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First blog

12/16/2012 19:05
Our new blog has been launched today. Stay focused on it and we will try to keep you informed. You can read new posts on this blog via the RSS feed.

New event

12/16/2012 19:05
This is a sample event description. You can edit this description as you wish or remove the entire event.

Website launched

12/16/2012 19:05
Hello dear ones - we have launched our new blog today so as to give all awakened souls a place to go and share thewir newfound spiritual wisdom. So enjoy reading all that is placed here, and feel free to share all that you care to share with us.

Is it imagination or reality?

12/16/2012 17:28
Is it imagination or reality? Imagine a human being who is a world instead of one separate entity that has no actual connection with any other human. Again – imagine that that human being is actually God, and has been a God as far back as eternity. What if the human being does not simply...

Conversations with Daniel above and below!

12/14/2012 17:33
  Conversations with Daniel above and below!   Conversations with Daniel above and below!   Did you really think you could change any thing you liked in this third dneisty material and physical world before it was changed within the inner and spiritual man - or...

Are we here or are we there?

12/13/2012 17:38
                  Thursday, December 13,...

Is your God a God of Chaos?

12/12/2012 17:43
                  Wednesday, December 12,...

Get out of the machine!

12/10/2012 17:48
                  Monday, December 10,...

Dare I Speak?

12/09/2012 18:30
                  Sunday, December 9,...

The Collective

01/06/1980 10:07
The Collective!     Are you a slave – will you continue being a slave – or will you choose now to pull back to the passive higher self within so as to begin creating that new system – one that no longer permits a human being to lead by example – in following that world and reality where...
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