A collective of human souls

01/04/1980 10:56

Okay here is what is happening in the world today according to my understanding of the situation – and it isn’t what is being shared with the world presently through the many freedom fighters or those who speak of taking our world back in a peaceful and legal manner.

If you go to law of any kind to gain your freedom or to change the present system to one that will better benefit mankind then it is still you going to law for others as well as yourself. However the laws and those who make them are corrupt and will remain corrupt on in to the future. Those who are in service to self will forever remain in service to self – especially on the plane of third density.  If you seek new laws and new rulers – even if you seek common law over what is in place world wide at present you are still under the law – and rulers will still be placed over the people unless the people come together not as a group but as one voice – one society that needs no name or title as its actions speak for themselves.

Those looking for a different – better – or more fair monetary system – those who say the people are the value – and those who say foreclose on the banks (supposedly already done) and then offer them a deal to manage or regulate the new monetary system for the people - are in fact misinformed by higher service to self souls who would like nothing better than to see you fall into this trap. New value for the people and new laws will not make it better for the people as long as there is law – set order to society – ruler ship of any kind – and a complete hold on more advanced technologies beneficial to all people on the planet – through the many pieces of signed papers not seen by most of the citizens of yours and our world.  

If you are to sign a contract or put in affect a verbal contract with someone – make it between two – and no more – unless every party involved in that contract is in complete agreement of the terms. A constitution on a piece of paper locking all individuals of a known household – town – city – state – country – world – or universe into any agreement is not an agreement that has the best interests of all in mind – when all are not involved in the signing of said document. This cannot be done in our world or any other world where the collective consciousness of that group of people or society is not in affect or achieved. In other words the world and society being sought by many during these days on our planet is one that can be seen as nothing more than the same old same old.

The people involved in any contract or agreement – whether signed or agreed upon must be signed or agreed upon by all – and our world has this capability even at present. At the same time it must be offered to all involved to disembark and remove themselves from said contracts or agreements at any time – so as to go their own way and live life according to their own beliefs and understanding. In a world that has evolved to the levels of higher self every human soul must become responsible for self – with no other human being or soul being given authority or power over another to take that freedom and right away from any one individual on the planet – or within any one society of human beings.

No matter how much a group of people come together and say that they want to bring back laws and freedoms to all of the people - they are still in the illusion that this would provide freedom to everyone when the predetermined documents come to be signed. Who will sign those documents? Will each and every citizen on the planet be provided a chair at the roundtable – just before putting their signature on these documents? All of this my friends is still known as service to self – no matter how some wish to envision these ideas certain groups of our world are presently putting on the table. You can indeed have a third density planet that has taken on fifth density practices – knowledge – understanding – and way of life. Third density will forever continue to evolve just as every other density of life and existence ever to exist – and third density man will achieve this by becoming the awakened human soul who is constantly in touch with his or her higher self – even when returning to third density consciousness – which every human being will continue to do on and off – throughout their day – on in to eternity. Third density will not end  for anyone dear friends – nor will you come to spend most of your time in fifth and higher densities while only visiting third density every so often way into the future and beyond. You are always residing in third density – even when you leave it to take on higher consciousness and experience your existence in the higher densities. One goes while the other remains as every human soul or God Man has its counterpart and representative above as well as below.

So you see our world and yours is the same – and what is not known to all on your world presently will soon come to be known – and everything will be understood in a much higher light and level of energies for all who are prepared to move on in their season. Where it may appear that some will not be ready for the task at hand (their awakening to full consciousness) it is a truth that all will or are about to do just that. And the ones who remain are simply your lower counterparts who have incarnated on our world so as to make it all possible.

Getting back to matters at hand on your present planet and world we can only provide you information about yours and our third density lanes of existence while we are in Service to self higher energies and consciousness – because it is we who know of things on your world – given third density is a plane of existence that is always in Service to self – and never really in Service to others. In other words Service to others can never be achieved by a third density being no matter how evolved their third density planet and world becomes. This is because many other representations of self are always involved – and the human being has not yet achieved Oneness and returned to the Whole. Still third density can easily one day become a paradise to live in and on – once each soul on that planet or in said societies has come to work toward the good of the One or Whole – while having that connection with higher self and full consciousness.

So how is complete happiness of life – peace – harmony – and unity achieved on your world of third density if all that we speak is truly a possibility for man at this time? Again every human being must come to be responsible for self and self alone – only connecting and moving into agreements verbally (or even on a signed contract) when all parties involved are in complete agreement and that complete agreement has been established and made known and transparent to all involved in said agreements. Because this way of life has not yet been achieved on your world the powers that hold their laws – rules- and regulations over the heads of the majority of the people on your planet still possess their power over these human beings. Still it begins with a single human being and will come to grow in numbers as the microscopic society (a single human being) gains momentum and begins to grow toward a macroscopic society in and on your world.

In said societies with the understanding of these principles we have offered you friends there need not be the need of any monetary system whatsoever as the people are truly the value and will come to know there is no longer a need for ownership or possession of anything in life ever again. All will come to be shared by all and every human soul within said societies will have all that he or she ever needs or wants – and will indeed be content with all that he or she has in life so as to sustain him or her from one day to the next. The people of these new societies will come to live in the now – never again having to worry for the things of tomorrow or what has been experienced in days gone by. Your daily lives will now be seen and appreciated for the many now moments each of you will experience – and a moment in time will now be seen as an hour – a day – or a week in fact. There will be no need for time pieces any longer in which case the many museums of your world will be filled with them – but this too shall pass as the past will no longer come to be reflected upon by the new evolved third dneisty human soul.

The rulers and powers of your present world will all gradually fade away into the shadows of yesterday – and they too will each move on to higher things and peace and harmony will one day fill their lives as well. Those who remain in the system – fighting – warring – and going to law for those things they think they want or need out of life will fade into the shadows as well – and will take their places within the many other timelines and dimensions of our existence – so as to provide all the lower timelines and dimensions for man in his new existence as the God Man. The present ruling powers and slave systems of your world do not hold power over those who are in the process of their awakening - as one by one every human soul that is to evolve to the next level of third density (as well as move into fifth density full consciousness) will do so – and fear will no longer echo through the minds of those who are prepared to let go of the old and take on the new.

For those who truly seek a new world where every human soul is responsible for self and a place where the majority rules no longer – you will no longer lack or be in want ever again in life as the term for possession and ownership will now be replaced with share – while living your new lives being guided by those higher societies who are truly in service to others. There is nothing in and on your present world that the human being needs – and the only reason he or she believes they are in lack or want in life is because of the present system of your world – and that system is gradually dying away with every new now moment that passes by for each of you at this day.

Again for those who truly do wish to see a better world in the very new future they must first put off old things – and all old things are the things your hearts are telling you something is flawed. Each of you is an individual gauge as to what is flawed in your world and society – and it is up to each of you individually – responsible for self alone – to decide which human souls will come to be a part of your new societies of your world in the hours- days – weeks – months – years – or now moments ahead. It can all happen in an instant and in the twinkling of an eye for each of you individually  - or it can happen through the combined efforts of societies being formed of your world with the new principles at hand – but each shall be responsible for self and the choices you make – and all will play their part in these new societies in providing a world and system that is beneficial to the One and the Whole – and not a select few any longer.

And so we end this transmission – with unconditional love for all we come to you through our human host Daniel.