectively - as the collective part comes when you are separate from all of the present worldly illusions and can come to live your lives in a passive - non - active - neutral or idle position in life - and therefore being only responsible for self. Then - and only then can you return to third density - and understand why we must each become only responsible for self and our decisions in life.

11) There are many on your present world today who own and possess many things - and they do not yet wish to share as they are still in a lower conscious state of their existence. Many of them take fro each of you presently - on a daily basis - and still they will each come to awaken and be provided Absolute Truth and Data according to the same Universal Laws as have been in place form eternity.They have been forgiven even before they carried out their offenses toward mankind in third density - as has each of you dear fiends. There is no true sin - there is no true guilt or justice - and there is no true right or wrong when you seek the good of the One and Whole - or when you do not - as it is still all going toward the good of the One and Whole in the end. So we say to you all -do as you must - according to your ruling loves - affections - and "knowing" in life at this day - as no one can hold you responsible in the end for making the wrong choices as the play on your world continues to awaken the many minds of the God Man that is to come for all of you.

In unconditional love we offer our guidance through our human host Daniel.